Blueland Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Blueland, the renowned brand for eco-friendly cleaning products, recently made an impactful appearance on Shark Tank. Their sustainable cleaning solutions and dedication to zero waste cleaning caught the attention of the Sharks and viewers alike. Blueland offers a range of innovative, plastic-free cleaning products that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

During their audition on Shark Tank, Blueland presented their Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray, Glass + Mirror Spray, Bathroom Spray, and Foaming Hand Soap. Their pitch focused on the urgent need to eliminate single-use plastic packaging in the cleaning and personal care industry, a mission that resonated strongly with the panel of Sharks.

Their innovative concept of using dissolvable refill tablets and reusable bottles impressed the Sharks and showcased Blueland’s commitment to reducing plastic waste. Let’s delve into the details of Blueland’s Shark Tank audition, the deals they received, and the impact they have made in the sustainable living space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blueland showcased their eco-friendly cleaning products on Shark Tank, aiming to eliminate single-use plastic packaging.
  • Their range of products includes Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray, Glass + Mirror Spray, Bathroom Spray, and Foaming Hand Soap.
  • Blueland’s mission and dedication to sustainability resonated with the Sharks, leading to multiple investment offers.
  • Daniel Lubetzky and Lori Greiner offered one million dollars for a 25% stake, while Kevin O’Leary offered $270,000 for 6%.
  • Blueland ultimately accepted Kevin O’Leary’s offer, reflecting their strategic decision-making and commitment to growth.

The Blueland Shark Tank Audition and Preparation

Blueland’s audition for Shark Tank was a crucial step in showcasing their mission to eliminate single-use plastic packaging in cleaning and personal care products. Prior to their appearance on the show, the Blueland team meticulously prepared to make a lasting impression on both the Sharks and the viewers.

To ensure they were well-prepared, the Blueland team took several key steps. Firstly, they binge-watched previous episodes of Shark Tank, studying the successful pitches and the overall format of the show. By familiarizing themselves with the strategies that worked for other entrepreneurs, they gained valuable insights into what might resonate with the Sharks.

Additionally, the Blueland team practiced their pitch extensively. They honed their delivery, making sure they effectively conveyed their passion and commitment to eliminating single-use plastics. They rehearsed their pitch with each other and their team, refining it to perfection.

Moreover, Blueland conducted thorough research on the Sharks themselves. They studied the investment backgrounds and areas of expertise of each Shark, enabling them to tailor their pitch and anticipate potential questions or concerns.

By preparing diligently and approaching their audition with a well-rehearsed and compelling pitch, Blueland demonstrated their commitment to their mission of eliminating single-use plastic packaging.

Blueland Shark Tank

Key Preparation Steps:

  • Binge-watched previous episodes of Shark Tank
  • Studied the successful pitches and show format
  • Practiced pitch extensively with team
  • Researched the Sharks’ backgrounds and investment preferences

Blueland’s Mission:

“Our mission is to eliminate single-use plastic packaging in cleaning and personal care products, providing a sustainable solution for a cleaner future.”

Blueland On Set For Shark Tank

Blueland had the opportunity to showcase their innovative products on the renowned television show Shark Tank. The founders, Sarah Paiji Yoo and Syed Naqvi, confidently pitched their eco-friendly cleaning solutions to the panel of Sharks.

The Sharks, known for their tough questioning and scrutiny, put Blueland’s products to the test. They examined the effectiveness, quality, and potential market demand for Blueland’s offerings.

After their pitch, the Blueland team eagerly awaited the offers from the Sharks. This period of anticipation allowed them to mentally prepare for different negotiation scenarios. They strategized and discussed potential outcomes, ensuring they were ready to navigate the negotiation process with finesse.

Appearing on Shark Tank was a significant milestone for Blueland. It provided them with a platform to showcase their mission, gain valuable exposure, and potentially secure a lucrative deal to fuel their growth.

The Sharks’ Verdict

During the pitch, the Sharks expressed interest in Blueland’s eco-friendly products and their potential to disrupt the cleaning industry. However, they also raised critical questions and concerns about the market competition, scalability, and product pricing.

Blueland’s founders effectively addressed the Sharks’ inquiries, demonstrating their deep understanding of the market and their commitment to providing sustainable cleaning solutions.

As the negotiation progressed, Blueland had the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and insights from the Sharks. The founders skillfully navigated the negotiation process, leveraging their knowledge and passion to present a compelling case.

Ultimately, the outcome of the negotiation and the Sharks’ investment decisions will have a significant impact on Blueland’s future growth and success.

Shark Feedback
Mark Cuban “I see the potential in Blueland’s products, but I’m concerned about the competitive landscape. I’m willing to offer valuable mentorship and guidance.”
Barbara Corcoran “Blueland’s mission resonates with me, and I believe in their ability to disrupt the industry. I’m prepared to make an offer and support their growth.”
Daymond John “I appreciate Blueland’s commitment to sustainability, but I need more evidence of their market demand and scalability before making an offer.”
Kevin O’Leary “Blueland, you’ve impressed me with your dedication to sustainability. I’m willing to invest in your company and help you scale.”
Lori Greiner “I believe in the potential of Blueland’s products, but I have concerns about their production costs. I’m prepared to offer a deal if we can address these challenges.”

Blueland Shark Tank Deal

In their appearance on Shark Tank, Blueland received offers from three prominent Sharks: Daniel Lubetzky, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary. After an intense negotiation, a deal was struck that would propel Blueland’s growth and solidify their position in the market.

Daniel Lubetzky and Lori Greiner’s Investment Offer

Daniel Lubetzky, the founder of KIND Snacks, and Lori Greiner, the ‘Queen of QVC,’ both recognized the potential of Blueland’s eco-friendly cleaning products and offered to invest $1 million in the company. However, their offer came with the condition of a 25% stake in Blueland.

Kevin O’Leary’s Counter Offer

Known for his calculated investments, Kevin O’Leary presented an alternative proposal to Blueland. He offered $270,000 for a 6% stake in the company, valuing Blueland at $4.5 million. While his offer was smaller in terms of financial investment, Kevin O’Leary’s business acumen and expertise became invaluable for the founders.

Blueland saw an opportunity to maximize their growth potential and countered Kevin’s offer. They proposed a 3% stake in the company for $270,000, along with a royalty agreement.

Ultimately, Kevin O’Leary accepted Blueland’s counter offer, impressed by their innovative approach to reducing plastic waste and their commitment to sustainability.

Blueland Shark Tank Deal Summary

The Blueland Shark Tank deal was a pivotal moment for the company. Daniel Lubetzky, Lori Greiner, and Kevin O’Leary’s combined investment, along with Kevin’s guidance, allowed Blueland to accelerate their expansion plans and make an even greater impact on the cleaning industry.

Shark Investment Offer Stake in Blueland
Daniel Lubetzky $1 million 25%
Lori Greiner $1 million 25%
Kevin O’Leary $270,000 3%

Blueland Shark Tank Deal

This image depicts the exciting moment when Blueland secured their Shark Tank deal, marking the beginning of a prosperous partnership.

Blueland Shark Tank Update

The Blueland team emerged victorious from their appearance on Shark Tank, securing a deal with renowned investor Kevin O’Leary. The partnership has propelled Blueland to new heights, driving significant revenue growth and positioning the company as a leader in sustainable cleaning products.

Following their successful pitch, Blueland closed the deal with Kevin O’Leary, which involved a strategic investment to further expand their operations. As a result, Blueland’s annual revenue skyrocketed to an impressive $6 million.

Building on their Shark Tank success, Blueland also raised an impressive $20 million in venture investments. This infusion of capital has enabled the company to accelerate their growth and continue innovating in the sustainable cleaning market.

Looking ahead, Blueland has set its sights on entering the retail market in 2023. This strategic move will allow them to reach a broader audience and make eco-friendly cleaning products more accessible to consumers nationwide.

Blueland Revenue Growth

Their partnership with Kevin O’Leary has been instrumental in driving Blueland’s revenue growth. The influx of capital, coupled with the company’s commitment to sustainable practices, has resonated with consumers who are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions.

Year Revenue
2020 $2 million
2021 $4 million
2022 $6 million

This remarkable revenue growth showcases the strong demand for Blueland’s innovative, eco-friendly cleaning products. With their continued focus on sustainability and expansion into retail markets on the horizon, the future looks bright for Blueland as they revolutionize the way we clean, all while helping save the planet.

Blueland Shark Tank Update

The Concept Behind Blueland

Sarah Paiji Yoo came up with the Blueland concept after reading about the harmful effects of microplastics in water. Inspired to make a change, Blueland offers a range of sustainable cleaning products that aim to reduce plastic waste.

One of the core principles of the Blueland concept is the elimination of single-use plastic packaging. They provide customers with reusable bottles and refill tablets, eliminating the need for constantly buying new plastic bottles. By offering a refillable system, Blueland promotes the use of sustainable cleaning products.

The goal is simple: to reduce plastic waste in the cleaning industry and create a more sustainable future. Blueland’s innovative approach empowers individuals to take small steps towards a cleaner environment.

Reduce plastic waste

The Blueland Concept in Action

  1. Customers purchase a Blueland forever bottle, made of durable materials that can be used repeatedly.
  2. The refill tablets, packed in compostable packaging, are specially formulated to dissolve when mixed with water in the forever bottle.
  3. By reusing the bottle and refilling it with the tablets, customers avoid contributing to the accumulation of plastic waste.
  4. Blueland’s range of cleaning products includes all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, window cleaners, and foaming hand soaps, enabling customers to maintain a clean home while supporting sustainable practices.

The Blueland concept not only makes a positive impact on the environment by reducing plastic waste but also delivers effective cleaning solutions. With their eco-friendly alternatives, Blueland is leading the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The Blueland Product Line

Blueland offers a wide range of innovative and eco-friendly cleaning products that are both effective and sustainable. Their product line includes:

  1. Bathroom Cleaner: Blueland’s bathroom cleaner is specially formulated to tackle tough grime and soap scum, leaving your bathroom surfaces sparkling clean.
  2. Window Cleaner: Say goodbye to streaky windows with Blueland’s window cleaner. It effortlessly removes dirt and smudges, giving you crystal-clear glass.
  3. All-Purpose Cleaner: Blueland’s all-purpose cleaner is a versatile solution that can be used to clean various surfaces throughout your home. From countertops to floors, this cleaner does it all.
  4. Hand Soap: Blueland’s foaming hand soap is gentle on your skin while effectively cleansing your hands. It comes in a variety of refreshing scents, making handwashing a pleasurable experience.

One of the key features of Blueland’s products is their unique “forever bottles” and dissolvable tablet system. Customers can purchase the durable, reusable bottles once and then simply refill them with dissolvable tablets. This not only saves money in the long run but also significantly reduces plastic waste.

Blueland’s products are designed to be cost-efficient without compromising on quality or effectiveness. They are committed to providing sustainable cleaning solutions without the use of single-use plastic packaging.

Take a look at Blueland’s product line:

Product Description
Bathroom Cleaner Specially formulated to tackle tough grime and soap scum in your bathroom.
Window Cleaner Effortlessly removes dirt and smudges to give you crystal-clear windows.
All-Purpose Cleaner A versatile solution for cleaning various surfaces throughout your home.
Hand Soap Gently cleanses your hands while leaving them feeling refreshed.

Blueland product line

Blueland’s product line provides a sustainable and effective alternative to traditional cleaning products. By choosing Blueland, you can make a positive impact on the environment and help reduce plastic waste.

Blueland’s Environmental Impact

Blueland’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their innovative cleaning products. The company is actively working to reduce plastic bottle waste and carbon emissions, making a significant environmental impact.

Plastic Bottle Reduction

Blueland estimates that their products have the potential to eliminate 100 billion plastic bottles in the USA alone. By offering refillable bottles and dissolvable tablets, Blueland eliminates the need for single-use plastic packaging. This initiative not only reduces plastic waste but also encourages consumers to adopt more sustainable practices.

Carbon Emissions Reduction

In addition to plastic bottle reduction, Blueland’s refill tablets also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. The tablets are lighter, smaller, and cheaper to ship compared to traditional cleaning products in bulky plastic containers. By optimizing the shipping process, Blueland minimizes carbon emissions and further reduces their environmental footprint.

Blueland's Environmental Impact

Blueland’s efforts to reduce plastic bottle waste and carbon emissions position them as pioneers in the eco-friendly cleaning industry. Their innovative approach not only benefits the environment but also inspires individuals to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

The Team Behind Blueland

Sarah Paiji Yoo and Syed Naqvi are the founders of Blueland, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the cleaning industry with sustainable and eco-friendly products. Sarah Paiji Yoo serves as the CEO and co-founder, bringing her expertise in retail entrepreneurship and sustainability to the business. Syed Naqvi joined Blueland to contribute his knowledge in patents and product development, playing a crucial role in bringing their innovative cleaning solutions to market.

Blueland’s founders recognized the urgent need to reduce single-use plastic waste and created a company that offers reusable bottles and dissolvable tablets as an alternative to traditional cleaning products packaged in plastic. Their mission to eliminate plastic waste resonated with consumers and investors alike, leading to successful fundraising efforts and partnerships.

Blueland secured $3 million in start-up capital from various investors, including notable names like Justin Timberlake. This financial support has allowed the company to grow rapidly and expand its product line, making sustainable cleaning solutions more accessible to consumers.

Founders Role
Sarah Paiji Yoo CEO and Co-founder
Syed Naqvi Co-founder

Blueland founders

Blueland’s Expansion and Success

Blueland has experienced tremendous growth and success since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company’s innovative approach to eco-friendly cleaning products has resonated with consumers, leading to significant revenue growth and opportunities for expansion.

Revenue Growth

Following their deal with Kevin O’Leary, Blueland’s annual revenue has reached an impressive $6 million. This success can be attributed to the increasing demand for sustainable cleaning solutions and the company’s commitment to reducing plastic waste.

Retail Partnerships

Blueland’s expansion plans include entering retail markets in 2023. The company has already formed partnerships with major retailers such as Target, Costco, and other industry leaders. These partnerships will allow Blueland to reach a wider audience and make their products more accessible to consumers.

Blueland's Expansion

“Blueland’s success has enabled us to pursue our goal of making sustainable cleaning products the norm. We are excited to partner with retailers who share our vision and help us reach even more households with our eco-friendly solutions.” – Sarah Paiji Yoo, CEO and Co-founder of Blueland

Blueland’s expansion into retail markets not only signifies their growth as a company but also their impact in promoting sustainable living. By offering customers a viable alternative to traditional cleaning products, Blueland is making it easier for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Sarah Paiji Yoo’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Sarah Paiji Yoo, the co-founder and CEO of Blueland, has embarked on an impressive entrepreneurial journey marked by her dedication to sustainability and innovation. Prior to starting Blueland, Yoo had already made a name for herself in the retail entrepreneurship and sustainable living space.

One of Yoo’s notable ventures before Blueland was Snapette, a mobile platform for local fashion shopping. As a co-founder, Yoo played a pivotal role in establishing Snapette as a leading app in the fashion industry. Her successful track record demonstrated her ability to identify consumer needs and create innovative solutions.

Yoo’s commitment to making a positive impact on the environment led her to start Blueland, a company focused on reducing plastic waste through sustainable cleaning products. Her mission to eliminate single-use plastic packaging and promote eco-conscious choices has gained recognition and acclaim.

Yoo’s entrepreneurial journey and the success of Blueland have been featured in notable publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Her innovative approach and dedication to creating sustainable solutions have made her a respected figure in the business world.

“I truly believe that businesses have the power to create positive change and make a difference in the world. Blueland is my way of contributing to a more sustainable future.” – Sarah Paiji Yoo

Through her previous ventures and current role at Blueland, Sarah Paiji Yoo continues to inspire others with her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to sustainable living.

Sarah Paiji Yoo's Entrepreneurial Journey

Blueland’s Impact on Sustainable Living

Blueland’s commitment to eco-friendly cleaning and reducing plastic waste has made a significant impact on sustainable living. Through their innovative approach to cleaning products, Blueland provides consumers with plastic-free alternatives that align with their environmentally conscious values.

By offering reusable bottles and dissolvable tablets, Blueland eliminates the need for single-use plastic packaging typically associated with cleaning supplies. This not only reduces plastic waste but also encourages a shift towards more sustainable practices in households across the country.

Blueland’s dedication to eco-friendly cleaning solutions inspires consumers to make more conscious choices about the products they use in their homes. By choosing Blueland, individuals contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and the preservation of our planet for future generations. Together, we can create a cleaner and more sustainable world.


Q: What products did Blueland showcase on Shark Tank?

A: Blueland showcased their eco-friendly cleaning products, including Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray, Glass + Mirror Spray, Bathroom Spray, and Foaming Hand Soap.

Q: What was Blueland’s pitch focused on?

A: Blueland’s pitch focused on eliminating single-use plastic packaging in cleaning and personal care products.

Q: How did Blueland prepare for their Shark Tank audition?

A: Blueland prepared by binge-watching previous episodes, studying the Sharks and the show’s format, and practicing their pitch with each other and their team.

Q: Did Blueland secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Blueland secured a deal with Kevin O’Leary, who offered 0,000 for 6% of the company.

Q: What is the estimated impact of Blueland’s products on plastic waste?

A: Blueland estimates that they can eliminate 100 billion plastic bottles in the USA alone with their innovative cleaning products.

Q: Who are the founders of Blueland?

A: Sarah Paiji Yoo is the CEO and co-founder of Blueland, and Syed Naqvi joined to help with patents and bringing the product to market.

Q: What is the Blueland product line?

A: The Blueland product line includes a bathroom cleaner, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and hand soap.

Q: How does Blueland reduce plastic waste?

A: Blueland offers reusable bottles and refill tablets, eliminating the need for single-use plastic packaging.

Q: What is the environmental impact of Blueland’s products?

A: Blueland’s products significantly reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions by eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles and reducing shipping weight and size.

Q: Has Blueland received any venture investments?

A: Yes, Blueland has raised million in venture investments and plans to enter retail markets in 2023.

Q: What is Sarah Paiji Yoo’s background?

A: Sarah Paiji Yoo has a background in retail entrepreneurship and sustainability. She co-founded Snapette, a mobile platform for local fashion shopping, before starting Blueland.

Q: How does Blueland contribute to sustainable living?

A: Blueland’s eco-friendly cleaning products help consumers reduce their plastic waste and make more eco-conscious choices, leading to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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