BootayBag Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

BootayBag, a women’s underwear subscription box business, made a memorable appearance on Shark Tank in episode 1202. Founded by Elly Gheno in 2015, BootayBag aims to revolutionize the way women shop for underwear by offering a convenient and stylish subscription service. For just $15 a month, subscribers receive 2 matching sets of bras and panties, delivering a delightful surprise to their doorstep every month.

What sets BootayBag apart is not only its commitment to providing high-quality underwear but also its dedication to giving back. Elly also donates underwear to organizations that support women in need, making a positive social impact. With its unique concept and impressive growth, BootayBag caught the attention of the Sharks on Shark Tank.

During the pitch, Elly shared that BootayBag has generated $3 million in sales in 2020 alone, with a lifetime revenue of $15 million. The Sharks were impressed by the business model and the potential for further expansion. Ultimately, Elly secured a deal with Kendra Scott, who offered $500,000 for 10% of the company.

If you’re curious about BootayBag’s journey on Shark Tank and how the business has fared since then, continue reading to discover more about their story, customer reviews, social impact, and future plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • BootayBag offers a convenient and stylish underwear subscription service for women.
  • Subscribers receive 2 matching sets of bras and panties for $15 per month.
  • BootayBag has donated underwear to organizations supporting women in need.
  • Elly secured a deal with Kendra Scott on Shark Tank, receiving $500,000 for 10% of the company.
  • Customer reviews praise the convenience, quality, and style of BootayBag’s subscription service.

BootayBag Shark Tank

The Story of BootayBag

BootayBag is the brainchild of Elly Gheno, who founded the company in 2015 with the mission to revolutionize the way women shop for underwear. Understanding that many women find this task to be a chore, Elly set out to create a subscription service that would make the experience more convenient and enjoyable.

BootayBag offers a monthly subscription for $15, which includes two matching sets of bras and panties. Customers can customize their subscription by adding extra undies to their monthly order or opting for a one-set-per-month option for $10. With options tailored to individual preferences, BootayBag ensures that each customer receives the perfect lingerie selection every month.

Elly’s vision for BootayBag extends beyond providing stylish underwear. She aims to create a supportive community where women can discuss women’s issues, share stories, and empower each other. Through their subscription, customers not only receive a curated collection of lingerie but also gain access to a network of like-minded individuals.

BootayBag Subscription Options

BootayBag offers flexible subscription options to suit different preferences and needs. Customers can choose between the following:

  • Monthly subscription: $15 per month for 2 matching sets of bras and panties
  • One set per month subscription: $10 per month

BootayBag also allows customers to add extra undies to their monthly order for an additional cost, ensuring that each subscription is tailored to individual style and preferences.

Building a Community

BootayBag strives to foster a community of women who share common interests and experiences. Through their subscription service, customers gain access to an online platform where they can engage in discussions, share advice, and support each other. BootayBag believes that building connections and empowering women is just as important as providing stylish lingerie.

BootayBag Features Benefits
Convenient monthly subscription Eliminates the hassle of shopping for new underwear
Curated collection of stylish lingerie Ensures that each customer receives quality and fashionable underwear
Customizable options Allows customers to tailor their subscription to their preferences
Engaging community platform Enables women to connect, share stories, and support each other

BootayBag has successfully disrupted the traditional underwear shopping experience by offering a convenient subscription service and creating a community that goes beyond lingerie. As the company continues to grow, its commitment to empowering women remains at the forefront.

The Shark Tank Pitch

When Elly entered the Shark Tank, she was seeking $500,000 for 5% of her company. She explained her business model and showcased samples of her products to the Sharks. Elly shared that the company had generated $3 million in sales year to date in 2020 and had a lifetime revenue of $15 million. The Sharks were impressed with her business and the potential for growth.

BootayBag Shark Tank

Elly’s pitch on Shark Tank was met with enthusiasm from the panel of investors. She successfully captured their attention and showcased the success and potential of BootayBag. The Sharks were impressed by the company’s financials, with $3 million in sales just in the current year and a lifetime revenue of $15 million. This demonstrated the market demand for a convenient and stylish underwear subscription service like BootayBag.

“BootayBag’s sales and revenue numbers are impressive. This subscription model has a lot of potential in today’s market.”

– Shark Tank Investor

The Sharks recognized the unique value proposition of BootayBag and the strong potential for growth. Elly’s presentation highlighted the convenience, style, and community aspect of BootayBag, which resonated with the panel. The success of her pitch ultimately led to securing a deal with one of the Sharks, providing the necessary funding and expertise to propel BootayBag forward.

Stay tuned to discover the deals and updates that followed Elly’s successful pitch on Shark Tank!

The Deals and Updates

After some negotiation, BootayBag founder, Elly Gheno, successfully secured a deal with Kendra Scott on Shark Tank. Kendra offered $500,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. Elly eagerly accepted this offer, recognizing the enormous value that Kendra could bring to BootayBag as an ambassador.

Since the show aired, BootayBag has experienced remarkable growth and achieved various milestones. Elly’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to providing women with stylish and convenient underwear options have driven the company’s success.

In line with BootayBag’s mission to empower women, Elly has expanded the product line beyond bras and panties. The brand now offers a wide range of apparel, including bodysuits, dresses, corsets, shorts, and leggings. This expansion caters to the diverse fashion preferences and needs of the BootayBag community.

BootayBag’s commitment to quality and style has resonated with customers, resulting in lifetime revenue of over $12 million. The brand continues to evolve and innovate, staying true to its core values while embracing opportunities for growth.

BootayBag Deals and Updates

BootayBag’s Product Line Expansion

BootayBag’s expansion into apparel reflects the brand’s commitment to providing women with a comprehensive selection of stylish and comfortable clothing options. Here are some of the new product categories offered by BootayBag:

Categories Description
Bodysuits Figure-flattering one-piece garments suitable for various occasions.
Dresses Chic and versatile dresses perfect for any fashion-forward woman.
Corsets Sculpting garments that enhance the waistline and create an hourglass figure.
Shorts Stylish and comfortable shorts ideal for casual and active wear.
Leggings Lightweight and breathable leggings designed for comfort and style.

BootayBag’s commitment to providing its customers with a wide range of high-quality products has been instrumental in the brand’s continued success.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

BootayBag has received rave reviews from satisfied customers who appreciate the convenience and quality of the subscription service. People love the stylish designs and the comfortable fit of the underwear, making BootayBag their go-to choice for upgrading their underwear collection.

But it’s not just the great products that customers love. BootayBag has also created a strong online community where customers can connect, share their experiences, and discuss important women’s issues. This community fosters a sense of belonging and empowers women to support and uplift each other.

Here’s what some BootayBag customers have to say:

“I can’t say enough good things about BootayBag! The underwear is super cute, and the quality is top-notch. I love that I get a matching set every month. Plus, the community is amazing!” – Sarah

“I’ve been a BootayBag subscriber for over a year now, and I can’t imagine going back to buying underwear the old way. The subscription service is so convenient, and the underwear is seriously the comfiest I’ve ever worn.” – Emily

The Power of Customer Feedback

BootayBag values customer feedback and actively listens to its community to continuously improve its offerings. By taking into account customer preferences and suggestions, BootayBag ensures that its products and designs perfectly align with what customers want and need.

Moreover, this open and collaborative approach has helped foster a sense of loyalty among customers. When customers feel heard and valued, they are more likely to stay loyal to a brand and recommend it to others.

Join the BootayBag Community

If you’re tired of boring and uncomfortable underwear, it’s time to join the BootayBag revolution. Experience the convenience, comfort, and style of this popular subscription service by visiting the BootayBag website and choosing a subscription plan that suits your preferences.

And remember, BootayBag isn’t just about underwear. It’s about being part of a community of confident and empowered women. Join the conversation, share your feedback, and embrace the power of BootayBag.

BootayBag underwear

BootayBag’s Social Impact

In addition to providing a convenient and stylish underwear subscription service, BootayBag is dedicated to making a positive difference in the community. Founder Elly Gheno understands the importance of giving back and has partnered with organizations like The Undies Project and Period Kits to donate underwear to women in shelters. This charitable initiative ensures that women in need have access to essential items that support their well-being and dignity.

BootayBag also goes beyond philanthropy by serving as a platform for women to connect, discuss important issues, and support each other. The brand fosters a sense of community among its subscribers, creating an empowering environment where women can share experiences, seek advice, and uplift one another.

As a BootayBag ambassador, customers not only get to enjoy the benefits of the subscription service but also contribute to the larger social impact the brand is making. By supporting BootayBag, individuals actively participate in helping women in shelters and being part of a community that promotes unity and empowerment.

BootayBag ambassador

BootayBag’s Social Impact Benefits
Donations to women in shelters – Provides essential items to those in need
– Supports well-being and dignity
Community engagement – Platform for women to connect and support each other
– Encourages open conversations on important issues

BootayBag in the Media

BootayBag has garnered significant media attention, with its unique concept and stylish lingerie offerings capturing the interest of various publications and online platforms. The brand has been featured in articles and blog posts, showcasing the convenience and fashion-forwardness of its subscription service. Notably, BootayBag’s appearance on Shark Tank has attracted considerable buzz, leading to coverage on the Shark Tank Blog.

The media coverage has highlighted BootayBag’s commitment to providing women with a convenient and stylish way to shop for lingerie. The brand’s monthly subscription service, priced at $15, includes 2 sets of matching bras and panties, offering customers the opportunity to refresh their lingerie collection regularly. BootayBag’s attention to detail in curating fashionable pieces has struck a chord with customers, who have enthusiastically shared their positive experiences on social media.

BootayBag lingerie

BootayBag’s appeal extends beyond lingerie. The brand also offers a range of bikini sets, allowing customers to stay stylish and confident at the beach or by the pool. With its curated selection of lingerie and swimwear, BootayBag has become a go-to choice for those seeking quality and fashionable intimates.

The Future of BootayBag

With the success and growth of BootayBag, the future looks bright for the company. Elly Gheno, the founder, is dedicated to expanding the product line and exploring new opportunities for collaborations and partnerships. BootayBag strives to continuously provide women with a convenient and stylish underwear subscription service that exceeds their expectations.

One exciting aspect of BootayBag’s future is the availability of discount codes. These codes allow customers to enjoy exclusive savings on their subscriptions, making it even more affordable to stay stylish and comfortable with BootayBag. Keep an eye out for these special discount codes to enhance your shopping experience.

BootayBag also offers an ambassador program, allowing customers to become brand ambassadors and share their love for the brand. As an ambassador, you can earn rewards while spreading the word about BootayBag to your friends, family, and social media followers. It’s a fantastic way to be part of the BootayBag community and enjoy the perks of being a brand ambassador.

Testimonials from BootayBag Customers:

“I love being a BootayBag ambassador! Not only do I get to wear gorgeous lingerie, but I also get rewarded for sharing my love for the brand. It’s a win-win!” – Amanda

“BootayBag’s discount codes have saved me so much money. I can’t believe I get such beautiful underwear delivered to my doorstep at such an affordable price.” – Sarah

BootayBag Future Plans:

BootayBag is always looking forward to new exciting projects and expansion opportunities. Some future plans include:

  1. Collaborations with renowned designers to create limited-edition collections.
  2. Adding more diverse options to their lingerie collection to ensure inclusivity.
  3. Expanding internationally to bring the convenience and style of BootayBag to women worldwide.

Stay tuned for these incredible developments as BootayBag continues to revolutionize the way women shop for lingerie.

Future Plans Timeline
Collaborations with renowned designers Next year
Diverse lingerie options Ongoing
International expansion Within the next two years

BootayBag lingerie

BootayBag’s Impact on the Underwear Industry

BootayBag has revolutionized the way women shop for underwear by introducing a convenient subscription service. Instead of spending time and effort browsing through stores, women can now have stylish and comfortable underwear delivered to their doorstep every month. This innovative approach has been met with great enthusiasm, as women appreciate the convenience and surprise of receiving new sets of bras and panties on a regular basis.

One key aspect that sets BootayBag apart is its commitment to inclusivity. The brand recognizes that every woman is unique, and therefore offers a wide range of sizes and styles to cater to different preferences. Whether it’s thongs, briefs, lacy designs, or more practical options, BootayBag ensures that there is something for everyone.

This disruptive approach to the underwear industry has not gone unnoticed. BootayBag’s success has inspired other companies to rethink their models and prioritize customer convenience and choice. The rise of underwear subscription services has created a new wave of options for women, allowing them to discover new brands and styles without the hassle of traditional shopping.

By combining convenience, style, and inclusivity, BootayBag has not only made underwear shopping easier and more enjoyable for women but has also reshaped the industry as a whole.

How to Get Started with BootayBag

If you’re ready to upgrade your underwear game, getting started with BootayBag is simple. Just visit their website and choose a subscription plan that aligns with your preferences. With the standard monthly subscription, priced at $15, you’ll receive two matching sets of bras and panties. Alternatively, you can opt for the one set per month option, available at $10.

Occasionally, BootayBag offers discount codes that can be applied to your subscription, allowing you to save on your monthly deliveries. Be sure to keep an eye out for these discounts to get even more value from your subscription.

By joining the BootayBag community, you’ll gain access to stylish and comfortable underwear that is conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Visit the website today to experience the unmatched combination of convenience, style, and affordability that BootayBag offers.


Q: What is BootayBag?

A: BootayBag is a women’s underwear subscription box business that offers a convenient and stylish way to shop for underwear. It was founded by Elly Gheno in 2015.

Q: How much does BootayBag subscription cost?

A: The monthly subscription for BootayBag costs and includes 2 matching sets of bras and panties. Customers can also opt for a one set per month option for .

Q: What other products does BootayBag offer?

A: In addition to underwear, BootayBag also offers bodysuits, dresses, corsets, shorts, and leggings.

Q: How much revenue has BootayBag generated?

A: BootayBag has generated million in sales year to date in 2020 and has a lifetime revenue of over million.

Q: Does BootayBag offer additional discounts?

A: Yes, BootayBag occasionally offers discount codes that can be used to save on the subscription.

Q: How can I become a BootayBag ambassador?

A: You can become a BootayBag ambassador by applying through their website. Ambassadors earn rewards for sharing their love for the brand.

Q: Does BootayBag have a social impact?

A: Yes, BootayBag is committed to giving back to the community by donating underwear to women in shelters. They have partnered with organizations like The Undies Project and Period Kits.

Q: Where can I read customer reviews for BootayBag?

A: You can find customer reviews and feedback for BootayBag on their website and through their social media channels.

Q: Has BootayBag been featured in the media?

A: Yes, BootayBag has been featured in various articles and blog posts, including coverage on the Shark Tank Blog.

Q: What is the future of BootayBag?

A: BootayBag continues to expand its product line and explore new collaborations and partnerships. The focus remains on providing women with a convenient and stylish underwear subscription service.

Q: How can I get started with BootayBag?

A: To get started with BootayBag, simply visit their website and choose a subscription plan that suits your preferences.

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