Body Jac Shark Tank

Body Jac Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

In episode 5 of Shark Tank, entrepreneur “Cactus” Jack Barrington introduces his innovative fitness product, the Body Jac, to the Sharks. The Body Jac is a game-changing push-up system that utilizes adjustable bands to make push-ups easier and allows users to customize their workouts to target specific muscle groups. Inspired by Barrington’s entrepreneurial successes, he seeks a partnership with the Sharks to propel the Body Jac to new heights.

As seen on Shark Tank, the Body Jac received mixed reactions from the panel of Sharks. Despite the challenges faced by the company post-show, the Body Jac has made its mark in the fitness world and has been credited with transforming the way people approach push-ups and strength training.

Body Jac Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • The Body Jac is a revolutionary fitness product that uses adjustable bands to enhance push-up performance.
  • Entrepreneur “Cactus” Jack Barrington pitched the Body Jac in episode 5 of Shark Tank.
  • The Body Jac offers customizable workouts to target specific muscle groups and make push-ups easier.
  • The Sharks had mixed reactions to the Body Jac pitch but ultimately struck a deal with Daymond John.
  • While the company faced challenges post-show, the Body Jac has had a positive impact on fitness and has garnered a following of devoted users.

About Cactus Jack Barrington and His Journey

Cactus Jack Barrington is a lifelong entrepreneur and the creator of the Body Jac. Prior to the Body Jac, Barrington achieved remarkable success with his innovative product, the One Shot cleaning tablet. Selling over 10 million units, Barrington’s entrepreneurial prowess earned him a prominent reputation in the business world.

Barrington enters the Shark Tank with the same confidence and presence that made him a Texas tycoon. Accompanied by his daughter, a personal trainer, they demonstrate the Body Jac and its effectiveness to the Sharks. Barrington seeks a partnership that not only benefits the Body Jac but also propels his overall business ventures to new heights.

“I believe in the American dream, and I will stop at nothing to turn my visions into reality.” – Cactus Jack Barrington

Body Jac Shark Tank Pitch

In his Shark Tank pitch, Cactus Jack Barrington presents his business opportunity to the panel of esteemed Shark Tank Sharks. Barrington seeks a $180,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in his company. He emphasizes that the Sharks are not just investing in the Body Jac, but in him as an experienced entrepreneur. With a track record of both success and failure in previous ventures, Barrington is looking for a strategic partner who understands the risks and rewards of the fitness industry.

During his pitch, Barrington highlights the unique features and benefits of the Body Jac, positioning it as a revolutionary fitness product that will disrupt the market. He showcases the potential for growth and scalability, emphasizing the demand for innovative exercise equipment that provides customizable workouts targeting specific muscle groups.

To support his investment ask, Barrington showcases the market potential for the Body Jac, backed by market research and consumer demand. He shares testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced positive results and transformative changes in their fitness journeys through the use of the Body Jac.

Shark Tank Sharks

The presentation captures the attention of the Sharks, who are impressed with Barrington’s confidence and passion for his product. They recognize the potential of the Body Jac and engage in a lively discussion, evaluating the investment opportunity and its alignment with their individual expertise and business portfolios.

The Sharks’ Response

Upon hearing Cactus Jack Barrington’s pitch for the Body Jac, the Sharks had mixed reactions and offered varying deals.

Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary was not impressed with Barrington’s equity offering and decided to pass on the opportunity.

Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec echoed O’Leary’s concerns and also decided to pass on investing in the Body Jac.

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington saw potential in the Body Jac and offered Barrington $90,000 for 50% equity in the company. However, Barrington needed another Shark to match the investment.

Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran recognized the potential of the Body Jac and offered to invest the remaining $90,000. However, she had a condition for Barrington – he had to use the Body Jac to lose 30 pounds.

Daymond John

Daymond John saw great potential in the Body Jac and presented an offer to invest the full $180,000. However, he wanted a comprehensive partnership with Barrington.

“I believe in you, Jack, and I want to see this product succeed. Let’s work together to make it happen,” said Daymond John during his offer.

Ultimately, the decision was in Barrington’s hands, and he had to evaluate the offers and choose the best path forward for the Body Jac.

Sharks in Shark Tank

Barrington’s Decision and Deal

After considering the offers on the table, Cactus Jack Barrington comes to a momentous decision regarding the future of the Body Jac. In a move that solidifies the product’s path to success, Barrington accepts the offer from the esteemed Shark Tank investor, Daymond John. John agrees to invest the full $180,000 in exchange for a comprehensive partnership with Barrington.

This decision marks a significant milestone for both Barrington and the Body Jac, as it secures the financial support and expertise needed to propel the product to new heights. The partnership with Daymond John opens doors to valuable resources, connections, and guidance that will help optimize the Body Jac’s potential.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Daymond John,” said Barrington. “His track record of success and his passion for entrepreneurship make him the ideal partner for taking the Body Jac to the next level.”

Barbara Corcoran, another Shark Tank investor, can’t help but show her excitement and extends a high-five to Barrington, acknowledging the significance of this deal. With John’s investment and expertise, the future looks bright for the Body Jac and its journey towards reaching a wider audience and transforming the fitness industry.

Barrington's Decision and Deal

Comparison of Offers

Shark Investment Amount Equity Stake
Kevin O’Leary No offer N/A
Robert Herjavec No offer N/A
Kevin Harrington $90,000 50%
Barbara Corcoran $90,000 Conditional offer
Daymond John $180,000 Comprehensive partnership

Body Jac Update and Success

After striking a deal with Daymond John, Cactus Jack Barrington successfully fulfilled Barbara Corcoran’s condition and lost 30 pounds using the Body Jac. This achievement was highlighted in an update segment on episode 113 of Shark Tank. Kevin Harrington took Barrington to a major infomercial trade show and produced infomercials that propelled the Body Jac to success. The progress and success of the Body Jac deal were also featured in an update on episode 206.

Body Jac Update

Episode Body Jac Update
Episode 113 Cactus Jack Barrington’s weight loss achievement using the Body Jac is showcased.
Episode 206 The success and progress of the Body Jac deal are featured.

Mixed Reviews and Company Status

Despite its initial success after striking a deal on Shark Tank, the Body Jac faced a series of challenges that led to mixed reviews and an uncertain company status. One notable criticism came from Barbara Corcoran, who publicly declared the Body Jac deal as one of the worst she had ever done, accusing entrepreneur Cactus Jack of taking all her money.

As negative reviews began to surface, the Body Jac’s reputation suffered. Users expressed various concerns about the product’s effectiveness and durability, leading to a loss of consumer confidence. Additionally, issues within the partnership between Cactus Jack and the Sharks further contributed to the company’s downfall.

“The Body Jac deal was one of the worst I’ve done, and Cactus Jack took all my money.” – Barbara Corcoran

The negative feedback and internal challenges took a toll on the Body Jac’s overall business. As a result, the company’s website was eventually taken down, leaving customers unable to purchase the product or access additional information. Furthermore, recent reports suggest that as of July 2021, the company is out of business, indicating a complete collapse of the once-promising fitness venture.

It is important to note that despite the Body Jac’s failure, many lessons can be learned from this experience in terms of product development, partnerships, and market viability.

Body Jac Company Information

The official Body Jac brand, also known as “Get Jacked,” once had an active online presence consisting of a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and marketing videos. However, as of early 2015, Cactus Jack Barrington, the creator of the Body Jac, runs his own marketing company, and the Body Jac is no longer available for sale. The official website is no longer active, and it appears that the company’s social media presence has been discontinued.

Despite its absence from the current fitness market, the Body Jac left a lasting impact during its active years. The innovative product garnered attention and interest for its unique approach to making push-ups easier and targeting specific muscle groups.


“The Body Jac revolutionized the way people approached push-ups and their fitness routines. Its customizable design allowed individuals to adapt their workouts to their specific goals and needs.” – Fitness Enthusiast Magazine

Body Jac Company Information:

Company Name Official Website Social Media Presence
Get Jacked No longer active Discontinued

Although the Body Jac Company’s online presence may no longer exist, it is important to recognize the impact it made in the fitness industry. The Body Jac provided fitness enthusiasts with a unique workout experience, and its absence leaves a void for those who benefited from its innovative approach to exercise.

Body Jac Company Logo

Recap of Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 5

In addition to the Body Jac, episode 5 of Shark Tank Season 1 featured several other companies seeking investments from the Sharks. These included My Therapy Journal, Granola Gourmet, Good Grief Celebrations, and Creative Blok. Each company presented their unique products or services to the Sharks in hopes of securing deals.

Company Product/Service
My Therapy Journal Online platform for mental health journals and therapy resources
Granola Gourmet Healthy and delicious granola bars with unique flavors
Good Grief Celebrations Customized event planning services for celebrations of life
Creative Blok Subscription box service for art supplies and creative projects

Each company presented their pitches with enthusiasm and showcased the potential of their products. The Sharks evaluated the opportunities, asked probing questions, and made compelling offers. While not all of the featured companies secured deals, their appearances on Shark Tank provided valuable exposure and opportunities for growth.

Shark Tank Season 1 Overview

Shark Tank Season 1 premiered on August 9, 2009, and concluded on February 5, 2010, with a total of 14 episodes. This groundbreaking season captivated audiences as aspiring entrepreneurs showcased their innovative products and business ideas to a panel of seasoned investors known as the Sharks.

The first season featured a formidable lineup of sharks, including Kevin Harrington, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Robert Herjavec. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise, these successful entrepreneurs evaluated each pitch and deliberated on whether to invest their own hard-earned money into the presented ventures.

Over the course of the season, more than 50 different companies graced the Shark Tank stage. Each entrepreneur eagerly sought the opportunity to secure an investment deal that would spark growth and catapult their business to new heights. The panel of sharks meticulously analyzed the potential profitability and feasibility of each venture, offering valuable insights and probing questions.

Shark Tank Season 1 showcased the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship, revealing the raw realities of starting and scaling a business. The show became a platform for both aspiring entrepreneurs and viewers alike, providing inspiration, education, and entertainment.

As each episode unfolded, viewers witnessed the transformative power of a successful pitch, the negotiations that unfolded, and the impact of securing a deal with one of the esteemed sharks. This season set the stage for future seasons of Shark Tank, solidifying its place as a cultural phenomenon and a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

Body Jac’s Impact on Fitness

The Body Jac is a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment that is designed to have a positive impact on fitness. With its unique design and customization abilities, it aims to make push-ups easier and allow users to target specific muscle groups. This innovative workout tool offers numerous benefits that can enhance overall fitness and help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

One of the main benefits of using the Body Jac is increased strength. The resistance provided by the bands helps to challenge the muscles during push-ups, leading to greater muscle activation and ultimately, increased strength. Additionally, the ability to adjust the resistance level allows users to gradually progress and continue challenging their muscles as they become stronger.

Improved muscle tone is another advantage of incorporating the Body Jac into a workout routine. By targeting specific muscle groups during push-ups, users can effectively tone and sculpt their muscles. With regular use, the Body Jac can help individuals achieve a lean and defined physique.

Many users of the Body Jac have reported positive results, including weight loss and improved body composition. The combination of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise provided by the Body Jac workout can help individuals burn calories and shed unwanted pounds. This, combined with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, can lead to significant weight loss and improved overall fitness.

Furthermore, the Body Jac has been a game-changer for many individuals, leading to increased confidence and improved self-esteem. The ability to perform push-ups with greater ease and see tangible progress in strength and physique can boost self-confidence and motivate individuals to continue their fitness journey.

In conclusion, the Body Jac exercise equipment offers a unique and effective way to improve fitness levels. With its ability to make push-ups easier, target specific muscle groups, and provide numerous physical and psychological benefits, the Body Jac has garnered success stories from many individuals. Whether the goal is to increase strength, tone muscles, lose weight, or boost confidence, the Body Jac can be a valuable tool in achieving these fitness goals and living a healthier, fitter lifestyle.


Q: What is the Body Jac?

A: The Body Jac is a push-up system that uses a series of bands to make push-ups easier and allows for customization of the workout to target specific muscle groups.

Q: Who is Cactus Jack Barrington?

A: Cactus Jack Barrington is the creator of the Body Jac and a lifelong entrepreneur. He achieved success with the One Shot cleaning tablet before launching the Body Jac.

Q: How much did Cactus Jack Barrington ask for in his Shark Tank pitch?

A: Cactus Jack Barrington asked for a 0,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity in his company.

Q: How did the Sharks respond to Cactus Jack Barrington’s pitch?

A: Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec passed on the opportunity. Kevin Harrington offered ,000 for 50% equity, and Barbara Corcoran offered the remaining ,000 with the condition that Barrington use the Body Jac to lose 30 pounds. Daymond John offered the full 0,000 but wanted a comprehensive partnership.

Q: What deal did Cactus Jack Barrington accept?

A: Cactus Jack Barrington accepted Daymond John’s offer of the full 0,000 in exchange for a comprehensive partnership.

Q: Did Cactus Jack Barrington fulfill Barbara Corcoran’s condition?

A: Yes, Cactus Jack Barrington successfully fulfilled Barbara Corcoran’s condition by losing 30 pounds using the Body Jac.

Q: What updates were featured on Shark Tank regarding the Body Jac?

A: The progress and success of the Body Jac deal were showcased in update segments on episodes 113 and 206 of Shark Tank.

Q: Were there any issues with the Body Jac after the Shark Tank deal?

A: Yes, there were reports of mixed reviews and issues with the partnership. Barbara Corcoran publicly stated that the Body Jac deal was one of the worst she had ever done. The company is now reported to be out of business.

Q: What is the current status of the Body Jac company?

A: As of July 2021, the company is reported to be out of business. The official website and social media presence have been discontinued.

Q: What other companies were featured in Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 5?

A: Companies such as My Therapy Journal, Granola Gourmet, Good Grief Celebrations, and Creative Blok were also featured in the episode.

Q: When did Shark Tank Season 1 premiere and conclude?

A: Shark Tank Season 1 premiered on August 9, 2009, and concluded on February 5, 2010, with a total of 14 episodes.

Q: How did the Body Jac impact fitness?

A: The Body Jac aims to have a positive impact on fitness by making push-ups easier and allowing users to target specific muscle groups. Users have reported benefits such as increased strength, improved muscle tone, and enhanced overall fitness. Many success stories have emerged, showcasing the effectiveness of the Body Jac in achieving fitness goals.

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