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8 Tips to Follow for Your Kickstarter Campaign 0

The Kickstarter platform has become essential to finance projects in the field of connected objects. In total, more than 3 billion dollars have been invested on more than 130,000 projects. But these figures should not hide the harsh reality. Simply launching a project is not enough to make it

7 Excellent Fundraising Ideas for Your Organization 0

Are you an association looking for ideas on how to raise more donations? You are not alone, the majority of associations depend on public generosity. For all these associations, finding good ideas that motivate donors is a matter of survival. These ideas should persuade potential donors (Internet users) to

How To Start A WordPress Blog In Just One Day 0

These days, everyone seems to have a blog. Not only is blogging a creative outlet, it can also be very lucrative if you mange it correctly. Although there are numerous blogging platforms available, many find that WordPress is the easiest and best platform for their blogging needs. Blogging isn’t

5 Entrepreneurs That Are Worth Following On Social Media 0

Social media can be a very inspiring thing. Seeing everyone that you follow succeed in life makes you want to do the same. However, more often than not, you are only getting a small glimpse of the content and experience that such entrepreneurs and influencers might be offering. If