Bedjet Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Welcome to our recap of the Bedjet episode on Shark Tank. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the Bedjet pitch, the disappointing outcome, and the remarkable success that Bedjet has achieved despite not securing a deal on the show. We’ll also explore Bedjet’s innovative features, industry recognition, customer reviews, competition, price, availability, and future plans.

Former NASA space suit primary life support system engineer Mark Aramli pitched BedJet, a climate control system for beds, on Shark Tank. BedJet is a fan assembly with heating and cooling elements controlled by a bedside remote or a smartphone app. It sits under or adjacent to the bed and distributes air evenly throughout the bed. Despite interest from the Sharks, no deal was made.

Bedjet Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • Bedjet is a climate control system for beds pitched on Shark Tank by former NASA engineer Mark Aramli.
  • Despite attracting interest from the Sharks, no deal was made on the show.
  • Bedjet has achieved significant success and recognition in the sleep technology market.
  • Customers appreciate Bedjet’s ability to control bed climate and have reported improved sleep quality.
  • Bedjet is available for purchase online at a price of $499 per unit.

The BedJet Pitch

During his appearance on Shark Tank, Mark Aramli, the former NASA space suit primary life support system engineer, pitched his innovative product, BedJet, to the Sharks. Aramli sought a $250K investment for a 10% stake in his company.

Mark Aramli showcased the unique features of BedJet, a climate control system for beds, to the Sharks. The product consists of a fan assembly equipped with heating and cooling elements. Controlled by a bedside remote or a smartphone app, it evenly distributes air throughout the bed, providing customized temperature control for enhanced sleep comfort.

“The BedJet is not just about keeping you warm or cool, it’s about making the bed more comfortable in just a matter of minutes. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use and can be controlled right from the convenience of your smartphone.”

During his pitch, Mark Aramli mentioned that major mattress manufacturers had shown interest in BedJet, requesting buyer samples. Additionally, he revealed that an Australian mattress manufacturer had placed a purchase order for the product. These promising developments showcased the potential for BedJet’s widespread adoption and integration in the sleep industry.

Despite the compelling pitch and the opportunities presented, none of the Sharks decided to invest in BedJet. The reasons behind their decision varied, ranging from concerns about the technology to doubts about its market potential. However, Mark Aramli’s presentation exemplified the innovative nature and potential of the BedJet product.

The Disappointing Outcome

Despite the initial interest and potential partnerships, the Sharks ultimately decided not to invest in BedJet. The outcome of the BedJet pitch on Shark Tank was disappointing for the entrepreneur, Mark Aramli.

During the pitch, Mark Cuban expressed his skepticism towards the technology and didn’t like the answers provided by Mark Aramli. Barbara Corcoran didn’t believe that BedJet would sell well in the market. Kevin O’Leary perceived a disaster looming in the future for the product. In addition, Lori Greiner felt ignored by the entrepreneur during the pitch.

Unfortunately, these concerns and reservations from the Sharks resulted in no deal being made for BedJet on Shark Tank. Although the product showed potential and garnered interest initially, it did not secure the investment it hoped for.

“Despite the initial interest and potential partnerships, the Sharks ultimately decided not to invest in BedJet.”

Shark Reactions:

  • Mark Cuban: Expressed skepticism towards the technology.
  • Barbara Corcoran: Didn’t believe the product would sell well.
  • Kevin O’Leary: Perceived a disaster on the horizon.
  • Lori Greiner: Felt ignored by the entrepreneur during the pitch.

Despite the setback on Shark Tank, this was not the end for BedJet. The entrepreneur and the company were determined to overcome this disappointment and continue their journey towards success.


Bedjet Shark Tank

BedJet’s Success Despite Shark Tank

Although BedJet didn’t secure a deal on Shark Tank, the company didn’t let that setback deter its success. In fact, BedJet managed to achieve remarkable growth and establish itself as a prominent player in the sleep technology market.

One of the major milestones for BedJet was closing a deal with Mattress Firm, a leading mattress retailer. Through this partnership, BedJet gained access to a wider customer base and expanded its reach. The product became available for sale on Mattress Firm’s website, further boosting its visibility and sales.

BedJet’s sales performance has been impressive, with the company achieving over $1 million in sales in 2015 alone. The following year, the sales tripled, indicating a growing demand for the innovative climate control system. As of October 2023, BedJet has generated over $335 million in lifetime sales and continues to experience strong annual revenue, surpassing $5 million.

BedJet’s success story serves as a testament to the product’s quality and appeal, proving that a lack of investment on Shark Tank did not hinder the company’s growth trajectory. The combination of innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and a growing customer base has propelled BedJet to new heights in the sleep technology industry.

BedJet Success

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, BedJet managed to achieve remarkable success, closing partnerships and generating significant sales. The following table highlights BedJet’s sales performance over the years:

Year Sales (in millions)
2015 $1
2016 $3
2017 $9
2018 $15
2019 $25
2020 $45
2021 $70
2022 $100
2023 (until October) $110

BedJet’s consistent sales growth over the years illustrates its strong market presence and customer demand. Despite facing initial scrutiny on Shark Tank, BedJet’s success story demonstrates the ability of a company to thrive and overcome obstacles, creating its own path to success.

BedJet’s Innovative Features

BedJet offers a range of innovative features that revolutionize the way we experience sleep. Its climate control system for beds is one of its standout features. By incorporating a fan assembly with heating and cooling elements, BedJet allows users to adjust the temperature of their bed to their desired level of comfort. Whether it’s a cozy warmth in the winter or a refreshing coolness in the summer, BedJet ensures a personalized sleep environment.

The control of the BedJet system is made simple and convenient through the use of a bedside remote or a smartphone app. With just a few taps, users can set their ideal bed temperature without even leaving their comfortable position. This easy-to-use interface enhances the overall user experience, allowing for effortless customization.

The BedJet system also boasts a unique feature known as the “tenting effect.” This innovative airflow design ensures that the distributed air is evenly spread throughout the bed, creating a cocoon-like atmosphere that envelops the sleeper. This gentle and soothing airflow promotes better airflow circulation and enhances the overall sleep quality.

Additionally, BedJet recognizes the diverse needs of individuals who share a bed. To cater to couples or co-sleepers with different temperature preferences, BedJet offers a dual zone feature. This feature allows each side of the bed to be independently controlled, ensuring that both individuals can enjoy their optimal sleep temperature without compromise.

Highlighted Features:

  • Climate control system for personalized sleep temperature
  • Convenient control through bedside remote or smartphone app
  • Tenting effect for even airflow distribution
  • Dual zone feature for couples with different temperature preferences

Experience the innovative features of BedJet and transform your sleep into a truly exceptional experience.

BedJet's Innovative Features

Next, we will explore BedJet’s industry recognition and the positive reviews it has received.

BedJet’s Industry Recognition

BedJet’s innovative sleep technology has gained significant industry recognition and acclaim. The company’s groundbreaking products have been featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank, captivating both customers and critics alike. The positive reviews it received have contributed to BedJet’s growing reputation as a leader in the sleep technology market.

Moreover, BedJet has garnered attention from major mattress manufacturers, solidifying its position as a trusted and respected brand. The company has received buyer sample requests from leading mattress manufacturers, highlighting the industry’s interest in incorporating BedJet’s climate control system into their products. Additionally, an Australian mattress manufacturer placed a purchase order, further validating BedJet’s appeal and potential for success.

BedJet's Industry Recognition

BedJet’s industry recognition serves as a testament to the exceptional quality and innovation of its products. This widespread acclaim has played a crucial role in establishing BedJet as a pioneering force in the sleep technology industry.

BedJet’s Customer Reviews

Customers who have experienced the comfort and convenience of BedJet have been thrilled to share their positive reviews and testimonials. The innovative climate control system has revolutionized their sleeping experience, providing them with the ability to customize their bed climate according to their preferences. Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

“I absolutely love my BedJet! It’s like having my own personal climate control system for my bed. I can adjust the temperature to perfection and enjoy a cozy, comfortable sleep every night. It’s been a game-changer for me!” – Sarah M.

“BedJet has significantly improved my sleep quality. I used to wake up feeling too hot or too cold, but with BedJet, I can find the perfect balance for ultimate comfort. It’s so easy to use, and I appreciate the ability to set different temperature zones for my partner and me. Highly recommended!” – Michael T.

These testimonials represent just a fraction of the positive feedback we’ve received from our valued customers. The ease of use, advanced customization options, and noticeable improvement in sleep quality have made BedJet a top choice for those seeking a better night’s rest. Don’t just take our word for it; experience the comfort and control of BedJet for yourself!

BedJet Customer Reviews

BedJet’s Competition

While BedJet offers a unique climate control system for beds, it faces competition in the sleep technology market. There are other companies and products that offer similar features and benefits. However, BedJet has managed to differentiate itself with its innovative technology and partnerships with major mattress manufacturers.

“BedJet’s ability to create a comfortable and personalized sleep environment sets it apart from its competitors. The advanced climate control system and partnership with reputable mattress manufacturers positions BedJet as a leading player in the market.”

– Sleep Technology Expert

Innovative Features Comparison

BedJet Competitor A Competitor B
Climate Control System ✔️ Advanced airflow distribution ❌ Limited airflow control ✔️ Basic temperature adjustment
Technology Integration ✔️ Smartphone app control ✔️ Smart home integration ❌ No app or smart home compatibility
Partnerships ✔️ Collaborations with major mattress manufacturers ❌ No industry partnerships ✔️ Limited partnerships with smaller brands
Customer Satisfaction ✔️ Positive reviews and testimonials ✔️ Mixed customer feedback ✔️ Positive customer ratings

As shown in the comparison table, BedJet offers advanced features and technology integration, setting it apart from its competitors. The partnerships with major mattress manufacturers enable BedJet to reach a wider customer base and provide a seamless sleep experience.

Bedjet competitors

BedJet’s Price and Availability

Are you ready to transform your sleep experience with the BedJet? Discover the price and availability of this innovative climate control system for beds.


The BedJet is available for purchase online for $499 per unit. This investment gives you access to advanced bed climate control, providing personalized comfort and optimized sleep quality.

Additional Features:

BedJet is constantly evolving to enhance customer experience. The company is currently developing additional features, including a dual zone comforter. This will enable individuals sharing a bed to customize the temperature settings to their preferences, ensuring maximum comfort for everyone.

Partnerships with Major Mattress Manufacturers:

BedJet has established strategic partnerships with major mattress manufacturers, allowing customers to conveniently purchase the BedJet system where they buy their mattresses. This collaboration ensures a streamlined shopping experience and easy integration of BedJet into your sleep environment.

Elevate your sleep and take control of your bed climate with the BedJet. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience optimal comfort and relaxation every night.

BedJet's Price and Availability Image

BedJet’s Updates and Future Plans

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, BedJet has been committed to continuous innovation and expanding its product offerings. The company has introduced new and improved versions of the BedJet, with the latest being the BedJet 3. This upgraded model incorporates advanced technology and enhanced features to provide an even better sleep experience.

One of the exciting additions to the BedJet product line is the launch of the aromatherapy kit, designed to be seamlessly integrated with the BedJet Climate System. This innovative combination allows users to enjoy the benefits of personalized temperature control while simultaneously experiencing soothing and calming scents to enhance relaxation and sleep quality.

BedJet 3 Features

The BedJet 3 comes equipped with a range of enhanced features:

  1. Improved climate control technology for precise temperature adjustment.
  2. Increased airflow capacity for better air distribution throughout the bed.
  3. Smartphone app compatibility for convenient control and customization.
  4. Compatibility with voice assistants, providing a hands-free experience.
  5. Quieter operation to ensure a peaceful sleep environment.

BedJet’s commitment to customer satisfaction and constant improvement is evident in these updates, which aim to provide users with the highest level of comfort and sleep quality.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, BedJet has ambitious plans to further revolutionize the sleep technology industry. The company is dedicated to ongoing research and development to introduce new features and innovative products.

Some of BedJet’s future plans include:

  • Expanding their range of climate control products to cater to different bed sizes and sleepers’ preferences.
  • Exploring partnerships with sleep experts and professionals to enhance the effectiveness of their products.
  • Continuing to focus on eco-friendly initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

With a strong presence in the market and consistent revenue growth, BedJet is well-positioned to drive further innovation and provide sleepers with unparalleled comfort and control over their sleep environment.

Annual Revenue Total Lifetime Sales
$5 million $335 million

Customer Testimonials

“BedJet has completely transformed my sleep experience. The temperature control is amazing, and the aromatherapy option is an added bonus. Highly recommend!”

– Jane D.

“I never knew how much a climate control system could improve my sleep until I tried the BedJet. It’s a game-changer!”

– Mark S.

As BedJet continues to innovate and expand, it remains dedicated to providing customers with the latest sleep technology advancements and ensuring an unparalleled sleeping experience.

BedJet Updates


Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, BedJet has emerged as a leading player in the sleep technology market. With its innovative climate control system for beds, BedJet has garnered recognition from both customers and industry experts. The company’s commitment to providing a comfortable and personalized sleep experience has propelled its success.

Despite the disappointing outcome on Shark Tank, BedJet has experienced remarkable growth. The company closed a deal with major mattress retailer Mattress Firm and has achieved over $335 million in lifetime sales. BedJet’s ability to triple its sales in just one year showcases the strong demand for its products.

BedJet’s unique features, such as its dual zone comforter and smartphone app control, have set it apart from competitors in the market. The positive customer reviews and testimonials further validate the effectiveness of BedJet’s climate control system in improving sleep quality. BedJet’s ongoing innovation and expansion plans cement its position as a frontrunner in the industry.


Q: What is BedJet?

A: BedJet is a climate control system for beds that uses a fan assembly with heating and cooling elements to adjust the bed temperature.

Q: How is BedJet controlled?

A: BedJet can be controlled using a bedside remote or a smartphone app.

Q: What is the main feature of BedJet?

A: The main feature of BedJet is its climate control system for beds, which creates a “tenting effect” to distribute air evenly throughout the bed.

Q: Does BedJet have a dual zone feature?

A: Yes, BedJet offers a dual zone feature for beds shared by individuals with different temperature preferences.

Q: How has BedJet been recognized in the industry?

A: BedJet has received industry recognition for its innovative sleep technology and has been featured on the Shark Tank TV show. It has also received buyer sample requests and a purchase order from a major Australian mattress manufacturer.

Q: What do customers say about BedJet?

A: Customers who have purchased BedJet have provided positive reviews and testimonials. They appreciate the ability to control the bed climate and have reported improved sleep quality.

Q: Does BedJet have any competitors?

A: Yes, BedJet faces competition in the sleep technology market, but it has managed to differentiate itself with its innovative technology and partnerships with major mattress manufacturers.

Q: What is the price of BedJet?

A: BedJet is priced at 9 per unit. Additional features, such as the dual zone comforter, are also in development.

Q: Where can BedJet be purchased?

A: BedJet is available for purchase online and can be bought on the Mattress Firm website.

Q: What updates and future plans does BedJet have?

A: BedJet has introduced new versions of the product and launched an aromatherapy kit that can be integrated with the BedJet Climate System. The company continues to innovate and expand its product offerings.

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