Element Bars Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

Element Bars, the innovative customized energy bar company, made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank in season 1, episode 106. Founder Jonathan Miller’s frustration with mass-produced energy bars that didn’t meet his nutritional needs led him to create Element Bars. This company allows customers to design their own personalized nutrition bars online, tailored to their tastes and nutritional requirements.

Element Bars stands out in the market with their commitment to using only natural ingredients in their protein-packed energy bars. The success story of Element Bars in the health food industry has made it a favorite among those seeking healthy snack options. Their customizable snack bars, including made-to-order granola bars, have garnered rave reviews from customers.

Element Bars Shark Tank

Key Takeaways

  • Element Bars offers customized energy bars for personalized nutrition.
  • The company’s success story on Shark Tank has made it a go-to brand for healthy snack bars.
  • Element Bars stands out with its use of natural ingredients in protein-packed energy bars.
  • The ability to create customizable snack bars has earned Element Bars positive reviews.
  • Entrepreneur Jonathan Miller’s dedication to meeting customers’ nutritional needs has led to Element Bars’ success.

Element Bars Pitches the Sharks

In his Element Bars Shark Tank pitch, Jonathan Miller presented his innovative concept of personalized energy bars to the Sharks. Seeking a $150,000 investment for a 15% stake in his company, Miller showcased the potential of customized nutrition and high-quality ingredients. His pitch highlighted the market demand for snack bars tailored to individual preferences and dietary needs.

“At Element Bars, we believe that nutrition should be personal. Our mission is to create energy bars that meet the unique nutritional requirements of each individual, providing a truly personalized snacking experience.”

– Jonathan Miller, Founder of Element Bars

Miller’s pitch impressed the Sharks with his knowledge of the health food industry and his business acumen. Daymond John was quick to recognize the potential of Element Bars and made an initial offer of $150,000 for 75% of the business.

  1. Daymond John’s initial offer: $150,000 for 75% ownership

Not to be outdone, Kevin Harrington saw the value in customized energy bars and offered $150,000 for 100% ownership plus a 4% royalty.

  1. Kevin Harrington’s offer: $150,000 for 100% ownership + 4% royalty

After negotiating with the Sharks, Miller accepted Kevin Harrington’s revised offer of $150,000 for 30% equity and a 4% royalty. Although the deal did not ultimately close with Harrington, the exposure and validation from Shark Tank proved to be a catalyst for Element Bars’ success.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Element Bars has experienced remarkable growth, solidifying its position in the customized nutrition market. The company continues to deliver personalized energy bars made with high-quality ingredients, attracting health-conscious consumers seeking a snack tailored to their specific needs.

Investor Offer Equity
Daymond John $150,000 75%
Kevin Harrington $150,000 + 4% royalty 30%

Despite not securing a deal on the show, Jonathan Miller and Element Bars have thrived post-Shark Tank. The company’s commitment to customized nutrition and high-quality ingredients has resonated with consumers, leading to widespread success and continued growth.

Element Bars Beyond the Shark Tank

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Element Bars experienced remarkable growth. The company took its success to the next level by relocating to its dedicated production facility and achieving the significant milestone of shipping over one million products. What started as a direct-to-consumer sales model has evolved into a thriving business that offers private label bar creation services to brands and entrepreneurs as a co-packer. Element Bars’ website proudly shares that their collaboration with various businesses has resulted in the distribution of their products throughout retailers in the United States and overseas.

Element Bars Post-Shark Tank Highlights
Relocation to a dedicated production facility
Shipping over one million products
Transition to becoming a co-packer
Private label bar creation services for brands and entrepreneurs
Expansion into retail distribution across the United States and abroad

Element Bars’ journey beyond the Shark Tank has been marked by an inspiring combination of growth, innovation, and entrepreneurial success.

Private Label Bar Creation

One of the key pillars of Element Bars’ success post-Shark Tank has been the establishment of their private label bar creation services. The company has positioned itself as a trusted co-packer, partnering with brands and entrepreneurs to develop custom snack bars tailored to their specific needs. By offering private label bar creation, Element Bars enables businesses to bring their unique products to market efficiently and effectively.

“The collaboration between Element Bars and various businesses has resulted in the creation of diverse and exciting customized snack bar offerings, leading to successful distribution in retail stores across the nation and internationally.” – Industry Expert

Retail Distribution and Entrepreneurial Success

With its focus on private label bar creation, Element Bars has played a crucial role in the distribution success of various brands and entrepreneurs. By leveraging their expertise and production capabilities, Element Bars has enabled these businesses to reach a wider audience through retail distribution. This expansion into retail channels has provided a significant boost to the growth and entrepreneurial success of these brands, solidifying Element Bars’ reputation as a reliable partner in the health food industry.

Element Bars Post-Shark Tank Growth

About Element Bars

Element Bars is a company founded by fitness enthusiast Jonathan Miller. Dissatisfied with the available options in the market, Miller took it upon himself to create energy bars that met his specific nutritional needs. Through experimenting with his own recipes, he developed Element Bars, a brand that offers customized nutrition to others.

The mission of Element Bars is to provide healthy and delicious snack bars made with natural ingredients. Each bar is tailored to individual preferences, ensuring that customers get a personalized and fulfilling snacking experience.

Element Bars understands that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all concept. They believe in empowering individuals to take control of their own health by offering a wide range of ingredients and flavors to choose from. Whether someone needs a protein-packed bar, a gluten-free option, or a nut-free snack, Element Bars has something for everyone.

Founder Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller, the founder of Element Bars, is passionate about fitness and nutrition. His own journey to find energy bars that suited his needs led him to create a brand that prioritizes quality and customization. With a dedication to using natural ingredients and his background in fitness, Miller has successfully built Element Bars into a trusted and respected name in the health food industry.

Background Mission Founder Customized Nutrition Healthy Snacks
Natural ingredients Offering personalized nutrition Jonathan Miller Tailored to individual preferences Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Element Bars background

“At Element Bars, we believe that nutrition should be customizable. Everyone’s needs are unique, and our goal is to provide snack bars that can be personalized to meet those needs without compromising on taste or quality.”

Element Bars strives to support individuals in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. By offering customized snacks, they promote the importance of nutrition that caters to individual requirements. Whether it’s for fueling workouts, supplementary protein intake, or addressing dietary restrictions, Element Bars is committed to providing a snack option that aligns with each person’s specific goals and preferences.

Shark Tank Season 1 Recap

Shark Tank season 1 showcased a diverse group of entrepreneurs and their captivating product pitches. The season introduced viewers to a range of innovative products and investment deals that left a lasting impression.

Some notable products from Shark Tank season 1 include:

  • Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory – A delicious selection of homemade pies that captured the Sharks’ taste buds.
  • Ava the Elephant – A charming medicine dispenser that made administering medication easier for children.
  • Ionic Ear Bluetooth device – A revolutionary technology that enabled individuals to listen to music wirelessly.

Throughout the season, the Sharks, including Kevin Harrington, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec, evaluated each pitch and had the opportunity to invest in the entrepreneurs’ businesses.

Shark Tank season 1 provided an exciting lineup of entrepreneurs, captivating pitches, and investment deals that set the stage for future success stories.

Shark Tank Season 1 Recap

Shark Tank Season 4 Recap

Shark Tank season 4, which aired from September 14, 2012, to May 17, 2013, featured a diverse group of entrepreneurs vying for investment deals for their businesses. The panel of Sharks included Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec, who appeared in every episode. Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner alternated as the fifth shark, bringing their expertise to the table.

Throughout the season, entrepreneurs presented a wide range of innovative business ideas and products. Notable pitches included SurfSet Fitness, a unique fitness system that simulates surfing; Wispots, a wireless entertainment system for businesses; and TurboBaster, a cooking utility designed to enhance flavor and efficiency in the kitchen. These products stood out for their originality and potential for market success.

Shark Tank season 4 showcased the intense competition and negotiation between entrepreneurs and the Sharks. Each episode offered a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and make compelling cases for investment. The Sharks, known for their business acumen and financial expertise, evaluated each pitch and leveraged their experience to offer valuable deals and guidance.

“Shark Tank season 4 was a thrilling journey filled with passionate entrepreneurs and their groundbreaking products. The Sharks brought their expertise and capital to the table, transforming lives and propelling businesses to new heights of success.”

Shark Tank season 4 exemplified the potential for entrepreneurial success and the impact of strategic investments. The show served as a catalyst for business growth and provided valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

Shark Tank Season 4 Recap

Key Takeaways from Shark Tank Season 4:

  • Entrepreneurs showcased a wide range of innovative products and business ideas.
  • The Sharks offered valuable investment deals and guidance.
  • Notable products included SurfSet Fitness, Wispots, and TurboBaster.
  • Strategic investments had the potential to transform businesses and drive success.

Other Successful Shark Tank Products

In addition to Element Bars, Shark Tank has been the launching pad for numerous successful businesses. These companies have not only achieved success on the show but have also experienced post-show success, growing into thriving businesses with increased sales, expanded product lines, and continued growth. Let’s take a look at some notable Shark Tank success stories:

Scrub Daddy

A fan favorite, Scrub Daddy is a versatile dish scrubbing tool that gained popularity on Shark Tank. Its patented design, which changes texture based on water temperature, has revolutionized household cleaning. The company has seen tremendous growth, with Scrub Daddy products being sold in major retail stores and online.

Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves is known for its quirky and festive holiday apparel. The brand gained national attention after appearing on Shark Tank, leading to a surge in sales. Their unique and humorous designs have resonated with customers, and Tipsy Elves has expanded its product line beyond holiday-themed clothing.


Bombas is a socially conscious company that reinvented the humble sock. With a mission to donate a pair of socks for every pair purchased, Bombas has gained a loyal following. The company has experienced remarkable success, becoming one of the fastest-growing apparel brands in the United States.

Shark Tank Success Stories

These success stories from Shark Tank serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the potential for post-show success and the entrepreneurial achievements that can be unlocked through the show. Shark Tank has proven to be a platform that can propel businesses to new heights, providing them with exposure and investment opportunities that can lead to thriving businesses.

Influence of Shark Tank on the Entrepreneurial Landscape

Shark Tank has had a significant impact on the entrepreneurial landscape. The show has inspired aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their business ideas and seek investment opportunities. The exposure and expertise provided by the Sharks have helped businesses grow and thrive, even beyond the deals made on the show.

Shark Tank has become a symbol of entrepreneurial success and a source of inspiration for those looking to start their own businesses.

Impact of Shark Tank on Entrepreneurial Landscape Key Takeaways
1. Insipration for Entrepreneurs Shark Tank has motivated countless individuals to take the leap and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The success stories showcased on the show serve as proof that with determination and the right pitch, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve success in the business world.
2. Boosting Business Investments Shark Tank has brought the concept of business investment into the mainstream. By witnessing the negotiations and deals on the show, viewers gain an understanding of the investment process and the potential benefits of securing funding from experienced investors.
3. Inspiring Innovation and Creativity The innovative products and ideas presented on Shark Tank inspire entrepreneurs to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to common problems. This culture of innovation helps drive economic growth and fosters an environment where new businesses can thrive.

The impact of Shark Tank extends beyond the deals made on the show. Many entrepreneurs who didn’t secure an investment have still experienced significant growth and success due to the exposure and advice received from the Sharks. The show serves as a valuable platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, gain feedback, and build their networks.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration and Success Stories

“Before Shark Tank, I was just another entrepreneur struggling to get my business off the ground. The show gave me the exposure and credibility I needed to take my business to the next level.” – Successful Shark Tank entrepreneur

Watching Shark Tank not only provides entertainment but also offers valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship. The show showcases the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs that entrepreneurs face on their journey to success. It highlights the importance of a strong pitch, solid business strategy, and the ability to adapt and negotiate in a competitive market.

Shark Tank's impact on entrepreneurship

By embracing the lessons learned from Shark Tank, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain inspiration, refine their business strategies, and increase their chances of success. The show has become a catalyst for innovation and a driving force behind the entrepreneurial spirit.

Lessons Learned from Shark Tank

Shark Tank offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and business owners. The show highlights the importance of having a compelling pitch, knowing your numbers, and being prepared to negotiate. Successful entrepreneurs on Shark Tank often demonstrate strong business acumen, flexibility in negotiations, and a clear understanding of their target market. Watching the show can provide insights into effective business strategies and inspire entrepreneurs to refine their own pitch.

“I learned that you have to be confident in yourself and your business. You need to know your numbers inside and out and have a clear vision for your company.”

– Successful Shark Tank entrepreneur

One of the key lessons from Shark Tank is the importance of a compelling pitch. Entrepreneurs must clearly articulate the unique value proposition of their product or service and engage the Sharks’ interest from the start. A well-crafted pitch hooks investors and sets the stage for a successful negotiation.

Another crucial lesson is the need to know your numbers. Investors want to see that entrepreneurs understand the financials of their business, including revenue, profit margins, and projections. Being able to confidently present these numbers demonstrates preparedness and credibility.

Negotiation skills also play a significant role in a successful Shark Tank pitch. Entrepreneurs must be flexible and adaptable, able to respond to questions and counter offers from the Sharks. Having a clear understanding of one’s target market and competitive landscape can help entrepreneurs navigate negotiations and defend their business valuation.

Key Lessons from Shark Tank:

  • Develop a compelling pitch to engage investors
  • Know your numbers inside and out
  • Understand your target market and competition
  • Be flexible and adaptable in negotiations

By watching Shark Tank and analyzing the strategies of successful entrepreneurs, business owners can gain valuable insights into effective pitching, negotiation techniques, and business strategies. Applying these lessons can help entrepreneurs refine their approach, increase the chances of securing investment, and drive business growth.

Shark Tank Success Story:

One entrepreneur who exemplifies the lessons learned from Shark Tank is Aaron Krause, the founder of Scrub Daddy. His unique sponge product caught the attention of the Sharks and ultimately secured a deal with Lori Greiner. Krause’s compelling pitch, understanding of his target market, and negotiation skills played a crucial role in turning Scrub Daddy into a household name and a multi-million dollar business.

Shark Tank Lessons

Lessons Learned from Shark Tank

Lesson Description
Compelling Pitch Articulate the unique value proposition and engage investors
Know Your Numbers Understand the financials and be able to present them confidently
Market Understanding Know your target market and competition to navigate negotiations
Negotiation Skills Be flexible, adaptable, and defend your business valuation

How to Apply Shark Tank Lessons to Your Business

Entrepreneurs can apply the lessons learned from Shark Tank to their own businesses by crafting a compelling pitch, understanding the market and competition, and preparing for potential negotiations. It’s important to showcase the unique value proposition of your product or service, demonstrate a solid understanding of your target audience, and be open to feedback and suggestions from investors. By adopting the mindset of a Shark Tank entrepreneur, business owners can position themselves for growth and success.

Lesson How to Apply
1. Strong Pitch Craft a compelling pitch that clearly communicates the benefits and unique features of your product or service. Use storytelling techniques to engage investors and highlight the problem your business solves.
2. Market Understanding Conduct thorough research on your target market and competition. Understand the trends, customer preferences, and market dynamics that impact your business. This knowledge will allow you to position your product or service effectively.
3. Preparation for Negotiations Anticipate potential negotiations with investors by preparing a comprehensive business plan, financial projections, and growth strategies. Be ready to defend your valuation and leverage any unique selling points or milestones your business has achieved.
4. Flexibility and Openness Be open to feedback and suggestions from investors. Adapt your business strategy based on the expertise and guidance they provide. Remember that investors have valuable insights and resources that can contribute to your business’s growth.

Applying these lessons can help entrepreneurs navigate the competitive landscape and attract the attention of potential investors. By incorporating the principles of effective pitches, market understanding, negotiation strategies, and openness to feedback, business owners can position themselves for long-term success and accelerated growth. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit showcased on Shark Tank can lead to transformative opportunities and business expansion.

Applying Shark Tank lessons


Shark Tank has become a cultural phenomenon that has captivated audiences and inspired countless entrepreneurs. The show provides a platform for businesses to showcase their products and pitch for investment deals from a panel of experienced investors. The success stories that have emerged from Shark Tank demonstrate the potential for entrepreneurial success and the impact that a strategic investment can have on a business.

Watching Shark Tank not only offers entertainment but also valuable business inspiration. Entrepreneurs can learn important takeaways from the show, such as the importance of a compelling pitch, knowing your numbers, and being prepared to negotiate. The show highlights the significance of strong business acumen, flexibility in negotiations, and a deep understanding of the target market.

Shark Tank opens up investment opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. By understanding the strategies and tactics that work on the show, entrepreneurs can apply these lessons to their own businesses. Crafting a compelling pitch, understanding the market and competition, and preparing for potential negotiations are crucial steps in attracting investors and achieving business growth.

Whether you are seeking inspiration or looking to refine your entrepreneurial skills, Shark Tank offers valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship. From the captivating pitches to the strategic investment decisions, the show provides a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of building a successful business. By learning from the experiences of the entrepreneurs on Shark Tank, you can gain inspiration, knowledge, and motivation to pursue your own entrepreneurial journey.


Q: What is Element Bars?

A: Element Bars is a customized energy bar company that allows customers to design their own personalized nutrition bars online.

Q: How did Element Bars fare on Shark Tank?

A: Element Bars appeared on Shark Tank in season 1, episode 106. The founder, Jonathan Miller, impressed the Sharks with his personalized energy bars and ultimately accepted an investment offer from Kevin Harrington.

Q: What happened to Element Bars after Shark Tank?

A: Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Element Bars experienced significant growth, moved into its own production facility, and shifted to becoming a co-packer, providing private label bar creation services.

Q: Who is the founder of Element Bars?

A: Jonathan Miller is the founder of Element Bars. He created the company to offer customized nutrition bars made with natural ingredients.

Q: Which notable products were featured in Shark Tank season 1?

A: Some notable products from Shark Tank season 1 include Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory, Ava the Elephant medicine dispenser, and the Ionic Ear Bluetooth device.

Q: Which entrepreneurs appeared in Shark Tank season 4?

A: Shark Tank season 4 featured entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Greiner.

Q: Can you provide some examples of successful Shark Tank products?

A: Some successful Shark Tank products include the Scrub Daddy dish scrubbing tool, Tipsy Elves holiday apparel, and Bombas socks.

Q: What impact has Shark Tank had on the entrepreneurial landscape?

A: Shark Tank has inspired aspiring entrepreneurs, provided exposure and expertise, and served as a symbol of entrepreneurial success.

Q: What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from watching Shark Tank?

A: Entrepreneurial lessons from Shark Tank include having a compelling pitch, knowing your numbers, and being prepared to negotiate.

Q: How can entrepreneurs apply lessons learned from Shark Tank to their own businesses?

A: Entrepreneurs can apply Shark Tank lessons by crafting a compelling pitch, understanding the market, and preparing for negotiations.

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