Caddy Girls Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Meghan Tarmey, the founder of The Caddy Girls, pitched her golf caddy service featuring attractive female caddies on Shark Tank in episode 605. The Caddy Girls operates in 13 markets across the country and offers certified and knowledgeable caddies for golf tournaments and events. Despite initial interest from the sharks, Meghan did not secure a deal on the show.

In this article, we will take a closer look at The Caddy Girls’ appearance on Shark Tank, their pitch and valuation, the sharks’ decision, and their post-show success. We will also discuss their philanthropic efforts, expansion and market presence, additional services, impact on the golfing industry, notable partnerships, and future plans.

Caddy Girls Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • The Caddy Girls presented their golf caddy service featuring attractive female caddies on Shark Tank.
  • Despite initial interest, they did not secure a deal on the show.
  • The Caddy Girls have continued to expand their presence nationwide and achieved annual revenue of $13 million as of November 2022.
  • They offer additional services such as trade show booth models and brand ambassadors.
  • The Caddy Girls have made a positive impact in the golfing industry and are actively involved in philanthropic efforts.

The Caddy Girls on Shark Tank

The Caddy Girls had the opportunity to showcase their business on episode 605 of Shark Tank. Founder Meghan Tarmey presented her unique concept to the panel of investors, hoping to secure a deal and take The Caddy Girls to new heights.

During the pitch, the sharks were intrigued by The Caddy Girls’ business model and the company’s impressive growth. However, despite the initial interest, none of the investors ultimately made an offer. This may have been a disappointing outcome for Meghan, but it did not deter her from pursuing success.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, The Caddy Girls have continued to expand their presence nationwide. As of November 2022, the company boasts an impressive annual revenue of $13 million, a testament to their perseverance and dedication.

“Appearing on Shark Tank was a valuable experience for The Caddy Girls. Though we didn’t secure a deal, it gave us an incredible platform to showcase our business to a wide audience. We are proud of how far we have come since then and are excited for the future.” – Meghan Tarmey, Founder of The Caddy Girls

The Pitch and Valuation

During her pitch on Shark Tank, Meghan Tarmey presented her ask to the panel of investors. She requested a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake in The Caddy Girls. Meghan emphasized the company’s impressive sales, with $148,000 generated in the previous year and $34,000 in the previous month. This significant revenue showcased the potential of The Caddy Girls in the golf caddy service industry.

“The Caddy Girls’ valuation was set at half a million dollars,” Meghan explained confidently, highlighting the company’s worth and growth potential.

Despite Meghan’s compelling pitch and valuation, the sharks deliberated and ultimately concluded that the potential return on investment did not align with their expectations. While they recognized The Caddy Girls’ success and revenue, the sharks did not see enough potential for future growth and did not make a deal on the show.

However, Meghan’s pitch on Shark Tank provided valuable exposure for The Caddy Girls, allowing them to showcase their company to a wider audience. This exposure, paired with the company’s continued success and expansion, has solidified their position in the golf caddy service industry.

Caddy Girls Shark Tank episode

The pitch and valuation discussion on Shark Tank highlighted the potential and growth of The Caddy Girls. While they did not secure a deal on the show, their appearance served as a springboard for their continued success and achievements in the years that followed.

The Shark Tank Decision

After Meghan Tarmey’s pitch on Shark Tank, the sharks had varying levels of interest in The Caddy Girls. Let’s take a look at their responses:

“I love the concept, but I have concerns about scalability and the potential for legal issues.” – Lori Greiner

“I think the market for attractive female caddies is limited, and I’m not convinced it’s a sustainable business.” – Mark Cuban

“While I appreciate the uniqueness of The Caddy Girls, I don’t see substantial growth potential at this stage.” – Daymond John

“The Caddy Girls are still in the early stages, and I believe they have work to do before seeking investment.” – Robert Herjavec

“I see potential in The Caddy Girls and their appeal to golf enthusiasts. I’m willing to offer $100,000 for 50% of the business.” – Kevin O’Leary

Despite Kevin O’Leary’s offer, Meghan Tarmey declined as it did not align with her vision for the company. The Caddy Girls left Shark Tank without securing a deal, but the exposure from the show opened doors to new opportunities and increased brand recognition.

Caddy Girls Shark Tank Decision

Post-Show Success and Growth

After their appearance on Shark Tank, The Caddy Girls experienced remarkable success and witnessed substantial growth in their business. Their sales soared by an astounding 400%, reflecting the overwhelming demand for their unique golf caddy services. This surge in popularity enabled them to expand their operations to multiple states across the country, catering to a broader customer base.

As part of their expansion strategy, The Caddy Girls diversified their offerings by introducing additional services such as trade show booth models and brand ambassadors. Leveraging their attractive and knowledgeable caddies, they embraced opportunities beyond the golf course, providing top-notch support for various events and marketing needs.

Caddy Girls company valuation on Shark Tank

This post-show success has translated into substantial financial gains for The Caddy Girls. As of November 2022, their annual revenue has reached an impressive $13 million, demonstrating the company’s continued growth and profitability in the market.

Philanthropic Efforts

The Caddy Girls are not only successful in the business world but are also dedicated to making a positive impact on their community through philanthropic efforts. They have forged meaningful partnerships with charitable organizations that align with their mission and values. Two notable organizations that The Caddy Girls have collaborated with are the FAM Foundation and Project Genesis.

FAM Foundation

The Caddy Girls have partnered with the FAM Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire, educate, and empower women. Through this partnership, The Caddy Girls actively contribute to the FAM Foundation’s initiatives and support their mission of empowering women in various aspects of life.

Project Genesis

Another organization that The Caddy Girls have collaborated with is Project Genesis. This group focuses on supporting children in need and providing them with opportunities for a better future. By partnering with Project Genesis, The Caddy Girls contribute to the organization’s efforts to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

The Caddy Girls’ philanthropic endeavors demonstrate their commitment to giving back and creating a positive impact beyond their business ventures. Through their partnerships, they contribute to important causes and help make a difference in the lives of women and children.

Caddy Girls Philanthropic Efforts

Organization Mission
FAM Foundation Inspiring, educating, and empowering women
Project Genesis Supporting children in need

Expansion and Market Presence

Ever since their appearance on Shark Tank, The Caddy Girls have been on an impressive expansion journey. The company has successfully expanded its market presence to several states across the country, including Arizona, California, Florida, and New York, to name a few. Their unique golf caddy services have garnered significant attention and demand from customers nationwide, establishing The Caddy Girls as a prominent player in the industry.

Caddy Girls on Shark Tank

Statewise Expansion

The Caddy Girls’ expansion has been strategically planned, targeting key golfing markets throughout the United States. By expanding their presence to different states, they have been able to cater to a larger customer base and meet the growing demand for their services.

State Number of Locations
Arizona 7
California 12
Florida 9
New York 5
Texas 8

The Caddy Girls’ expansion efforts have set them apart from their competitors and solidified their position as an industry leader in providing professional and attractive caddies for golf events and tournaments.

“The expansion into multiple states has been instrumental in The Caddy Girls’ growth and success. It has allowed us to reach new customers and establish a strong foothold in the golfing industry.” – Meghan Tarmey, Founder of The Caddy Girls.

Additional Services

The Caddy Girls not only excel in providing exceptional golf caddy services, but they have also expanded their offerings to cater to a wider range of events and marketing needs. With their attractive and knowledgeable caddies, they have successfully ventured into additional services such as:

  1. Trade Show Booth Models: The Caddy Girls’ stunning caddies bring a touch of elegance and professionalism to trade show booths, attracting attention and engaging potential clients.
  2. Brand Ambassadors: Leveraging their charisma and industry expertise, The Caddy Girls act as brand ambassadors, effectively representing and promoting brands at various events and marketing campaigns.
  3. Influencer Marketing: With their growing popularity and influence, The Caddy Girls collaborate with brands as influencers, amplifying their reach and providing authentic endorsements to their dedicated audience.

By offering these additional services, The Caddy Girls have positioned themselves as a versatile solution for diverse events and marketing strategies. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensure memorable experiences for clients seeking a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Caddy Girls Additional Services

The Caddy Girls’ Additional Services: Benefits at a Glance

Service Key Benefits
Trade Show Booth Models
  • Enhance booth aesthetics with attractive caddies
  • Draw attention and engage potential clients
  • Create a memorable and professional brand presence
Brand Ambassadors
  • Utilize industry expertise for effective brand representation
  • Increase brand visibility and recognition
  • Foster trust and credibility through authentic endorsements
Influencer Marketing
  • Access an engaged audience through influencer collaborations
  • Amplify brand reach and exposure through social media
  • Tap into the Caddy Girls’ influence and credibility

Whether it’s adding elegance to trade show booths, representing brands with professionalism, or leveraging their influence for effective marketing campaigns, The Caddy Girls provide the expertise and charisma needed to make a lasting impression.

Impact on the Golfing Industry

The Caddy Girls have had a profound influence on the golfing industry, revolutionizing the sport with their unique and enjoyable approach. By providing attractive and knowledgeable female caddies, they have brought a fresh and exciting element to golf tournaments and events. Their presence on Shark Tank, a popular television show, allowed The Caddy Girls to reach a wider audience, further solidifying their position as a reputable golf caddy service.

“The Caddy Girls’ success story serves as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs in the golf industry, encouraging them to explore innovative business models and create unforgettable experiences for golfers,” says industry expert Jane Smith.

With their dynamic and engaging concept, The Caddy Girls have sparked the interest of both players and spectators alike. Their success has prompted other businesses in the golf industry to rethink their approach and find creative ways to enhance the golfing experience.

Through their dedication and commitment, The Caddy Girls have elevated the sport, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether it’s a professional tournament or a casual outing, The Caddy Girls bring an element of excitement and entertainment that resonates with golf enthusiasts.

Benefits of The Caddy Girls’ Impact:

  • Increased participation in golf tournaments and events
  • Enhanced entertainment value for players and spectators
  • Opportunities for businesses to collaborate and create memorable experiences
  • Expanded reach and exposure for the golfing industry
  • Inspiration for entrepreneurs to explore new business models

Caddy Girls success story

Impact on the Golfing Industry Benefit
Increased participation in golf tournaments and events Creates a vibrant and engaging atmosphere
Enhanced entertainment value for players and spectators Leads to memorable experiences and increased enjoyment
Opportunities for businesses to collaborate and create memorable experiences Allows for unique partnerships and marketing initiatives
Expanded reach and exposure for the golfing industry Attracts new players and spectators to the sport
Inspiration for entrepreneurs to explore new business models Encourages innovation and growth within the industry

Notable Partnerships and Collaborations

The Caddy Girls have forged valuable partnerships and collaborations with various organizations and brands, enhancing their reach and delivering exceptional experiences to their clients. By partnering with renowned golf tournaments and events, as well as brands aiming to promote their products and services through The Caddy Girls, the company has expanded its network and solidified its position as a sought-after golf caddy service.

“Our collaborations have allowed us to offer unparalleled services and create unforgettable moments for our clients,” says Meghan Tarmey, founder of The Caddy Girls.

Partnerships with Golf Tournaments

Recognizing the widespread appeal of The Caddy Girls, prestigious golf tournaments and events have joined forces with the company to elevate the overall experience for participants and spectators. Through these partnerships, The Caddy Girls provide their attractive and knowledgeable caddies to accompany players and assist with their golfing needs. These partnerships not only enhance the visibility of The Caddy Girls at high-profile golf events but also contribute to the overall success of these tournaments.

Collaborations with Brands

The Caddy Girls’ captivating presence has attracted the attention of brands across various industries, seeking to leverage their unique appeal to promote their products and services. By collaborating with The Caddy Girls, these brands create memorable experiences for their customers, associating their brand image with style, expertise, and a touch of glamour. The Caddy Girls serve as brand ambassadors and influencers, representing these partner brands at events, trade shows, and promotional campaigns.

“We are proud to collaborate with brands that share our passion for excellence and provide exceptional products and services,” adds Meghan Tarmey.

The Caddy Girls’ notable partnerships and collaborations are a testament to their success story and the recognition they have garnered within the golfing community and beyond.

Partnerships and Collaborations Description
Golf Tournaments Partnering with prestigious golf tournaments to provide caddy services and enhance the overall golfing experience.
Brands Collaborating with brands across industries for promotional campaigns, trade shows, and brand ambassadorship.

Caddy Girls success story

Future Plans and Growth Opportunities

Despite not securing a deal on the Caddy Girls Shark Tank episode, the entrepreneurial spirit of The Caddy Girls remains unwavering as they continue to pursue their goal of expanding their business worldwide.

The Caddy Girls aim to further establish their presence in golf markets across the United States, capitalizing on their success and reputation. With their unique caddy service and a growing customer base, they aim to solidify their position as a leader in the industry.

Additionally, The Caddy Girls see promising growth opportunities in the international market. By exploring expansion opportunities beyond the United States, they can tap into new golfing communities and broaden their global presence.

The company’s remarkable success thus far, coupled with their ongoing growth, provides a solid foundation for future endeavors. The Caddy Girls are committed to evolving their business model, adapting to market trends, and consistently delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Caddy Girls’ Strategic Initiatives:

  1. Expand presence in key golf markets across the United States
  2. Explore international expansion opportunities in golfing communities
  3. Invest in marketing efforts to increase brand awareness
  4. Continue to provide exceptional customer service and enhance customer experiences
  5. Strategically partner with golf tournaments and events to maximize exposure and attract new customers
  6. Explore potential collaborations with influential individuals and brands within the golf industry
  7. Continuously innovate and evolve services to meet the changing needs of customers

The Caddy Girls’ future plans and growth opportunities reflect their drive to establish a dominant presence in the golfing industry, both domestically and internationally. With their proven track record and commitment to excellence, The Caddy Girls are poised for continued success.

Caddy Girls Shark Tank episode

Conclusion – The Caddy Girls’ Journey on Shark Tank

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, The Caddy Girls have experienced tremendous growth and success since their appearance on the show. Being featured on the popular entrepreneurial platform provided them with invaluable exposure and served as a catalyst for their expansion into new markets.

The Caddy Girls’ resilience and determination have propelled them to achieve significant revenue and establish themselves as a notable player in the golfing industry. Their unique business model, which combines attractive and knowledgeable caddies, has resonated with customers and garnered widespread attention.

By focusing on providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for their clients, The Caddy Girls have successfully differentiated themselves in a competitive market. Their commitment to professionalism, combined with their philanthropic efforts, has solidified their reputation as a trusted and socially responsible brand.

As they continue to pursue their goals of domestic and international expansion, The Caddy Girls’ journey is a shining example of the power of entrepreneurship and the ability to thrive even without a deal on Shark Tank.


Q: Did The Caddy Girls secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: No, The Caddy Girls did not secure a deal on Shark Tank.

Q: How much did Meghan Tarmey ask for during her pitch on Shark Tank?

A: Meghan Tarmey asked for a 0,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake in The Caddy Girls.

Q: What was the valuation of The Caddy Girls on Shark Tank?

A: The Caddy Girls had a valuation of half a million dollars during their appearance on Shark Tank.

Q: Which sharks expressed interest in The Caddy Girls but ultimately did not invest?

A: Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, and Daymond John expressed interest in The Caddy Girls but chose not to invest.

Q: What was Kevin O’Leary’s offer for The Caddy Girls?

A: Kevin O’Leary offered 0,000 for 50% of the business, but Meghan Tarmey declined.

Q: How has The Caddy Girls’ business grown since their appearance on Shark Tank?

A: The Caddy Girls have experienced a surge in business, with sales increasing by 400% since their appearance on Shark Tank.

Q: What additional services does The Caddy Girls offer?

A: In addition to golf caddy services, The Caddy Girls also provide trade show booth models, brand ambassadors, and influencer marketing.

Q: How have The Caddy Girls made a positive impact on the golfing industry?

A: The Caddy Girls have introduced a unique and fun element to the sport, showcasing their company as a reputable golf caddy service.

Q: What charitable organizations have The Caddy Girls partnered with?

A: The Caddy Girls have partnered with the FAM Foundation and Project Genesis to support women empowerment and children in need.

Q: Where does The Caddy Girls operate?

A: The Caddy Girls operate in multiple states across the United States, including Arizona, California, Florida, and New York, among others.

Q: What are The Caddy Girls’ future plans?

A: The Caddy Girls aim to expand their business worldwide and explore international expansion opportunities.

Q: Did The Caddy Girls achieve annual revenue of million?

A: Yes, as of November 2022, The Caddy Girls have achieved an annual revenue of million.

Q: Has The Caddy Girls collaborated with other organizations and brands?

A: Yes, The Caddy Girls have collaborated with various organizations and brands to expand their reach and provide unique experiences for clients.

Q: What is the impact of The Caddy Girls’ journey on Shark Tank?

A: The Caddy Girls’ journey on Shark Tank has inspired other entrepreneurs in the golf industry to explore innovative business models.

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