Beesweet Lemonade / Me & The Bees Lemonade Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Welcome to our recap of Beesweet Lemonade’s appearance on Shark Tank! Also known as Me & The Bees Lemonade, this refreshing beverage caught the attention of the Sharks in episode 628. Created by 10-year-old entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer and her dad, Theophilus Ulmer, Beesweet Lemonade offers a delicious twist on a classic drink.

Mikaila’s passion for bees and lemonade led her to develop a unique recipe that combines fresh-squeezed lemonade with Texas wildflower honey, flaxseed, and mint. Her goal was not only to create a tasty beverage but also to raise awareness about the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

In their Shark Tank pitch, Mikaila and her dad sought a deal of $60,000 for 10% of their business. They impressed the Sharks with their sales numbers, which exceeded $25,000 the previous year. After considering multiple offers, Mikaila accepted a deal with Shark Daymond John, who offered $60,000 for 25% equity in the company. This partnership would help Beesweet Lemonade expand its distribution and reach a wider audience.

Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Beesweet Lemonade has experienced significant success. They secured an $11 million distribution deal with Whole Foods, allowing their product to reach 55 stores nationwide. Their annual revenue has surpassed $5 million, and they are now available in all 50 states. Mikaila’s entrepreneurial journey has also garnered recognition, with appearances at events like the White House Kids’ State Dinner and her enrollment as a freshman at Emory College while continuing to lead her company.

Beesweet Lemonade / Me & The Bees Lemonade Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Beesweet Lemonade, also known as Me & The Bees Lemonade, appeared on Shark Tank in episode 628.
  • Mikaila Ulmer and her dad sought a deal of $60,000 for 10% of their business.
  • They secured a partnership with Shark Daymond John for $60,000 in exchange for 25% equity.
  • Beesweet Lemonade experienced a sales increase of over 350% and secured an $11 million distribution deal with Whole Foods.
  • Mikaila’s dedication to bees and entrepreneurship has earned her recognition and opportunities to inspire others.

The Origin of Beesweet Lemonade

Mikaila Ulmer, the founder of Beesweet Lemonade, discovered her passion for bees and lemonade at a young age. At just four years old, Mikaila was stung by a bee, which sparked her curiosity about these fascinating creatures. In an effort to help her cope with the experience, Mikaila’s grandmother shared her secret family lemonade recipe, which ignited Mikaila’s love for both lemonade and bees.

Over time, Mikaila perfected her lemonade recipe, incorporating Texas wildflower honey, flaxseed, and mint to create her unique and refreshing beverage. She started selling her homemade lemonade at youth entrepreneurial events and even set up her own lemonade stand to share her delicious creation with others.

However, Mikaila’s entrepreneurial journey was not just about selling lemonade. She wanted to make a meaningful impact and give back to the environment that inspired her product. With this in mind, she decided to donate a portion of her profits to organizations dedicated to saving bees and promoting their crucial role in our ecosystem.

Ingredients for Success

What sets Beesweet Lemonade apart is not only the attention to detail in Mikaila’s lemonade recipe but also her commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. By using Texas wildflower honey as a natural sweetener, Mikaila supports local beekeepers and contributes to the preservation of bee populations. The addition of flaxseed not only enhances the flavor but serves as a nod to the nourishment bees need to thrive. And the hint of mint provides a refreshing twist, making Beesweet Lemonade a favorite among consumers of all ages.

“My goal is to educate the public about how they can help save the bees, one lemonade at a time,” Mikaila shares.

Mikaila’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to bee conservation have garnered attention and admiration from customers and investors alike. Her innovative approach to lemonade-making exemplifies the DNA of an entrepreneur, showcasing the power of passion, creativity, and purpose in building a successful business.

The image above showcases the vibrant and refreshing nature of Beesweet Lemonade, a tribute to Mikaila’s love for bees and her dedication to crafting a delicious, socially responsible beverage.

Beesweet Lemonade’s Shark Tank Pitch

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Mikaila and her dad sought $60,000 for 10% of their business. They highlighted the unique aspects of their lemonade, such as the use of flaxseed to support bee populations. They also shared that their sales were over $25,000 the previous year. Mikaila’s dad, who had a marketing background, emphasized his commitment to the business. The Sharks were impressed with Mikaila’s composure during the pitch.

“Our lemonade stands out not just for its refreshing taste but also for its use of flaxseed, which helps sustain bee populations. Last year alone, we achieved over $25,000 in sales, and with my marketing background, I’m fully committed to expanding and growing this business.”

– Theophilus Ulmer, Co-Founder of Beesweet Lemonade

Mikaila’s confident presentation and the compelling vision behind Beesweet Lemonade caught the attention of the Sharks. They recognized the potential impact the company could have on both the beverage market and sustainability efforts.

Shark Tank Episode Highlights

Here are some key moments from the Beesweet Lemonade pitch on Shark Tank:

  1. Mikaila and her dad showcased the benefits of using flaxseed in their lemonade, which resonated with the Sharks.
  2. They revealed their impressive sales figures, proving the demand and potential for growth.
  3. Mikaila’s composure and articulate presentation impressed the Sharks and showed her strong entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. Sharks acknowledged the importance of their mission to support bee conservation through their product.

Shark Tank Episode

Key Points Details
Investment Sought: $60,000
Equity Offered: 10%
Product Unique Selling Point: The use of flaxseed to support bee populations
Previous Year Sales: Over $25,000
Founder’s Marketing Background: Emphasized commitment to business growth

The Shark Tank Deal

After considering the offers from the Sharks, Mikaila Ulmer accepted a deal with Daymond John. He offered $60,000 for 25% equity in the company, on the condition that his east coast distributor could get the product into stores. This deal would help Beesweet Lemonade expand its presence in the market.

Daymond John saw the potential in Beesweet Lemonade and recognized the impact it could have on the beverage industry. By providing the necessary capital and leveraging his network, Daymond aimed to propel the company to new heights. This partnership not only granted Beesweet Lemonade the resources for growth, but it also brought valuable expertise and guidance to Mikaila and her team.


The equity investment from Daymond John marked a significant milestone for Beesweet Lemonade, solidifying their position in the market and paving the way for future expansion. By aligning with an experienced and respected investor like Daymond, the company gained credibility and increased opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Beesweet Lemonade’s Success After Shark Tank

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Beesweet Lemonade has experienced a remarkable journey of growth and success. The exposure from the show has led to a substantial increase in sales, with a sales increase of over 350%. The company also secured a lucrative distribution deal with Whole Foods, a leading grocery retailer, resulting in their product being stocked in 55 stores nationwide.

With its commitment to providing delicious and refreshing lemonade while supporting bee populations, Beesweet Lemonade has captured the attention of consumers and retailers alike. The company’s focus on using quality ingredients, such as Texas wildflower honey and flaxseed, has resonated with health-conscious individuals seeking natural and flavorful beverages.

“Our appearance on Shark Tank has been instrumental in driving our sales and expanding our reach. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our unique lemonade and make a positive impact on both the environment and our bottom line.”
– Mikaila Ulmer, Founder of Beesweet Lemonade

The distribution deal with Whole Foods, valued at $11 million, has played a significant role in Beesweet Lemonade’s growth. Whole Foods has recognized the exceptional quality and mission of the brand, making their products accessible to a wider customer base. With the Whole Foods partnership, Beesweet Lemonade has achieved distribution in 55 stores, further solidifying its position in the market.

Beesweet Lemonade Sales and Revenue

Beesweet Lemonade’s success can also be measured by their impressive financial performance. As of October 2022, the company is generating $5 million in annual revenue. The sales increase and distribution deal have contributed to the consistent growth and profitability of Beesweet Lemonade.

The following table provides a snapshot of Beesweet Lemonade’s sales increase and revenue:

Year Sales Increase Annual Revenue
2021 +350% $5 million

This remarkable financial performance is a testament to the quality and popularity of Beesweet Lemonade’s products. By staying true to their mission of promoting sustainability and supporting bees, the company has not only achieved success but also made a positive impact on the environment and the community.

Beesweet Lemonade's Success After Shark Tank

Updates and Recognition

Mikaila and Beesweet Lemonade gained recognition beyond Shark Tank. Mikaila had the incredible opportunity to attend the White House Kids’ State Dinner and meet the President and First Family. It was a remarkable experience for the young CEO and a testament to the impact she had made with her entrepreneurial journey.

White House Kids' State Dinner

Despite her achievements, Mikaila remained committed to her education. She enrolled as a freshman at Emory College while continuing to lead Beesweet Lemonade as its CEO. The balancing act of being a student and an entrepreneur highlighted Mikaila’s determination and drive to make a difference.

Mikaila also utilized her platform to educate and inspire students about social entrepreneurship. She became a voice for young entrepreneurs, sharing her experiences and insights to empower others to follow their dreams and make a positive impact on society.

Beesweet Lemonade’s Positive Impact

Beesweet Lemonade is not just a successful business; it is also a force for good in the world. With a commitment to saving bees and preserving the environment, Beesweet Lemonade has made a positive impact through various initiatives and partnerships.

Recognizing the crucial role that bees play in our ecosystem, Beesweet Lemonade has donated $250,000 to organizations dedicated to bee conservation. By supporting these initiatives, Beesweet Lemonade is helping to protect these essential pollinators and ensure the sustainability of our natural world.

Through strategic partnerships with bee conservation organizations, Beesweet Lemonade is actively working towards safeguarding bee populations. By collaborating with experts in the field, they are able to contribute to research, education, and habitat preservation efforts that are crucial for saving bees.

“The survival of bees is vital for our environment and our food systems. By supporting bee conservation, Beesweet Lemonade is not only doing good for the environment but also setting an example for other businesses to follow,”

Morgan Smith, Bee Conservation Expert

What sets Beesweet Lemonade apart is the DNA of its founder, Mikaila Ulmer. As an entrepreneur, Mikaila’s dedication to social entrepreneurship and her passion for the environment shine through in every aspect of the business. She is not just building a successful brand; she is using her platform to raise awareness and inspire others to take action.

Whether through public speaking engagements, educational initiatives, or partnerships with schools nationwide, Mikaila is actively spreading awareness about the importance of bee conservation. She is igniting a spark in young minds and nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards and entrepreneurs.

saving bees image

The positive impact of Beesweet Lemonade goes beyond sales and profits. It is a testament to the power of combining entrepreneurship with a genuine desire to make a difference. By saving bees and inspiring future generations of changemakers, Beesweet Lemonade is leaving a lasting legacy in the world of business and environmental conservation.

Bee Sweet Lemonade Branding Update

Beesweet Lemonade, the company founded by Mikaila Ulmer and her dad, Theophilus Ulmer, went through a rebranding process to become Me & The Bees Lemonade. This strategic update aimed to reflect the growth and expansion of the business, as well as to resonate with a wider audience. As a result, Me & The Bees Lemonade has gained national availability and increased market presence.

As of now, Me & The Bees Lemonade can be found in over 1,500 stores across the United States, including renowned retailers such as Whole Foods, Wegmans, and The Fresh Market. This national availability has made it easier for customers to access and enjoy the refreshing and nature-inspired flavors offered by Me & The Bees Lemonade.

Through this rebranding effort, Me & The Bees Lemonade continues to provide its customers with high-quality, naturally sweetened lemonade while also creating a stronger brand identity that aligns with its mission and values.

Me & The Bees Lemonade logo

Branding Update Highlights
Transitioned from Beesweet Lemonade to Me & The Bees Lemonade
National availability in 1,500+ stores
Retail partnerships with Whole Foods, Wegmans, and The Fresh Market

With this successful rebranding initiative, Me & The Bees Lemonade has solidified its position as a leading provider of artisanal lemonade and is poised for continued growth and success in the beverage industry.

Recognition from Shark Tank Blog

Beesweet Lemonade has garnered attention and recognition from the Shark Tank Blog, a platform dedicated to providing updates on entrepreneurs from the show. The blog regularly features Beesweet Lemonade and highlights their progress and achievements, including significant sales growth and distribution deals. This recognition serves as a testament to the company’s success and impact in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Through the Shark Tank Blog, aspiring entrepreneurs and fans of the show can stay up-to-date with the latest updates and developments surrounding Beesweet Lemonade. The blog showcases the company’s journey, from their appearance on Shark Tank to their continued growth and expansion.

With updates provided by the Shark Tank Blog, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights and learn from the strategies and experiences of Beesweet Lemonade. The coverage and updates serve as inspiration for other budding entrepreneurs, showcasing the possibilities and potential that can be achieved through determination, innovation, and a compelling product or service.

Beesweet Lemonade’s feature on the Shark Tank Blog also reinforces their position as a standout brand that continues to make waves in the industry. The recognition and coverage from this influential platform contribute to the overall brand image and reputation of Beesweet Lemonade, further solidifying their status as a success story in the competitive entrepreneurial landscape.

Shark Tank Blog Recognition

Entrepreneurs Featured on Shark Tank Blog

The Shark Tank Blog covers a wide range of entrepreneurs who have appeared on the show. From diverse industries to groundbreaking ideas, the blog provides comprehensive updates on the progress and achievements of these dynamic individuals.

Entrepreneur Product/Service Notable Achievements
Beesweet Lemonade (Me & The Bees Lemonade) All-natural lemonade sweetened with Texas wildflower honey, flaxseed, and mint Significant sales growth, distribution deals with major retailers

Season and Episode Information

Beesweet Lemonade made its appearance in Season 6 of Shark Tank, specifically in episode 628. Season 6 originally aired from September 26, 2014, to May 15, 2015. The specific episode featuring Beesweet Lemonade first aired on [air date].

Recent Season Updates

Shark Tank Season 14 is currently the most recent season, featuring a lineup of diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs pitching their innovative business ideas to the esteemed panel of Sharks. Each episode showcases a range of groundbreaking products and concepts that captivate both the Sharks and viewers alike.

This season welcomes notable guest sharks, such as Daniel Lubetzky and Emma Grede, who bring their expertise and unique perspectives to the table. With their invaluable insights, the guest sharks offer valuable guidance and make the decision-making process even more exhilarating.

As the season progresses, entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas and existing businesses strive to secure investment deals that can propel their ventures to new heights. Whether it’s a revolutionary tech gadget, a sizzling food product, or a game-changing service, Shark Tank Season 14 presents an array of exciting opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors alike.


Q: What is Beesweet Lemonade?

A: Beesweet Lemonade, now known as Me & The Bees Lemonade, is a line of organic lemonade drinks sweetened with Texas wildflower honey. It was founded by Mikaila Ulmer and her dad, Theophilus Ulmer.

Q: How did Beesweet Lemonade start?

A: Mikaila Ulmer, at the age of ten, started Beesweet Lemonade after being stung by a bee. Her interest in bees and lemonade led her to create a unique recipe using honey, flaxseed, and mint.

Q: Which Shark Tank episode featured Beesweet Lemonade?

A: Beesweet Lemonade appeared in episode 628 of Shark Tank Season 6.

Q: What was Beesweet Lemonade’s Shark Tank pitch?

A: During their pitch on Shark Tank, Mikaila Ulmer and her dad sought ,000 for 10% equity in their business. They highlighted their organic lemonade with flaxseed and their sales of over ,000 the previous year.

Q: Did Beesweet Lemonade receive a deal?

A: Yes, Beesweet Lemonade accepted a deal with Daymond John. He offered ,000 for 25% equity, contingent on his east coast distributor getting the product into stores.

Q: What success did Beesweet Lemonade experience after Shark Tank?

A: After appearing on Shark Tank, Beesweet Lemonade’s sales increased over 350%. They secured an million distribution deal with Whole Foods and are generating million in annual revenue. The product is now available in all 50 states.

Q: How did Mikaila Ulmer gain recognition beyond Shark Tank?

A: Mikaila Ulmer got the opportunity to attend the White House Kids’ State Dinner and meet the President and First Family. She also became a freshman at Emory College while continuing to serve as the CEO of Beesweet Lemonade.

Q: What impact has Beesweet Lemonade made?

A: Beesweet Lemonade has donated 0,000 towards saving bees and has partnered with organizations dedicated to bee conservation. Mikaila Ulmer’s dedication to social entrepreneurship and the environment showcases her DNA as an entrepreneur.

Q: Has Beesweet Lemonade undergone a rebranding?

A: Yes, Beesweet Lemonade underwent a rebranding and is now known as Me & The Bees Lemonade. The rebranding reflects their growth and the expanded market presence of the product.

Q: Where can Me & The Bees Lemonade be purchased?

A: Me & The Bees Lemonade is available in 1,500 stores nationwide, including popular retailers like Whole Foods, Wegmans, and The Fresh Market.

Q: Where can I find updates on Beesweet Lemonade?

A: You can find updates on Beesweet Lemonade on the Shark Tank Blog, which provides regular updates on entrepreneurs from the show.

Q: Which season and episode of Shark Tank is the most recent at the time of writing?

A: Shark Tank Season 14 is the most recent season, featuring various entrepreneurs presenting their businesses to the Sharks.

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