Cereal Killerz Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

In episode 1203 of the hit show Shark Tank, entrepreneurs Christopher and Jessica Burns showcased their business, Cereal Killerz. As a cereal-based café, Cereal Killerz offers a unique and nostalgic experience to customers with its wide variety of cereals and customizable options. Despite not securing a deal on the show, Cereal Killerz has seen success post-Shark Tank and continues to grow and expand.

Cereal Killerz Shark Tank

This episode of Shark Tank featured the dynamic duo Christopher and Jessica Burns pitching their one-of-a-kind cereal-based café, Cereal Killerz. With locations in Las Vegas and plans for further expansion, the couple has captured the hearts of cereal enthusiasts everywhere with their innovative concept. Let’s take a closer look at Cereal Killerz and their journey on Shark Tank.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cereal Killerz is a cereal-based café that allows customers to customize their own cereal creations.
  • Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Cereal Killerz has seen success post-show.
  • Customers rave about the wide variety of cereals and the nostalgic experience provided by Cereal Killerz.
  • The founders of Cereal Killerz have faced challenges but remained resilient in pursuing their passion.
  • Cereal Killerz aims to continue expanding and is actively seeking franchisees.

The Concept of Cereal Killerz Kitchen

Cereal Killerz Kitchen is a cereal-based café that offers a unique and nostalgic concept for cereal lovers. With over one hundred kinds of cereal, customers can indulge in their favorite childhood cereals and mix and match their own cereal creations. The café provides customizable cereal options, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of cereals and add-ins like candy, cookies, and pop tarts. The goal is to create a nostalgic experience reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons and childhood memories.

In addition to the customizable cereal options, Cereal Killerz Kitchen has also incorporated cereal into other menu items. Customers can enjoy cereal-infused waffles, ice cream, and milkshakes, providing them with a truly cereal-filled dining experience.

Key Features of Cereal Killerz Kitchen:
Wide variety of cereals
Customizable cereal options
Add-ins like candy, cookies, and pop tarts
Incorporation of cereal into other menu items

The concept of Cereal Killerz Kitchen taps into the nostalgia of customers, bringing back fond memories of enjoying their favorite cereals. This unique and customizable approach to cereal-based dining sets Cereal Killerz Kitchen apart from traditional cafes and offers a delightful experience for cereal enthusiasts of all ages.

The Pitch on Shark Tank

Cereal Killerz Shark Tank Pitch

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Christopher and Jessica Burns presented their pitch for Cereal Killerz, seeking a $125,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their business.

“We believe that Cereal Killerz has the potential to revolutionize the way people enjoy cereal,” stated Christopher Burns.

The couple passionately explained their unique concept of a cereal-based café that offers a nostalgic experience and customizable cereal options.

“At Cereal Killerz, we want our customers to relive their childhood memories by enjoying their favorite cereals in a fun and interactive setting,” Jessica Burns emphasized.

They showcased their plans for expansion and shared their vision of opening multiple locations. However, they candidly revealed that their current mall location was facing financial challenges, resulting in a monthly loss of $8,000.

“While we have faced some financial setbacks, we are determined to overcome them and continue growing,” Christopher expressed.

Despite their passion and determination, the Sharks ultimately did not see the potential for a successful investment in Cereal Killerz. However, the experience on Shark Tank provided valuable insights and feedback for the future growth and success of the business.

Post-Shark Tank Success

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Cereal Killerz has experienced remarkable success and growth. They made the strategic decision to close their original mall location and reopened in the Miracle Mile Mall at Planet Hollywood, a prime spot in Las Vegas. This new location has proven to be a lucrative move, attracting a steady stream of customers.

Cereal Killerz Shark Tank success

Building on this success, Cereal Killerz has expanded its presence in Las Vegas by opening two additional locations. By capitalizing on their unique concept, which offers over one hundred different types of cereal and customizable options, they have cultivated a loyal customer base and secured a competitive edge in the market.

Furthermore, Cereal Killerz is actively seeking franchisees to help spread their innovative concept and increase their market reach. By offering franchise opportunities, they can tap into new markets and continue their expansion beyond Las Vegas. This move not only allows them to grow faster but also empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to be a part of their success story.

The impressive revenue growth of Cereal Killerz attests to their ongoing success in the industry. By January 2023, their annual revenue had reached an impressive $4 million, showcasing their sustainable business model and customer appeal.

Investor Reactions on Shark Tank

The Cereal Killerz pitch on Shark Tank elicited a range of reactions from the panel of investors. While some expressed concerns about certain aspects of the business, others had reservations about investing at this stage. Ultimately, no deal was made, but the feedback provided by the Sharks offered valuable insights for the future growth and improvement of Cereal Killerz.

Concerns about the Lack of Proprietary Elements

“I’m concerned about the lack of proprietary elements in the business. How do you plan to differentiate yourselves and create a competitive advantage in the market?” – Shark 1

“Without any unique offerings or intellectual property, it may be challenging to establish a successful retail brand.” – Shark 2

Some Sharks raised valid concerns regarding the absence of distinct proprietary elements in the Cereal Killerz business model. They questioned how the company planned to stand out and gain a competitive edge in a crowded market. Without unique offerings or intellectual property, it can be challenging to establish a strong brand presence in the retail sector.

Timing and Need for Professional Advice

“I think it’s too early for an investor at this stage. You may benefit from seeking more professional advice and refining your business strategy.” – Shark 3

“Have you considered working with industry experts who can guide you through the challenges of scaling your business?” – Shark 4

Another critique expressed by some Sharks was the belief that Cereal Killerz was not yet at a stage where an investor was necessary. They suggested that the founders should seek professional advice to further develop their business strategy before pursuing external funding. Working with industry experts could help address the challenges that come with scaling a business like Cereal Killerz.

The investor reactions on Shark Tank provided important insights and critiques for Cereal Killerz. While no deal was made, the feedback has the potential to guide the business towards future success. By focusing on developing unique offerings, refining their business strategy, and seeking professional advice, Cereal Killerz can address the concerns raised and position themselves for growth in the competitive retail market.

Customer Reception and Reviews

Cereal Killerz has quickly gained positive reception from customers, captivating cereal enthusiasts with its extensive variety of cereals and customizable options. The café’s nostalgic concept, reminiscent of childhood cereal indulgence, has garnered widespread praise. Customers appreciate the ability to create their own unique cereal creations, exploring delightful combinations and adding additional ingredients like candy and cookies for an extra touch of flavor and nostalgia.

Customers embrace the creative freedom offered by Cereal Killerz, reveling in the chance to personalize their cereal experience. The café’s commitment to providing a diverse selection of cereals ensures that customers can enjoy long-forgotten childhood favorites or discover new and exciting flavors. From classic choices to limited edition releases, Cereal Killerz continually expands its cereal collection to meet the desires of its discerning customer base.

“Cereal Killerz is a dream come true for cereal lovers like me. The variety of cereals is mind-blowing, and the customizable options take it to another level. I absolutely love mixing different cereals and adding my favorite toppings!” – Sarah W.

Customers also praise Cereal Killerz for its commitment to quality and creativity. The café serves as a haven for cereal enthusiasts who crave innovative flavor combinations and unique cereal offerings. From breakfast classics to unexpected concoctions, Cereal Killerz pushes the boundaries of cereal enjoyment, delighting customers with its imaginative cereal-infused menu items like waffles, ice cream, and milkshakes.

With its commitment to customer satisfaction and culinary innovation, Cereal Killerz has undoubtedly struck a chord with cereal aficionados, garnering a reputation as a must-visit destination for an indulgent and nostalgic cereal experience.

Customer reception and reviews of Cereal Killerz

Challenges and Resilience

Like many businesses, Cereal Killerz faced numerous challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure of their mall location coupled with financial struggles put a significant strain on the business.

However, despite the obstacles, the founders of Cereal Killerz demonstrated remarkable resilience and a strong determination to overcome adversity. Rather than being discouraged by the setbacks, they remained focused on finding new opportunities for growth and success.

Despite the financial difficulties, the founders remained committed to their vision and persevered through the challenging times. They sought innovative solutions to overcome the obstacles they faced, adapting their business model to the changing circumstances.

With unwavering determination and strategic planning, the founders of Cereal Killerz were able to reopen in a new location and continue their expansion efforts. Their ability to adapt and overcome challenges is a clear testament to their entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity.

Challenges faced by Cereal Killerz

“In the face of financial struggles and the impact of COVID-19, we refused to give up on our dream. We knew that our concept had the potential for success, and we were committed to making it work. We persevered, adapted, and ultimately emerged stronger.” – Cereal Killerz founders

Future Plans and Franchise Opportunities

Cereal Killerz has big aspirations for the future. The company is focused on expanding its presence and opening more locations, both in Las Vegas and nationally. The success of their unique concept, which allows customers to create their own customized cereal creations, has prompted Cereal Killerz to seek franchise opportunities.

By partnering with franchisees, Cereal Killerz aims to accelerate its expansion goals and bring the nostalgic experience of customizable cereals to customers in various locations. The company believes that their concept has the potential to resonate with individuals of all ages who have a love for cereal and a desire for a personalized dining experience.

Franchise Benefits

Joining the Cereal Killerz franchise offers many benefits for aspiring entrepreneurs. By becoming a franchisee, individuals gain access to a well-established brand with a proven concept. They will receive comprehensive support and training from the experienced Cereal Killerz team, ensuring a smooth transition into the cereal-based café industry.

Franchisees will also benefit from the continuous marketing and advertising efforts carried out at the corporate level. This support helps to generate brand awareness and attract customers to their locations. Additionally, being part of a franchise network provides a sense of community and collaboration, with opportunities to learn from other successful franchisees.

With Cereal Killerz’s focus on growth and expansion, franchisees can be confident in the potential for profitability and long-term success. The company’s strong brand identity, combined with its unique offering and strong customer demand, positions franchisees for a rewarding business venture.

Franchise Opportunities

“Join the Cereal Killerz family and be part of the expanding cereal-based café concept that is revolutionizing the breakfast and snack industry. With our proven success and dedication to our franchisees’ growth, this is an exciting opportunity to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey.”

Positive Impact and Mission

The mission of Cereal Killerz is to create happiness one bowl at a time. The founders believe that their unique concept brings joy to customers and allows them to relive childhood memories while enjoying their favorite cereals. The positive impact on customers, as seen through their positive reviews and continued support, fuels the motivation of the founders to grow and expand their business.

Cereal Killerz mission

Cereal Killerz is more than just a cereal-based café; it is a place where customers can indulge in nostalgia and experience pure happiness. By offering over one hundred kinds of cereals and the ability to create custom cereal concoctions, Cereal Killerz aims to bring back the joy of childhood mornings filled with the familiar flavors and rituals of cereal consumption. Each spoonful evokes memories and brings a smile to the faces of their customers.

The impact of Cereal Killerz goes beyond the enjoyment of a tasty bowl of cereal. It is about creating an atmosphere of happiness and connection. Customers not only savor their cereal creations but also bond with friends and loved ones over shared childhood memories. Parents introduce their children to the cereals they grew up with, passing down tradition and creating new memories together. Cereal Killerz serves as a hub for creating lasting moments of joy and nostalgia.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering a unique experience, Cereal Killerz has built a loyal following. Positive reviews pour in from satisfied customers who appreciate the wide variety of cereals and the opportunity to customize their own bowls of happiness. Through their mission of creating happiness, Cereal Killerz has successfully established a brand that resonates with customers of all ages and backgrounds.

Customer Testimonials
“Cereal Killerz is my go-to place for indulging in childhood nostalgia. They have every cereal I loved as a kid, and I can mix in my favorite treats too. It’s the perfect way to start my day!” – Sara J.
“I never thought a cereal café could bring me so much joy, but Cereal Killerz did just that. The atmosphere is vibrant, and the options are endless. It’s like stepping back in time and reliving my favorite childhood memories.” – Mark D.
“Cereal Killerz is a unique gem in the world of breakfast. It’s not just about the cereal; it’s about the experience. I always leave with a smile, feeling like a kid again. Thank you for creating such a joyful space!” – Emily T.

Reflection on Shark Tank Experience

The experience on Shark Tank taught the founders of Cereal Killerz valuable lessons. They learned the importance of having a solid business plan, seeking professional advice, and being prepared for tough questions and critiques from potential investors. The intense scrutiny of the show highlighted areas where they needed to further refine their strategy and enhance their pitch.

One of the key takeaways from their Shark Tank experience was the significance of resilience in the face of adversity. Despite not securing a deal on the show, they remained determined and focused on their vision. They embraced the feedback provided by the Sharks and used it to strengthen their business model and set new goals for growth and expansion.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Cereal Killerz offers valuable advice based on their own journey. They emphasize the importance of being open to feedback and willing to adapt. They encourage entrepreneurs to view challenges as opportunities for learning and growth, and to stay dedicated to their passion even when faced with obstacles. While the entrepreneurial path can be challenging, they believe that with perseverance and resilience, anyone can overcome setbacks and achieve their dreams.


Q: What is Cereal Killerz?

A: Cereal Killerz is a cereal-based café that offers over one hundred kinds of cereal and customizable options.

Q: What was Cereal Killerz’ pitch on Shark Tank?

A: Cereal Killerz sought a 5,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in the company to fund their expansion plans.

Q: Did Cereal Killerz secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: No, they did not secure a deal on the show, but they have experienced success post-Shark Tank.

Q: How has Cereal Killerz grown since appearing on Shark Tank?

A: Cereal Killerz has closed their original mall location and reopened in the Miracle Mile Mall at Planet Hollywood. They have also opened two more locations in Las Vegas and are actively seeking franchisees.

Q: How did the Sharks react to the Cereal Killerz pitch?

A: The Sharks had mixed reactions, expressing concerns about the lack of proprietary elements in the business and the difficulty of creating a successful retail brand. They also felt that it was too early for an investment and that the founders needed more professional advice.

Q: What has been the reception from customers?

A: Customers have praised the wide variety of cereals and the ability to customize their own cereal creations. The café’s nostalgic concept and unique flavors have been well-received.

Q: What challenges has Cereal Killerz faced?

A: Cereal Killerz faced challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the closure of their mall location and financial struggles. However, they remained resilient and were able to reopen in a new location and continue expanding.

Q: What are Cereal Killerz’ future plans?

A: Cereal Killerz aims to open more locations in Las Vegas and expand nationally. They are actively seeking franchisees to help achieve their expansion goals.

Q: What is the mission of Cereal Killerz?

A: The mission of Cereal Killerz is to create happiness one bowl at a time by providing a nostalgic experience and allowing customers to relive childhood memories.

Q: What did the founders learn from their Shark Tank experience?

A: The founders learned the importance of having a solid business plan, seeking professional advice, and being prepared for tough questions and critiques. They advise aspiring entrepreneurs to be resilient and open to feedback.

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