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Bellybuds Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Bellybuds, a revolutionary pre-natal audio system, made its appearance on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Entrepreneurs Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden pitched their innovative product to the panel of investors, hoping to secure a deal that would propel their business to new heights.

Designed to play music and sounds for unborn babies in the womb, Bellybuds garnered attention for its potential benefits in prenatal bonding and fetal development. Inspired by Williams’ wife, who used her iPod earbuds to play music for their unborn child, the founders recognized the need for a safe, convenient, and effective audio system that would allow mothers to connect with their babies before birth.

On Shark Tank, Curtis and Matt sought a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 12.5% stake in the company. However, despite the product’s success and $1.4 million in total sales at the time of filming, none of the Sharks made an offer. Concerns about the company’s valuation and competition in the market led them to pass on the opportunity.

Although Bellybuds did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, the exposure from the show catapulted the brand into the spotlight. Featured on popular TV shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “Modern Family,” Bellybuds gained widespread recognition for its unique product and potential benefits.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Bellybuds has rebranded and is now known as WaveHello. The company has expanded its product line and continues to thrive, reaching $5 million in annual revenue as of April 2023.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bellybuds is a pre-natal audio system that allows mothers to play music and sounds for their unborn babies.
  • The founders, Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden, pitched Bellybuds on Shark Tank but did not secure a deal.
  • Bellybuds gained recognition for its potential benefits in prenatal bonding and fetal development.
  • The company rebranded as WaveHello and has continued to innovate and expand its product line.
  • WaveHello has achieved $5 million in annual revenue as of April 2023.

Bellybuds Shark Tank

About Bellybuds – A Prenatal Audio System

Bellybuds is a unique prenatal audio system designed to foster a deeper connection between expectant mothers and their unborn babies. Inspired by a simple observation of his wife using her iPod earbuds to share music with their baby in the womb, Curtis Williams co-founded Bellybuds with Matt Von Waaden. Recognizing the potential benefits of audio stimulation for fetal development, they set out to create a safe and convenient way for mothers to bond with their babies before birth.

With Bellybuds, expectant mothers can play music and sounds directly to their baby bump, providing a soothing and stimulating experience for both mother and child. The system consists of specialized pregnancy headphones that comfortably adhere to the belly, allowing the baby to hear music, voices, and other sounds at a safe volume.

Bellybuds has garnered attention for its innovative approach to prenatal bonding and fetal development. Through successful Kickstarter campaigns, the product gained popularity and support from backers who recognized the importance of nurturing early connections with unborn babies. The positive response led to Bellybuds being featured on popular TV shows, including the renowned reality series Shark Tank.

The founders’ appearance on Shark Tank further propelled the recognition of Bellybuds as a leading prenatal audio system. While they did not secure an investment deal from the Sharks, the exposure on the show elevated the company’s profile and introduced Bellybuds to a wider audience. This visibility helped establish Bellybuds as a trusted and reliable brand within the industry.

By promoting prenatal bonding and providing a platform for auditory stimulation, Bellybuds offers expectant mothers a means to enhance their connection with their babies and potentially contribute to their overall development. The product’s success and positive reviews from satisfied mothers highlight the impact of Bellybuds as a powerful tool for nurturing the bond between mother and child.

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The Shark Tank Pitch and Outcome

In their Shark Tank pitch, Curtis and Matt presented Bellybuds to the panel of Sharks, seeking a $500,000 investment for 12.5% equity in the company. They showcased the product by attaching it to a pregnant model’s belly, demonstrating how the baby responded to audio stimulation in the womb. The founders shared that Bellybuds had generated $300,000 in sales in the first year, with total sales reaching $1.4 million at the time of filming. Despite their strong sales, the Sharks were concerned about the company’s valuation and the competition in the market. As a result, none of the Sharks made an offer, and Curtis and Matt left the tank without a deal.

Bellybuds Shark Tank

Post-Shark Tank Success and Updates

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Bellybuds experienced the “Shark Tank effect” with a significant increase in website traffic and retail sales. The founders had prepared for this surge and were able to handle the increased demand.

Today, Bellybuds, now known as WaveHello, continues to thrive and evolve, offering additional products that cater to expectant mothers and their babies. Two notable additions to their product lineup are the Soundbub and LoveBub, which provide even more options for prenatal bonding and auditory stimulation.

“The exposure from Shark Tank helped us reach a wider audience and solidify our brand in the market,” says Curtis Williams, co-founder of WaveHello.

Despite market competition and technological challenges such as the removal of audio jacks from smartphones, WaveHello has adapted and remained profitable. The company’s commitment to innovation and meeting the changing needs of expectant mothers has contributed to their continued success.

As of April 2023, WaveHello has achieved an impressive $5 million in annual revenue, a testament to the product’s popularity and the company’s ability to adapt and grow.

Bellybuds Shark Tank

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers who have used Bellybuds have provided positive feedback about the product. Many appreciate the opportunity to bond with their unborn babies through music and sound. Some reviewers mention that Bellybuds helped calm and soothe their babies, while others note that their babies seemed to respond positively to the audio stimulation. Overall, Bellybuds has received favorable reviews for its innovation and potential benefits for both mothers and babies.

Bellybuds reviews

“Bellybuds made a significant difference in my pregnancy experience. I loved being able to play soothing music for my baby in the womb. It created a special bond between us, and I truly believe it positively impacted my baby’s development.” – Emily

Positive Effects on Baby’s Well-Being

  • Helps calm and soothe babies
  • Enhances the bond between mother and baby
  • Stimulates positive responses to audio stimulation
  • Promotes relaxation and a sense of security

“I could see my baby reacting to the music played through Bellybuds. It was amazing to witness the connection between the sound and my baby’s movements. I highly recommend Bellybuds to all expectant mothers!” – Sarah

Easy to Use and Convenient

  • Simple and comfortable to wear
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Adjustable volume control

“Bellybuds allowed me to introduce my baby to the music I love. It was effortless to use and had excellent sound quality. I cherished the moments when my baby would respond to the music, making it a truly magical experience.” – Jessica

Overall Satisfaction with Bellybuds

  • Positive reviews praising the effectiveness of Bellybuds
  • Customers appreciate the unique bonding experience
  • Many mentioned the positive impact on their overall pregnancy journey

These customer reviews and feedback highlight the positive experiences and satisfaction of those who have used Bellybuds. The product’s ability to facilitate prenatal bonding and stimulate positive responses in babies has resonated with expectant mothers, making Bellybuds a popular choice for enhancing the prenatal experience.

Expansion and Rebranding

In 2017, Bellybuds underwent an exciting transformation, rebranding themselves as WaveHello. With their new identity, WaveHello introduced a range of innovative products to complement their flagship Bellybuds audio system. These additions to their lineup included the Soundbub, LoveBub, and a baby footprint/handprint kit, further enhancing their offerings for expectant mothers.

Despite facing competition from knock-off products in the market, WaveHello has remained steadfast in their commitment to adapt and innovate. They have continuously improved their product line to meet the evolving needs of their customers, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of prenatal audio systems.

WaveHello also expanded their reach by forging strategic partnerships with major retailers, such as Target, Walmart, and Amazon. These collaborations have enabled them to extend their presence in the retail market, making their products more accessible to a wider audience of expectant parents.

WaveHello Expansion and Rebranding

Despite the challenges they faced along the way, WaveHello has experienced remarkable growth since their rebranding. As of now, the company boasts an impressive annual revenue of $5 million.

Year Revenue
2019 $2 million
2020 $3 million
2021 $4 million
2022 $5 million

WaveHello’s dedication to providing expectant mothers with innovative solutions for prenatal bonding and fetal development continues to drive their success in the industry.

Bellybuds on Shark Tank Blog

If you’re looking for updates and information about Bellybuds after their appearance on Shark Tank, you can check out the Shark Tank Blog. This blog offers detailed posts discussing Bellybuds’ pitch on the show, the outcome of their deal, and the subsequent success and growth of the company.

The Shark Tank Blog provides valuable insights into the journey of Curtis and Matt, the founders of Bellybuds, as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. You can learn more about their experience on the show and how they have built their brand since then.

Additionally, the blog also features updates on other companies featured on the same episode of Shark Tank, giving you a comprehensive overview of the entrepreneurial landscape showcased in that particular episode.

Bellybuds Shark Tank Blog Content
Post 1 Discussion of Bellybuds’ pitch on the show
Post 2 Outcome of Bellybuds’ deal with the Sharks
Post 3 Success and growth of Bellybuds post-Shark Tank
Post 4 Updates on other companies featured in the same episode

The Shark Tank Blog provides valuable insights into the journey of Bellybuds and other companies featured on the show. It’s a great resource to stay updated on the latest developments in the entrepreneurial world and learn from the experiences of successful founders.

Other Companies Featured in the Episode

This episode of Shark Tank showcased not only the impressive pitch of Bellybuds but also several other intriguing businesses seeking investments from the Sharks. Let’s take a closer look at some of these companies:

Paparazzi Proposals

Paparazzi Proposals is a photography business specializing in capturing surprise proposals. With their discreet paparazzi-style approach, they are able to document these precious moments that couples can cherish forever.

Schulzies Bread Pudding

Schulzies Bread Pudding is a dessert company that takes bread pudding to the next level. With their wide range of flavors and creative combinations, they have gained a loyal following for their indulgent and mouthwatering treats.


PetPaint is a unique product that allows dog owners to safely and temporarily color their furry friends’ hair. Whether for a special occasion or just for fun, PetPaint offers a way to express creativity and style while maintaining the well-being of our beloved pets.

Each of these companies had a different outcome in the tank, with some receiving investment offers and others leaving without an agreement. The diverse range of businesses showcased in this episode demonstrates the variety and innovation presented on Shark Tank.

Other Companies Featured in the Episode

Impact of Shark Tank on Entrepreneurs

Appearing on Shark Tank has proven to have a profound impact on entrepreneurs who showcase their businesses on the show. Although Bellybuds did not secure a deal with the Sharks, their appearance on Shark Tank served as a catalyst for generating buzz and increasing sales. The exposure garnered from the show, coupled with their strategic preparations to handle the expected surge in traffic and sales, allowed the founders to leverage their Shark Tank appearance to achieve continuous success with their product.

Entrepreneurs from various industries have credited Shark Tank as a platform that provides invaluable exposure, valuable connections, and unprecedented opportunities for growth. The combination of a national television audience, critical feedback from seasoned investors, and the ability to impress millions of viewers can significantly elevate the fortunes of entrepreneurs fortunate enough to make it onto the show.

For Bellybuds, the Shark Tank experience has undoubtedly fueled their journey, enabling them to penetrate the market and attract attention to their innovative prenatal audio system. While not everyone who appears on Shark Tank secures a deal, the exposure itself is often a considerable win, leading to enhanced credibility and visibility in the business world.

“Shark Tank is an unparalleled platform for entrepreneurs seeking to make a splash in the market. Even without a deal, the exposure and recognition we gained from our appearance have opened doors and opportunities that would have been otherwise inaccessible.”

– Curtis Williams, Co-founder of Bellybuds

The impact of Shark Tank extends far beyond the immediate outcome of securing an investment. The show has become a launching pad for many aspiring entrepreneurs, serving as a catalyst for further success and growth. Whether it’s attracting new customers, securing partnerships, or gaining access to capital, the Shark Tank effect has proven to be a powerful force in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Success Stories of Shark Tank Alumni

Many entrepreneurs who have appeared on Shark Tank have gone on to achieve remarkable success and growth. Here are a few notable examples:

  • Scrub Daddy – A smiley-faced scrub brush that became a multimillion-dollar business after striking a deal with Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner.
  • Tipsy Elves – Holiday-themed apparel company that experienced explosive growth after catching the attention of Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec.
  • Ring – Home security company that secured an investment from Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary and eventually sold to Amazon for over $1 billion.
Entrepreneur Shark Tank Outcome Subsequent Success
Scrub Daddy – Aaron Krause Deal with Lori Greiner Over $170 million in sales
Tipsy Elves – Nick Morton and Evan Mendelsohn Deal with Robert Herjavec $50 million valuation, featured in Forbes 30 Under 30
Ring – Jamie Siminoff No deal, but widely recognized exposure Acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion

The Evolution of Bellybuds and Future Plans

Since its initial pitch on Shark Tank, Bellybuds has undergone significant changes and rebranded itself as WaveHello. The company has effectively expanded its product line and successfully adapted to the ever-changing market conditions. Despite challenges such as increasing competition and advancements in technology, WaveHello has continued to innovate and thrive in the industry.

Looking ahead, WaveHello has ambitious plans to further establish its presence in the market. The company aims to offer new and improved products that cater to the unique needs of expectant mothers and their babies. With a steadfast commitment to prenatal bonding and fetal development, WaveHello strives to provide innovative solutions that enhance the journey of pregnancy and facilitate a deeper connection between mothers and their unborn children.

WaveHello Prenatal Audio System

The Future Looks Bright

WaveHello’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets it apart from its competitors. By continuously pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities, the company aims to stay at the forefront of the prenatal audio system industry.

“We believe that every expectant mother deserves the opportunity to bond with her unborn baby. Our goal is to revolutionize the way mothers connect with their little ones before birth, fostering a sense of love and closeness that lasts a lifetime.”

– WaveHello Founder

With an unwavering focus on meeting the evolving needs of expectant mothers, WaveHello’s future promises exciting advancements in the field of prenatal audio systems. By leveraging technology and consumer insights, the company is poised to bring even greater joy and benefits to families around the world.


In conclusion, Bellybuds, now known as WaveHello, made a memorable pitch on Shark Tank, showcasing the incredible benefits of their pre-natal audio system. Despite not securing a deal with the Sharks, Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden were able to capitalize on their appearance and achieve significant success. WaveHello has since continued to innovate and adapt, expanding their product line and generating an impressive $5 million in annual revenue. The company remains committed to providing expectant mothers with innovative solutions for prenatal bonding and promoting healthy fetal development.

While the Sharks had concerns about valuation and competition, WaveHello proved that they could navigate these challenges and thrive in the market. The rebranding to WaveHello has allowed the company to broaden its offerings beyond Bellybuds, introducing products like the Soundbub and LoveBub. With partnerships with major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon, WaveHello has successfully expanded its presence and accessibility to expectant parents.

The positive customer reviews and feedback for Bellybuds and WaveHello highlight the impact of their products on bonding experiences and prenatal development. Many customers appreciate the opportunity to create a special connection with their unborn babies through music and sound. The continuous growth and success of WaveHello demonstrate the effectiveness and value of their innovative solutions for expectant parents.


Q: What is Bellybuds?

A: Bellybuds is a prenatal audio system that allows expectant mothers to play music and sounds directly to their unborn babies.

Q: How did Bellybuds come about?

A: Bellybuds was inspired by the founders’ observation of a pregnant woman using her iPod earbuds to play music for her baby in the womb.

Q: What benefits does Bellybuds offer for prenatal bonding and fetal development?

A: Bellybuds provides a safe and convenient way for mothers to bond with their babies before birth and stimulates fetal development through audio stimulation.

Q: Did Bellybuds appear on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Bellybuds was pitched on Shark Tank by its founders, Curtis Williams and Matt Von Waaden.

Q: Did Bellybuds secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: No, none of the Sharks made a deal with Bellybuds due to concerns about valuation and competition.

Q: How has Bellybuds evolved since its appearance on Shark Tank?

A: Bellybuds rebranded as WaveHello and expanded its product line, introducing new products such as the Soundbub and LoveBub.

Q: What is the current revenue of WaveHello, formerly Bellybuds?

A: WaveHello currently earns million in annual revenue.

Q: What have customers said about Bellybuds?

A: Customers have provided positive feedback, mentioning the opportunity to bond with their unborn babies and noting the calming effects and positive responses of their babies to audio stimulation.

Q: What other companies were featured on the same episode of Shark Tank as Bellybuds?

A: Other companies featured on the same episode include Paparazzi Proposals, Schulzies Bread Pudding, and PetPaint.

Q: How has Shark Tank impacted entrepreneurs like Bellybuds?

A: While Bellybuds did not secure a deal, their appearance on Shark Tank generated buzz and increased their sales, providing exposure and opportunities for growth.

Q: What are the future plans for WaveHello, formerly Bellybuds?

A: WaveHello plans to further grow its presence in the market and offer new products catering to the needs of expectant mothers and their babies.

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