Cheek’d Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

In the world of dating apps, one innovative business idea caught the attention of entrepreneurs and reality TV show viewers alike. Cheek’d, a unique dating concept that blends face-to-face interaction with online connectivity, made its investor pitch on the popular show Shark Tank.

Founder Lori Cheek stepped onto the Shark Tank stage seeking funding for her successful startup. With a bold ask of $100,000 for a 10% stake in her company, she hoped to secure a valuable business investment that would propel Cheek’d to new heights.

The concept behind Cheek’d is simple yet impactful. It involves handing out customized cards with ice-breaking pick-up lines to spark initial attraction during real-world encounters. These cards then lead to online interaction, creating a seamless transition between the physical and digital dating worlds.

However, when it came to the Shark Tank episode featuring Cheek’d, the investors had their reservations. While they acknowledged the uniqueness of the dating app, they questioned the scalability of the business model. This skepticism ultimately led to no deals being made, leaving Lori Cheek to regroup and reconsider her strategies.

Despite the outcome, Cheek’d’s Shark Tank appearance shed light on the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. It showcased the determination and resilience required to pursue an innovative business idea, even in the face of rejection.

Cheek'd Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Cheek’d is a unique dating app that combines face-to-face attraction with online interaction.
  • Founder Lori Cheek sought a $100,000 investment for a 10% stake in her company on Shark Tank.
  • The Sharks expressed concerns about the scalability of the business model.
  • No deals were made on the show.
  • Despite the rejection, Cheek’d gained valuable exposure and continued to evolve its business concept.

Cheek’d’s Appearance on Shark Tank

Lori Cheek, the founder and CEO of Cheek’d, made a bold appearance on the hit reality TV show, Shark Tank, to pitch her innovative dating app. Seeking a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in her company, Lori showcased her unique business model that revolutionized the online dating landscape.

Cheek’d is a dating app that focuses on the crucial element of face-to-face interaction to initiate connections and then allows users to continue the conversation online. The app works by providing users with customized cards containing clever pick-up lines, which they can hand out to people they’re attracted to. These cards include a unique code that recipients can use to connect with the sender through the app.

With her confident and energetic pitch, Lori mesmerized the Sharks with her unique dating concept that combined the best of both real-world and online interactions. The Sharks appreciated the ingenuity behind Cheek’d and recognized its potential to disrupt the traditional dating app market.

“I love this idea. The pick-up lines are great, and I can see it becoming a huge trend,” praised Mr. Wonderful.

Although the Sharks were captivated by the idea, they also expressed concerns about the scalability and profitability of the business. They questioned the need for physical cards, citing the rise of digital-first approaches to dating. Additionally, the Sharks were curious about Cheek’d’s user base and how the business planned to generate revenue.

While the outcome of the pitch did not secure an investment deal, Lori’s appearance on Shark Tank opened doors for Cheek’d. The exposure from the show attracted significant attention, both from users interested in the app and potential investors intrigued by the innovative business concept. The Cheek’d team turned this exposure into an opportunity to refine and evolve the app, ensuring its continued success in the competitive online dating industry.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the Sharks’ reactions and questions in the next section.

Shark Reactions and Questions

The Sharks were intrigued by Cheek’d and its unique approach to dating. They loved the pick-up lines on the cards and the concept of face-to-face interaction. However, they had concerns about the business model and its potential for growth.

Some Sharks questioned the need for the service, as they believed that if someone had the courage to hand out a card, they could also approach the person directly. They also raised concerns about the low number of active members and the lack of revenue generated by the business.

“I love the idea of these cards, but I’m not convinced that there’s a market for it. If someone wants to meet someone, they should just go up and talk to them,”

– Shark A

“I think the business model is shaky. How are you going to generate revenue with such a low number of active users?”

– Shark B

Despite their concerns, the Sharks recognized the novelty of the concept and appreciated the effort put into creating a unique dating experience.

Shark A

Concerns and Questions Response
Questioned the market need for the service Explained the demand for a convenient and non-confrontational approach to meeting new people
Expressed doubts about the scalability of the business Outlined plans for expanding the user base and implementing revenue generation strategies

Shark B

Concerns and Questions Response
Was skeptical about the revenue potential Presented a monetization strategy, including premium features and partnerships
Highlighted the low number of active users Discussed marketing plans to attract more users and increase engagement

Despite facing these concerns, Lori Cheek remained confident in the growth potential of Cheek’d and its ability to disrupt the traditional dating scene.

Shark reactions

Lori’s Struggles and Determination

Lori Cheek’s entrepreneurial journey has not been without its challenges. In her pursuit to make Cheek’d a success, she encountered various obstacles and had to overcome personal and technological issues. Despite these difficulties, Lori’s determination and unwavering belief in her unique dating concept kept her going.

One of the significant challenges Lori faced was the need for personal investment. She poured $120,000 of her own money into Cheek’d, demonstrating her commitment and belief in the business’s potential. To finance her venture, Lori made personal sacrifices, including selling her entire wardrobe and temporarily moving in with friends. Her personal investment showcased her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to achieving her goals.

In addition to financial challenges, Lori also encountered technological issues with the Cheek’d website. Building and maintaining a robust online platform proved to be a complex task. However, Lori’s determination to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable experience persisted, even when faced with technical setbacks.

“Entrepreneurship is not a smooth path; it’s about facing challenges head-on and finding solutions to move forward,” Lori shared during an interview. “I knew the concept of Cheek’d had the potential to revolutionize the dating industry, and I was determined to make it a reality.”

Lori’s determination to make Cheek’d a success was rooted in her belief that people still desired real-world connections. Despite the rise of online dating platforms, she believed that face-to-face interaction was crucial. This unwavering belief in her concept fueled her determination to overcome obstacles and establish Cheek’d as a prominent player in the industry.

Entrepreneurial challenges

Shark Decisions and Outcome

After a thorough discussion and extensive questioning, none of the Sharks were convinced to invest in Cheek’d. Mark Cuban was the first to bow out, followed by Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary. Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran, the last remaining Sharks, ultimately decided not to invest in the unique dating service concept either. Despite facing rejection from the Sharks, Lori Cheek remained undeterred in her ambition to make Cheek’d a household name.

The Shark’s Decision and Investment Outcome:

The Shark Tank episode featuring Cheek’d resulted in a no deal scenario, leaving Lori Cheek without the desired investment to propel her business forward. Despite this setback, Lori’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit persevered.

“The Shark Tank experience was challenging, but it was an opportunity for me to showcase my dating app and receive valuable feedback. Though the Sharks didn’t take the plunge, I remain steadfast in my mission to revolutionize the dating landscape.”

Shark decisions:

  • Mark Cuban: No deal
  • Robert Herjavec: No deal
  • Kevin O’Leary: No deal
  • Lori Greiner: No deal
  • Barbara Corcoran: No deal

Lori Cheek’s passion for her unique dating service remained unshaken despite the rejection from the Sharks. Her determination only grew stronger as she sought alternative avenues for growth and success.

Shark Decision
Mark Cuban No deal
Robert Herjavec No deal
Kevin O’Leary No deal
Lori Greiner No deal
Barbara Corcoran No deal

Despite the absence of a Shark investing in Cheek’d, this experience on such a renowned platform served as a valuable learning opportunity for Lori. It pushed her further to make Cheek’d a leading brand in the dating industry.

Shark Decisions and Outcome

Cheek’d Now In 2024 – After Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Cheek’d experienced a significant boost in its online presence. The exposure from the show resulted in over 100,000 website hits and generated a considerable amount of interest from potential investors. Building on this post-Shark Tank success, the company underwent a rebranding process in 2015 and rebranded itself as Cheekd.

Recognizing the need to adapt to the evolving dating landscape, Cheekd launched a mobile app to replace the physical cards. The app utilizes cutting-edge Bluetooth technology to notify users when they are within a 30-foot radius of someone who matches their specified criteria. This innovative approach seamlessly combines face-to-face interaction with the convenience and efficiency of digital connections.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Cheekd has continued to evolve its business model to meet the changing needs of its users. Through constant innovation and a commitment to providing a unique dating experience, Cheekd has flourished in the competitive dating app industry.

Cheek'd update

Post-Shark Tank Success Milestones Year
Website Hits 2014
Rebranding as Cheekd 2015
Launch of Mobile App 2015
Ongoing Business Evolution 2014 – Present

Cheekd’s relentless commitment to innovation has allowed the company to thrive in the competitive dating app market. By leveraging the post-Shark Tank success, Cheekd has established itself as a frontrunner in the industry, offering a truly unique and personalized dating experience. As the company continues to redefine the boundaries of online dating, it is poised for even greater success in the future.

The Impact of Shark Tank

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Cheek’d experienced a significant impact and garnered substantial exposure. The appearance on the popular reality TV show led to a surge in website traffic and piqued the interest of potential investors. The Sharks may not have been convinced of the business’s potential, but the exposure from Shark Tank opened doors for Cheek’d.

Increase in Website Traffic

The exposure from Cheek’d’s appearance on Shark Tank resulted in over 100,000 website hits. The nationwide visibility provided by the show allowed a larger audience to discover and explore the unique dating service. The increased traffic demonstrated a heightened interest in the concept, driving more users to the website and creating opportunities for growth.

Interest from Potential Investors

Shark Tank not only captivates viewers but also catches the attention of eager investors. Cheek’d’s appearance on the show attracted numerous inquiries from potential investors interested in supporting the innovative dating app. While the Sharks may have passed on the opportunity to invest, the exposure on Shark Tank sparked investor interest and showcased Cheek’d’s potential for future success.

Shark Tank impact

Opportunities for Cheek’d

The impact of Shark Tank extended beyond the conclusion of the pitch. The exposure garnered through the show positioned Cheek’d as a notable player in the dating app industry, opening doors to collaborations, partnerships, and media opportunities. The recognition gained from appearing on Shark Tank provided valuable exposure and propelled Cheek’d forward on its journey towards success.

Impact of Shark Tank Details
Increase in Website Traffic Over 100,000 website hits
Interest from Potential Investors Multiple inquiries from prospective investors
Opportunities for Cheek’d Collaborations, partnerships, and media exposure

Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Through her experience on Shark Tank, Lori Cheek gained valuable entrepreneurial lessons that have shaped her future plans for Cheek’d. One of the key lessons she learned is the importance of acknowledging when something isn’t working and being open to pivoting the business strategy. This flexibility and willingness to adapt are crucial for long-term success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Despite the rejection faced on Shark Tank, Lori’s determination to take Cheek’d to the next level and continue its growth remains unshaken. She recognizes that setbacks are part of the entrepreneurial journey and that they can serve as catalysts for innovation and improvement. With a resilient spirit, she remains focused on expanding Cheek’d and making it a household name in the dating app industry.

One of the ways Lori plans to achieve this is by leveraging the feedback and exposure gained from Shark Tank. She understands the power of constructive criticism and intends to use it as a springboard for refining and enhancing the Cheek’d offering. By addressing the concerns raised by the Sharks and iteratively improving the business model, Lori aims to position Cheek’d as a leading player in the online dating market.

Adapting to Market Needs and Trends

In order to drive future growth, Lori recognizes the importance of staying attuned to market needs and trends. The dating app industry is dynamic and rapidly evolving, and it is crucial to adapt to changing preferences and technology. Lori plans to invest in research and development to continuously enhance the user experience and introduce innovative features that meet the evolving demands of users.

“Innovation is key in this industry. By constantly staying ahead of the curve and anticipating user needs, we can ensure that Cheek’d remains at the forefront of the online dating revolution.”

Furthermore, Lori aims to build strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand the reach of Cheek’d. By forging alliances with complementary businesses and influencers in the dating and social networking space, she intends to tap into new user segments and amplify the brand’s visibility.

Key Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Key Lessons Learned Future Plans
Flexibility and adaptation are crucial for success Continuously improve and refine the business strategy
Constructive feedback can drive innovation Leverage Shark Tank exposure to enhance brand visibility
Stay attuned to market needs and trends Invest in research and development to enhance user experience
Forge strategic partnerships and collaborations Expand reach and tap into new user segments

Lori Cheek’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the resilience and determination required to build a successful startup. Her ability to learn from setbacks, pivot her business strategy, and remain focused on future growth plans positions Cheek’d for continued success in the competitive dating app market.

Entrepreneurial Lessons


Despite not receiving an investment from the Sharks, Lori Cheek’s journey with Cheek’d on Shark Tank demonstrates remarkable entrepreneurial resilience. The appearance on the reality TV show provided valuable exposure and opened doors for future growth opportunities. Despite facing challenges and criticism, Lori’s unwavering determination and passion for her unique dating concept have fueled her relentless pursuit of success.

The Cheek’d journey on Shark Tank has been a testament to the unwavering resilience of entrepreneurs. Lori’s ability to navigate through setbacks and obstacles showcases her unwavering commitment to her vision. The exposure gained from the show has undoubtedly increased brand awareness and sparked interest among potential customers and investors alike.

Although not securing a deal, Lori Cheek remains optimistic about the future of Cheek’d. She understands the importance of using feedback and exposure from Shark Tank to refine and further develop her business. With a tenacious spirit, she aims to make Cheek’d a household name in the online dating world.

The Cheek’d journey on Shark Tank serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs who face challenges in their own ventures. Lori’s story reminds us that setbacks are a part of the entrepreneurial journey, but resilience, determination, and passion are key ingredients for success. As entrepreneurs face adversity, they can take inspiration from Lori’s unwavering commitment to her vision and bravely continue their own entrepreneurial pursuits.


Q: What is Cheek’d and why did it appear on Shark Tank?

A: Cheek’d is a unique dating service that allows initial attraction to happen face-to-face, while interaction takes place online. Founder Lori Cheek appeared on Shark Tank seeking funding and exposure for her innovative business idea.

Q: What was the outcome of Cheek’d’s appearance on Shark Tank?

A: Despite generating interest from the Sharks, no deal was made on the show.

Q: What were the concerns raised by the Sharks about Cheek’d?

A: The Sharks had concerns about the business model and its potential for growth. Some questioned the need for the service and raised issues about the low number of active members and lack of revenue generated.

Q: What challenges did Lori Cheek face while building Cheek’d?

A: Lori faced financial difficulties and technological issues with the website. She invested her own money, sold her wardrobe, and moved in with friends to fund the business.

Q: Did Cheek’d experience any positive outcomes after appearing on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Cheek’d received over 100,000 website hits and several inquiries from prospective investors. The company also rebranded itself as Cheekd in 2015 and launched a mobile app.

Q: How did Shark Tank impact Cheek’d?

A: The appearance on Shark Tank provided valuable exposure and led to increased website traffic and investor interest.

Q: What lessons did Lori Cheek learn from her experience on Shark Tank?

A: Lori learned the importance of acknowledging when something isn’t working and being open to pivoting her business strategy. She plans to leverage the feedback and exposure from Shark Tank to further grow Cheek’d.

Q: What are Lori’s future plans for Cheek’d?

A: Lori remains determined to take Cheek’d to the next level and make it a household name.

Q: What is the impact of Shark Tank on Cheek’d’s journey?

A: The experience on Shark Tank serves as a testament to the resilience and determination of entrepreneurs like Lori Cheek.

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