Bumbling Bee Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Cassandra and India Ayala, the founders of The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food and Burger Bar, showcased their innovative plant-based menu on a recent episode of Shark Tank. The mother-daughter duo started their culinary journey with a food truck in Virginia Beach, serving outrageously delicious vegan burgers, chili dogs, and over-the-top milkshakes. Over the years, they expanded to brick and mortar stores in Virginia Beach and Boulder, becoming a favorite among local foodies.

The Bumbling Bee’s appearance on Shark Tank allowed them to pitch their unique vegan offerings to a panel of potential investors, including well-known entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner. This episode not only brought attention to the Bumbling Bee product but also provided an opportunity for the founders to secure a deal and take their business to new heights.

Stay tuned for an in-depth recap of The Bumbling Bee’s Shark Tank pitch, updates on any deals made, and reviews from the panel of investors. Discover the excitement surrounding this vegan food business and how it has captured the attention of both food enthusiasts and experienced investors alike.

Bumbling Bee Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food and Burger Bar, founded by Cassandra and India Ayala, gained popularity through their food truck in Virginia Beach.
  • Their indulgent vegan options, including overstuffed burgers, unique sandwiches, and decadent milkshakes, have earned them a loyal following.
  • Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Bumbling Bee successfully expanded to brick and mortar stores in both Virginia Beach and Boulder.
  • The founders, Cassandra Ayala and India Ayala, have demonstrated their passion for providing delicious vegan comfort food.
  • Speculations are circulating about which Shark Tank investors, such as Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner, might be interested in supporting The Bumbling Bee’s growth.

The Bumbling Bee’s Vegan Menu

The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food & Burger Bar is known for its delectable vegan offerings that satisfy both your cravings and your conscience. With a creative and playful approach to vegan comfort food, their menu is bursting with flavorful options that will leave you wanting more.

At The Bumbling Bee, you can indulge in a variety of mouthwatering vegan burgers, each one crafted to perfection with plant-based ingredients and loaded with delicious toppings. From classic burgers with all the fixings to unique creations that push the boundaries of flavor, there’s something for every burger lover.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Bumbling Bee also serves up heavenly vegan chili dogs, packed with savory plant-based goodness that rivals any meat-based counterpart. Topped with zesty chili, onions, and vegan cheese, these chili dogs are a crowd favorite.

And let’s not forget their inventive sandwiches, like the “Mother Clucker.” This signature creation features a crispy faux fried chicken patty made with soy, wheat, and pea-based proteins. It’s a tantalizing combination of textures and flavors that will make you question whether it’s really vegan.

To complement their mouthwatering menu, The Bumbling Bee offers a range of vegan milkshakes that are absolutely divine. From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to unique creations like salted caramel pretzel, these milkshakes are the perfect indulgence to satisfy your sweet tooth.

With their commitment to serving delicious vegan food without compromising on taste, The Bumbling Bee has garnered a loyal following of both vegans and non-vegans alike. They prove that vegan junk food can be just as flavorful and satisfying as its non-vegan counterparts.

Take a look at some of the delicious offerings from The Bumbling Bee’s Vegan Menu:

Burger Description
Classic Burger A timeless favorite with a juicy plant-based patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, and special vegan sauce.
BBQ Beyond Burger A smoky and satisfying burger featuring a Beyond Meat patty topped with tangy barbecue sauce and crispy onion rings.
Spicy Sriracha Burger For those who like a kick, this burger boasts a spicy sriracha mayo, jalapenos, and melted vegan cheese.

Whether you’re a vegan, a vegan-curious individual, or simply looking to explore the world of plant-based cuisine, The Bumbling Bee’s Vegan Junk Food & Burger Bar is a must-visit destination. Their menu proves that vegan food can be both indulgent and guilt-free, all while supporting a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and experience the deliciousness of vegan comfort food at The Bumbling Bee.

The Journey of The Bumbling Bee

The Bumbling Bee began its culinary adventure as a humble food truck in the vibrant city of Virginia Beach. Founded by Cassandra and India Ayala, this vegan food business quickly gained recognition for its outrageously delicious vegan burgers, mouthwatering chili dogs, and over-the-top milkshakes. The Bumbling Bee’s dedication to providing indulgent vegan comfort food soon attracted a loyal following, propelling them to expand their operations beyond the confines of their food truck.

Driven by their passion for vegan cuisine, Cassandra and India Ayala embarked on a new chapter in their journey by opening brick and mortar stores in Virginia Beach and Boulder. This expansion not only solidified their presence in the local vegan food scene but also allowed them to reach a wider audience and satisfy the growing demand for their delectable offerings.

However, like many businesses, The Bumbling Bee faced the unexpected challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the setbacks, the resilient team quickly adapted to the new circumstances and devised innovative ways to continue serving their loyal customers. Through the implementation of efficient takeout and delivery services, The Bumbling Bee ensured that their mouthwatering vegan creations remained accessible to all, even in the face of adversity.

Thanks to their unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, The Bumbling Bee experienced remarkable business growth, defying the odds and thriving amidst a challenging landscape. Their ability to navigate the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic further solidified their position as a leading player in the vegan food industry.

Today, The Bumbling Bee stands as a shining example of a successful vegan food business that has captivated the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts across Virginia Beach and beyond. Through their relentless pursuit of culinary perfection and commitment to creating indulgent vegan delights, The Bumbling Bee continues to pave the way for the future of vegan cuisine.

The Journey of The Bumbling Bee

Stay tuned for the next section where we dive deeper into the remarkable journey of The Bumbling Bee founders, Cassandra and India Ayala, and their foray into the thriving world of vegan comfort food.

The Founders of The Bumbling Bee

The Bumbling Bee, a beloved vegan food business, was founded by Cassandra Ayala and her daughter India Ayala. Cassandra, who has a background in real estate, embarked on this venture inspired by her vegan daughters. Together, Cassandra and India, along with Cassandra’s other children, Olivia and Lexie, have built a successful business focused on providing indulgent vegan comfort food.

Passion for Vegan Cuisine

Driven by their passion for veganism and their desire to create delicious plant-based alternatives, Cassandra and India Ayala established The Bumbling Bee. Their dedication to offering vegan junk food and burgers has resonated with a growing audience of food enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.

“We wanted to show people that vegan food can be indulgent, satisfying, and no different from traditional comfort food. Our mission is to make veganism accessible and enjoyable for everyone.”

Real Estate Background and Culinary Journey

Prior to delving into the food industry, Cassandra Ayala had a successful career in real estate. However, with a desire to make a positive impact and cater to the increasing demand for vegan options, she decided to combine her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for vegan food.

Joining forces with her daughter India, who shares her passion for veganism and culinary innovation, they embarked on a journey to bring their vision to life.

Building a Vegan Empire

Together, Cassandra and India Ayala have transformed The Bumbling Bee from a single food truck into a thriving vegan food empire. Their dedication, creativity, and commitment to quality have allowed them to expand their business, opening brick and mortar stores in Virginia Beach and Boulder.

With Cassandra’s expertise in real estate and India’s culinary passion, they have successfully positioned The Bumbling Bee as a leader in the vegan food industry.

The Founders of The Bumbling Bee

Through their entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to their vision, Cassandra and India Ayala continue to shape the landscape of vegan cuisine, leaving a lasting impact on the gastronomic world.

The Shark Tank Episode and Potential Investors

The Bumbling Bee had a remarkable opportunity to showcase their vegan food business on an episode of Shark Tank. This popular show features entrepreneurs from various industries pitching their businesses to a panel of investors, also known as the “sharks.”

One of the sharks who may have shown interest in The Bumbling Bee is Barbara Corcoran. Known for her investments in food trucks and her enthusiasm for the vegan food industry, Barbara could be a potential investor for The Bumbling Bee. However, it is still uncertain whether she ultimately decided to invest in the business.

Another potential investor who might be interested in The Bumbling Bee is Mark Cuban. With his experience in the fast-casual dining industry, Mark’s expertise could be valuable in helping The Bumbling Bee expand and succeed.

Lori Greiner, who is vegan herself, could also be a potential investor for The Bumbling Bee. Her understanding of the vegan market and her passion for supporting innovative businesses may have caught her attention.

The outcome of The Bumbling Bee’s appearance on Shark Tank and any potential investment deals are yet to be revealed. We eagerly await the episode’s airing to find out if any of these vegan-friendly investors decide to back this unique and promising vegan food business.

potential investment

Customer Reviews and Recognition

The Bumbling Bee has garnered rave reviews from its customers, who have been delighted by the delectable food and exceptional service provided by the restaurant. The positive customer feedback is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

“The burgers at The Bumbling Bee are absolutely amazing! They are packed with flavor and have the perfect texture. I can’t get enough of them!” – Jane Smith, satisfied customer

Customers have not only praised the mouthwatering burgers but also the indulgent milkshakes and other vegan offerings on the menu. The Bumbling Bee’s dedication to providing delicious vegan comfort food has earned them a loyal customer base, with many expressing their love for the restaurant and its delectable creations.

In recognition of their exceptional culinary offerings, The Bumbling Bee was awarded the Best New Restaurant (Silver) in the prestigious Best of Boulder County awards in 2020. Additionally, the restaurant received write-in nominations for the Best Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant and Best Veggie Burger categories, highlighting their commitment to catering to the vegetarian and vegan community.

Award Year
Best New Restaurant (Silver) 2020
Best Vegetarian-friendly Restaurant (Write-in nomination) 2020
Best Veggie Burger (Write-in nomination) 2020

The accolades and recognition The Bumbling Bee has received are a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional vegan food and a welcoming dining experience to their customers. With a growing reputation and a range of positive customer reviews, The Bumbling Bee continues to solidify its position as one of the best vegan restaurants in the area.

Bumbling Bee customer reviews

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like many businesses, The Bumbling Bee faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions and safety measures imposed to curb the spread of the virus resulted in temporary closures and limited operations.

To adapt to the changing circumstances, The Bumbling Bee swiftly implemented new strategies to meet customer needs while ensuring the health and safety of their staff and patrons. One such adaptation was the introduction of takeout and delivery services, allowing customers to enjoy their delicious vegan comfort food from the safety of their own homes.

Furthermore, The Bumbling Bee didn’t stop at simply surviving the pandemic but went the extra mile to support the local community. They took the initiative to pre-pay meals for delivery to those in need, providing nourishment for individuals facing food insecurity during these challenging times.

Despite the setbacks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Bumbling Bee exhibited resilience and determination, navigating these difficult circumstances with grace and innovation. By embracing takeout and delivery options and actively contributing to the community, they not only overcame the challenges but also continued to serve their loyal customers.

COVID-19 pandemic impact on businesses

Speculations on Investor Interest

As The Bumbling Bee awaits the airing of their Shark Tank episode, speculations arise regarding which investor from the show might be interested in investing in their vegan food business. Among the potential investors, Mark Cuban stands out with his extensive investments in the food industry. As a renowned entrepreneur and owner of various restaurants, Mark Cuban’s expertise and experience could make him an ideal partner for The Bumbling Bee. Additionally, Lori Greiner, who is known for her support of innovative products and is vegan herself, may show interest in supporting a vegan food business like The Bumbling Bee.

The episode’s outcome remains unknown, and it is eagerly anticipated whether any of the Sharks, including Mark Cuban or Lori Greiner, decide to invest in The Bumbling Bee. As viewers, we will soon discover if these speculations become a reality and if The Bumbling Bee secures a potential investment from one of the Shark Tank investors.

Previous Episodes and Guest Sharks

Shark Tank Season 12 brings together a diverse array of entrepreneurs seeking investment opportunities from the Sharks. Throughout the season, guest Sharks Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, and Kendra Scott, founder and CEO of Kendra Scott LLC, join the panel to offer their expertise and insights. Each episode showcases a range of innovative products, presenting viewers with exciting business pitches and compelling investment opportunities. Let’s dive into a few episode summaries and featured products from Shark Tank Season 12.

Episode 1: Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food & Burger Bar

One of the notable entrepreneurs in the premiere episode is Cassandra and India Ayala, founders of The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food and Burger Bar. They present their mouthwatering vegan burgers, chili dogs, and indulgent milkshakes. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Bumbling Bee has experienced significant growth and is poised to take the vegan food industry by storm. Stay tuned to see if they secure a deal with the Sharks!

Episode 5: Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

This episode highlights a variety of innovative kitchen gadgets that aim to revolutionize cooking and meal preparation. Entrepreneurs present products such as the Smart Can Lids, a high-tech solution for preserving canned goods, and the Steamy Slicer, a cutting-edge device that simplifies vegetable slicing. The Sharks closely evaluate these products for their market potential and the entrepreneurs’ ability to scale their businesses.

Episode 10: Sustainable Fashion Brands

In this episode, entrepreneurs showcase sustainable fashion brands that prioritize ethical production and environmental consciousness. With increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly clothing options, the Sharks are eager to explore potential investments in companies like Earthly Fashion and Green Threads. These entrepreneurs embrace sustainability as a core value while delivering stylish and accessible fashion choices.

Episode Product Entrepreneur Shark
1 The Bumbling Bee Vegan Junk Food & Burger Bar Cassandra and India Ayala Barbara Corcoran
5 Innovative Kitchen Gadgets Various entrepreneurs Mark Cuban
10 Sustainable Fashion Brands Entrepreneurs from Earthly Fashion, Green Threads Lori Greiner

The 12th season of Shark Tank was filmed under the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, incorporating safety measures to ensure the well-being of all participants. Throughout the season, aspiring entrepreneurs bring their innovative ideas and products to the Sharks, hoping to secure partnerships and investments that will propel their businesses to new heights.

Shark Tank Season 12

How to Watch Shark Tank and Catch Up on Episodes

Shark Tank Season 12 is an exciting journey filled with innovative business pitches and potential investment deals. If you don’t want to miss any of the action, there are multiple viewing options available to cater to your preferences.

First and foremost, you can watch Shark Tank episodes on ABC, where they are originally broadcasted. However, if you happen to miss an episode, don’t worry! You can always catch up on the next day through on-demand services.

One popular on-demand service is Hulu, which allows you to stream Shark Tank Season 12 episodes at your convenience. Simply search for the show, and you’ll have access to the latest business pitches and the thrilling negotiations between the entrepreneurs and the Shark investors.

In addition to Hulu, previous seasons and episodes of Shark Tank are also available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes. This means that you can dive into the fascinating world of entrepreneurial ventures anytime, anywhere.

So, whether you prefer to watch Shark Tank on ABC or catch up on-demand via Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or iTunes, you have plenty of viewing options to stay updated on the latest season’s episodes and witness the groundbreaking deals made on the show.


Q: What is The Bumbling Bee Shark Tank pitch?

A: The details of The Bumbling Bee’s Shark Tank pitch have not been revealed yet. The outcome of the episode and any potential deals are still unknown.

Q: What products does The Bumbling Bee offer?

A: The Bumbling Bee offers a variety of vegan options, including overstuffed burgers, delicious milkshakes, and unique sandwiches like the “Mother Clucker.”

Q: How did The Bumbling Bee start?

A: The Bumbling Bee started as a food truck in Virginia Beach and later expanded to open brick and mortar stores in both Virginia Beach and Boulder.

Q: Who are the founders of The Bumbling Bee?

A: The founders of The Bumbling Bee are Cassandra Ayala and her daughter India Ayala.

Q: Which investors from Shark Tank might be interested in The Bumbling Bee?

A: While it is uncertain which sharks are interested in investing in The Bumbling Bee, potential investors could include Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner.

Q: What kind of recognition has The Bumbling Bee received?

A: The Bumbling Bee was recognized as the Best New Restaurant (Silver) in the Best of Boulder County awards in 2020.

Q: How did The Bumbling Bee deal with the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: The Bumbling Bee temporarily halted operations but was able to adapt by offering takeout and delivery services. They also implemented initiatives to support the community.

Q: Will any of the Shark Tank investors invest in The Bumbling Bee?

A: The outcome of The Bumbling Bee’s pitch on Shark Tank and any potential investments will be revealed when the episode airs.

Q: Who are the guest Sharks on Shark Tank Season 12?

A: The guest Sharks on Shark Tank Season 12 include Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, and Kendra Scott, founder and CEO of Kendra Scott LLC.

Q: How can I watch Shark Tank and catch up on episodes?

A: Shark Tank episodes can be watched on ABC and are also available for on-demand viewing. Missed episodes can be caught up on on-demand services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes.

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