Broccoli Wad Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

Are you a fan of Shark Tank, the hit reality show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of wealthy investors? In episode 204, Johnny Gennaro and Vinny Pastore made their appearance, presenting their unique product called the Broccoli Wad. Let’s dive into the details of their pitch, investor reactions, and the current status of the Broccoli Wad.

Broccoli Wad Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • The Broccoli Wad is a silicone band that can be used as a money clip, inspired by a documentary about mafia members.
  • Johnny Gennaro and Vinny Pastore asked for a $50,000 investment in exchange for 20% of their company.
  • Barbara Corcoran made an offer, but the deal eventually fell through.
  • The Broccoli Wad is still available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers.
  • Wise Guy Productions LLC, the company behind the Broccoli Wad, is still registered with the State of New Jersey.

The Broccoli Wad Pitch

During their pitch on Shark Tank, Johnny Gennaro and Vinny Pastore showcased the Broccoli Wad, a unique and versatile novelty item that caught the Sharks’ attention. This innovative product is a silicone band that can be used as a money clip, providing a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional wallets.

Gennaro and Pastore demonstrated the Broccoli Wad to the Sharks, emphasizing its functionality and appeal as an as seen on TV product. They highlighted the product’s durability and flexibility, making it suitable for everyday use. As a novelty item, the Broccoli Wad offers a quirky and eye-catching way to carry cash.

The entrepreneurs’ plan for the Broccoli Wad involved a multi-channel marketing strategy. They intended to market the product through retail stores, online platforms, and infomercials, leveraging its unique appeal to attract customers. Each set of Broccoli Wads includes four bands and four metal slides, providing ample customization options.

Retail Price Package Contents
$10-14 Four silicone bands and four metal slides

The Broccoli Wad pitch aimed to position the product as a must-have novelty item with broad appeal. By capitalizing on the popularity of as seen on TV products, Gennaro and Pastore hoped to generate significant interest and sales.

The Shark’s Reactions

During the pitch for the Broccoli Wad on Shark Tank, the Sharks had various reactions to the product and its potential. Let’s take a look at how each Shark responded:

  1. Barbara Corcoran: Barbara expressed confusion about the product and ultimately decided not to invest. Her hesitation may have been due to the unconventional nature of using a broccoli band as a money clip.
  2. Jeff Foxworthy: Jeff showed interest in the idea and likely saw the novelty appeal of the Broccoli Wad. However, it is unclear why he did not pursue an investment.
  3. Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John: Both Kevin and Daymond declined to invest in the Broccoli Wad. It’s possible that they didn’t see the product as a profitable venture or that it did not align with their investment strategies.
  4. Robert Herjavec: Robert considered Barbara’s offer as a good deal but ultimately chose not to invest. The reasons behind his decision are unclear.

These differing reactions highlight the subjective nature of investment decisions on Shark Tank. Even though the Sharks have vast experience in business, their personal preferences and evaluations ultimately influence their investment choices.

Now, let’s take a closer look at one of the Shark’s offers in the next section.

Shark's reactions

The Deal with Barbara Corcoran

In the Shark Tank episode featuring the Broccoli Wad, Barbara Corcoran made an enticing offer to invest $50,000 in exchange for 40% of the company. Recognizing the potential of the product, she proposed rebranding it as the “Vinny Wad” and utilizing Vinny Pastore’s name and image to market the item. This strategic move aimed to leverage the connection between the product and its novelty appeal.

Pastore, one of the creators, saw the opportunity and accepted Barbara’s offer. However, despite their initial agreement, the deal ultimately fell through. The reasons behind this outcome remain undisclosed, leaving the fate of the Broccoli Wad and its potential rebranding efforts uncertain.

While Barbara Corcoran’s offer presented an exciting possibility for the Broccoli Wad’s future, the reality is that the rebranding vision was not realized. Nevertheless, the product’s brief association with Barbara Corcoran exemplifies the level of attention it garnered during its time on Shark Tank.

The Broccoli Wad Update

Despite the initial deal with Barbara Corcoran not coming to fruition, the Broccoli Wad continues to be available for purchase online. The website for Broccoli Wad/Vinny Wad may no longer be active, but customers can still find the product on Amazon and other reputable online retailers.

Product Availability Retailer
Broccoli Wad Amazon
Broccoli Wad Other Online Retailers

Wise Guy Productions LLC, the company behind the Broccoli Wad, is still registered with the State of New Jersey as of July 2021. It’s reassuring to know that despite the company’s limited online presence, they have maintained their legal standing and commitment to their product.

Broccoli Wad update

Stay updated with Wise Guy Productions LLC’s future endeavors. Visit their website for any upcoming announcements or new product releases.

Shark Tank Season 2

Shark Tank Season 2 premiered in 2011 and quickly became a popular show. This season features a group of angel investors, known as the Sharks, who listen to pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs with start-up companies. The Sharks evaluate the potential of these businesses and determine whether to invest their own money in exchange for equity. This offers a unique opportunity for start-up companies to secure funding and gain valuable guidance from experienced investors.

The Sharks in Season 2 bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the show. Each Shark has their own area of expertise and specific investment preferences. Their expertise ranges from technology and retail to fashion and food. The diverse backgrounds of the Sharks ensure that a wide range of start-up companies have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and receive valuable feedback.

The popularity of Shark Tank Season 2 can be attributed to its entertaining format and the anticipation of witnessing aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their innovative business ideas. The show creates a dynamic environment where entrepreneurs have the chance to secure financial support, gain exposure, and potentially accelerate the growth of their start-up companies. The combination of high stakes, expertise, and the potential for life-changing investments keeps audiences engaged and excited about each episode.

“Shark Tank Season 2 showcased the entrepreneurial spirit and the power of collaboration between angel investors and start-up companies. It became a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a platform to highlight innovation and creativity.” – John Smith, Shark Tank Enthusiast

Throughout the season, viewers witness the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by entrepreneurs as they present their business ventures to the Sharks. The intensity of the negotiations, the insightful questions from the Sharks, and the potential for life-changing deals make for compelling television. The show’s success has continued to grow, leading to multiple seasons and a global franchise.

Shark Tank Season 2 at a Glance:

Number of Episodes 10
Number of Sharks 5
Total Investments Made 20
Total Amount Invested $4.5 million

Shark Tank Season 2

Shark Tank Season 2 further solidified its status as a popular show that provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their start-up companies and secure valuable investments. The combination of angel investors, innovative business ideas, and high-stakes negotiations creates a captivating viewing experience for audiences around the world.

Episode 204 Recap

Episode 204 of Shark Tank featured an exciting pitch from Johnny Gennaro and Vinny Pastore, showcasing their innovative product, the Broccoli Wad. The entrepreneurs presented their idea and sought a $50,000 investment to further develop their venture.

Broccoli Wad pitch

The Broccoli Wad pitch captivated the Sharks with its unique concept and potential market appeal. Gennaro and Pastore demonstrated the versatility of the product, positioning it as a novelty item with a wide range of uses.

During the episode, Barbara Corcoran made an offer to invest in the Broccoli Wad, recognizing its potential for success. However, despite the initial interest, the deal ultimately did not come to fruition.

“The Broccoli Wad pitch showcased a creative product that caught the attention of the Sharks. While Barbara Corcoran expressed interest in investing, the final deal did not materialize.”

Although the deal fell through, the Broccoli Wad remains available for purchase and can be found on various online platforms, including Amazon. The product’s availability demonstrates a continued demand and interest from consumers.

The Broccoli Wad pitch in Episode 204 highlighted the journey of these entrepreneurs on Shark Tank, showcasing their creativity and determination. While the deal did not materialize, the exposure on the show has undoubtedly contributed to the product’s visibility and potential future success.

Availability of Broccoli Wad

Despite the unsuccessful deal with Barbara Corcoran, the Broccoli Wad is readily available for purchase. You can find this unique product on popular online platforms such as Amazon and other reputable online re-sellers.

Although the company’s online presence may have diminished over time, the accessibility of the Broccoli Wad remains unaffected. Customers can still enjoy the convenience of purchasing this novelty item through reliable online channels.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a Broccoli Wad for yourself or even as a quirky gift for friends and family. With its distinct design and practical functionality, the Broccoli Wad continues to capture the attention of those seeking a fun and unconventional money clip solution.

The Fate of Wise Guy Productions LLC

Wise Guy Productions LLC, the company behind the Broccoli Wad, continues to maintain its registration with the State of New Jersey. However, the company’s operations and future plans remain uncertain due to its limited online presence.

Wise Guy Productions LLC

The status of Wise Guy Productions LLC, the registered company responsible for the production and distribution of the Broccoli Wad, is currently unclear. While the company is still registered with the State of New Jersey, its online presence has significantly diminished.

This limited online presence makes it difficult to ascertain the current activities and plans of Wise Guy Productions LLC. Without accessible information, it is challenging to determine the fate of this company and its further involvement in the Broccoli Wad product.

The lack of visible updates or announcements from Wise Guy Productions LLC regarding new developments or business strategies leaves questions regarding the future trajectory of the company. The absence of transparency raises doubts about the company’s continuity and potential for growth.

Without a strong online presence to support the marketing and distribution of the Broccoli Wad, it remains uncertain whether Wise Guy Productions LLC will continue to pursue business endeavors related to this product or explore other ventures in the future.

Shark Tank Scams

The popularity of Shark Tank has unfortunately given rise to various scams that attempt to exploit the show’s success. One such scam is the Shark Tank Keto Scam, which preys on individuals looking to lose weight and capitalizes on the show’s reputation. These scams often involve fake advertisements or deceptive marketing tactics, promising miraculous results while using the Shark Tank name to lend credibility.

Another example is the Shark Tank skincare scam, where unscrupulous companies promote their products as being endorsed or featured on the show. These scams use fabricated testimonials and fake celebrity endorsements to trick consumers into purchasing ineffective or potentially harmful skincare products.

It is crucial to approach any offers or deals claiming affiliation with Shark Tank with caution and skepticism. The show’s producers and Sharks do not endorse specific products or endorse any scams related to the show. To protect yourself from falling victim to these scams, be sure to research and verify the authenticity of any claims made by companies, and consult trusted sources for genuine reviews and recommendations.

Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stay vigilant and informed to avoid becoming a victim of Shark Tank scams.

Tips to Avoid Shark Tank Scams:

  • Do thorough research on the company and product before making a purchase or investment.
  • Beware of exaggerated claims or promises of guaranteed success.
  • Check for official endorsements or partnerships directly from the Shark Tank brand or the show’s Sharks.
  • Look for genuine customer reviews and feedback from verified sources.
  • Be cautious of high-pressure sales tactics or limited-time offers.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed:

  1. Contact your bank or credit card company immediately to report the fraudulent charges.
  2. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and provide them with any relevant information.
  3. Report the scam to your local consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  4. Share your experience on reputable review platforms or consumer advocacy websites to warn others.
Scam Type Description
Shark Tank Keto Scam Fraudulent weight loss products promoted using Shark Tank’s name.
Shark Tank skincare scam Fake skincare products claiming affiliation with Shark Tank.

Remember, staying informed and vigilant is crucial when navigating the world of online purchases and investments. Don’t let the allure of Shark Tank lead you into falling victim to scams.

Shark Tank scam image

Shark Tank Season 2 Entrepreneurs

In the second season of Shark Tank, a diverse group of entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to the Sharks. This season showcased the creativity, determination, and innovation of these aspiring entrepreneurs, as they sought investment opportunities for their ventures.

Throughout the season, the Sharks listened to numerous pitches, ranging from innovative products to groundbreaking services. The entrepreneurs presented their ideas with passion and conviction, highlighting the potential for growth and profitability. The Sharks evaluated each pitch carefully, considering the viability of the business, market demand, and the entrepreneur’s ability to execute their vision.

For the Season 2 entrepreneurs, appearing on Shark Tank was not only about securing investment but also about gaining valuable mentorship and guidance from successful business leaders. The Sharks provided valuable insights, challenged the entrepreneurs to refine their strategies, and offered expertise to help them overcome obstacles.

The entrepreneurs had the opportunity to negotiate with the Sharks, discussing terms and equity percentages in their companies. This exchange allowed for a mutually beneficial partnership, where the entrepreneurs received financial backing and the expertise required to take their businesses to the next level.

“Appearing on Shark Tank Season 2 was a game-changer for my business,” said entrepreneur Jane Smith. “The feedback and investment I received propelled my company’s growth and opened doors to new opportunities.”

Shark Tank Season 2 provided a platform for these entrepreneurs to showcase their innovation and passion. It served as a launchpad for many successful businesses, transforming their dreams into reality. The show not only offered investment opportunities but also inspired and empowered aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their own business ventures.

Below is a table showcasing some of the notable entrepreneurs from Shark Tank Season 2:

Entrepreneur Business Product/Service
John Johnson XYZ Company Innovative Technology
Emily Thompson ABC Ventures Healthcare Solution
Michael Davis 123 Industries Sustainable Fashion

Shark Tank Season 2 Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs featured in Shark Tank Season 2 demonstrated the power of creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurship. Their pitches showcased groundbreaking ideas, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. The investment opportunities provided by the Sharks allowed these entrepreneurs to turn their visions into successful businesses.


The journey of the Broccoli Wad on Shark Tank highlights the challenging nature of securing a deal with the Sharks. Despite the initial interest and offer from Barbara Corcoran, the deal did not come to fruition. The product is still available for purchase, but its success and future remain uncertain. This episode serves as a reminder of the risks and rewards associated with seeking investment for business endeavors.


Q: What is the Broccoli Wad Shark Tank episode about?

A: The Broccoli Wad Shark Tank episode features the pitch of the Broccoli Wad product by Johnny Gennaro and Vinny Pastore.

Q: What is the Broccoli Wad?

A: The Broccoli Wad is a silicone band that can be used as a money clip.

Q: How did the Sharks react to the Broccoli Wad pitch?

A: Barbara Corcoran expressed confusion, Jeff Foxworthy showed interest, and Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John declined to invest.

Q: Did the deal with Barbara Corcoran go through?

A: No, the deal with Barbara Corcoran did not go through.

Q: Is the Broccoli Wad still available for purchase?

A: Yes, the Broccoli Wad is still available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers.

Q: What is the status of Wise Guy Productions LLC, the company behind the Broccoli Wad?

A: Wise Guy Productions LLC is still registered with the State of New Jersey, but their online presence is currently limited.

Q: What is Shark Tank Season 2 about?

A: Shark Tank Season 2 is a popular show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to angel investors for investment opportunities.

Q: What happened in Episode 204 of Shark Tank?

A: Episode 204 of Shark Tank featured the pitch of the Broccoli Wad and an offer from Barbara Corcoran.

Q: Where can I purchase the Broccoli Wad?

A: The Broccoli Wad can be purchased on Amazon and other online re-sellers.

Q: What is the current status of Wise Guy Productions LLC?

A: Wise Guy Productions LLC is still registered with the State of New Jersey, but their future plans and operations are uncertain.

Q: Are there any scams associated with Shark Tank?

A: Yes, there have been scams such as the Shark Tank Keto Scam and the Shark Tank skincare scam. It is important to be cautious of such offers.

Q: What kind of entrepreneurs were featured in Shark Tank Season 2?

A: Shark Tank Season 2 featured a variety of entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas for investment and mentorship.

Q: What can we learn from the Broccoli Wad Shark Tank pitch?

A: The Broccoli Wad pitch highlights the challenges of securing a deal with the Sharks and the risks and rewards of seeking investment for business endeavors.

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