Bounce Boot Camp Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

In this episode of Shark Tank, Thomas Hill pitched his innovative fitness routine called Bounce Boot Camp. Hill, a former NFL draft pick, created an inflatable bouncy obstacle course that also incorporated other exercise stations. Despite the Sharks finding the business model flawed and Hill’s lack of full dedication, they offered valuable advice and encouragement.

Bounce Boot Camp Shark Tank

About Bounce Boot Camp

Bounce Boot Camp is a dynamic fitness program that offers participants an intense workout program like no other. It combines the thrill of an inflatable bounce house with a high-energy fitness routine, creating a unique exercise concept that engages both children and adults.

By utilizing inflatable bounce houses as fitness equipment, Bounce Boot Camp transforms exercise into a fun-filled experience. Participants can bounce their way to fitness while enjoying the benefits of a challenging workout.

With its intense workout program, Bounce Boot Camp aims to help individuals improve their strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. This fitness program offers a one-of-a-kind approach to exercise, making it an exciting and effective way to get in shape.

The Benefits of Bounce Boot Camp

  • Engages participants in a high-energy fitness routine
  • Provides an intense workout program
  • Combines fun and fitness
  • Utilizes inflatable bounce houses as fitness equipment
  • Improves strength, endurance, and overall fitness level

Bounce Boot Camp is not just another fitness program; it’s an exhilarating experience that keeps participants motivated and coming back for more. If you’re looking for a unique exercise concept that pushes your limits and brings out your inner child, Bounce Boot Camp is the perfect fit.

Shark Tank Pitch

During his appearance on Shark Tank, Thomas Hill confidently presented his pitch for Bounce Boot Camp, a unique fitness routine aimed at combating childhood obesity. Hill sought a $30,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in his business.

“Bounce Boot Camp is more than just a workout – it’s a fun and engaging fitness program that incorporates inflatable bounce houses and various exercise stations. Our goal is to make fitness enjoyable for both children and adults, providing an intense workout experience that leaves participants wanting more,”

Despite the Sharks identifying flaws in the business model, they commended Hill’s passion for addressing the issue of childhood obesity. While a deal was not secured, Hill received invaluable advice from the successful entrepreneurs on the panel.

Shark Tank Pitch

Wall Doctor RX’s Success

Dr. Jim Lewis walked into the Shark Tank with a innovative solution for repairing holes in walls – Wall Doctor RX. The product instantly caught the attention of the Sharks, leading to a flurry of offers. The success of Wall Doctor RX is evident in the multiple offers it received from the Sharks, each recognizing the potential of this simple yet effective patch for walls.

It’s no surprise that Dr. Lewis found himself in the midst of a bidding war, as Wall Doctor RX addresses a common problem faced by homeowners and renters alike. The ease of use and affordability of this product make it an attractive option for anyone looking to patch up their walls without the need for costly repairs.

The interest from the Sharks was a testament to the viability of Wall Doctor RX as a successful product. Each Shark made individual offers, demonstrating their belief in the product’s potential and the value they saw in investing in it. The multiple offers gave Dr. Lewis the opportunity to weigh his options and negotiate the best deal for his business.

“Wall Doctor RX is a game-changer in the home improvement market. It’s a simple solution to a common problem, and I believe it has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach wall repairs.” – Dr. Jim Lewis

Ultimately, Dr. Lewis decided to strike a deal with Robert Herjavec, a Shark renowned for his expertise in the home improvement industry. The negotiation process showcased the value and demand for Wall Doctor RX, as Dr. Lewis and Robert Herjavec worked out the details to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Patch for walls

Wall Doctor RX’s success on Shark Tank serves as a testament to the effectiveness and market potential of this innovative product. Dr. Lewis’ pitch captured the attention of the Sharks and the offers he received underscore the industry’s recognition of the value Wall Doctor RX brings to the table.

Eyebloc’s Unfortunate Pitch

Eyebloc, a cover for laptop webcams, made an unfortunate appearance on Shark Tank. C.J. Isakow pitched the product, highlighting the risks of webcam security. However, with only 45 sales and the Sharks pointing out cheaper alternatives, Eyebloc failed to persuade the investors.

Product Sales Effectiveness
Eyebloc 45 Ineffective
Cheaper Alternatives High Effective

The low sales numbers and the existence of more effective and affordable alternatives highlighted the flaws in Eyebloc’s pitch. Despite addressing an important concern like webcam security, the product’s limited sales and the Sharks’ skepticism cast doubt on its viability in the market.

“Eyebloc had good intentions, but without substantial sales and a competitive edge, it wasn’t compelling enough for us to invest.”

It’s crucial for entrepreneurs to not only address a pressing issue but also provide a compelling solution that stands out in the market. Unfortunately, Eyebloc fell short in both aspects, leading to its unsuccessful pitch on Shark Tank.

webcam security

Groovebook’s Photobook Service

When Brian Whiteman and Julie Whiteman introduced Groovebook to the Sharks, they presented a unique and convenient photo printing service. Groovebook is an app that allows users to turn their smartphone photos into beautiful photobooks. This innovative service offers customers a hassle-free way to preserve their cherished memories in a tangible format.

Recognizing the potential of this affordable and user-friendly solution, the Whitemans sought a $150,000 investment for 20% equity in their business. Their goal was to expand the reach of their photo printing service and provide book lovers with an effortless way to compile their favorite smartphone snapshots.

“Groovebook takes the hassle out of printing photos and transforms them into professionally bound photobooks that customers can hold in their hands.”

During the presentation, the Sharks had differing opinions about the viability of Groovebook. While some expressed concerns about the profitability and scalability of the business, Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary recognized the potential and saw an opportunity to tap into the growing market for affordable prints.

Ultimately, after some heated discussions and negotiation, Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary agreed to invest in Groovebook, providing the funding needed to further develop and expand the photo printing service.

photo printing service

Groovebook’s Competitive Advantage

What sets Groovebook apart from other photo printing services is its simplicity and affordability. By offering a subscription-based model, customers can receive a monthly photobook with up to 100 printed smartphone photos for a flat fee, making it a budget-friendly option for photo enthusiasts.

The app’s user-friendly interface allows users to easily select and upload their favorite smartphone photos, which are then printed and delivered directly to their doorstep. With Groovebook, creating and preserving photobooks has never been easier or more accessible.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers rave about the convenience and quality of Groovebook’s photo printing service. Many appreciate the monthly subscription model, as it ensures a regular delivery of printed photos without the hassle of managing individual print orders.

Here are some customer testimonials:

  • “I love receiving my monthly Groovebooks! The quality of the prints is excellent, and it’s such a fun way to relive all my precious memories.” – Sarah, Groovebook customer
  • “Groovebook has simplified the photo printing process for me. Now, I don’t have to spend hours selecting and ordering prints individually. With just a few taps on my phone, I have a beautiful photobook delivered to my doorstep every month.” – Jason, Groovebook customer

Clearly, Groovebook has struck a chord with customers who value the convenience, affordability, and high-quality prints offered by the service.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable monthly subscription
  • Easy-to-use app
  • High-quality prints
  • Convenient delivery
  • May not suit users who prefer individual print orders
  • Limited customization options
  • Dependent on smartphone camera quality

Highlight of the Night

The highlight of the episode was the camaraderie and playful banter between Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John during the Bounce Boot Camp segment. The Sharks showed their playful side and had fun participating in the fitness routine, adding an entertaining element to the show.

Bounce Boot Camp Segment

Playful Banter and Entertaining Moments

The Bounce Boot Camp segment of this episode brought a refreshing and entertaining vibe to Shark Tank. As Thomas Hill demonstrated his unique fitness routine, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Their camaraderie shone through as they playfully engaged with each other and showcased their enthusiasm for the Bounce Boot Camp concept.

“I think I just ripped my trousers. But I’m good,” mused Daymond John with a smile on his face, reveling in the energetic workout provided by Bounce Boot Camp.

It was evident that the Sharks truly enjoyed the experience, with laughter and banter filling the room. The Bounce Boot Camp segment not only entertained the viewers but also highlighted the lighter side of these successful entrepreneurs.

Best Quotes

During the episode, several memorable quotes showcased the Shark Tank’s humor and lightheartedness.

“I think I ripped my trousers. But I’m good,”

– Daymond John

“It got a little confusing there,”

– Robert Herjavec

These quotes capture the entertaining moments of the Bounce Boot Camp segment and the camaraderie between the Sharks. They add a touch of humor to the intense negotiations and exemplify the unique charm of the Shark Tank experience.

memorable quotes

Season 5 Overview

Shark Tank season 5 introduced two notable guest sharks, John Paul DeJoria and Steve Tisch. Their expertise and unique perspectives added an exciting dynamic to the show, providing fresh insights and investment opportunities for the entrepreneurs.

A significant change in the equity clause was also introduced during season 5, courtesy of Mark Cuban. Recognizing the potential for mutual success, Cuban insisted on relinquishing the clause for featured businesses that chose to make a deal with the sharks. This change applied retroactively to all businesses, fostering an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Guest Sharks

The inclusion of guest sharks in Shark Tank season 5 brought a fresh perspective to the show. John Paul DeJoria, the co-founder of Paul Mitchell and PatrĂ³n Tequila, offered valuable insights with his extensive experience in the beauty and beverage industries. Steve Tisch, a successful film producer and entrepreneur, brought his creative vision and entertainment industry expertise to the tank.

Change in Equity Clause

One of the most notable changes in season 5 was Mark Cuban’s insistence on eliminating the equity clause for featured businesses that struck deals with the sharks. This change testified to Cuban’s belief in the potential of the entrepreneurs and their business models. By relinquishing the equity clause, Cuban fostered an atmosphere of trust and mutual benefit, allowing businesses to flourish under their newfound partnerships.

Shark Tank season 5

Shark Guest Shark?
Mark Cuban No
Barbara Corcoran No
Kevin O’Leary No
Daymond John No
Lori Greiner No
Robert Herjavec No
John Paul DeJoria Yes
Steve Tisch Yes

Recap of Select Episodes

Episode 13 of Shark Tank’s fifth season featured four notable businesses: Bounce Boot Camp, Wall Rx, Eyebloc, and Groovebook. Each company faced different outcomes during their pitches, with some achieving notable success and others facing challenges. Let’s take a closer look at each business and their journey on Shark Tank.

Bounce Boot Camp

Bounce Boot Camp, an innovative fitness program that combines inflatable bounce houses with exercise stations, received positive attention from the Sharks. The founders, Thomas Hill and his team, showcased their unique concept and received offers from the Sharks. Ultimately, they secured a deal and gained the support needed to grow their business.

Wall Rx

Dr. Jim Lewis presented Wall Rx, a product designed to repair holes in walls effortlessly. While the Sharks recognized the potential of the product and made investment offers, Wall Rx faced challenges during negotiations. Despite this, Dr. Lewis secured an investment and continued to build his successful business.


C.J. Isakow pitched Eyebloc, a laptop webcam cover designed to enhance security and protect user privacy. However, Eyebloc faced criticism from the Sharks due to low sales and the availability of cheaper alternatives in the market. While the product did not receive investment, the entrepreneurs learned valuable lessons during the process.


Groovebook, an app that allows users to create photobooks from their smartphone photos, caught the attention of the Sharks. The founders, Brian and Julie Whiteman, received offers from multiple Sharks and eventually closed a deal. This investment provided the necessary resources to expand their photo printing service.

Overall, this episode showcased a mix of success stories and challenges faced by the entrepreneurs, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the Shark Tank experience.

Business Outcome
Bounce Boot Camp Secured a deal and received investment
Wall Rx Secured an investment after negotiation
Eyebloc Did not receive investment, faced criticism
Groovebook Secured a deal and received investment

This episode showcased the determination and innovation of these featured businesses, providing viewers with a glimpse into the challenges and successes of entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of Shark Tank!

Recap of Select Episodes

Sharks’ Participation

The Sharks who participated in this episode were Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Mark Cuban. Each Shark evaluated the featured businesses, provided valuable feedback, and made investment offers where appropriate. Their expertise and insights added immense value to the entrepreneurs’ pitches.

“The Bounce Boot Camp concept is intriguing, but I’m concerned about the scalability,” said Lori Greiner.

“I see potential in Bounce Boot Camp, but the business model needs refinement,” remarked Robert Herjavec.

“I appreciate the mission behind Bounce Boot Camp, but the numbers don’t add up for me,” expressed Kevin O’Leary.

“Bounce Boot Camp has a unique exercise concept, and I believe in the potential for growth,” commented Daymond John.

“Although there are challenges, I see the opportunity to make Bounce Boot Camp a successful venture,” shared Mark Cuban.

The interaction between the Sharks and the entrepreneurs highlighted the depth of their experience and the diverse perspectives they brought to the table.

Here is a breakdown of the Sharks’ expertise:

Shark Expertise
Lori Greiner Product development and retail distribution
Robert Herjavec Technology and cybersecurity
Kevin O’Leary Investment strategies and financial analysis
Daymond John Fashion and branding
Mark Cuban Entrepreneurship and business strategy

The Sharks’ participation in this episode showcased their ability to evaluate business opportunities, provide constructive feedback, and make informed investment decisions.

Sharks' Participation

Investment Highlights

The Bounce Boot Camp Shark Tank episode resulted in significant investment activity, with a total of $300,000 invested in two deals. Wall Rx and Groovebook were the fortunate businesses that secured investments from the Sharks, with Robert Herjavec and Mark Cuban taking prominent roles in these successful deals.

The investment amount of $300,000 reflects the Sharks’ belief in the potential of these businesses and their confidence in the entrepreneurs’ visions. This substantial investment demonstrates the value that the Sharks saw in Wall Rx’s innovative wall patching solution and Groovebook’s convenient photo printing service.

Wall Rx, developed by Dr. Jim Lewis, attracted the attention of multiple Sharks, showcasing its success as a highly sought-after product. Ultimately, Robert Herjavec’s offer aligned with Dr. Lewis’s goals and led to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Groovebook, created by Brian and Julie Whiteman, capitalized on the growing demand for easy-to-use photo printing services. Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary recognized the potential of Groovebook and made a compelling investment deal, providing the Whitemans with the necessary funding to expand their business.


Q: What is Bounce Boot Camp?

A: Bounce Boot Camp is an innovative fitness routine that uses inflatable bounce houses as fitness equipment. It offers participants an intense workout program that combines fun and fitness.

Q: What was featured on Shark Tank about Bounce Boot Camp?

A: Bounce Boot Camp was featured on Shark Tank in Season 5. Despite not securing a deal, the Sharks provided valuable advice and encouragement to the founder, Thomas Hill.

Q: Did Bounce Boot Camp secure an investment on Shark Tank?

A: No, Bounce Boot Camp did not secure an investment on Shark Tank, but the founder, Thomas Hill, received valuable advice from the Sharks.

Q: What is the main concept of Bounce Boot Camp?

A: Bounce Boot Camp aims to engage both children and adults in a high-energy fitness routine using inflatable bounce houses and other exercise stations.

Q: Who were the Sharks in the episode featuring Bounce Boot Camp?

A: The Sharks in the episode featuring Bounce Boot Camp were Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Mark Cuban.

Q: What other businesses were featured in this episode?

A: Aside from Bounce Boot Camp, the episode also featured Wall Doctor RX, Eyebloc, and Groovebook.

Q: Did any other businesses secure deals on Shark Tank in this episode?

A: Yes, Groovebook, a photo printing service, secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.

Q: Did Wall Doctor RX secure an investment on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Wall Doctor RX, a patch for repairing holes in walls, received multiple offers from the Sharks, and ultimately secured a deal with Robert Herjavec.

Q: What was the outcome for Eyebloc on Shark Tank?

A: Eyebloc, a cover for laptop webcams, did not secure an investment on Shark Tank due to low sales and the Sharks pointing out cheaper alternatives.

Q: What was the highlight of the episode featuring Bounce Boot Camp?

A: The highlight of the episode was the camaraderie and playful banter between Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John during the Bounce Boot Camp segment.

Q: Can you share any memorable quotes from the episode?

A: Daymond John commented, “I think I ripped my trousers. But I’m good,” after participating in the Bounce Boot Camp. Robert Herjavec’s statement, “It got a little confusing there,” during a negotiation with Dr. Jim Lewis, also added some humor to the episode.

Q: Which Sharks participated in this episode?

A: The Sharks who participated in this episode were Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Mark Cuban.

Q: What was the total investment in this episode?

A: The total investment in this episode was 0,000, with deals made for Wall Doctor RX and Groovebook.

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