Blowzee Shark Tank

Blowzee Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

Welcome to our recap of the latest episode of Shark Tank, featuring the innovative product, Blowzee! In this episode (1314), Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau showcased their unique invention designed to solve a common problem during birthday celebrations – spittle landing on the cake while blowing out candles. Let’s dive deeper into their journey, the product’s features, and the success it has garnered so far.

Blowzee Shark Tank

Blowzee is a tube with a fan on the end that prevents spit from flying, offering a spit-free way to blow out birthday candles. The founders, Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau, were inspired to create this product after experiencing their own distaste for spittle contamination during cake-blowing moments. With an investment of $5,000 each, they dedicated themselves to perfecting the design through 17 prototypes.

Although they appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20% ownership, they did not secure a deal. Nevertheless, the exposure on the show proved to be a turning point for Blowzee. Within just 2.5 hours after their segment aired, they sold out of all their inventory, attributing its success to the multi-million dollar ad campaign equivalent.

The Blowzee has received positive feedback from users who are thrilled with its simplicity and effectiveness in preventing spittle from landing on birthday cakes. Its affordability, priced at $11.99, has further contributed to its popularity. The founders, Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau, are excited about the future of their product and are exploring opportunities for customization with licensing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Blowzee is a spit-free tool designed to keep birthday cakes free from spittle contamination while blowing out candles.
  • Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau created the Blowzee after being grossed out by spittle landing on a cake at a birthday party.
  • Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, the Blowzee experienced a surge in sales after the episode aired, selling out all its inventory in a short period of time.
  • Users have praised the Blowzee for its simplicity, effectiveness, and affordable price.
  • Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau are excited about the future of their product and are considering opportunities for customization and expansion through licensing.

The Blowzee – A Spit-Free Way to Blow Out Birthday Candles

The Blowzee is an innovative tool specifically designed to prevent spittle from landing on birthday cakes when blowing out candles. This ingenious invention eliminates any concerns about hygiene and ensures a pleasant and spit-free celebration.

The Blowzee consists of a tube with a fan on the end, strategically redirecting the air back towards the person blowing on it. This redirection effectively eliminates the possibility of any unwanted spittle reaching the cake, providing a clean and enjoyable candle-blowing experience.

Developed by Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau, the founders of The Blowzee, this handy tool was born out of a personal experience that left them feeling slightly disgusted at a birthday party. Recognizing the need for a spit-free alternative, they invested $5,000 each into their business and tirelessly went through 17 prototypes to perfect the design.

The Blowzee, priced at $11.99, is available in an attractive blue color, adding a fun and vibrant element to any celebration. Since its appearance on Shark Tank, this innovative candle blowing tool has gained significant attention and received positive reviews from satisfied users.

The effectiveness of The Blowzee in preventing spittle from landing on birthday cakes has made it a popular choice among individuals who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene. Its user-friendly design and affordable price point have contributed to its growing popularity in both online and offline markets.

With The Blowzee, you can confidently blow out birthday candles without any worry of saliva contamination. Whether it’s a children’s party, a family gathering, or any celebration, this spit-free tool ensures a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Explore the convenience and effectiveness of The Blowzee today, and make your next candle-blowing moment truly unforgettable!

The Blowzee Shark Tank Episode

Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau appeared on episode 1314 of Shark Tank to pitch their innovative product, The Blowzee. Seeking a $100,000 investment in exchange for 20% of their company, they showcased how The Blowzee works by demonstrating its ability to prevent spit from landing on a cake while blowing out candles. Although the Sharks found the product intriguing, they were not convinced by the sales numbers and chose not to make an offer. Undeterred, the founders revealed that they have filed a utility patent for The Blowzee and expressed excitement about potential opportunities to customize it through licensing.

Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau pitching The Blowzee on Shark Tank

The Blowzee Shark Tank Episode

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to present The Blowzee on Shark Tank. It was an invaluable experience for us, even though we didn’t secure a deal. The feedback from the Sharks was positive, and we are proud of what we have accomplished with The Blowzee. Filing a utility patent is an important step forward, and we believe that customizing the product through licensing will open up new avenues for growth.”

– Mark Apelt, Co-founder of The Blowzee

The Blowzee’s appearance on Shark Tank provided an excellent platform for the founders to showcase their product to a wide audience. Although they did not secure an investment, the exposure and feedback received from the Sharks have fueled their determination to take The Blowzee to new heights. By filing a utility patent, the founders have taken steps to protect their invention and position themselves for future opportunities. The potential for customization through licensing offers exciting prospects for expanding The Blowzee brand and reaching new markets.

The Blowzee Shark Tank Update

The Blowzee’s appearance on Shark Tank resulted in a remarkable update for the product. The founders experienced a significant sales surge, with their entire inventory selling out within just 2.5 hours of the segment airing. This rapid increase in sales surpassed their expectations and left them thrilled with the response.

The spike in sales can be likened to a multi-million dollar ad campaign, providing The Blowzee with a significant boost in popularity and recognition. The positive reviews from satisfied users further contributed to generating interest in the product.

The Blowzee’s website and Amazon page have gained considerable popularity following its appearance on Shark Tank. Customers flocked to these platforms to learn more about and purchase the innovative product.

Sales Surge: Inventory Sold Out in 2.5 Hours
Satisfied Users: Positive Reviews Increased Interest
Online Popularity: The Blowzee Website Amazon Page

The founders of The Blowzee are excited about the future prospects of their product. The success they garnered from their appearance on Shark Tank has given them the confidence and motivation to continue innovating and expanding their brand.

Blowzee Shark Tank update

The Blowzee Founders and Success Story

The Blowzee founders, Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau, have a remarkable success story that started with a common problem – spit landing on birthday cakes while blowing out candles. Inspired to find a solution, they seized the opportunity presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, a time when people were increasingly concerned about germs and hygiene.

Investing their own money and putting in countless hours of hard work, Apelt and Lareau went through several prototypes before developing the final product – The Blowzee. This innovative tool, priced at $11.99, is a simple and effective way to prevent spittle from landing on cakes during the candle-blowing tradition.

The Blowzee founders

The Blowzee’s appearance on Shark Tank was a major milestone for Apelt and Lareau. Although they did not secure a deal with the Sharks, the exposure resulted in significant success for their product. In just 2.5 hours after their segment aired, they completely sold out of their inventory.

This immediate sales surge was just the beginning of their journey. The Blowzee has received rave reviews from customers who appreciate its effectiveness and affordability. In a time when hygiene is of utmost importance, The Blowzee provides a spit-free solution that resonates with consumers.

Key Points: Impact:
The Blowzee founders: Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau Instrumental in the product’s development and success
Inspiration from a common problem: spit landing on birthday cakes Addressed a widespread concern and tapped into a relevant market
Pandemic-driven motivation and opportunity Capitalized on increased germ-consciousness and demand for hygiene solutions
Invested their own money and went through multiple prototypes Demonstrated commitment and determination in creating a high-quality product
Success on Shark Tank despite not securing a deal Generated significant sales and exposure for The Blowzee
Positive customer reviews and feedback Validated the product’s effectiveness and value

The Blowzee founders, Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau, prove that a simple idea combined with determination and entrepreneurship can lead to great success. Their passion for solving a common problem has turned The Blowzee into a must-have tool for anyone concerned about hygiene while blowing out candles on a birthday cake.

Blowzee Reviews and User Feedback

The Blowzee has received rave reviews from real users who have praised its effectiveness in preventing spittle from landing on birthday cakes. These positive reviews demonstrate the value and satisfaction that users have experienced with The Blowzee’s innovative design.

“The Blowzee is a game-changer! It’s such a simple yet brilliant solution to a problem we never realized existed. I can now blow out candles with confidence, knowing that my spit won’t ruin the cake. Highly recommended!” – Sarah

Users appreciate the simplicity and convenience of The Blowzee. Its easy-to-use design, with a tube and fan combination, makes it a breeze to use during birthday celebrations. The affordable price point of The Blowzee has also been well-received, allowing users to obtain a spit-free blowing experience without breaking the bank.

Positive user feedback has played a significant role in the success of The Blowzee. The glowing reviews have not only boosted the product’s reputation but have also generated further interest and sales. The feedback reflects the gratitude users feel for the solution that The Blowzee provides, particularly during a time when hygiene and safety are paramount concerns.

Users love The Blowzee for:

  • Efficiently preventing spittle from landing on birthday cakes
  • Easy and convenient usage during candle blowing
  • Affordability without compromising on quality

The positive impact of user feedback showcases The Blowzee’s ability to meet a genuine need and deliver a satisfying experience for its users. With such high praise and real user testimonials, it is evident that The Blowzee has established itself as a reliable and effective tool for a spit-free blowing experience.

Blowzee Reviews

Next Section: The Blowzee’s Marketing and Media Attention

The Blowzee’s Marketing and Media Attention

The Blowzee has implemented strategic marketing efforts primarily focused on online platforms and public relations to generate interest in their innovative product. By leveraging digital channels and media outreach, they have successfully raised awareness about The Blowzee and created a buzz among potential customers.

In May 2021, The Blowzee received significant media attention when the renowned New York Post featured an article highlighting the product’s unique solution to prevent spittle from landing on birthday cakes. This exposure further catapulted The Blowzee’s visibility and cemented its position as a practical and hygienic tool.

“The Blowzee offers a spit-free solution that addresses a common concern during birthday celebrations. Its fan-equipped design is both ingenious and effective, ensuring a hygienic blowing experience for cake lovers everywhere.” – New York Post

In addition to the New York Post feature, The Blowzee received a considerable boost when popular late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon mentioned the product on his show. The endorsement from a well-known celebrity like Jimmy Fallon helped solidify The Blowzee’s credibility and significantly expanded its reach to a broader audience.

The media attention and positive reviews garnered by The Blowzee have played a vital role in the product’s success. The extensive coverage in reputable publications and the endorsement from a prominent celebrity have created immense credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers. This increased attention and publicity have ultimately contributed to the growth and popularity of The Blowzee.

Media Attention Highlights:

  • New York Post features The Blowzee: May 2021
  • The Blowzee mentioned on Jimmy Fallon’s show: May 2021
Media Outlet Feature Date
New York Post May 2021
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon May 2021

With its growing reputation and widespread media coverage, The Blowzee is positioned to continue its ascent in the market and maintain its status as the go-to solution for a spit-free candle-blowing experience.

Blowzee marketing

The Blowzee Website and Social Media Presence

The Blowzee has established a strong online presence through its dedicated website and active engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These digital channels play a crucial role in promoting the product, connecting with customers, and sharing updates and news related to The Blowzee.

The Blowzee’s official website serves as a centralized hub where customers can conveniently purchase the product directly. The website provides comprehensive information about The Blowzee, highlighting its unique features and benefits. Visitors can explore the functionality of The Blowzee and learn why it is the ideal solution for preventing spittle from landing on birthday cakes.

In addition to the website, The Blowzee maintains a vibrant presence on popular social media platforms. Its Facebook and Twitter pages serve as interactive forums, enabling the brand to engage with its customers on a personal level. Through these platforms, The Blowzee actively promotes the product, responds to customer inquiries, and shares valuable content related to birthday celebrations, hygiene tips, and more.

The engaging content strategy employed by The Blowzee on social media has helped foster a loyal community of users who enthusiastically support the product. Customers share their positive experiences and testimonials, creating a positive buzz around The Blowzee and attracting new users.

The Blowzee website and social media presence

The online presence of The Blowzee, including its dedicated website and active social media engagement, has been instrumental in achieving the product’s significant marketing success and driving sales. By leveraging the power of digital platforms, The Blowzee has effectively reached its target audience and established a strong brand presence in the market.

The Blowzee Future and Expansion Opportunities

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, the future of The Blowzee looks bright with exciting expansion opportunities on the horizon. The product’s success and positive response have paved the way for its growth and development. The founders, Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau, have recognized the potential of customizing The Blowzee with licensing, enabling the creation of different variations and designs.

The prospect of customization through licensing opens doors for innovative collaborations and partnerships. By exploring strategic alliances with other brands or experts in the field, The Blowzee can capitalize on their unique strengths and expertise, thereby enhancing the product’s appeal and expanding its reach.

Mark and Mark are enthusiastic about the future of The Blowzee and are committed to further establishing the brand’s position in the market. With the notable reception and overwhelming sales surge, it is evident that The Blowzee resonates with customers seeking a convenient and hygienic way to blow out birthday candles. The founders are determined to build upon this success, continuously improving and promoting The Blowzee to make it the go-to tool for preventing spittle from landing on birthday cakes.


Q: Did Blowzee secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: No, Blowzee did not secure a deal on Shark Tank.

Q: How much does The Blowzee cost?

A: The Blowzee is priced at .99.

Q: What color is The Blowzee available in?

A: The Blowzee is available in blue.

Q: How did The Blowzee perform after its appearance on Shark Tank?

A: The Blowzee experienced a significant sales surge and sold out of all its inventory in just 2.5 hours.

Q: Who are the founders of The Blowzee?

A: The founders of The Blowzee are Mark Apelt and Mark Lareau.

Q: What motivated the founders to create The Blowzee?

A: The founders were grossed out by spit landing on a birthday cake while blowing out candles, and the Covid-19 pandemic further motivated them to create The Blowzee.

Q: What do users say about The Blowzee?

A: Users have given positive reviews, praising its effectiveness and affordability.

Q: What marketing efforts have been made for The Blowzee?

A: The Blowzee has focused on online platforms and PR, gaining media attention and social media presence.

Q: Where can I purchase The Blowzee?

A: The Blowzee can be purchased directly from their website.

Q: Does The Blowzee have plans for expansion?

A: Yes, The Blowzee founders are open to partnerships and collaborations, as well as customizing the product with licensing.

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