Bunny Eyez Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

Sisters Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz, along with their partner Andrea Gluck, caught the attention of the Shark Tank investors with their innovative glasses company, Bunny Eyez. The trio pitched their unique tiltable and flippable reading glasses, which aim to revolutionize the eyewear market. Their appearance on Shark Tank Season 15 resulted in a successful deal and has catapulted Bunny Eyez to new heights of success.

The concept behind Bunny Eyez glasses is simple yet groundbreaking. These glasses provide a new level of flexibility and comfort with their tilting and flipping capabilities. Not only are they functional, but they also combine style and practicality, making them a standout in the eyewear industry.

The founders of Bunny Eyez, Jenny Hutt, Stacy Fritz, and Andrea Gluck, shared their compelling vision for the company during their pitch on Shark Tank. They outlined their plans for expansion and presented the potential for Bunny Eyez glasses to become a must-have accessory for those in need of reading glasses.

After an impressive presentation, the founders secured a deal with the renowned investor, Daymond John. The agreement included a $200,000 investment and a 20% equity stake in Bunny Eyez. In addition, Daymond John also negotiated a $2 per unit royalty. This strategic partnership has not only provided the necessary funds for growth but also invaluable expertise and connections in the industry.

Bunny Eyez Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Bunny Eyez pitched their tiltable and flippable reading glasses on Shark Tank Season 15.
  • They secured a deal with Daymond John for a $200,000 investment and 20% equity in their company.
  • Bunny Eyez glasses offer a unique combination of functionality and style.
  • The glasses have received positive feedback from customers and garnered endorsements from celebrities such as Soda Kotb and Kaley Cuoco.
  • Bunny Eyez plans to expand its distribution to big-box stores and other retailers, leveraging the support of Daymond John.

Bunny Eyez Pitch on Shark Tank

During Season 15 of Shark Tank, Jenny Hutt, Stacy Fritz, and Andrea Gluck showcased their innovative glasses company, Bunny Eyez. These unique reading glasses offer a new level of flexibility and comfort with their tiltable and flippable design. Combining functionality and style, Bunny Eyez glasses aim to revolutionize the eyewear market.

The founders of Bunny Eyez took the stage on Shark Tank to share their vision for the company and their plans for expansion. They impressed the Sharks with their innovative product and compelling pitch. With their passion and dedication, they showcased the potential of Bunny Eyez glasses to become a game-changer in the industry.

Key Points:
Tiltable and flippable reading glasses
Functionality and style combined
Impressive pitch on Shark Tank
Potential for industry disruption

With their unique product and captivating presentation, Bunny Eyez caught the attention of the Sharks. Their appearance on Shark Tank provided them with a platform to reach a wider audience and gain valuable exposure. The founders’ pitch highlighted the benefits and features of Bunny Eyez glasses, emphasizing their commitment to providing both functionality and style to consumers.

Bunny Eyez glasses have since become a coveted eyewear brand, attracting customers who value both comfort and fashion. Their remarkable pitch on Shark Tank laid the foundation for the success that Bunny Eyez has achieved in the eyewear market.

With their stylish designs and innovative features, Bunny Eyez glasses have garnered praise from customers and experts alike. The positive feedback and endorsements from satisfied users have contributed to the brand’s growing reputation and popularity.

“Bunny Eyez glasses provide a perfect balance of functionality and fashion. I love how they can be tilted and flipped to suit my preference. These glasses have truly changed the way I read.” – Satisfied Customer

The founders’ appearance on Shark Tank not only secured a deal but also opened doors for further expansion and growth. With the support and investment from Daymond John, Bunny Eyez is well-positioned to realize their vision and continue to make waves in the eyewear industry.

Bunny Eyez Deal on Shark Tank

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Bunny Eyez caught the attention of investor Daymond John, who saw the potential in their innovative glasses. After a successful pitch, Daymond John made a deal with Bunny Eyez, offering $200,000 for a 20% equity stake in the company. This partnership not only infused much-needed capital into Bunny Eyez but also provided them with the expertise and guidance of a seasoned entrepreneur.

“I see a massive opportunity in the eyewear industry, and Bunny Eyez has the potential to disrupt the market with their unique glasses,” said Daymond John. “I’m confident that with my investment and support, Bunny Eyez will achieve great success.”

In addition to the equity stake, the deal also included a $2 per unit royalty. This ensured that Daymond John would continue to benefit from the company’s success, even after recouping his initial investment. However, the royalty structure has a built-in mechanism that reduces Daymond John’s equity to 15% once the investment is repaid, and the royalty will no longer apply.

“We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with Daymond John,” said Jenny Hutt, co-founder of Bunny Eyez. “His expertise and network will play a significant role in our continued growth and success.”

This deal on Shark Tank gave Bunny Eyez the necessary funds and support to accelerate their business and expand their reach. It provided them with credibility and validation, which opened doors to new opportunities in the eyewear industry.

Investor Investment Amount Equity Stake Royalty
Daymond John $200,000 20% $2 per unit

Investor: Daymond John

Investment Amount: $200,000

Equity Stake: 20%

Royalty: $2 per unit

With Daymond John’s support and the investment from Shark Tank, Bunny Eyez is well-positioned to capitalize on their innovative glasses and carve a successful path in the competitive eyewear market.

Bunny Eyez glasses

Bunny Eyez Success Story

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Bunny Eyez has achieved remarkable success in the market. The exposure from the show catapulted the company’s visibility, resulting in increased sales and a rapidly growing customer base. Bunny Eyez has received rave reviews and endorsements from notable celebrities, including Soda Kotb and Kaley Cuoco, further solidifying its reputation as a top eyewear brand.

The company’s success extends beyond the tangible impact on their bottom line. Bunny Eyez has cultivated a strong following on social media platforms, where they engage with their loyal customers and attract new ones through compelling content and promotions. With their continued commitment to exceptional quality and design, Bunny Eyez continues to expand its line of eyewear offerings, showcasing their relentless pursuit of innovation and unique styles.

“Bunny Eyez revolutionizes the eyewear industry with its ingenious designs and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Their success story is a testament to their passion and dedication.” – Soda Kotb

The positive reception Bunny Eyez has received since their appearance on Shark Tank is a testament to the brand’s exceptional products and the founders’ entrepreneurial prowess. As they continue their journey, Bunny Eyez is set to make an even greater impact in the world of eyewear.

Bunny Eyez Success Story

Customer Testimonials

  • “I can’t imagine my life without my Bunny Eyez glasses. They have truly changed the way I read and enjoy books. Thank you for making such an amazing product!” – Rachel S.
  • “I was skeptical at first, but Bunny Eyez glasses are a game-changer. They are comfortable, stylish, and practical. I wear them all the time!” – Mark L.
  • “Bunny Eyez glasses are the best investment I’ve made for my reading routine. The tilt and flip features make them incredibly convenient, and the design is sleek and modern.” – Sarah H.

With an ever-growing number of satisfied customers, Bunny Eyez has garnered an impressive reputation for excellence in the eyewear industry. Their success story continues to inspire and captivate both customers and competitors alike.

Bunny Eyez Glasses Features

Bunny Eyez glasses are known for their unique features. The glasses can be flipped and tilted to provide different levels of comfort and functionality. They use patented black diamond hinges, which allow users to adjust the glasses according to their needs. The glasses are not only functional but also stylish, making them a popular choice among customers.

Bunny Eyez Glasses Features

Key Features of Bunny Eyez Glasses:

  • Flippable design for convenient storage and portability
  • Tiltable frames to adjust the angle of the lenses for optimal viewing
  • Patented black diamond hinges for durable and flexible use
  • Available in various styles and colors to suit different preferences
  • Crafted with high-quality materials for long-lasting comfort

Whether you need reading glasses for everyday tasks or want a stylish accessory that offers versatility, Bunny Eyez glasses have got you covered. With their innovative design and unique features, these glasses provide both functionality and fashion.

“Bunny Eyez glasses have truly changed the game. The ability to flip and tilt the frames makes them incredibly convenient and comfortable to use. Plus, they look great!” – Amanda, satisfied Bunny Eyez customer

Experience the comfort and style of Bunny Eyez glasses for yourself. Choose from a range of options and find the perfect pair to suit your needs.

Glasses Features Benefits
Flippable design – Convenient storage and portability
– Easy to carry on the go
Tiltable frames – Adjustable angle for comfortable viewing
– Reduced strain on the eyes and neck
Patented black diamond hinges – Durable and long-lasting
– Flexible use without compromising quality
Various styles and colors – Personalized fashion statement
– Options to match different outfits and occasions
High-quality materials – Enhanced comfort and durability
– Lightweight design for extended wear

Bunny Eyez Sales and Growth

Bunny Eyez has experienced significant sales growth and success since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company has generated over $5 million in lifetime sales, with approximately 200,000 units sold since its establishment in 2018.

While sales have experienced fluctuations in recent years, Bunny Eyez remains determined to overcome challenges and maintain its position as a leading eyewear brand in the market.

Bunny Eyez success story

The success of Bunny Eyez can be attributed to their innovative product offerings, customer satisfaction, and strategic marketing efforts.

The company has continuously invested in product development to meet the evolving needs and preferences of their customers. By offering tiltable and flippable reading glasses that provide both functionality and style, Bunny Eyez has captured the attention of a wide customer base.

Bunny Eyez’s commitment to customer satisfaction has also played a crucial role in their success. They have received positive reviews and feedback from customers, who appreciate the unique features and quality of Bunny Eyez glasses.

Furthermore, Bunny Eyez has implemented effective marketing and branding strategies. Their presence on social media platforms, such as Instagram, has allowed them to reach a broader audience and showcase their products to potential customers.

Overall, Bunny Eyez’s sales growth and success story exemplify their dedication to providing innovative eyewear solutions and meeting the demands of the market.

Bunny Eyez Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customers have expressed their utmost satisfaction with Bunny Eyez glasses, showcasing their enthusiasm through an abundance of positive reviews and feedback. The reputation of Bunny Eyez glasses has soared, gaining high ratings both on the company’s website and on Amazon.

What sets Bunny Eyez glasses apart is not only their exceptional functionality but also their stylish designs. Customers are enamored with the wide variety of options available to them, allowing them to find the perfect pair that suits their individual style and needs.

Bunny Eyez glasses have garnered attention from not only everyday customers but also from celebrities and media personalities. Their endorsement of Bunny Eyez glasses further solidifies the brand’s success and underscores its quality and appeal.

Bunny Eyez glasses

Celebrity Endorsements

“I love my Bunny Eyez glasses! They’re not only functional but also incredibly stylish. They are a game-changer!” – Soda Kotb, TV Personality

“I discovered Bunny Eyez glasses and fell in love! They’re innovative and fashionable, making them the perfect accessory.” – Kaley Cuoco, Actress

Customer Reviews

  • “The Bunny Eyez glasses are a lifesaver! I no longer have to strain my neck or adjust my reading glasses constantly. These glasses are a game-changer!” – John D.
  • “I bought Bunny Eyez glasses for my husband, and he absolutely loves them. He says they are incredibly comfortable and convenient. Highly recommend!” – Lisa S.
  • “I can’t believe I only discovered Bunny Eyez glasses now. They have made reading so much more enjoyable and hassle-free. Plus, they look great!” – Sarah M.

Where to Buy Bunny Eyez Glasses

If you’re interested in purchasing Bunny Eyez glasses, you have two convenient options: the official Bunny Eyez website and Amazon. Both platforms offer a wide selection of Bunny Eyez glasses to suit your individual style and needs.

On the official Bunny Eyez website (BunnyEyez.com), you can explore their full range of glasses and place your order directly. The website provides detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and helpful information to assist you in making an informed decision.

Alternatively, Bunny Eyez glasses are also available on Amazon. Shopping on Amazon offers the convenience of fast shipping and easy returns, making it a popular choice for many customers.

The price of Bunny Eyez glasses varies depending on the model and style you choose. Generally, prices range from $35 to $100. It’s important to note that different lens types and frame shapes are available, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your preferences and visual needs.

Whether you decide to purchase from the Bunny Eyez website or Amazon, rest assured that Bunny Eyez glasses are in high demand and have gained popularity among customers. The availability of Bunny Eyez glasses on Amazon further reflects their quality and appeal.

Bunny Eyez glasses

Bunny Eyez Social Media Presence

Bunny Eyez understands the power of social media in today’s digital age. The company has successfully leveraged popular platforms to connect with their target audience, increase brand awareness, and foster engagement. With a strong presence on Instagram, Bunny Eyez has amassed a significant following. Through regular posts of captivating pictures and videos featuring their trendy glasses, they captivate their followers’ attention.

The company’s social media strategy has been instrumental in attracting new customers and reaching a wider audience. By showcasing their glasses and highlighting their unique features, Bunny Eyez has effectively communicated their brand values and differentiated themselves from competitors.

Bunny Eyez success story

One key aspect of Bunny Eyez’s social media success is their ability to collaborate with celebrities and influencers. Through strategic partnerships, they have gained endorsements from well-known personalities, further enhancing their reputation and popularity. These high-profile endorsements have not only increased brand visibility but also generated interest and credibility among the target audience.

Overall, Bunny Eyez’s social media presence has played a crucial role in their success story. By leveraging the power of visuals and engaging content, they have effectively connected with their audience, expanded their reach, and solidified their position in the eyewear industry.

Bunny Eyez Future Plans

Bunny Eyez has an exciting vision for the future. Building on their success story, they are determined to expand their distribution channels and reach a wider customer base. In order to achieve this, the company plans to enter big-box stores and collaborate with other retailers to increase their market presence.

With the support and investment from Daymond John, Bunny Eyez is in a strong position for growth and continued success in the eyewear industry. Their innovative glasses and unique features have already garnered positive reviews and customer feedback, making them a sought-after brand.

As they look ahead, Bunny Eyez aims to solidify their reputation and broaden their impact in the market. By diversifying their retail partnerships and expanding their distribution networks, they can bring their stylish and functional glasses to more people, enhancing their success story and ensuring a bright future.


Q: What is Bunny Eyez?

A: Bunny Eyez is a glasses company that offers tiltable and flippable reading glasses designed for comfort and functionality.

Q: Did Bunny Eyez appear on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Bunny Eyez appeared on Season 15 of Shark Tank.

Q: What was the deal Bunny Eyez made on Shark Tank?

A: Bunny Eyez made a deal with Daymond John for 0,000 and 20% equity in their company, as well as a per unit royalty.

Q: Is Bunny Eyez still in business?

A: Yes, Bunny Eyez is still in business and has seen success since appearing on Shark Tank.

Q: What are the features of Bunny Eyez glasses?

A: Bunny Eyez glasses are known for their tiltable and flippable design, as well as their stylish appearance and patented black diamond hinges.

Q: How has Bunny Eyez performed in terms of sales and growth?

A: Bunny Eyez has generated over million in lifetime sales, with around 200,000 units sold since its establishment in 2018.

Q: What do customers say about Bunny Eyez glasses?

A: Customers have expressed their satisfaction with Bunny Eyez glasses through positive reviews and feedback, praising their functionality, style, and options.

Q: Where can I buy Bunny Eyez glasses?

A: Bunny Eyez glasses can be purchased on their official website, BunnyEyez.com, as well as on Amazon.

Q: What is Bunny Eyez’s social media presence like?

A: Bunny Eyez has a significant following on Instagram and regularly posts pictures and videos featuring their glasses, contributing to increased brand awareness.

Q: What are Bunny Eyez’s future plans?

A: Bunny Eyez aims to expand its distribution and reach a broader customer base by entering big-box stores and other retailers.

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