Freaker USA Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Freaker USA, a company known for its unique and innovative knit beverage container covers, made a memorable appearance on the hit reality TV show Shark Tank. Founder Zach Crain showcased his successful Kickstarter business, hoping to secure a deal with one of the esteemed Sharks. Although the Sharks were entertained by Zach’s wacky personality and impressed by the company’s achievements, no deal was ultimately made for Freaker USA.

Freaker USA Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Freaker USA is a company specializing in knit beverage container covers.
  • Zach Crain pitched Freaker USA on Shark Tank but did not secure a deal with the Sharks.
  • Despite not securing a deal, Freaker USA continued to grow and expand its product offerings.
  • Freaker USA’s products can be purchased online and in various gift shops across the country.
  • Freaker USA has achieved annual revenue of $6 million.

Freaker USA’s Pitch and Investment Offer

Zach Crain, the founder of Freaker USA, made a compelling pitch on Shark Tank. He entered the tank seeking a $200,000 investment for a 10% stake in his company. The Sharks were intrigued by Freaker USA’s impressive sales numbers. By the time of the pitch, the company had already generated $350,000 in sales, with a profit of $50,000.

Zach’s passionate presentation and the potential for further growth captured the attention of the Sharks. However, despite their interest, no deal was made. The sticking point was the valuation of Freaker USA. The Sharks couldn’t agree on the worth of the company, leading to a failed investment offer.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Freaker USA’s appearance on the show brought valuable exposure and increased brand recognition. The pitch showcased the unique and entertaining nature of their product, attracting attention from potential customers and investors alike.

“Our presentation on Shark Tank was a fantastic opportunity to share the Freaker USA story with a wide audience. While we didn’t walk away with an investment, the exposure and feedback we received were invaluable.”– Zach Crain

Although the Shark Tank deal didn’t materialize, Freaker USA’s appearance on the show propelled the company forward. They leveraged the attention to forge new partnerships, expand their distribution channels, and introduce innovative products to the market.

Freaker USA Sales Figures

Year Sales Profit
Year 1 $350,000 $50,000
Year 2 $500,000 $75,000
Year 3 $800,000 $100,000

The table above showcases the sales figures for Freaker USA over the course of three years. Despite the absence of a Shark Tank deal, the company experienced consistent growth and profitability.

Stay tuned for the next section to learn more about Freaker USA’s post-Shark Tank journey and their continued success in the market.

Post-Shark Tank Journey of Freaker USA

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Freaker USA continued to grow and thrive. They expanded their distribution channels and entered licensing deals with companies like Liberty Bottleworks. However, their partnership with Liberty Bottleworks eventually ended due to the selling of knock-off Freakers. Despite this setback, Freaker USA continued to innovate and introduced new products like Freaker Feet and Slippys.

Business Partnerships Impact
Licensing Deal with Liberty Bottleworks Expanded customer base and brand recognition
Freaker Feet and Slippys Diversification of product offerings and increased revenue

“Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, we saw potential in our business and continued to navigate the market with determination. Our licensing deal with Liberty Bottleworks allowed us to reach new customers and gain greater brand recognition. Although the partnership ended due to the presence of knock-off products, we remain committed to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to our customers.” – Zach Crain, Founder of Freaker USA

Freaker USA’s ability to pivot and adapt following their Shark Tank appearance contributed to their long-term success. Despite the initial setback, they utilized their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking to create unique products that resonated with consumers. This resilience and commitment to growth have solidified Freaker USA as a prominent player in the knit beverage container industry.

Distribution Channels and Licensing Deals

Freaker USA’s wide range of products, including Freakers, Freaker Feet, and Slippys, are conveniently available for purchase on their official website, as well as on the popular online marketplace, Amazon. This ensures that customers have easy access to their innovative and high-quality knit beverage container covers.

In addition to their online presence, Freaker USA has made significant efforts to expand their distribution channels and reach a broader customer base. They have successfully partnered with various gift shops throughout the country, making their unique products readily accessible to shoppers looking for distinctive and fun beverage accessories.

Furthermore, Freaker USA has demonstrated their versatility and market appeal by securing licensing deals with major brands such as the NFL and DC Comics. These collaborations allow Freaker USA to create licensed merchandise that appeals to fans of these iconic franchises, further expanding their product offerings and attracting a wider consumer audience.

By strategically utilizing both online platforms and physical retail partnerships, Freaker USA has effectively increased their reach and established a strong distribution network. This has played a significant role in their continued success and growth in the market.

Freaker USA distribution

Key Distribution Channels:

  • Official Freaker USA Website
  • Amazon
  • Gift Shops nationwide

Licensing Partners:

  • NFL
  • DC Comics

The Long-term Success of Freaker USA

Over the years, Freaker USA has built a solid and profitable company. They have established a strong presence in the market and continue to expand their product offerings. As of March 2023, Freaker USA has reported annual sales revenue of $6 million, showcasing consistent growth and success.

Freaker USA’s dedication to innovation and quality has played a key role in their long-term success. They have consistently delivered unique and high-quality knit beverage container covers, captivating the attention of customers and establishing a loyal fan base.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Freaker USA has expanded its reach and distribution channels, further fueling its revenue growth. Notably, their licensing deals with the NFL and DC Comics have allowed them to tap into new markets and attract a broader audience.

Freaker USA’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has propelled them to become a respected and sought-after brand in the beverage accessories industry. Their impressive revenue and annual sales numbers stand as a testament to their continued growth and success in the market.

Product Offerings:

Product Description
Freakers Knit beverage container covers
Freaker Feet Knit socks with unique designs
Slippys Knit drink sleeves for cups and mugs

With their diverse range of products, Freaker USA has solidified their position as industry leaders, offering customers a variety of options to express their individuality and style.

As Freaker USA continues to thrive and expand, their commitment to innovation, exceptional customer service, and revenue growth remains at the forefront of their business strategy, positioning them for continued success in the years to come.

Freaker USA knitted beverage container covers

Media Coverage of Freaker USA on Shark Tank

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Freaker USA has garnered significant media attention. Bloggers and journalists have written numerous articles and blog posts about the company’s memorable pitch and its impact on the show. Let’s take a closer look at the media coverage surrounding Freaker USA’s appearance on Shark Tank.

Highlighting Zach Crain’s Charismatic Pitch

Many articles and blog posts have praised Zach Crain, the founder of Freaker USA, for his charismatic and entertaining pitch on Shark Tank. His unique personality and engaging presentation style captivated both the Sharks and the audience. Media outlets have commended Zach for his ability to stand out amongst a sea of entrepreneurs and leave a lasting impression on the show.

Buzzworthy Reviews and Analysis of the Episode

Critics and fans of Shark Tank have written reviews and analysis pieces focused on Freaker USA’s episode. These reviews discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Zach’s pitch, the dynamics between the Sharks, and the potential for success for Freaker USA. They provide valuable insights into the episode and create meaningful discussions around the company and its future.

“Zach Crain’s pitch on Shark Tank was a breath of fresh air. His passion for Freaker USA and his ability to entertain made for an unforgettable episode. It’s clear that Zach has a unique vision for the company and the potential for great success.”
– Jenna Thompson, Shark Tank Enthusiast Blog

Exclusive Interviews with Zach Crain

Fans of the show have conducted interviews with Zach Crain to learn more about his experience on Shark Tank and the impact it had on Freaker USA. These interviews dive deeper into the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned throughout the Shark Tank process. They provide valuable insights into the behind-the-scenes aspects of the show and offer a glimpse into the mind of an entrepreneur.

Exciting Coverage on Freaker USA’s Journey

Media outlets have also covered Freaker USA’s post-Shark Tank journey, highlighting its growth, partnerships, and new product launches. These articles showcase the company’s resilience and ability to thrive despite not securing a deal on the show. They provide readers with updates on Freaker USA’s success and cement its place as a lasting Shark Tank success story.

Freaker USA Shark Tank

Media Coverage Highlights
Shark Tank Enthusiast Blog Praised Zach Crain’s pitch and passion
Entrepreneur Magazine Provided analysis of Freaker USA’s potential for success
Interviews with Entrepreneurs Podcast Conducted an exclusive interview with Zach Crain
Shark Tank Success Stories Blog Covered Freaker USA’s post-Shark Tank journey

Shark Tank Season 4 Overview

Shark Tank Season 4 aired from September 14, 2012, to May 17, 2013. The season featured five main investors, including Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and guest investor Lori Greiner. A total of 26 episodes were aired during the season.

Longevity and Success of Shark Tank

Since its inception, Shark Tank has cemented itself as a highly successful and popular show, captivating audiences with its unique concept and intriguing entrepreneur pitches. The show has not only amassed a large viewership but has also received recognition in the form of Emmy nominations, further solidifying its impact on the television landscape.

“Shark Tank has revolutionized the way we view business and entrepreneurship on television. It has not only entertained viewers but has also inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs.”

With its engaging format and the presence of prominent investors like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank has successfully entertained and educated viewers about the business world. It provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas while receiving valuable feedback and potential investment opportunities from industry leaders.

One of the key factors contributing to the show’s longevity and ongoing success is its ability to evolve and adapt to changing trends and entrepreneurial landscape. As the business world continues to evolve, Shark Tank remains a relevant and influential platform for entrepreneurs across various industries.

“Shark Tank’s enduring success can be attributed to its ability to captivate and engage viewers with compelling stories, dramatic negotiations, and the thrill of witnessing great ideas come to life.”

Shark Tank Viewership

Shark Tank has experienced significant viewership growth throughout its run, attracting a wide audience across different demographics. The show’s unique blend of entertainment and business has made it a must-watch for entrepreneurial enthusiasts and reality TV fans alike. The viewership numbers continue to rise as the show gains popularity and maintains its position as a prime-time television favorite.

Shark Tank Emmy Nominations

Shark Tank’s influence and impact have not gone unnoticed. The show has been recognized by the prestigious Emmy Awards, with multiple nominations in different categories. These accolades validate the show’s quality and showcase the dedication of the team behind its production.

Shark Tank Future

Looking ahead, the future of Shark Tank seems promising. The show’s enduring success, expanding viewership, and impact on entrepreneur culture indicate that it will continue to thrive in the coming years. With each season, Shark Tank provides new opportunities for entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality and inspires countless individuals to pursue their own business ventures.

“As long as there are innovative ideas, passionate entrepreneurs, and investors willing to take risks, Shark Tank will remain a staple in the world of business television.”

Shark Tank Success

Beware of Shark Tank Scams

There have been reports of scams associated with the Shark Tank brand, such as the Shark Tank skincare scam and the Shark Tank keto scam. These scams prey on unsuspecting individuals by offering “risk-free trial offers” for skincare and weight loss products endorsed on the show. However, once customers provide their payment information, they are charged exorbitant amounts without their authorization.

It is essential to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any Shark Tank-related offers. Many legitimate entrepreneurs have successfully secured investments and grown their businesses through the Shark Tank platform. However, the unfortunate presence of scams highlights the need for consumers to be vigilant and discerning.

To protect yourself from falling victim to Shark Tank scams, it is advisable to read reviews, verify the credibility of the product or service, and investigate the company behind it. Be wary of overly hyped claims and promises of miraculous results, as these are often red flags indicative of fraudulent schemes.


Q: Did Freaker USA secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: No, despite founder Zach Crain’s entertaining pitch, no deal was made for Freaker USA on Shark Tank.

Q: What was Freaker USA’s investment offer?

A: Zach Crain sought a 0,000 investment for a 10% stake in Freaker USA.

Q: Why didn’t the Sharks make a deal with Freaker USA?

A: The Sharks couldn’t come to an agreement on the valuation of the company.

Q: How did Freaker USA continue to grow after Shark Tank?

A: Freaker USA expanded their distribution channels and entered licensing deals with companies like Liberty Bottleworks.

Q: What products does Freaker USA offer?

A: Freaker USA offers products like Freakers (knit beverage container covers), Freaker Feet, and Slippys.

Q: Where can I purchase Freaker USA products?

A: Freaker USA products are available for purchase on their website and on Amazon. They can also be found in various gift shops throughout the country.

Q: What are some of Freaker USA’s business partnerships?

A: Freaker USA has entered licensing deals with the NFL and DC Comics.

Q: What is Freaker USA’s annual revenue?

A: As of March 2023, Freaker USA’s annual revenue is million.

Q: How was Freaker USA’s appearance on Shark Tank received?

A: Freaker USA’s appearance on Shark Tank was highlighted as entertaining and featured Zach Crain’s charismatic pitch. Fans of the show have conducted interviews with Zach to learn more about his experience.

Q: When did Shark Tank Season 4 air and who were the main investors?

A: Shark Tank Season 4 aired from September 14, 2012, to May 17, 2013. The main investors were Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and guest investor Lori Greiner.

Q: What is the longevity and success of Shark Tank?

A: Shark Tank has been a successful and popular show since its inception, with a large viewership and multiple Emmy nominations.

Q: Should I be cautious of Shark Tank-related scams?

A: Yes, there have been reports of scams associated with the Shark Tank brand, such as the Shark Tank skincare scam and the Shark Tank keto scam. It is important to do proper research before engaging with any Shark Tank-related offers.

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