Grease Bags Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

In a memorable episode of Shark Tank, Latangela Newsome introduced her eco-friendly invention, Grease Bags, which revolutionizes grease disposal in the kitchen. Although her Kickstarter campaign didn’t reach its target, Newsome’s product caught the attention of renowned investor Barbara Corcoran. As a result, she secured a $75,000 investment in exchange for 50% of the business, marking a significant turning point in the success story of Grease Bags.

Grease Bags Shark Tank

The Grease Bags invention addresses the pressing need for a sustainable solution to grease disposal. Designed to facilitate composting of used cooking grease, these patent-pending bags are all-natural, non-toxic, and absorbent. Priced at $12.99, Grease Bags have gained popularity as an innovative kitchen grease solution that values both convenience and environmental responsibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Latangela Newsome’s Grease Bags offer an eco-friendly approach to grease disposal in the kitchen.
  • Despite an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, Newsome secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran in the Shark Tank.
  • Grease Bags are non-toxic, all-natural, and designed for easy composting of used cooking grease.
  • Barbara Corcoran’s investment of $75,000 for 50% of the business propelled Grease Bags forward.
  • Priced at $12.99, Grease Bags are an affordable and sustainable grease management solution.

The Eco-Friendly Invention: Grease Bags

Latangela Newsome, a passionate cook, was driven by her love for cooking and a strong desire to find a sustainable solution for grease disposal, which led to the invention of Grease Bags. These patent-pending, all-natural, non-toxic bags are designed to make composting used cooking grease easy and environmentally-friendly.

Grease Bags are specially formulated with absorbent materials that effectively capture and contain the grease, preventing it from leaking or causing any mess. The bags are made from sustainable materials, ensuring that they are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

With the growing concern for environmental issues, Grease Bags have gained popularity as an innovative kitchen grease solution. They offer a convenient and responsible way to dispose of cooking grease, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals or improper disposal methods that can harm our ecosystem.

Key Features of Grease Bags:
Patent-pending design
All-natural and non-toxic
Easy-to-use and mess-free
Compostable and eco-friendly

The bags are currently priced at $12.99, making them an affordable and sustainable choice for individuals and businesses looking for an eco-friendly grease disposal solution. By using Grease Bags, you can contribute to reducing waste and protecting our environment.

In the next section, we will discuss the challenges Latangela faced while pitching her invention to the Sharks on Shark Tank and the path she took to success.

Pitching to the Sharks

When Latangela entered the Shark Tank, she had high hopes of securing a valuable investment for her company, Grease Bags. She was seeking a $75,000 investment in exchange for 25% of her business. During her pitch, she confidently demonstrated the product and handed out samples to the Sharks, allowing them to experience the convenience and eco-friendliness of Grease Bags firsthand.

While some of the Sharks questioned the market positioning and potential challenges associated with the prototype stage, one Shark saw the potential and value in Grease Bags. Barbara Corcoran, known for her sharp business acumen, became impressed with this eco-friendly grease disposal solution and made an offer for a $75,000 investment in exchange for a 50% stake in the business. Latangela eagerly embraced the opportunity to partner with Barbara and bring Grease Bags to a wider audience.

“Your invention is revolutionary, Latangela. I see the potential in Grease Bags not only as a practical solution for households but also for business establishments. It aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly products, and I believe we can take this to new heights together,” said Barbara Corcoran during the pitch.

Barbara’s investment in Grease Bags not only provided the much-needed capital but also gave the company the valuable endorsement of a successful entrepreneur and shark. With Barbara’s extensive network and business expertise, Grease Bags was poised for success.

Barbara’s Confidence and the Shark Tank Success Story

Barbara Corcoran’s belief in Grease Bags has been a significant contributor to its success story. By securing an investment from one of the esteemed Shark Tank panelists, Grease Bags gained credibility in the market and saw a tremendous boost in its online presence.

Barbara’s strategic guidance and industry connections propelled the growth of Grease Bags, enabling the company to expand its distribution channels and reach a wider consumer base. As a result, Grease Bags became a celebrated success story, inspiring other entrepreneurs with its innovative solution for eco-friendly grease disposal.

The endorsement from Barbara Corcoran and the exposure gained through Shark Tank have catapulted Grease Bags onto the path of becoming a household name. Its impact on the market is significant, with consumers recognizing the value of this sustainable grease management solution.

grease bags shark tank

Benefits of Latangela’s pitch Leveraging Barbara’s investment
– Demonstrated the functionality of Grease Bags – Secured $75,000 investment from Barbara Corcoran
– Distributed samples to the Sharks – Gained valuable endorsement and credibility in the market
– Highlighted the eco-friendly aspect of the product – Leveraged Barbara’s industry connections and expertise

Post-Shark Tank Journey

After striking a deal with Barbara Corcoran, Grease Bags faced challenges in production and distribution. However, with the help of Selery, a fulfillment center backed by Mark Cuban, the product was eventually available for purchase. The company website and Amazon served as primary platforms for selling Grease Bags, allowing for sustainable grease management and a positive impact on the environment.

Overcoming Production and Distribution Challenges

Following the successful negotiation with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, Grease Bags encountered hurdles in their journey towards widespread availability. The demand for the eco-friendly invention posed challenges in terms of manufacturing and efficient distribution. However, the team behind Grease Bags persevered and sought assistance from Selery, a trusted fulfillment center backed by Mark Cuban.

Selery played a crucial role in streamlining the production and distribution processes, ensuring that Grease Bags could reach consumers efficiently. By leveraging the expertise and resources of Selery, Grease Bags emerged as a solution for sustainable grease management.

The Company Website and Amazon as Key Platforms

With the production and distribution challenges addressed, Grease Bags strategically utilized the power of the internet and e-commerce platforms to reach their target audience. The company website served as an accessible hub for customers to learn about the product, its benefits, and make purchases.

In addition to their website, Grease Bags recognized the importance of leveraging established online marketplaces. Through Amazon, they expanded their reach and accessibility, tapping into a larger customer base interested in sustainable grease management solutions.

By utilizing these platforms, Grease Bags ensured that individuals and businesses seeking eco-friendly grease disposal options could easily access their innovative product. Making Grease Bags available through these channels played a vital role in promoting sustainable grease management and the positive impact it has on the environment.

Platform Benefits
Company Website
  • Centralized hub for product information
  • Convenient online purchasing
  • Educational resources
  • Expanded customer reach
  • Trusted online marketplace
  • Efficient order fulfillment

Through these platforms, Grease Bags successfully promoted sustainable grease management practices and empowered individuals and businesses to make eco-conscious choices.

sustainable grease management

Updates and Reviews

According to updates from the Shark Tank Blog, as of May 2021, Grease Bags are available for pre-order on the company website. They were also briefly available for purchase on Zulily in April 2021. The bags have received positive reviews from customers who appreciate the alternative to traditional grease disposal methods and its contribution to grease trap maintenance.

Customers have praised Grease Bags as a convenient and eco-friendly solution for grease disposal. The bags offer a viable alternative to outdated methods and provide a hassle-free way to handle used cooking grease. By utilizing Grease Bags, individuals and businesses can effectively maintain their grease traps and promote sustainable kitchen practices. The positive feedback from customers demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of these innovative bags.

“Grease Bags have truly revolutionized the way I dispose of my cooking grease. They are easy to use, mess-free, and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals or expensive service calls for grease trap maintenance. I highly recommend Grease Bags to anyone looking for a greener solution.”

To further illustrate the versatility and positive impact of Grease Bags, let’s take a look at a comparison between Grease Bags and traditional grease disposal methods:

Grease Bags Traditional Methods
Environmental Impact Eco-friendly compostable bags Potential pollution from improper disposal
Convenience Easy to use and mess-free Hard to handle, messy process
Grease Trap Maintenance Helps prevent clogs and maintain efficiency Increases the risk of grease buildup and costly repairs

As the table shows, Grease Bags offer numerous advantages over traditional grease disposal methods. Their eco-friendly nature, convenience, and contribution to grease trap maintenance make them a superior choice for individuals and businesses alike.

grease bags shark tank

Expanding the Reach

Despite initial challenges, Grease Bags has shown resilience and continued growth. The company is dedicated to expanding its distribution channels and establishing partnerships to reach a wider audience interested in sustainable grease management. With the availability of Grease Bags on the company website and Amazon, more individuals and businesses have access to this innovative grease containment system.

To further promote sustainable grease management, Grease Bags has been exploring collaborations with industry professionals specializing in grease interceptor systems. These partnerships aim to provide a comprehensive solution for effective and eco-friendly grease management.

Additionally, Grease Bags is actively seeking opportunities to introduce its product to commercial kitchens and institutions that prioritize sustainability. By targeting businesses that frequently deal with large quantities of cooking grease, Grease Bags aims to make a significant impact on reducing grease waste and improving grease disposal practices.

The company’s expansion efforts also include exploring opportunities for international distribution, allowing Grease Bags to reach environmentally conscious consumers globally. With its commitment to sustainable grease management, Grease Bags strives to become a leading name in the industry.

grease interceptor bags

Key Partnerships and Distribution Channels

Grease Bags has formed strategic partnerships and secured key distribution channels to enhance its reach and accessibility. The company collaborates with established suppliers and distributors, ensuring a seamless supply chain and efficient delivery of Grease Bags to customers.

Partnerships Distribution Channels
  • Collaboration with grease interceptor manufacturers
  • Partnership with environmental agencies for awareness campaigns
  • Company website
  • Amazon
  • Specialty eco-friendly retailers
  • Alliance with eco-conscious restaurants and cafes
  • Cooperation with waste management companies
  • Local grocery stores
  • Online marketplaces
  • Selected brick and mortar stores

These partnerships and distribution channels ensure that Grease Bags can supply its innovative grease containment system to individuals, businesses, and institutions seeking sustainable grease management solutions.

The Power of Eco-Friendly Solutions

Grease Bags exemplify the power of eco-friendly solutions in addressing common kitchen waste management issues. By providing a convenient and compostable option for grease disposal, these bags offer an alternative to plastic or improper grease disposal methods.

Eco-friendly grease disposal is a pressing concern for individuals and businesses alike. Traditional methods often involve pouring grease down the drain or disposing of it in plastic containers, which can lead to clogged pipes, sewage backups, and environmental pollution. Grease Bags provide a sustainable solution by allowing grease to be contained and composted properly.

“The environmentally-friendly approach of Grease Bags aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the market,” says Latangela Newsome, the creator of Grease Bags. “We aim to revolutionize kitchen grease disposal by offering a practical and eco-conscious alternative.”

With Grease Bags, users can simply pour their used cooking grease into the bag, seal it, and dispose of it in their compost bin or municipal composting facility. The bags are made from all-natural and non-toxic materials, ensuring they break down harmlessly in the composting process.

Furthermore, Grease Bags eliminate the need for single-use plastic containers or bottles, reducing plastic waste and its negative impact on the environment. By choosing Grease Bags, individuals and businesses can actively contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

Benefits of Grease Bags:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use solution for grease disposal
  • Compostable and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces the risk of clogged pipes and sewage backups
  • Eliminates the use of single-use plastic containers
  • Promotes sustainable waste management practices

As the demand for eco-friendly products and solutions continues to rise, Grease Bags have gained recognition for their innovative approach to grease disposal. The success of Grease Bags on Shark Tank demonstrates the market’s interest in sustainable and practical alternatives to traditional grease disposal methods.

grease bags shark tank

Promoting Education and Awareness

Latangela Newsome’s commitment to sustainable grease management goes beyond the success of Grease Bags as a business. She is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of proper grease disposal and advocating for the adoption of her eco-friendly solution. Through educational initiatives, Newsome aims to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses approach grease trap maintenance and the overall management of kitchen grease.

Grease Bags serve as a catalyst for change, encouraging people to be more conscious about the impact of their grease disposal habits on the environment. By raising awareness and providing information on the benefits of using grease interceptor bags, Newsome strives to empower individuals to make greener choices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

“We believe that education is the key to change,” says Newsome. “By educating individuals and businesses about the harmful effects of improper grease disposal and providing a simple and eco-friendly solution, we can inspire positive action and make a significant difference.”

The Importance of Sustainable Grease Management

Proper grease trap maintenance and sustainable grease management are crucial to preserving the integrity of our environment. When grease is disposed of incorrectly, it can find its way into our waterways and sewer systems, causing serious environmental pollution and damage. Grease interceptor bags, such as Grease Bags, offer a practical and sustainable solution by trapping grease and preventing it from entering the wastewater infrastructure.

By implementing sustainable grease management practices, individuals and businesses can:

  • Protect the environment by preventing grease pollution
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations and avoid penalties
  • Extend the lifespan of grease traps and interceptor systems
  • Reduce the risk of blockages and plumbing issues
  • Promote a cleaner, more sustainable community

sustainable grease management

Grease Bags are designed to make sustainable grease management accessible and convenient for everyone. By providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional grease disposal methods, they support the shift towards more responsible and environmentally-conscious practices in the kitchen.

“Grease Bags not only simplify grease disposal but also pave the way for a greener future. It’s crucial that we educate individuals and businesses about the impact of grease on our environment and promote sustainable solutions like ours,” states Newsome.

Through her continuous efforts to promote education and awareness, Newsome is actively fostering a greater understanding of sustainable grease management and inspiring individuals and businesses to adopt Grease Bags as part of their everyday grease disposal routine.

Social Media and Online Presence

As part of their marketing strategy, Grease Bags maintains a strong online presence through various social media channels. These platforms serve as valuable resources for customers looking for information about the product and its benefits in grease disposal and containment.

Follow Grease Bags on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

By following Grease Bags on social media, customers can stay updated on product availability, promotions, and customer testimonials. The company regularly updates their social media platforms, ensuring that customers have access to the latest information and updates.

Here are some of the valuable resources you can find on Grease Bags’ social media accounts:

  1. Product availability: Grease Bags frequently posts updates on product availability, ensuring that customers know where they can purchase the bags. Whether you’re a homeowner or a restaurant owner, staying informed about where to find Grease Bags is essential for effective grease disposal management.
  2. Promotions and discounts: Grease Bags occasionally runs promotions and offers special discounts on their social media platforms. By following them on Facebook and Twitter, you can take advantage of these deals and save money while investing in sustainable grease disposal solutions.
  3. Customer testimonials: Seeing how Grease Bags has positively impacted other customers can help you make an informed decision about using this innovative product yourself. Social media platforms provide a space for customers to share their experiences and testimonials, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness and benefits of Grease Bags.

Overall, the social media presence of Grease Bags enables customers to engage with the brand, stay up to date on product information, and contribute to the sustainable management of grease disposal in kitchens and businesses.

grease bags shark tank

Shark Tank Effect and Continuing Success

The exposure gained from appearing on Shark Tank has had a significant impact on the success of Grease Bags. The endorsement and investment from Barbara Corcoran have given the company credibility and visibility in the market. With continued efforts to improve production and expand distribution, Grease Bags has the potential to become a household name in the eco-friendly grease disposal industry.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Grease Bags has experienced a surge in demand and recognition. The platform provided an invaluable opportunity for Latangela Newsome to showcase the innovative capabilities of her product to a vast audience. With the investment and support from Barbara Corcoran, Grease Bags has solidified its position as a leading solution for eco-friendly grease disposal.

Barbara Corcoran’s decision to invest in Grease Bags on Shark Tank was a testament to the product’s potential success. Her belief in the company enabled Grease Bags to gain traction in the market, attracting both individual consumers and businesses seeking sustainable grease management solutions.

“The exposure and endorsement from Shark Tank have propelled Grease Bags to new heights. We are thrilled to have Barbara Corcoran as our partner and continue our mission of revolutionizing grease disposal in an eco-friendly way.” – Latangela Newsome, Founder of Grease Bags

As a result of the Shark Tank appearance, Grease Bags has been able to secure additional partnerships and collaborations, further expanding its reach. With a combination of strategic marketing efforts and commitment to product quality, the company is well-positioned to leverage the Shark Tank effect and achieve lasting success in the industry.

grease bags shark tank

Grease Bags has successfully tapped into the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. The recognition gained from appearing on Shark Tank has allowed the company to stand out in a competitive market and establish itself as a trusted brand in the eco-friendly grease disposal space.

The Shark Tank effect has not only boosted sales but has also opened doors to new opportunities for Grease Bags. As the company continues to refine its production processes, expand its distribution channels, and develop strategic partnerships, it is well-positioned for continued growth and success.

Grease Bags – A Sustainable Solution

Grease Bags have emerged as an innovative and eco-friendly solution for kitchen grease disposal. These compostable and absorbent bags provide both individuals and businesses with a convenient and environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional methods of grease disposal. The success of Grease Bags on Shark Tank speaks to the increasing demand for sustainable products in the market.

By revolutionizing the way we manage kitchen grease, Grease Bags offer a sustainable solution that aligns with the growing consciousness of eco-friendly practices. These bags are designed to effectively contain and absorb used cooking grease, preventing it from entering the environment or clogging plumbing systems. With the rising need for eco-friendly grease disposal options, Grease Bags have positioned themselves as an industry leader.

In addition to their functional benefits, Grease Bags have gained popularity for their versatility and effectiveness. Whether it’s used in households or commercial kitchens, these bags provide a convenient and mess-free way of disposing of grease. The compostable nature of the bags ensures that they break down naturally, leaving behind no harmful residues.

As the demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow, Grease Bags have proven to be a game-changer in the kitchen grease management industry. Their ability to simplify and eco-friendly approach to grease disposal has resonated with consumers, making Grease Bags a go-to choice for those seeking an innovative kitchen grease solution.


Q: What is Grease Bags?

A: Grease Bags is an eco-friendly invention that offers a sustainable solution for grease disposal in the kitchen.

Q: How did Grease Bags perform on Shark Tank?

A: Grease Bags appeared on Shark Tank episode 811 and secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran for a ,000 investment in exchange for 50% of the business.

Q: Where can I buy Grease Bags?

A: Grease Bags are available for purchase on the company website and Amazon.

Q: How much do Grease Bags cost?

A: Grease Bags are currently priced at .99.

Q: Are Grease Bags compostable?

A: Yes, Grease Bags are compostable and designed to make composting used cooking grease easy and environmentally-friendly.

Q: How can Grease Bags contribute to grease trap maintenance?

A: Grease Bags provide an alternative to traditional grease disposal methods, helping to contain and manage grease in a more sustainable way.

Q: Can I purchase Grease Bags internationally?

A: Yes, Grease Bags are available for international shipping through the company website.

Q: Can I use Grease Bags for commercial kitchens?

A: Yes, Grease Bags are suitable for both residential and commercial kitchens.

Q: Can I pre-order Grease Bags?

A: Yes, Grease Bags are available for pre-order on the company website.

Q: Are Grease Bags only for cooking grease?

A: While Grease Bags are primarily designed for cooking grease, they can also be used for other types of grease disposal.

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