BEERMKR Shark Tank

BEERMKR Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

Welcome to our recap of the BEERMKR episode on Shark Tank! In this article, we’ll delve into the success story of BEERMKR, an innovative beer brewing system that allows you to brew craft beer at home. We’ll discuss the founders’ pitch, the deal with the Sharks, user reviews, and the future of this exciting home brewery on Shark Tank.

BEERMKR was created by Aaron Walls and Brett Vegas, who aimed to make home brewing more accessible and convenient. Their innovative beer brewing system boasts an app-controlled fermentation process that automates temperature control, making brewing beer at home quick and easy.

During the episode, the founders impressed the Sharks with their compact and affordable machine. Priced at $579, with additional taps available for $119, BEERMKR garnered attention for its potential to revolutionize the way people enjoy and brew craft beer. The founders had previously seen success with a Kickstarter campaign, raising over $398,000, but faced production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the journey of BEERMKR on Shark Tank and explore the impact it has had on the beer industry and home brewing enthusiasts.

BEERMKR Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • BEERMKR is an innovative beer brewing system featured on Shark Tank.
  • The founders aimed to make home brewing inexpensive, quick, and easy.
  • BEERMKR automates the fermentation process using an app-controlled system.
  • The machine costs $579, with additional taps available for $119.
  • The founders had a successful Kickstarter campaign but faced production delays due to the pandemic.

The Origin of BEERMKR – From BrewJacket to Shark Tank

BEERMKR’s journey began as a class project at Cornell University, where Aaron Walls and Brett Vegas, along with two other fellow MBA students, embarked on a mission to revolutionize home brewing. The founders already had a successful business called BrewJacket, specializing in home brewing supplies for those who brew on a larger scale.

However, Aaron and Brett wanted to create a product that would make home brewing more accessible and cost-effective for all enthusiasts. They envisioned a beer brewing kit that would simplify the entire process and automate the fermentation stage.

The result of their efforts was BEERMKR, an innovative beer brewing system that integrates cutting-edge technology with the art of beer making. Through the use of an app, brewers can control and monitor the fermentation process with ease, ensuring optimal results every time.

The founders saw an incredible opportunity to take BEERMKR to the next level and decided to pitch their product on Shark Tank. They aimed to secure a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 2% stake in their business, hoping to leverage the show’s platform to propel BEERMKR into the spotlight.

With their background in the home brewing industry and their dedication to innovation, Aaron and Brett were determined to make BEERMKR a transformative force in the beer brewing world.

The Pitch and Deal with the Sharks

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Aaron and Brett had the opportunity to pitch the BEERMKR brewing machine to the Sharks. To make a lasting impression, they offered the Sharks a sample of the beer created using their innovative system. The Sharks were impressed by the quality of the beer and recognized the potential of BEERMKR in the home brewing market.

However, the $25 million valuation raised concerns among the Sharks. With only 24 units sold at the time, the valuation seemed ambitious. Mark, Alex, Barbara, and Lori ultimately decided not to invest, expressing doubts about the company’s current sales numbers and future scalability. Despite this setback, Aaron and Brett remained determined to secure a deal with the Sharks.

Shark Kevin O’Leary, known for his keen business acumen, saw the potential of BEERMKR and made an offer to the founders. He proposed a $500,000 loan at 9% interest in exchange for a 4% stake in the company. Recognizing the value Kevin could bring, Aaron and Brett entered into negotiations with him to refine the terms of the deal.

After careful consideration, the founders decided to decline Kevin’s offer. This unexpected decision sparked speculation on social media about their true intentions and the reasoning behind their rejection of Kevin’s substantial offer. However, Aaron and Brett had their reasons and were committed to pursuing other avenues to make BEERMKR a success.

BEERMKR Shark Tank

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, BEERMKR’s appearance on the show provided valuable exposure and the opportunity to showcase their innovative brewing machine to a wide audience. The founders capitalized on this exposure and explored other funding options to bring their vision to life.

BEERMKR’s Crowdfunding Success and Growth

After their captivating appearance on Shark Tank, Aaron and Brett leveraged their momentum by launching a successful crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine. The campaign proved to be a resounding success, raising a total of $457,661 and attracting significant attention from beer enthusiasts and investors alike.

Building on this initial triumph, BEERMKR embarked on a second crowdfunding campaign, which garnered an additional $129,251.17 in funding. This remarkable achievement indicates the growing popularity and strong appeal of their innovative home brewing machine.

As of October 2023, BEERMKR has witnessed exponential growth, with an impressive annual revenue of $3 million. Furthermore, the company’s valuation currently stands at an impressive $12.7 million, a testament to the product’s market potential and the founders’ strategic approach to business.

BEERMKR Crowdfunding Success

The Success of BEERMKR’s Crowdfunding Campaigns

“The response to our crowdfunding campaigns has been overwhelming. We couldn’t be more grateful for the support we’ve received from the community. It has allowed us to achieve significant growth and bring our innovative beer brewing system to a wider audience,” said Aaron Walls, co-founder of BEERMKR.

Impressive Revenue and Valuation

BEERMKR’s remarkable financial success is a testament to both the quality of their product and the strong support from their customer base. With an annual revenue of $3 million, the company has firmly established itself as a key player in the home brewing industry.

In addition, their current valuation of $12.7 million demonstrates the immense potential for growth and market dominance. BEERMKR’s ability to achieve such impressive results without any investment from the Sharks further underscores the strength and viability of their business model.

The Journey Continues

With their successful crowdfunding campaigns and robust revenue streams, BEERMKR is excited to continue expanding their product line and reaching new markets. The founders are dedicated to listening to customer feedback and continuously improving their brewing system to meet the evolving needs of beer enthusiasts.

BEERMKR’s journey, from their captivating appearance on Shark Tank to their thriving crowdfunding campaigns, exemplifies the power of innovation and community support. With their continued growth and commitment to excellence, BEERMKR is poised to bring the joy of craft beer brewing to even more homes around the world.

BEERMKR’s Impact on the Beer Industry

BEERMKR aims to disrupt the beer industry by providing a convenient and automated solution for brewing craft beer at home. With its innovative beer brewing system, BEERMKR allows users to control the fermentation process through an app, making home brewing more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.

The home brewing revolution is in full swing, and BEERMKR is at the forefront of this movement. By offering a compact and affordable brewing system, BEERMKR is empowering beer enthusiasts to take their passion for craft beer to new heights. No longer constrained by the limitations of commercial brewing, individuals can now create their own unique brews in the comfort of their homes.

BEERMKR’s disruptive approach to the beer industry lies in its ability to combine technology, convenience, and affordability. With just a few taps on the app, users can fully control the brewing process and experiment with different flavors and ingredients. This revolutionizes the way people enjoy and produce craft beer.

The Benefits of BEERMKR’s Innovative Brewing System

BEERMKR’s innovative brewing system offers a range of benefits that contribute to its impact on the beer industry:

  • Convenience: BEERMKR eliminates the need for extensive equipment and manual monitoring, making the brewing process quick and hassle-free.
  • Quality: The precise temperature control and fermentation automation ensure consistent and high-quality brews every time.
  • Affordability: Comparatively priced to traditional brewing methods, BEERMKR offers an affordable entry point into the world of craft beer brewing.
  • Customization: With the app-controlled fermentation process, users have the freedom to experiment with flavors, ingredients, and brewing techniques, unleashing their creativity.

BEERMKR’s impact on the beer industry extends beyond just home brewing. This innovative system has the potential to inspire a new generation of craft brewers, foster a culture of experimentation, and even influence the commercial beer market.

BEERMKR is redefining the boundaries of traditional brewing, and as more beer enthusiasts embrace this home brewing revolution, the beer industry is shifting towards a more diverse and dynamic future.

beer industry disruption

User Reviews and Feedback on BEERMKR

Customers who have tried BEERMKR have overwhelmingly positive feedback about their home brewing experience. The machine’s ease of use and the quality of the beer it produces are frequently praised. The convenience of the app-controlled fermentation process is also highly appreciated, as it eliminates the need for manual temperature monitoring.

One satisfied customer exclaimed, “BEERMKR has revolutionized my home brewing experience! The beer I make with this machine rivals professional craft brews. Plus, the app makes it so easy to control the fermentation process. I highly recommend it to any beer enthusiast.”

Despite the overall positive reception, there have been occasional reports of minor issues with shipping and production delays. The founders of BEERMKR have promptly addressed these concerns, taking steps to ensure smoother customer experiences and faster delivery times.

BEERMKR values customer feedback and continuously strives to enhance its product. Through active engagement with its user community, the company gathers insights and suggestions for potential improvements and future updates to the brewing system. This dedication to customer satisfaction has contributed to BEERMKR’s growing popularity among home brewers.

user reviews on BEERMKR

Summary of User Reviews and Feedback
Positive Feedback Areas for Improvement
  • Quality of beer
  • Ease of use
  • Convenience of app-controlled fermentation
  • Shipping issues
  • Production delays

The Future of BEERMKR

With its successful crowdfunding campaigns and growing revenue, BEERMKR is poised for future expansion and product development. The founders, Aaron Walls and Brett Vegas, have ambitious plans to refine and enhance their innovative beer brewing system based on valuable customer feedback. They are committed to continuously improving BEERMKR to provide beer enthusiasts with an exceptional brewing experience.

As part of their future plans, BEERMKR aims to expand into new markets and reach a wider audience of beer enthusiasts. The company’s appearance on Shark Tank has given them an incredible platform to showcase their home brewing solution and generate interest in their product.

Product development is a priority for BEERMKR, as they strive to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving needs of their customers. By listening to user feedback and leveraging their manufacturing expertise, the founders are dedicated to delivering an even better brewing experience with every iteration of BEERMKR.

In addition to improving the brewing system, the founders are exploring opportunities for expansion. They envision BEERMKR becoming a household name for beer lovers around the world. By expanding their distribution channels and forging strategic partnerships, BEERMKR aims to make their innovative home brewing system easily accessible to beer enthusiasts everywhere.

Overall, the future of BEERMKR looks promising as the company continues to grow, innovate, and make a mark in the beer industry. Beer enthusiasts can expect exciting developments, exceptional products, and a brewing experience that sets BEERMKR apart.

Where to Buy BEERMKR

If you’re interested in purchasing BEERMKR, you have several options available. The innovative home brewing machine can be found on various online retailers, including Amazon, where you can conveniently browse and make your purchase.

For more information about BEERMKR and to explore additional buying options, it’s recommended to visit the official BEERMKR website. There, you’ll find comprehensive product details, customer reviews, and the opportunity to purchase the machine, taps, and brewing kits.

With the availability of BEERMKR through online retailers and the official website, beer enthusiasts can easily begin brewing their own craft beer at home. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced brewer, BEERMKR offers a convenient and reliable solution for creating high-quality craft beer.

Where to Buy BEERMKR Summary:

Options Availability
Online Retailers (e.g., Amazon) Available
Official BEERMKR Website Available

BEERMKR Shark Tank

Social Media Presence and Community Engagement

BEERMKR understands the importance of social media platforms in today’s digital landscape. To effectively engage with its audience and build a strong online presence, the company maintains active profiles on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Through these platforms, BEERMKR not only provides valuable updates on product developments, events, and promotions but also fosters a sense of community among its users. The founders encourage customers to share their brewing experiences and connect with other home brewers on social media. By actively engaging with its audience, BEERMKR creates a space for enthusiasts to come together, share tips and tricks, and inspire one another in their brewing journeys.

“Our social media channels serve as a hub for our community of passionate home brewers. We believe that sharing experiences and connecting with fellow beer enthusiasts can enhance the brewing journey and elevate the craft beer culture. We encourage everyone to join the conversation and be a part of the BEERMKR community!” – Aaron Walls, Co-founder of BEERMKR

Connect with BEERMKR on Social Media:

  • Facebook: Follow BEERMKR on Facebook for the latest news, updates, and community discussions.
  • Twitter: Stay connected with BEERMKR on Twitter to join the conversation, participate in contests, and follow trending topics.
  • YouTube: Subscribe to BEERMKR’s YouTube channel for video tutorials, brewing guides, and behind-the-scenes content.

By maintaining an active presence on social media platforms and fostering community engagement, BEERMKR aims to create a thriving network of home brewers who can connect, learn, and celebrate their love for craft beer together.

BEERMKR Social Media Presence

Other Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

While Shark Tank has been a platform for many successful businesses and Shark Tank entrepreneurs, it is important for consumers to be aware that not all products claiming to have been on the show are endorsed by the Sharks or the show itself. To ensure authenticity and make informed purchasing decisions, consumers should verify the credibility of products before making a purchase.

One way to verify the authenticity of products is by referring to a list of products that have actually appeared on Shark Tank. This list provides reliable information about the businesses that have received endorsements from the Sharks and have successfully grown their ventures with the help of the show.

“Being on Shark Tank was a game-changer for our business. The endorsement from the Sharks gave us credibility and helped us reach a wider audience. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.” – Successful Shark Tank entrepreneur

Key Takeaways:

  • Not all products claiming to have been on Shark Tank are endorsed by the show or the Sharks.
  • Consumers should verify the authenticity of products before making a purchase.
  • A list of products that have actually appeared on Shark Tank can provide reliable information.

By being cautious and referring to reliable sources, consumers can ensure that they are supporting genuine Shark Tank entrepreneurs and their endorsed businesses.


In conclusion, BEERMKR’s appearance on Shark Tank showcased its innovative home brewing machine and its potential to disrupt the beer industry. The founders, Aaron Walls and Brett Vegas, presented BEERMKR to the Sharks, but despite their interest, no investment deal was made.

However, BEERMKR has achieved remarkable success through its crowdfunding campaigns and has experienced significant growth in revenue. With its convenient and app-controlled brewing system, BEERMKR has the potential to revolutionize the way people brew and enjoy craft beer at home.

By making home brewing inexpensive, quick, and easy, BEERMKR has created an opportunity for beer enthusiasts to experience the joy of brewing their own craft beer. With its compact size and affordable price point, BEERMKR has become a game-changer in the industry, providing a unique and accessible solution for brewing high-quality beer in the comfort of one’s home.


Q: How much does BEERMKR cost?

A: The BEERMKR home brewing machine is priced at 9. Additional taps are available for 9 each.

Q: What makes BEERMKR unique?

A: BEERMKR is an innovative beer brewing system that automates the fermentation process through an app-controlled temperature control system, making home brewing quick and easy.

Q: How did BEERMKR perform on Shark Tank?

A: While the Sharks were impressed with the product, BEERMKR did not secure investment on the show. The founders received an offer from Kevin but declined it.

Q: Has BEERMKR experienced growth after Shark Tank?

A: Yes, BEERMKR has achieved an annual revenue of million and is currently valued at .7 million. The company has also successfully raised funds through crowdfunding campaigns.

Q: Where can I purchase BEERMKR?

A: BEERMKR can be purchased from various online retailers, including Amazon. You can also visit BEERMKR’s official website for more information and to make a purchase.

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