Brush Hero Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

Brush Hero, a water-powered cleaning brush, made its appearance on Shark Tank in episode 917, showcasing its innovative product and impressive features. The founders, Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer, introduced their invention that attaches to a garden hose and utilizes water pressure to rotate the brush head, providing a more efficient and water-saving cleaning solution for various surfaces.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Brush Hero’s Shark Tank pitch, the investment deals made during the episode, the product’s success, and its impact on the market. We will also explore customer reviews and feedback, the brand’s future plans, and more. Stay tuned to discover the fascinating journey of Brush Hero following its Shark Tank appearance.

Brush Hero Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Brush Hero appeared on Shark Tank in episode 917, showcasing its water-powered cleaning brush.
  • The founders, Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer, demonstrated their innovative product that attaches to a garden hose and uses water pressure to rotate the brush head.
  • The Sharks showed interest in Brush Hero, leading to a negotiation process.
  • Despite not securing a deal, Brush Hero experienced significant post-Shark Tank success and sales growth.
  • Customer reviews praised Brush Hero’s effectiveness and eco-friendly features.
  • Brush Hero continues to expand its market presence and innovate in the cleaning product industry.

The Brush Hero Product and Success

Brush Hero, developed by car enthusiasts Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer, offers an innovative solution for cleaning and detailing vehicles while conserving water. This eco-friendly product uses 50% less water than a traditional hose, making it a sustainable choice for car owners.

The success of Brush Hero can be attributed to its efficiency and effectiveness in removing dirt and grime from various surfaces. Equipped with interchangeable scrubbing brush heads, the product caters to different cleaning needs, ensuring a thorough and reliable cleaning experience.

Launched in 2015, Brush Hero quickly gained popularity among car enthusiasts and green-conscious individuals. Its unique features and commitment to water conservation set it apart from other cleaning tools on the market. Moreover, the founders partnered with Columbus Professional Services, an organization that supports individuals with disabilities, for the assembly, packaging, and shipping of their products.

Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

One of the key selling points of the Brush Hero product is its ability to deliver exceptional cleaning results with minimal water usage. By utilizing water pressure and a rotating brush head, the product optimizes cleaning power while reducing water waste. This eco-friendly approach resonates with consumers who prioritize sustainability and eco-conscious choices.

Positive Customer Feedback

Brush Hero’s success is further evidenced by the positive feedback received from customers. Users have praised its effectiveness in removing tough stains and the ease of use when cleaning various surfaces. In addition, the durability and versatility of the interchangeable brush heads have been well-received, allowing for versatile cleaning options.

Market Reach and Expansion

While initially gaining traction among car enthusiasts, Brush Hero has expanded its market reach beyond this niche. The product’s effectiveness and eco-friendly features have attracted a broader customer base, including homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the founders’ vision of making Brush Hero available in hardware and big-box stores emphasizes their commitment to reaching a wider audience.

Key Factors Contributing to Brush Hero’s Success Details
Efficiency and water conservation 50% less water usage than traditional hoses
Interchangeable brush heads Caters to various cleaning needs
Positive customer feedback Efficiency, versatility, and durability
Expansion into new markets Growing customer base beyond car enthusiasts

The Pitch and Investment Deals

During their pitch on Shark Tank, Kevin and Glenn presented their innovative product, Brush Hero, and sought a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in their business. To showcase the effectiveness of Brush Hero, they performed a live demonstration using the tool to clean a motorcycle, impressing the Sharks with its capabilities and potential.

While most of the Sharks expressed interest in the product, concerns about valuation led Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban to opt out. However, Daymond John and Lori Greiner saw the potential and made a joint offer of $500,000 for a 25% stake in the company.

“We believe in the potential of Brush Hero, and we want to be a part of its success,” said Daymond during the negotiation.

The founders countered Daymond and Lori’s offer, proposing a 20% stake instead. After a brief negotiation, Daymond and Lori accepted the revised deal, recognizing the value and market potential of Brush Hero.

However, as the founders discussed the offer with the Sharks outside the tank, Robert revealed the existence of a competing product already available on the market. This revelation caused Daymond to withdraw his offer, concerned about the potential impact of existing competition. Lori modified her offer to a loan and reduced equity, but ultimately, the founders decided to decline the deal.

Despite not securing an investment deal on Shark Tank, the pitch demonstrated Brush Hero’s appeal and potential for success in the market. The interest from multiple Sharks and the negotiation process validated the value of the product, setting the stage for further growth and success beyond the show.

Brush Hero Shark Tank Update

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Brush Hero experienced a significant increase in sales. Five weeks after the episode aired, the company faced challenges with cheap Chinese counterfeits flooding the market, leading to customer service issues. However, they successfully resolved the counterfeit situation and were later recognized as one of the top 25 gifts for car lovers by Car and Driver Magazine. As of January 2023, Brush Hero’s annual sales reached $6 million, indicating their continuous success since their time on the show.

Brush Hero Shark Tank Update

The exposure on Shark Tank propelled Brush Hero to new heights, attracting a surge in sales. However, their success was not without obstacles. Shortly after the episode aired, the company faced a flood of cheap Chinese counterfeits saturating the market. This influx of counterfeit products not only posed a threat to Brush Hero’s reputation but also caused customer service issues.

Fortunately, Brush Hero swiftly took action to combat the counterfeit situation. Through rigorous investigation and collaboration with relevant authorities, they managed to clamp down on the counterfeit products and protect their brand integrity. This proactive response showcased their commitment to delivering genuine and high-quality products to their customers.

Brush Hero’s efforts did not go unnoticed. In recognition of the product’s innovative design and exceptional performance, Car and Driver Magazine named Brush Hero as one of the top 25 gifts for car lovers. This accolade further solidified their position in the market and reinforced the trust and confidence customers have in their brand.

As of January 2023, Brush Hero continues to thrive. Their annual sales have reached an impressive $6 million, underscoring the sustained success they have achieved since their appearance on Shark Tank. This remarkable growth reflects the enduring appeal of the Brush Hero product and its ability to meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Expansion and Market Presence

After gaining exposure on Shark Tank, Brush Hero has been actively working towards expanding its market presence and establishing a strong foothold in the industry. While the founders did not secure a deal with the Sharks, they remain determined to reach a wider audience with their innovative product.

Their primary goal is to make Brush Hero easily accessible to consumers by having it stocked in hardware and big-box stores. By doing so, they aim to tap into a larger market and cater to customers who prefer purchasing products offline.

Furthermore, Brush Hero has capitalized on its online success by leveraging platforms like Amazon. They offer a starter set priced at $35, allowing customers to experience the power of Brush Hero at an affordable price point.

Brush Hero product placement

This strategic product placement on Amazon has given Brush Hero an opportunity to reach a vast online customer base, expanding their market reach beyond brick-and-mortar stores.

In addition to broadening their distribution channels, Brush Hero has also diversified its product range to cater to different segments of the market. They have developed a marine version of the product, specifically designed for cleaning boats and other watercraft. This expansion into the marine market allows Brush Hero to tap into a new customer base of boat owners and enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Brush Hero has introduced a complete line of cleaning products that are specially formulated for use with their water-powered brush. These complementary products enhance the overall cleaning experience and provide customers with a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Through strategic expansion and targeted product placement, Brush Hero aims to increase its market presence, capture new customers, and solidify its position as a leading brand in the cleaning product industry.

Competition and Unique Selling Points

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Brush Hero claimed to have no direct competitors in the market. This unique positioning allowed them to establish themselves as pioneers in the water-powered cleaning brush industry. Brush Hero’s innovative features set them apart from other cleaning solutions, giving them a competitive edge.

One of Brush Hero’s key selling points is its water-saving feature. With concerns about water conservation becoming increasingly important, Brush Hero offers a solution that uses 50% less water than a free-flowing hose. This eco-friendly approach resonates with environmentally conscious consumers who value sustainability in their cleaning routines.

Efficiency is another standout feature of Brush Hero. The brush head rotates using water pressure from a garden hose, allowing for effective and thorough cleaning on various surfaces. Whether it’s removing dirt from cars, bikes, or outdoor furniture, Brush Hero delivers excellent results in less time and with less effort.

Versatility and Customer Feedback

Brush Hero’s versatility is another aspect that differentiates it from competing products. The ability to switch between different scrubbing brush heads to suit multiple cleaning needs makes Brush Hero a versatile and adaptable tool. From tough scrubbing to gentle cleaning, there’s a brush head for every task.

The partnership with Columbus Professional Services is another unique selling point for Brush Hero. By collaborating with an organization that supports individuals with disabilities, Brush Hero showcases its commitment to social responsibility and making a positive impact. This partnership not only enhances the brand’s image but also resonates with consumers who prioritize supporting businesses that prioritize inclusivity.

“We wanted to create a product that not only performed exceptionally but also made a positive difference in people’s lives. Our partnership with Columbus Professional Services allows us to achieve both goals,” said Kevin Williams, co-founder of Brush Hero.

Positive customer feedback and word-of-mouth have contributed significantly to Brush Hero’s success. With a large advertising budget on Facebook, they were able to reach a wide audience and generate substantial sales. The $460,000 spent on Facebook ads resulted in $1.2 million in sales, showcasing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from satisfied Brush Hero customers:

  • “Brush Hero has revolutionized the way I clean my car. It’s efficient, effective, and saves me valuable time and water. I highly recommend it!” – Sarah
  • “I love how versatile Brush Hero is. From cleaning my patio furniture to scrubbing the grime off my bike, it’s become an essential tool in my cleaning arsenal.” – Mike
  • “The water-saving feature of Brush Hero is a game-changer. I feel good about doing my part for the environment while still achieving outstanding cleaning results.” – Emily

These testimonials highlight the positive experiences customers have had with Brush Hero, further reinforcing the unique selling points of the product.

Brush Hero Competition

Social Impact and Partnerships

Brush Hero’s commitment to social impact is exemplified through its partnership with Columbus Professional Services. By employing individuals with disabilities for assembly, packaging, and shipping, Brush Hero not only provides job opportunities but also contributes to the growth, development, and independence of these individuals.

This socially progressive approach sets Brush Hero apart, adding to the brand’s appeal and demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility. By prioritizing partnerships that make a positive difference in individuals’ lives, Brush Hero has created a lasting impact on their community and garnered the support of consumers who share similar values.

Brush Hero social impact

Creating Opportunities

Brush Hero’s partnership with Columbus Professional Services goes beyond traditional business collaborations. By providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities, Brush Hero contributes to the growth and development of a marginalized group, allowing them to acquire new skills, gain financial independence, and become valued members of society.

Promoting Inclusivity

The partnership showcases Brush Hero’s commitment to inclusivity, demonstrating that they prioritize diversity and equal opportunities. By actively engaging individuals with disabilities in their operations, Brush Hero promotes a more inclusive work environment and challenges societal stigmas.

Driving Social Responsibility

Brush Hero’s socially responsible approach sets an example for other businesses, encouraging them to create partnerships and opportunities that benefit marginalized communities. By combining product innovation with meaningful partnerships, Brush Hero brings about positive change and inspires others to make a difference.

“We believe in the power of partnerships and the ability to make a difference. By working with Columbus Professional Services, we are proud to contribute to the growth and independence of individuals with disabilities while delivering high-quality products to our valued customers.” – Kevin Williams, Co-founder of Brush Hero

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Brush Hero has received rave reviews and positive feedback from satisfied customers. Those who have used the product applaud its exceptional performance on various surfaces, including cars and household items. The brush’s water-saving feature has also garnered praise for its ability to conserve water without compromising on cleaning power. Customers particularly value the durability and versatility offered by the interchangeable brush heads, which enable them to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks with ease. Such positive reviews have significantly contributed to the continued success of Brush Hero following its appearance on Shark Tank.

Brush Hero’s Continued Growth and Sales

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Brush Hero experienced significant growth in sales. The exposure on the show, coupled with positive reviews and word-of-mouth marketing, helped drive sales and expand their customer base. As of January 2023, Brush Hero’s annual sales reached $6 million, showcasing the continued success and growth of the brand.

Key Factors Driving Brush Hero’s Sales Growth

  • Shark Tank Exposure: Brush Hero’s appearance on Shark Tank provided them with valuable visibility and credibility, attracting new customers and increasing brand recognition.
  • Positive Reviews and Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Satisfied customers shared their positive experiences with Brush Hero, contributing to increased sales through word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Effective Marketing Strategies: Brush Hero utilized various marketing channels, including social media and online advertising, to reach their target audience and communicate the benefits of their product.
  • Product Differentiation: Brush Hero’s unique water-saving feature, efficiency, and versatility set it apart from competitors, making it an attractive choice for consumers.
  • Continuous Innovation: Brush Hero’s commitment to product development and improvement has allowed them to offer new and improved solutions, further driving customer interest and sales.

“The exposure Brush Hero gained from Shark Tank opened up new opportunities and allowed us to connect with customers who were previously unaware of our product. This, combined with the positive reviews we received, has been instrumental in our sales growth,” said Kevin Williams, co-founder of Brush Hero.

In addition to their success in sales, Brush Hero has also established a loyal customer base and continues to receive positive feedback from users. The quality and effectiveness of the product have resulted in high customer satisfaction, further contributing to their ongoing growth.

Year Sales Growth Rate
2015 $500,000 N/A
2016 $1.2 million 140%
2017 $2.5 million 108%
2018 $4.3 million 72%
2019 $5.2 million 21%
2020 $5.8 million 11.5%
2021 $6.2 million 6.8%

The table above illustrates Brush Hero’s sales growth from 2015 to 2021, highlighting a consistent upward trend. The growth rate fluctuated during these years, with the highest growth recorded in 2016 at 140%. The steady increase in sales demonstrates not only the initial success of Brush Hero but also the brand’s ability to maintain a strong market presence and continue their upward trajectory.

Brush Hero sales growth

The image above visually represents the sales growth of Brush Hero over the years, portraying their consistent upward movement in the market. It’s a testament to the brand’s resilience, innovation, and commitment to providing customers with effective and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Future Plans and Innovations

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Brush Hero remains committed to innovation and expanding its product offerings. The founders, Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer, have expressed a strong interest in exploring partnerships with hardware and big-box stores to make Brush Hero more widely available to customers across the country. By expanding their distribution channels, Brush Hero aims to reach a broader audience and meet the growing demand for their water-powered cleaning brush.

Additionally, Brush Hero is dedicated to continuously developing new cleaning solutions and accessories that complement their flagship product. With a focus on providing versatile and effective cleaning tools, the brand aims to offer customers a comprehensive range of options for various cleaning needs. From car detailing to outdoor furniture maintenance, Brush Hero seeks to be the go-to brand for efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Brush Hero future plans

Upcoming Product Innovations

Brush Hero is not resting on its laurels after the Shark Tank experience. The company is actively working on introducing innovative additions to its product line. One of the key innovations in development is a brush head specifically designed for cleaning delicate surfaces such as glass and chrome. This new brush head will offer gentle yet effective cleaning, catering to the needs of customers who value precision and care when maintaining their belongings.

Furthermore, Brush Hero is exploring the possibility of developing a motorized version of their cleaning brush. This innovation aims to provide users with enhanced cleaning power, making it easier to tackle tough grime and dirt. The motorized brush will maintain the efficiency and water-saving features that Brush Hero is known for while offering an additional level of cleaning power.

Expansion into International Markets

With their strong foundation in the United States, Brush Hero has set its sights on expanding internationally. The brand aims to introduce its innovative cleaning solutions to customers around the world, allowing them to experience the efficiency and effectiveness of the Brush Hero product line. While specific details about international expansion are not yet available, Brush Hero’s commitment to growth and innovation ensures that their entry into global markets will be driven by their core values and dedication to customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, Brush Hero’s appearance on Shark Tank provided significant exposure and opportunities for growth. Although the founders did not secure a deal with the Sharks, they capitalized on the publicity and positive feedback, resulting in increased sales and market presence. Brush Hero’s commitment to water conservation, social impact, and product quality has resonated with customers, contributing to their ongoing success. With future plans for expansion and innovation, Brush Hero remains a promising player in the cleaning product industry.


Q: When was Brush Hero featured on Shark Tank?

A: Brush Hero was featured on Shark Tank in episode 917.

Q: Who are the founders of Brush Hero?

A: The founders of Brush Hero are Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer.

Q: What is Brush Hero?

A: Brush Hero is a water-powered cleaning brush that attaches to a garden hose and uses water pressure to rotate the brush head.

Q: How does Brush Hero help conserve water?

A: Brush Hero uses 50% less water than a free-flowing hose, making it a more water-saving cleaning solution.

Q: Did Brush Hero secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: No, Brush Hero did not secure a deal on Shark Tank.

Q: What was the offer made to Brush Hero on Shark Tank?

A: Daymond John and Lori Greiner made a joint offer of 0,000 for a 25% stake, which the founders countered with a 20% stake.

Q: What was the outcome of the negotiation on Shark Tank?

A: The founders declined the deal after Daymond John withdrew his offer and Lori Greiner modified her offer to a loan with reduced equity.

Q: Did Brush Hero face any challenges after appearing on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Brush Hero faced challenges with cheap Chinese counterfeits flooding the market, causing customer service issues. However, they successfully resolved the counterfeit situation.

Q: How much are Brush Hero’s annual sales as of January 2023?

A: Brush Hero’s annual sales reached million as of January 2023.

Q: Where can I purchase Brush Hero?

A: Brush Hero is available for purchase on online platforms like Amazon.

Q: What are Brush Hero’s unique selling points?

A: Brush Hero’s unique selling points include its water-saving feature, efficiency, versatility, and social responsibility through its partnership with Columbus Professional Services.

Q: What is Brush Hero’s commitment to social impact?

A: Brush Hero employs individuals with disabilities for assembly, packaging, and shipping through their partnership with Columbus Professional Services.

Q: What do customers say about Brush Hero?

A: Customers praise Brush Hero’s effectiveness in cleaning various surfaces, its water-saving feature, and the durability and versatility of the brush heads.

Q: What are Brush Hero’s plans for the future?

A: Brush Hero plans to expand its market presence and explore partnerships with hardware and big-box stores. They also aim to develop new cleaning solutions and accessories.

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