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Biem Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

In a recent episode of Shark Tank, entrepreneur Doug Foreman introduced his innovative product, Biem, to the Sharks. Biem is a revolutionary butter sprayer that transforms a solid stick of butter into a fine mist in a matter of seconds. Foreman was seeking a $500,000 investment for a 5% stake in his company. After an intense round of negotiations, he ultimately struck a deal with renowned Shark, Lori Greiner.

Biem Shark Tank

Doug Foreman and Biem made quite an impression on the Sharks with their groundbreaking product and impressive pitch. Let’s explore the details of Biem’s journey on Shark Tank and its subsequent success and challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biem is a butter sprayer that transforms solid butter into a mist with the push of a button.
  • Doug Foreman sought a $500,000 investment for a 5% stake in his company.
  • Biem ultimately struck a deal with Shark Lori Greiner.
  • The product faced challenges with delays and customer complaints post-Shark Tank.
  • Biem’s current status is uncertain, with the company’s website listing all products as “sold out.”

Doug Foreman and the Creation of Biem

Doug Foreman, a seasoned entrepreneur, is the visionary behind Biem – the innovative butter sprayer that took Shark Tank by storm. Before delving into the world of culinary gadgets, Doug made a name for himself in the food industry with successful ventures like Beanitos and Guiltless Gourmet, known for their health-focused chips and dips.

“I wanted to create something that would revolutionize the way people use butter in their kitchens,” stated Doug during his pitch on Shark Tank.

Driven by his passion for innovation, Doug embarked on a journey to bring Biem to life. To fund the production of this groundbreaking invention, he decided to turn to Kickstarter. The campaign proved to be a resounding success, raising an impressive $235,000 from enthusiastic backers who believed in Doug’s vision.

Biem sets itself apart by its patent-pending design that eliminates the need for chemicals or propellants. Instead, it operates on a rechargeable battery, allowing users to effortlessly transform a solid stick of butter into a convenient spray. This unique application method not only ensures easy and consistent butter distribution but also promotes portion control for health-conscious cooks.

Elevating the Art of Butter Spraying

Featuring an ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, Biem’s compact form makes it a practical addition to any kitchen. Its sleek aesthetic and intuitive functionality have garnered attention from butter enthusiasts and culinary professionals alike.

With Biem, Doug Foreman aims to revolutionize the way butter is used in everyday cooking. By providing a convenient, mess-free solution, he is empowering individuals to indulge in buttery goodness while maintaining control over their portions.

The Future of Biem

As the founder of Biem, Doug Foreman is committed to further refining and expanding the product’s reach. While the road ahead may present challenges, Biem’s innovative approach to butter spraying and Doug’s entrepreneurial expertise set the stage for continued success.

Biem’s Presentation on Shark Tank

During the episode of Shark Tank, Doug Foreman had the opportunity to present Biem to the Sharks. The innovative product, Biem, is a butter sprayer that can transform a solid stick of butter into a liquid spray within seconds.

Biem pitch on Shark Tank

Doug took the stage and demonstrated how the Biem butter sprayer works, captivating the attention of the Sharks. To showcase its versatility, he provided each Shark with a bowl of popcorn and a Biem so they could experience the convenience and flavor enhancement firsthand.

Doug shared some essential details about the product during his pitch. He revealed that it costs $466 to produce a single unit of Biem, and he sells them for $137. With his projections, he estimated that Biem would sell an impressive 100,000 units in the first year, generating an astounding $10 million in revenue.

The Sharks’ Offers and Negotiations

After Doug’s captivating presentation of Biem on Shark Tank, the Sharks immediately saw the potential in this innovative butter sprayer. Daymond John, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Kevin O’Leary were all eager to invest in this groundbreaking product.

The negotiations were intense as each Shark recognized the value that Biem brought to the market. They saw an opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for convenient kitchen gadgets. The discussion revolved around the investment amount, the equity stake, and the strategic partnership that each Shark could offer.

In the midst of the negotiations, Lori Greiner made a compelling offer that caught Doug’s attention. She proposed investing $500,000 in Biem in exchange for a 14% equity stake in the company.

“Doug, I believe in the potential of Biem and the impact it can have on the kitchen industry. With my extensive experience in product development and distribution, I can help take Biem to new heights. Let’s work together to revolutionize the way people use butter in their daily lives.”

Impressed by Lori’s track record and her ability to bring products to market, Doug accepted her offer, solidifying a deal that would shape the future of Biem.

The partnership between Biem and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank showcased the power of collaboration and the potential for success that can arise from the right investment and strategic guidance. This deal not only provided the necessary funding for Biem’s growth but also opened doors to new distribution channels and opportunities for expansion.

Sharks’ Offers and Negotiations

Shark Offer
Daymond John No offer made
Lori Greiner $500,000 for 14% equity
Robert Herjavec $400,000 for 10% equity
Kevin O’Leary $500,000 for 20% equity

List of Negotiations

  • Daymond John – No offer made
  • Lori Greiner – $500,000 for 14% equity
  • Robert Herjavec – $400,000 for 10% equity
  • Kevin O’Leary – $500,000 for 20% equity

The negotiations on Shark Tank not only demonstrated the value that the Sharks saw in Biem but also emphasized the importance of finding the right partner who aligns with the vision and goals of the entrepreneur. With Lori Greiner’s investment and expertise, Biem had secured a strong foundation for future success.

Biem’s Post-Shark Tank Success and Updates

After appearing on Shark Tank, Biem faced several challenges. The product experienced delays in production, and there were issues with Kickstarter backers not receiving their orders. Recognizing the need for improvements, Biem made updates to their product and website to address these issues.

Despite the challenges, the business continued to operate. As of February 2019, Biem’s website was still active and allowing customers to make purchases. However, by May 2021, all products on the website were listed as “sold out,” and there were no recent updates on their social media platforms.

It is worth noting that there have been complaints filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau. These complaints may indicate some dissatisfaction among customers or unresolved issues.

While the current status of Biem remains uncertain, it is essential to acknowledge the hurdles the company faced after its appearance on Shark Tank.

Biem Shark Tank Success and Updates

Customer Complaints and Website Status

Customers aired their grievances regarding Biem’s delays and fulfillment issues. Some Kickstarter backers reported not receiving their orders, leading to frustration and disappointment. The company’s website played a pivotal role in communication and sales, but as of May 2021, all products were listed as “sold out,” reflecting a lack of inventory or temporary suspension of sales.

Additionally, complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau suggest that there may have been unresolved customer concerns or unsatisfactory resolutions. These complaints could impact the overall perception of Biem as a business.

Revamping Operations and Enhancing Customer Experience

Despite these challenges, Biem has an opportunity to learn from these experiences and make necessary improvements. Enhancing their operations, addressing past fulfillment issues, and providing better customer service can help restore trust and rebuild their reputation.

It is crucial for Biem to keep their customers informed about any developments, product availability, and further updates, as transparency and communication play pivotal roles in maintaining customer loyalty.

Evaluating Biem’s Journey

The journey of Biem after its appearance on Shark Tank highlights the realities of entrepreneurship and the importance of managing growth effectively. While facing setbacks and customer dissatisfaction, Biem has a chance to reassess its strategies, regroup, and potentially pivot to regain its market position.

By analyzing the challenges faced, understanding customer feedback, and implementing necessary changes, Biem can navigate the post-Shark Tank landscape and work towards long-term success.

The Journey of Biem on Shark Tank Blog

One platform that has provided updates and follow-ups on businesses that have appeared on Shark Tank is the Biem Shark Tank Blog. This blog has been a reliable source of information about the product, its success on the show, and the challenges it faced post-Shark Tank. The blog has also featured customer reviews of Biem, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of the product’s reception.

Written by industry experts and Shark Tank enthusiasts, the Biem Shark Tank Blog offers valuable insights into the journey of Biem. It goes beyond the episode aired on television and delves into the updates and developments that have occurred since the pitch.

The Biem Shark Tank Blog has become a go-to resource for fans and followers of the show who want to learn more about the businesses that appeared on Shark Tank. The blog provides in-depth analysis, behind-the-scenes stories, and expert opinions on the success and challenges faced by featured entrepreneurs.

Through blog posts, readers can explore the fascinating evolution of Biem and gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s trajectory since its appearance on Shark Tank. From discussing product improvements to exploring the impact of the Shark Tank deal, the Biem Shark Tank Blog leaves no stone unturned.

Customer Reviews and Insights

One of the highlights of the Biem Shark Tank Blog is the inclusion of customer reviews. These firsthand accounts provide valuable insights and help potential buyers make informed decisions. By featuring both positive and negative reviews, the blog presents a balanced perspective on the product.

Through customer reviews, readers can gauge the overall satisfaction with Biem and understand its strengths and weaknesses. This enables potential customers to make an educated choice based on the experiences of others.

Exploring Biem’s Success and Challenges

The Biem Shark Tank Blog not only celebrates the successes of Biem but also delves into the challenges faced by the company post-Shark Tank. The blog offers a comprehensive analysis of the hurdles encountered along the way, providing readers with a realistic portrayal of entrepreneurship.

From production delays to customer service issues, the blog examines the obstacles that Biem has overcome. This allows readers to gain valuable insights into the realities of running a business and the resilience required to navigate the unpredictable waters of the entrepreneurial journey.

Stay tuned to the Biem Shark Tank Blog for the latest updates on one of the most memorable products to grace the Shark Tank stage. Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes information, customer reviews, and expert analysis that will deepen your understanding of Biem’s journey.

Biem Shark Tank Blog

Biem’s Presence on Online Platforms

Biem can be found on various online platforms, establishing a strong digital presence for the brand. One notable platform where Biem is listed is Amazon. However, it is important to note that at the moment, the Biem product is currently listed as “out of stock” on Amazon.

In addition to Amazon, Biem operates its own website where customers can directly purchase their products. This allows Biem to have greater control over their online sales and customer experience. However, as of August 2022, the Biem website unfortunately still displays that all of their products are “sold out.”

Despite the current unavailability of the Biem product, customers can continue to explore the brand’s online platforms for future updates and potential restocks.

Customer Journey on Biem’s Website

When visiting the Biem website, customers are welcomed by a sleek and modern design that reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation. The website provides detailed information about the Biem product, its features, and the benefits it offers to consumers.

Biem Shark Tank Amazon

Customers can browse through the various sections of the website, including a dedicated FAQ page that addresses common questions and concerns. The website also includes customer testimonials and reviews, offering potential buyers insights into other customers’ experiences with the product.

Despite the current unavailability of Biem’s products, the website encourages visitors to subscribe to their newsletter for updates and be the first to know when the product becomes available again. This subscription opportunity allows Biem to build a loyal customer base and keep them informed about any future developments or promotions.

Amazon Listing for Biem

Biem’s presence on Amazon provides customers with convenient access to the product through a trusted and well-known online shopping platform. By leveraging Amazon’s vast customer base and efficient online retail system, Biem is able to reach a wider audience and cater to consumer demands.

Furthermore, the Amazon listing for Biem includes detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and ratings which help potential buyers make informed purchasing decisions. Although the product is currently out of stock on Amazon, this platform remains an important avenue for Biem’s distribution and future sales.

Comparison of Biem’s Online Presence

Online Platform Availability Customer Reviews
Amazon Out of stock Positive customer reviews highlighting the functionality and convenience of the product
Biem Website Sold out Customer testimonials praising the effectiveness and ease-of-use of the Biem product

While both the Amazon listing and the Biem website contribute to the brand’s online presence, it is essential to note that the availability of the product is currently limited. However, the customer reviews on these platforms affirm the quality and utility of the Biem product.

“The Biem butter sprayer has been a game-changer in my kitchen. It’s so convenient and easy to use!” – Amazon customer review

Overall, Biem’s presence on online platforms showcases the brand’s commitment to reaching and engaging with customers in the digital space. Despite the current availability challenges, Biem continues to attract and delight customers with its innovative product.

The Impact of Biem’s Deal with Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner made a deal with Biem on Shark Tank. However, it appears that the deal fell through and the exact details of why it didn’t work out are not provided. There were complaints from Kickstarter backers about not receiving their orders and issues with the product’s functionality. It remains unclear if Biem and Lori Greiner had any further business relationship after the show.

Despite the potential of the initial deal, it seems that Biem faced significant challenges that affected the outcome. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that may have contributed to the deal’s failure:

  1. Complaints from Kickstarter backers: There were reports of backers not receiving their orders, which could have raised concerns about Biem’s ability to fulfill customer demands.
  2. Product functionality issues: The complaints about the product’s functionality may have cast doubt on its effectiveness and long-term viability.

While the exact reasons for the deal’s failure are unknown, these issues likely played a role in the outcome. It’s important to note that business deals on Shark Tank don’t always result in long-term success, and the show serves as a platform for both opportunities and challenges.

Biem Shark Tank Lori Greiner

Customer Feedback and Reviews for Biem

Customer feedback for Biem has been mixed. While some reviews on their website are positive, there have been complaints from Kickstarter backers about not receiving their orders and issues with the product not working as intended. The Better Business Bureau has also received complaints about the company.

Let’s take a look at what customers are saying about Biem:

“I love my Biem! It’s a game-changer in the kitchen. The butter sprays evenly and it’s so convenient to use. Definitely worth the investment!” – Jane D.

“I backed Biem on Kickstarter and have been disappointed with the experience. It’s been months and I still haven’t received my order. Communication from the company has been poor.” – Mark T.

While some customers are enjoying their Biem butter sprayers, others have expressed frustration with delays and customer service. It’s important to consider both positive and negative feedback when evaluating the product.

Complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has received several complaints about Biem. Customers have reported issues with shipping delays, missing orders, and difficulty contacting the company for support. These complaints highlight the challenges that some customers have faced with Biem.

It’s worth noting that customer reviews can vary, and individual experiences may differ. While some customers have had positive interactions with Biem, others have encountered difficulties.

Customer Reviews Summary

Based on the available feedback, here’s a summary of the customer reviews for Biem:

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Spray distributes butter evenly
  • Convenient for cooking and baking
  • Shipping delays
  • Missing orders
  • Lack of communication from the company
  • Issues with product functionality

Biem Shark Tank customer reviews

Current Status of Biem

As of August 2022, Biem’s website still lists all products as “sold out.” The company has not provided any recent updates on social media platforms. Additionally, there have been numerous complaints filed against Biem with the Better Business Bureau. The current status of Biem’s business is uncertain, with no clear indication of future plans or operations.

Complaints Filed Against Biem

Biem has received several complaints from customers, primarily regarding issues with product delivery and functionality. Customers who backed the company’s Kickstarter campaign have reported not receiving their orders, which has led to frustration and dissatisfaction.

“I backed Biem on Kickstarter, but I never received the product. It’s disappointing and makes me question the company’s reliability.” – Dissatisfied Kickstarter backer

These complaints, along with the lack of product availability on the website, raise concerns about the overall business status and customer satisfaction with Biem.

Website and Social Media Updates

Biem’s website continues to display all products as “sold out,” indicating that there is no current stock available for purchase. This lack of inventory, coupled with the absence of social media updates, suggests a stagnant state for the company.

Overview of Biem’s Business Status

Based on the information available, Biem’s current business status is unclear. The company’s inability to fulfill customer orders, combined with the absence of updates and widespread complaints, raises doubts about its sustainability and future prospects.

Current Status Details
Product Availability All products listed as “sold out” on the website
Social Media Updates No recent updates on social media platforms
Customer Complaints Multiple complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau

Biem’s current status highlights the challenges it is facing and emphasizes the uncertain future of the company. The lack of product availability, social media presence, and customer satisfaction raise concerns about Biem’s ability to thrive in the market.

Biem Shark Tank current status

Reflections on Biem’s Journey

The journey of Biem on Shark Tank was filled with moments of triumph and challenges to overcome. From capturing the interest of multiple Sharks to securing a deal with Lori Greiner, Biem had its share of success. However, the path was not without hurdles, as the company faced delays, customer complaints, and functionality issues.

Despite these obstacles, Biem’s journey on Shark Tank showcased the resilience and determination of its founder, Doug Foreman. The innovative product and its pitch struck a chord with the Sharks and viewers alike. The recognition and validation gained from the show provided Biem with a platform for growth.

However, the challenges Biem encountered post-Shark Tank highlighted the complexities of bringing a product to market. Delays in production and fulfillment resulted in frustrated customers, with some backers from the Kickstarter campaign not receiving their orders. The functionality of the product also faced scrutiny, leading to further concerns.

The future of Biem remains uncertain, as the company’s website currently shows all products as “sold out” and there have been no recent updates on social media. The challenges faced by Biem serve as a reminder that even with the exposure and potential investment from Shark Tank, the journey of entrepreneurship is not without its risks and uncertainties.

However, Biem’s presence on the show and subsequent challenges also provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. It showcases the importance of addressing critical issues such as production delays and ensuring quality control to maintain customer satisfaction.

Biem’s journey on Shark Tank serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of business and the need for continuous adaptation and improvement. The resilience and determination demonstrated by Biem’s founder in the face of challenges are qualities that can inspire and motivate entrepreneurs on their own journeys.

As the entrepreneurial community reflects on Biem’s journey, it serves as a reminder to celebrate the successes and learn from the challenges faced by businesses in their pursuit of innovation and growth.

Biem Shark Tank journey

Conclusion – The Legacy of Biem on Shark Tank

Biem’s appearance on Shark Tank introduced an innovative product that captured the attention of viewers and the entrepreneurship community. The butter sprayer’s potential for success was evident, as it received offers from multiple Sharks and ultimately secured a deal with renowned investor Lori Greiner. This moment in the show highlighted the possibilities that arise when entrepreneurs bring their unique ideas to the Shark Tank stage.

However, like many businesses, Biem faced challenges after its appearance on Shark Tank. Delays in production and fulfillment caused dissatisfaction among Kickstarter backers, and the product encountered issues with functionality. These obstacles served as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of business and the risks that entrepreneurs undertake.

Despite these challenges, Biem left an impact on the viewers and the entrepreneurship community. It showcased the power of ingenuity and determination in bringing a product to market. The legacy of Biem on Shark Tank serves as a testament to the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face, and the lessons that can be learned from their journeys.


Q: Was Biem featured on an episode of Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Biem was featured on an episode of Shark Tank.

Q: Who is the founder of Biem?

A: Doug Foreman is the founder of Biem.

Q: What did Biem pitch on Shark Tank?

A: Biem pitched a butter sprayer that turns a solid stick of butter into a liquid spray.

Q: How much investment did Biem seek on Shark Tank?

A: Biem sought 0,000 for 5% of the company on Shark Tank.

Q: Which Shark made a deal with Biem on Shark Tank?

A: Lori Greiner made a deal with Biem on Shark Tank.

Q: What challenges did Biem face after appearing on Shark Tank?

A: Biem faced challenges such as delays and issues with Kickstarter backers not receiving their orders.

Q: Where can Biem be found online?

A: Biem can be found on Amazon and their own website.

Q: Did Biem’s deal with Lori Greiner work out?

A: It is unclear if Biem’s deal with Lori Greiner on Shark Tank worked out.

Q: What has been the customer feedback for Biem?

A: Customer feedback for Biem has been mixed, with some positive reviews and complaints about orders and product functionality.

Q: What is the current status of Biem?

A: As of August 2022, all products on Biem’s website are listed as “sold out” and there have been no recent updates on social media.

Q: What is the impact of Biem’s appearance on Shark Tank?

A: Biem’s appearance on Shark Tank made an impact on viewers and the entrepreneurship community.

Q: What is the legacy of Biem on Shark Tank?

A: The legacy of Biem on Shark Tank serves as a reminder of the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship.

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