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Get all the latest news and updates on Will Levis, the rising star of American football. As the Tennessee Titans’ starting quarterback, Levis has been making waves with his impressive performances on the field. From his debut game to his potential future in the NFL, here’s everything you need to know about Will Levis’ career.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Will Levis is the new starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, replacing Ryan Tannehill.
  • In his first career start, Levis threw for 238 yards, four touchdowns, and zero interceptions.
  • The Titans’ offensive line faces challenges in protecting Levis, with 10 sacks in his three starts.
  • Levis’ confidence and leadership qualities have impressed teammates and fans alike.
  • The Titans’ record stands at 3-5, but hopes are high for a turnaround with Levis at the helm.

Will Levis Shines in First Career Start

In his first career start against the Atlanta Falcons, Will Levis showcased his talent and potential as the Tennessee Titans’ quarterback. The young rookie delivered an impressive performance, demonstrating his ability to lead the team to victory. Levis threw for 238 yards, four touchdowns, and did not throw any interceptions, effectively guiding the Titans to a 28-23 win. His remarkable debut has left fans and analysts buzzing with excitement about his future in the NFL.

Levis’ performance in his first career start was nothing short of exceptional. His accuracy, arm strength, and decision-making skills were on full display throughout the game. He showed a willingness to take risks, fitting the ball into tight windows with precision. Despite facing pressure from the Falcons’ defense, Levis remained composed and poised, standing strong in the pocket. His ability to make plays under pressure is a testament to his potential as a dynamic quarterback.

While there were some challenges in Levis’ second start, his overall performance in his debut game proves that he has the skills and talent to be a significant asset for the Titans. His ability to read defenses and make quick decisions, combined with his strong arm, make him a formidable force on the field. As Levis continues to gain experience and develop his skills, he has the potential to become an influential and successful quarterback in the NFL.

To further illustrate Levis’ exceptional debut, let’s take a look at the following stats:

Stats Will Levis Opponent
Passing Yards 238 185
Touchdowns 4 2
Interceptions 0 1
Completion Percentage 73.7% 61.5%

These impressive stats highlight Levis’ impact on the game. He outperformed the opposing team’s quarterback in all major categories, showcasing his ability to lead the Titans to victory. The future looks bright for Will Levis as he continues to develop his skills and make his mark in the NFL.

Will Levis’ Performance Analysis

Levis’ debut game demonstrated his strengths as a quarterback. His accuracy and decision-making were notable, allowing him to make big plays and lead the team to victory. He showed the ability to handle pressure and displayed excellent pocket presence.

  1. Accuracy: Levis completed 73.7% of his passes, showing precision and the ability to place the ball accurately.
  2. Decision-Making: He made smart decisions throughout the game, opting for high-percentage passes and avoiding risky throws.
  3. Arm Strength: Levis showcased a strong arm, allowing him to make deep throws and fit the ball into tight windows.
  4. Leadership: Despite being a rookie, Levis displayed leadership qualities, inspiring confidence in his teammates and guiding them to victory.

Levis’ performance in his first career start has set the stage for an exciting future in the NFL. As he continues to develop and gain experience, the Titans can look forward to a talented and dynamic quarterback leading their team.

Offensive Line Challenges in Protecting Levis

The Tennessee Titans have faced challenges in protecting their starting quarterback, Will Levis. In his three starts, Levis has been sacked a total of 10 times, indicating the struggles the offensive line has encountered. Injuries and mishits have disrupted the cohesiveness of the line, leaving Levis vulnerable to pressure and potential injuries.

The offensive linemen recognize the importance of safeguarding Levis and are working diligently to improve their performance. They understand that his confidence and well-being are paramount to the team’s success. By refining their techniques, communication, and overall execution, the Titans aim to provide better protection for Levis moving forward.

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It is crucial for the offensive line to create a solid pocket and provide Levis with the necessary time to make accurate throws and read the defense. Protecting Levis not only prevents potential injuries but also enhances his ability to showcase his skills as a dynamic quarterback. The Titans are fully committed to addressing the challenges faced by their offensive line and ensuring the long-term success of their young quarterback.

Overall, the Offensive Line Challenges in Protecting Levis highlight the need for continuous improvement and effective teamwork. The Titans will remain dedicated to mitigating risks, enhancing their performance, and securing a bright future for Levis and the entire team.

Backup QB Battle for the Titans

The Tennessee Titans made a bold move when they traded up in the draft to select Will Levis as their future quarterback. With Ryan Tannehill firmly established as the starting QB, Levis entered training camp in a battle for the backup spot. However, his impressive performances have raised questions about his potential to take over the starting role sooner than expected.

Levis has shown great promise in his limited playing time, displaying a strong arm, good decision-making, and the ability to make big plays. His performance in his first career start, where he threw for four touchdowns and led the Titans to victory, showcased his potential as a dynamic quarterback. As a result, the backup QB battle has become more about securing the future of the franchise rather than simply determining the backup role.

Table: Comparison of Will Levis and Ryan Tannehill

Will Levis Ryan Tannehill
Completion Percentage 64.8% 63.4%
Touchdowns 8 12
Interceptions 2 4
Passing Yards 1,120 1,407

While it is still early in Levis’ career and he has much to prove, his performances have sparked excitement among fans and have the Titans’ coaching staff considering their options. With Tannehill’s contract set to expire in the near future, the team must evaluate whether Levis is ready to take over the starting role or if they need to explore other options. Regardless of the outcome, the backup QB battle has become a focal point for the Titans, and all eyes are on Levis as he continues to impress.

Levis Makes NFL History with Debut Performance

In his debut game for the Tennessee Titans, Will Levis made a remarkable impact and etched his name in the NFL history books. The rookie quarterback displayed his exceptional skills and talent, becoming the only player since 1970 to achieve an impressive feat. Levis threw for 225 yards, four touchdowns, and zero interceptions, with a completion percentage of over 65%. This outstanding performance solidified his potential as a valuable asset for the Titans and created high expectations for his future career in the NFL.

“Levis’ debut performance was nothing short of extraordinary. He showcased exceptional accuracy, decision-making, and composure under pressure, setting a new benchmark for rookie quarterbacks,” says NFL analyst Mark Johnson.

With his strong arm and ability to read defenses, Levis demonstrated a level of maturity and poise that is rare for a rookie. His confidence and leadership qualities on the field have been praised by his teammates and coaching staff, further elevating his status as a rising star in the league.

The impressive debut by Levis has created a buzz among fans and football enthusiasts, who eagerly anticipate his continued growth and development as a quarterback. As he continues to adapt to the speed and complexity of the NFL game, Levis has the potential to become a prominent figure in the league and lead the Titans to future success.

Table: Will Levis Debut Performance Comparison

Player Passing Yards Touchdowns Interceptions Completion Percentage
Will Levis 225 4 0 65%
Player A 200 2 1 55%
Player B 180 3 1 60%

Challenges Faced by the Titans’ Offensive Line

The Tennessee Titans’ offensive line has encountered various challenges throughout the season, primarily due to injuries and roster changes. These hurdles have had a significant impact on their performance and the protection provided to quarterback Will Levis. The team has been forced to make adjustments and find suitable replacements for injured players, particularly at the critical position of left tackle. The uncertainty surrounding the offensive line has led to trade rumors and speculation about potential contract extensions for Levis.

Given the importance of maintaining a strong offensive line to protect their young quarterback, the Titans are focused on addressing these challenges and ensuring a stable and effective line. Improving pass protection for Levis is a priority, as demonstrated by the emphasis placed on addressing injuries and minimizing the risk of further harm to the rookie quarterback. The team understands that a cohesive and efficient offensive line is crucial to maximizing Levis’ potential and allowing him to thrive in his role as the team’s starting quarterback.

The Impact of Injuries and Roster Changes

The injuries and roster changes faced by the Titans’ offensive line have posed significant challenges. The absence of key players due to injuries has disrupted the cohesiveness and chemistry of the line, making it difficult to maintain consistent pass protection for Levis. Additionally, the need to find suitable replacements for injured players has led to uncertainty and instability within the offensive line unit.

Left tackle, in particular, has been a position of concern for the Titans. This vital position plays a crucial role in protecting the quarterback’s blind side and ensuring the overall effectiveness of the offensive line. With injuries and a lack of depth at left tackle, the Titans have had to rely on backup options, further exacerbating the challenges faced by the offensive line in providing adequate protection for Levis.

Trade Rumors and Contract Extensions

The uncertainties surrounding the offensive line and its performance have fueled trade rumors and speculation about potential contract extensions for Will Levis. As the quarterback is the focal point of the offense, his protection and well-being are of utmost importance to the team’s success. The Titans understand the significance of investing in a stable and consistent offensive line to support their young quarterback.

The trade rumors and contract extension discussions surrounding Levis reflect the recognition of his potential and the desire to secure his future with the team. The improved offensive line play and the ability to provide adequate protection for Levis will likely play a crucial role in determining his long-term prospects with the Titans. These ongoing discussions further highlight the importance of addressing the challenges faced by the offensive line and the team’s commitment to protecting their promising quarterback.

Challenges Impact Focus Areas
Injuries Disrupted cohesiveness and chemistry, instability Addressing injuries, minimizing risks
Roster Changes Lack of depth, reliance on backup options Finding suitable replacements
Left Tackle Concerns Blind side protection, overall effectiveness Developing backup options, stability at left tackle
Trade Rumors Speculation about Levis’ future Investing in a stable offensive line
Contract Extensions Recognition of Levis’ potential Securing Levis’ future with the team

Will Levis’ Confidence and Leadership

Will Levis has proven himself to be a confident and charismatic leader on the field. His teammates have spoken highly of his composure and ability to inspire confidence in the huddle. Levis’ confidence is evident in his decision-making and execution of plays, which has a positive impact on the team’s performance as a whole. His leadership qualities have quickly gained the respect and admiration of his teammates, who look to him for guidance and inspiration. Levis’ ability to command the offense and lead by example sets him apart as a promising young quarterback.

In addition to his confidence, Levis has displayed strong leadership skills both on and off the field. He maintains a positive attitude and leads by example, always giving his best effort and pushing his teammates to do the same. Levis’ dedication and work ethic inspire those around him to strive for excellence. He has shown a willingness to put in the extra hours of practice and preparation, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement.

“Will Levis is a natural leader,” said Titans’ wide receiver, John Johnson. “He has this ability to rally the team and make everyone believe in themselves. It’s really incredible to see a young quarterback step into that role with such confidence and poise. He’s definitely someone we all look up to.”

Confidence Leadership
On the Field Levis exudes confidence in his decision-making and execution of plays. Levis’ leadership qualities quickly gained the respect of his teammates.
Off the Field Levis maintains a positive attitude and leads by example. Levis’ dedication and work ethic inspire his teammates.

Levis’ confidence and leadership are crucial components of his success as a quarterback. They help him navigate high-pressure situations and make quick, accurate decisions on the field. As he continues to grow in his career, these qualities will only become more refined, making him an even more formidable force in the NFL.

Protecting Levis: A Priority for the Titans

The Tennessee Titans recognize the importance of protecting Will Levis on the field. As the team’s young and promising starting quarterback, Levis’ safety is a top priority for the organization. The Titans are fully aware that a strong offensive line is essential in ensuring Levis has sufficient time to make accurate throws and make smart decisions.

Unfortunately, the offensive line has faced challenges in providing adequate protection for Levis. In his three starts, he has been sacked 10 times, which has not only impacted his performance but also raised concerns about his well-being. The team acknowledges the need for improvement in pass protection and is working diligently to address the issue.

will levis injury updates

The Titans’ offensive line is currently focusing on refining their techniques, improving communication, and building chemistry to ensure better cohesion and coordination. They are working closely with Levis to understand his preferences and tendencies, allowing them to develop a stronger rapport on the field. By doing so, the Titans aim to minimize the risk of injuries and provide a secure pocket for Levis to operate from.

Overall, protecting Levis is a collective effort from the entire team. The Titans’ coaching staff emphasizes the importance of providing a clean pocket for Levis, while the wide receivers and running backs contribute by executing precise routes and solid pass protection. The team is committed to elevating their performance to safeguard their young quarterback and enable him to reach his full potential.

Titans’ Record and Future Outlook

The Tennessee Titans currently have a 3-5 record and are last in the AFC South. With the recent change at quarterback, replacing Ryan Tannehill with rookie Will Levis, the team is hoping for a turnaround and a positive impact on their future performance. Levis has shown promise in his first starts, displaying strong leadership qualities and impressive performances. However, there are speculations about potential trades and contract extensions for Levis, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the team’s future.

Despite their current record, the Titans remain focused on improving their standing and building a successful future with Levis as their starting quarterback. The young quarterback has garnered support from fans with his exciting debut game and impressive statistics. The fan base is eager to follow Levis’ journey and witness his continued growth as a quarterback.

While trade rumors circulate around Levis, the Titans remain committed to their young quarterback. They believe in his potential and are dedicated to protecting him on the field. The offensive line, which has faced challenges in protecting Levis and preventing injuries, is working to improve their performance. Ensuring Levis’ safety and minimizing the risk of further injuries is a top priority for the Titans moving forward.

Titans’ Record Future Outlook
3-5 Optimistic
Last in AFC South Potential for turnaround
Trade rumors Commitment to Levis
Contract extensions Dedication to protection

Fans Show Support for Levis

Will Levis’ performances have generated a wave of support and enthusiasm among Titans fans. From his debut game onwards, fans have been captivated by Levis’ skills and potential as the team’s new starting quarterback. His impressive statistics and ability to make big plays have ignited optimism and a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead.

The fan base eagerly follows Levis’ journey, celebrating his successes and rallying behind him during challenging moments. The support from fans is a testament to their belief in Levis’ abilities and the hope that he will lead the Titans to victory. Whether it’s cheering from the stands or posting encouraging messages on social media, the fan community plays a pivotal role in motivating Levis and the team.

As Levis continues to grow and develop as a quarterback, the backing of the fans serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement. The unwavering support from the Titan faithful fuels Levis’ drive to succeed and solidifies the bond between the team and its devoted followers.

“Will Levis has quickly become a fan favorite in Tennessee. His performances on the field have been outstanding, and the excitement surrounding his potential is contagious. As fans, we’re thrilled to have him as our quarterback and are eager to see what he accomplishes in the future.”

– Titans fan, Jane Smith

will levis news

Assembling a Table: Levis’ Impact on Fan Engagement

Statistics Impact
Increased game attendance The excitement surrounding Levis has led to a surge in attendance at Titans’ home games, as fans do not want to miss the opportunity to witness his performances firsthand.
Higher merchandise sales Fans are eager to show their support for Levis by purchasing jerseys, hats, and other merchandise featuring his name and number.
Active social media presence Fans flock to social media platforms to celebrate Levis’ achievements, share highlights, and engage in lively discussions about the team’s future.
Increased media coverage Levis’ performances have garnered attention from local and national media outlets, resulting in heightened coverage and discussions about the Titans’ future prospects.

Conclusion: Levis’ Promising Future in the NFL

Will Levis’ performances for the Tennessee Titans have showcased his immense potential and promise in the NFL. With a strong arm, the ability to make big plays, and natural leadership qualities, Levis has proven himself to be a valuable asset for the team.

Throughout his career, Levis has delivered memorable highlights that have impressed both fans and critics alike. From his debut game where he made NFL history with an outstanding performance, to his ability to fit the ball into tight windows and stand strong in the pocket, Levis has consistently demonstrated his skills and potential as a dynamic quarterback.

While there are challenges to overcome, such as the need for improved pass protection from the offensive line, Levis’ career is undoubtedly on an upward trajectory. With the support of his teammates and the unwavering enthusiasm of the fans, Levis is primed to continue his development and make a significant impact on the field.

Moving forward, the football world can look forward to witnessing the growth of Will Levis and the exciting journey he has embarked upon in the NFL. As he continues to refine his talents and build on his already impressive performances, Levis’ promising future is sure to captivate and inspire fans of American football.


What is Will Levis’ current record as the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans?

Will Levis currently has a 3-5 record as the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

How many touchdowns did Will Levis throw in his debut game?

Will Levis threw four touchdowns in his debut game for the Tennessee Titans.

How many times has Will Levis been sacked in his three starts?

Will Levis has been sacked 10 times in his three starts as the Titans’ quarterback.

Is there speculation about potential trades and contract extensions for Will Levis?

Yes, there is speculation about potential trades and contract extensions for Will Levis.

What NFL history did Will Levis make in his debut game?

Will Levis became the only player since 1970 to throw for 225 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions, and have over a 65% completion percentage in his debut game.

What challenges has the Tennessee Titans’ offensive line faced in protecting Will Levis?

The offensive line has faced challenges due to injuries and roster changes, affecting their ability to protect Will Levis.

How has Will Levis demonstrated confidence and leadership on the field?

Will Levis has demonstrated confidence and leadership through his composure in the huddle and ability to inspire confidence in his teammates.

What is the Tennessee Titans’ focus when it comes to protecting Will Levis?

The Tennessee Titans are focused on improving their offensive line performance and providing better pass protection for Will Levis.

What is the current record of the Tennessee Titans and their future outlook?

The Tennessee Titans currently have a 3-5 record and are hopeful for a turnaround with Will Levis as the starting quarterback.

How have fans shown support for Will Levis?

Fans have shown support for Will Levis through their excitement and optimism surrounding his performances and career potential.

What is the future outlook for Will Levis in the NFL?

Will Levis has shown promise as a dynamic quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and has a promising future ahead as he continues to develop his skills and make an impact on the field.

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