Bird Dogs Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

Bird Dogs, the popular brand known for its comfortable and stylish gym shorts, made an appearance on the hit TV show Shark Tank in episode 915. Founders Chris Mason and Peter Baldwin presented their innovative product to the Sharks in hopes of securing a deal.

The Bird Dogs shorts, designed for men who prefer to go without underwear, received rave reviews for their style and comfort. Made with an interior moisture-wicking fabric and silver ion nano particle threads to prevent odors, these shorts offer both practicality and fashion-forward appeal.

During their pitch, Mason and Baldwin shared impressive sales numbers, projecting a staggering $6 million for the current year. However, despite their success and positive reception, Bird Dogs did not receive a coveted investment deal from the Sharks.

Despite the setback, Bird Dogs saw a significant surge in sales following their appearance on Shark Tank. They have capitalized on this momentum by expanding their product line to include pants with built-in underwear, catering to a wider range of customer preferences.

Today, Bird Dogs boasts a net worth of $20 million, a testament to their continued growth and popularity. Let’s take a closer look at the inspiration behind the brand, their Shark Tank pitch, post-show success, and challenges they may face in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bird Dogs, a brand of gym shorts for men, appeared on Shark Tank in episode 915.
  • The shorts are known for their style, comfort, and innovative features, such as built-in underwear.
  • Despite not receiving a deal on Shark Tank, Bird Dogs experienced a surge in sales and expanded their product line.
  • They currently have a net worth of $20 million and continue to grow in popularity.
  • However, the brand faces challenges in maintaining their image and standing out in a competitive market.

Bird Dogs Shark Tank

The Inspiration Behind Bird Dogs

The story behind Bird Dogs begins with the founders, Peter Baldwin and Chris Mason. Peter Baldwin was inspired to create comfortable shorts for men after experiencing discomfort during a sales trip to London. While wearing a suit on the airplane, he found that his underwear was bunching up, leading to a less-than-pleasant experience. This discomfort sparked the idea of designing shorts that would allow men to “go commando” without any worries.

“I wanted to create something that would provide the utmost comfort and freedom for men while still being stylish and practical,” says Peter Baldwin, one of the Bird Dogs founders.

Teaming up with Chris Mason, Peter Baldwin brought his idea to life. They set out to design shorts that would not only be comfortable but also incorporate practical features. One of their key innovations was the inclusion of a deep pocket and a built-in liner made of anti-microbial, odor-blocking fabric.

These design elements aimed to provide functionality and convenience to men who wanted to wear shorts without underwear. The shorts’ integrated liner not only eliminated the discomfort of underwear but also offered antibacterial properties to keep the shorts fresh and odor-free.

The Goal: Comfort, Style, and Practicality

From the outset, the founders of Bird Dogs were determined to create shorts that would satisfy three main criteria: comfort, style, and practicality. They wanted to offer men the freedom to go underwear-free while ensuring that their shorts would be fashionable and versatile for various activities.

To achieve this, Bird Dogs shorts were designed to be made with high-quality materials that are not only comfortable against the skin but also quick-drying for added convenience. The incorporation of functional features such as zippered pockets further enhanced the practicality of the shorts, allowing users to securely store their essentials during workouts or everyday activities.

The Bird Dogs Pitch on Shark Tank

In their highly anticipated appearance on Shark Tank, Bird Dogs founders Chris Mason and Peter Baldwin presented their innovative gym shorts for guys that can be worn without underwear. The dynamic duo aimed to secure a $250,000 investment for a 1.5% stake in their business. They confidently showcased their product to the panel of Sharks, providing samples for them to experience the comfort and style firsthand.

The Bird Dogs founders also seized the opportunity to reveal their remarkable sales numbers, leaving the Sharks astounded. In their first year, Bird Dogs generated $200,000 in sales, followed by an impressive $2.1 million in their second year. For the current year, projections soared to a staggering $6 million in sales. With a manufacturing cost of $18 per pair, Bird Dogs offered a profitable opportunity, retailing their shorts for $55 and earning a profit of $37 per pair.

“Our sales figures speak for themselves. We have experienced exponential growth and are well-positioned to capture a significant market share in the men’s activewear industry.”

Unfortunately, despite their exceptional performance and strong sales figures, Chris and Peter faced challenges during their pitch. The Sharks were unimpressed by their allegedly cocky attitude and lack of strategic planning for inventory. These factors ultimately led to the founders leaving the tank without a deal.

The Bird Dogs Sales Numbers

The Bird Dogs founders’ ability to achieve substantial sales growth is a testament to the demand for their unique product. The table below highlights the impressive sales figures that caught the attention of both investors and customers:

Year Sales
First year $200,000
Second year $2.1 million
Projected current year $6 million

Their consistent growth in sales showcases the strong market demand for Bird Dogs’ comfortable and stylish gym shorts. Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Chris and Peter’s appearance on the show generated significant publicity and sparked a surge in sales for their brand.

Bird Dogs Shark Tank Pitch

Post-Shark Tank Success and Controversies

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Bird Dogs experienced a surge in sales after their appearance on the show. They capitalized on the “Shark Tank effect” and introduced pants with built-in underwear as well. However, the company has faced controversies since then.

In 2020, Bird Dogs was sued for violations of accessibility standards on their website. The alleged violations have not been fixed as of November 2022. Despite these controversies, Bird Dogs has continued to thrive and has a net worth of $20 million.

Shark Tank Success and Increased Sales

Although Bird Dogs did not secure an investment deal on Shark Tank, their appearance on the show led to a significant boost in sales. The exposure on national television and the endorsement from the Sharks generated widespread interest in their products.

Capitalizing on their newfound success, Bird Dogs expanded their product line to include pants with built-in underwear. This expansion allowed them to cater to a wider range of customers and further establish their brand in the market.

Despite facing initial rejection from the Sharks, Bird Dogs proved that they could thrive independently and leverage their Shark Tank appearance for long-term success and growth.

Controversies and Website Accessibility Lawsuit

While Bird Dogs experienced success post-Shark Tank, they also faced controversies along the way. In 2020, the company was sued for allegedly violating accessibility standards on their website. This lawsuit brought attention to the importance of website accessibility and inclusivity.

As of November 2022, the alleged violations have not been rectified. The lawsuit highlights the need for businesses to prioritize accessibility and ensure that their online platforms are accessible to all users, regardless of disabilities.

Despite these controversies, Bird Dogs has managed to maintain its growth trajectory and build a strong brand presence in the market. Their innovative products and dedication to comfort and style continue to resonate with their target audience, contributing to their overall success.

Bird Dogs post-Shark Tank

The Concept and Features of Bird Dogs

Bird Dogs are a revolutionary concept in men’s gym shorts, offering a combination of comfort, functionality, and style. Designed to be worn without underwear, Bird Dogs shorts are equipped with built-in liners made from moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric. This feature not only provides exceptional comfort but also helps prevent odors during intense workouts.

The Bird Dogs concept centers around the idea of giving men the freedom to go commando without sacrificing style or practicality. The shorts are quick-drying, allowing for a sweat-free experience, and they boast a sleek, modern look that can be easily paired with any workout or casual attire. Additionally, Bird Dogs shorts come with zippered pockets, providing added convenience and security for personal belongings while on the move.

Key Features of Bird Dogs Shorts:

  • Built-in liner made from moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric
  • Quick-drying material for ultimate comfort
  • Sleek and stylish design suitable for various occasions
  • Zippered pockets for secure storage

The Bird Dogs concept has quickly gained popularity among men who value both comfort and fashion. These shorts offer a unique solution to the age-old problem of uncomfortable underwear during workouts, providing a seamless, liberating experience. Whether you’re hitting the gym or going for a jog, Bird Dogs shorts are designed to enhance your performance and keep you looking sharp.

Bird Dogs built-in underwear image

Bird Dogs Product Line and Price Range

Bird Dogs offers a versatile product line that caters to different preferences and occasions. From stylish gym shorts to comfortable pants and swimwear, they have a variety of options to suit every man’s needs. With approximately three dozen different styles, customers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the perfect pair of Bird Dogs.

When it comes to prices, Bird Dogs offers a range that is competitive in the market. Their products typically fall within the price range of $55 to $60, making them accessible for men who value both functionality and fashion. The brand aims to provide high-quality, comfortable, and stylish options at affordable prices, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money.

Here is a breakdown of some of the products available in the Bird Dogs product line:

Product Type Price Range
Gym Shorts $55 – $60
Pants $55 – $60
Bathing Suits $55 – $60

Bird Dogs understands that men want comfortable and stylish clothing options that don’t break the bank. By offering a range of products at affordable prices, they ensure that their customers can enjoy the combination of functionality, fashion, and value. Whether it’s for a workout, a casual day out, or a beach getaway, Bird Dogs has something for every occasion.

Bird Dogs Product Line

Bird Dogs Marketing and Brand Image

Bird Dogs has implemented a bold and polarizing marketing strategy that some consider to be reminiscent of a “frat boy” or “douchy” culture. Although these tactics have attracted mixed reactions, they have undeniably contributed to the success of the Bird Dogs brand.

The marketing approach adopted by Bird Dogs is carefully tailored to appeal to their target audience, primarily young men who prioritize style and comfort in their athletic wear. By embracing this specific niche, Bird Dogs has created a distinct brand image that resonates with their core demographic.

Despite controversies surrounding their marketing tactics, Bird Dogs has managed to build a strong brand presence in the market. Their approach has successfully captured the attention of consumers and attracted a loyal customer base.

“Bird Dogs’ marketing strategy may be divisive, but it undeniably sets them apart from their competitors. It is an integral component of their brand identity and has played an instrumental role in their growth and success.” – Marketing Expert

Bird Dogs understands the importance of differentiation in a crowded market. They have developed a strong brand identity through their marketing efforts, allowing them to stand out among their competitors.

While some may question the appropriateness of their marketing techniques, Bird Dogs continues to thrive and meet the needs of their target audience. Their unique approach has solidified their position in the men’s athletic wear industry.

Bird Dogs marketing

The image above showcases the creativity and distinctive branding of Bird Dogs. Through their marketing efforts, they have successfully crafted a brand image that resonates with their target market.

Bird Dogs’ Competitors in the Market

In the highly competitive market for men’s gym shorts, Bird Dogs faces strong competition from various brands that offer similar products. Some of the notable competitors in this space include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, and Joe Boxer. These well-established brands specialize in creating comfortable and stylish clothing for men, including gym shorts.

However, Bird Dogs sets itself apart by offering a unique feature in their shorts – built-in underwear. This innovative design element provides an added level of comfort and convenience for men. By eliminating the need for separate underwear, Bird Dogs offers a streamlined and hassle-free experience to its customers.

While Bird Dogs’ competitors may have their own strengths and brand recognition, the inclusion of built-in underwear in Bird Dogs’ shorts gives them a distinctive edge in the market. This feature appeals to the practicality and comfort-conscious male consumers who value convenience and functionality in their gym attire.

Bird Dogs competitors

Bird Dogs competes with well-established men’s gym shorts brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, and Joe Boxer.

Future Growth and Challenges for Bird Dogs

Despite the current success and growing net worth of Bird Dogs, the brand faces certain challenges as it continues to expand. One of the key challenges is maintaining the brand image and appeal while addressing controversies and criticisms that have arisen in recent years. Bird Dogs has faced scrutiny for its marketing tactics, which some perceive as “frat boy” or “douchy”.

In order to thrive in the long run, Bird Dogs will need to navigate the competitive market and differentiate itself from competitors in the men’s gym shorts industry. It will be crucial for the brand to stand out and continue to attract customers, despite the increasing competition from established brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, and Joe Boxer.

Furthermore, Bird Dogs may need to make strategic adjustments to its pricing and sizing to cater to a wider range of customers. This can help ensure a better fit for its products and appeal to a broader demographic. By expanding their offerings and adjusting their pricing strategy, Bird Dogs can tap into new market segments and drive future growth.

Here is a closer look at the future growth and challenges that Bird Dogs may face:


  • Maintaining brand image and appeal amidst controversies and criticisms
  • Navigating the competitive market and differentiating from competitors
  • Adjusting pricing and sizing to cater to a wider range of customers

Future Growth Opportunities

  • Expanding product line and offerings to tap into new market segments
  • Continuing to capitalize on the brand’s strengths and unique selling points
  • Building strong customer relationships and loyalty through targeted marketing and exceptional customer service

Despite these challenges, Bird Dogs has proven resilient and adaptable in the face of adversity. By addressing these challenges head-on and strategizing for future growth, Bird Dogs can continue to thrive and strengthen its position in the men’s gym apparel market.

Bird Dogs future growth

Bird Dogs – A Comfortable and Stylish Choice for Men

When it comes to gym shorts and men’s apparel, Bird Dogs offers a combination of comfort and style that is hard to beat. Their innovative design includes built-in underwear and moisture-wicking fabric, providing both convenience and functionality. Whether you’re hitting the gym or running errands, Bird Dogs shorts will keep you comfortable and looking great throughout the day.

Despite facing controversies, Bird Dogs has managed to maintain a strong customer base and revenue. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail have earned them a loyal following of men who appreciate the comfort and style that Bird Dogs brings to their wardrobe. With an expanding product line that includes pants and bathing suits, Bird Dogs continues to cater to customer demands, ensuring a wide range of options for every occasion.

Men who value comfort, style, and convenience in their clothing choices find Bird Dogs to be the perfect fit. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or simply want to look good while staying comfortable, Bird Dogs is the go-to choice. With their dedication to producing high-quality apparel and their consistent growth in the market, it’s no wonder that Bird Dogs is the preferred brand for men who want to look and feel their best.


Q: Were Bird Dogs featured on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Bird Dogs appeared on Shark Tank in episode 915.

Q: Did Bird Dogs receive a deal from the Sharks?

A: No, Bird Dogs did not receive an investment deal from the Sharks on the show.

Q: What were the sales numbers presented by Bird Dogs on Shark Tank?

A: Bird Dogs projected million in sales for the current year.

Q: Has Bird Dogs achieved success after Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Bird Dogs experienced a surge in sales and now have a net worth of million.

Q: What is the inspiration behind Bird Dogs?

A: The idea for Bird Dogs came to Peter Baldwin during a sales trip to London, where he experienced discomfort from his underwear bunching up.

Q: What are the key features of Bird Dogs?

A: Bird Dogs offer comfortable gym shorts for men that can be worn without underwear. They have a built-in liner made of moisture-wicking, anti-microbial fabric to prevent odors.

Q: What is the product line and price range of Bird Dogs?

A: Bird Dogs offer a variety of styles, including gym shorts, pants, and bathing suits, ranging in price from to .

Q: What is Bird Dogs’ approach to marketing and brand image?

A: Bird Dogs has a distinct marketing approach that some perceive as “frat boy” or “douchy,” which has contributed to their success and attracted a loyal customer base.

Q: Who are Bird Dogs’ competitors in the market for men’s gym shorts?

A: Some of Bird Dogs’ competitors in the market include Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, and Joe Boxer.

Q: What are the future growth and challenges for Bird Dogs?

A: Bird Dogs will need to maintain their brand image while addressing controversies and navigate the competitive market to stand out from their competitors.

Q: Why should I choose Bird Dogs for comfortable and stylish men’s clothing?

A: Bird Dogs offer a comfortable and stylish choice in gym shorts and other apparel, with built-in underwear and moisture-wicking fabric for convenience and functionality.

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