AngelLift Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

In the fifth season of Shark Tank, entrepreneur Aaron Bruce introduced his innovative product, AngelLift, a facial lift device designed to reduce wrinkles and provide a natural facelift effect. This episode showcased the potential of AngelLift as it garnered attention from the Sharks and made a lasting impact on the beauty industry.

Aaron Bruce presented AngelLift to the Sharks, seeking a $100,000 investment in exchange for 25% equity. The prosthetic “anti-aging lifting strip” gained traction with its unique approach to wrinkle reduction. Despite some concerns raised by the Sharks about other products offered by the company, AngelLift impressed Lori Greiner, who ultimately made an offer of $500,000 for 15% equity.

However, the deal with Lori didn’t come to fruition as Aaron Bruce opted out of appearing on the shopping network, QVC. Despite this setback, AngelLift thrived and continues to cater to its customers’ needs. The product has gained positive reviews, expanded its market presence, and achieved an estimated annual revenue of around $4 million.

AngelLift is a safe and affordable alternative to traditional facelift procedures. It consists of a surgical-grade plastic strip that is placed between the lips and gums, effectively reducing smile lines and wrinkles without the need for injections or surgery. The product has been clinically proven to work, with a Canadian study confirming the facial improvement experienced by 84% of users.

AngelLift Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • AngelLift achieved success on Shark Tank, despite not closing a deal with Lori Greiner.
  • AngelLift is a facial lift device that provides a natural and non-invasive alternative to traditional facelift procedures.
  • The product has received positive reviews and has an estimated annual revenue of around $4 million.
  • AngelLift’s unique design, consisting of a surgical-grade plastic strip, has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve facial appearance.
  • The refusal to appear on QVC didn’t hinder AngelLift’s growth and success, as the company continues to thrive and meet the demands of its customers.

AngelLift Product Details and Benefits

AngelLift is a prosthetic “anti-aging lifting strip” that utilizes surgical-grade plastic technology to naturally smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles. This innovative product is designed to be placed between the lips and gums, targeting specific areas such as smile lines and wrinkles without the need for invasive procedures like injections or surgery.

The effectiveness of AngelLift has been clinically proven, with a Canadian study revealing that 84% of users experienced significant improvement in their facial appearance. This non-surgical approach to wrinkle reduction offers a safe, affordable, and accessible alternative to traditional facelift procedures.

By incorporating AngelLift into your skincare routine, you can achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated look without the discomfort or cost associated with more invasive cosmetic treatments. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to smoother, more refreshed skin.

The Shark Tank Pitch

Aaron Bruce and his wife, Kelly, had the opportunity to pitch their innovative AngelLift dermastrips on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. Their goal was to secure a $100,000 investment for a 25% equity stake in their business. As they stepped into the Shark Tank, they were prepared to showcase the potential of their product and make a compelling case for investment.

The AngelLift dermastrips had already gained traction in the market, generating $75,000 in sales within just five months. The strips, priced at $19.95 for a pack of five, offered customers an affordable and convenient solution for reducing wrinkles. It was a patented product, giving it a unique selling point in a competitive market.

During the pitch, Aaron and Kelly faced a panel of savvy investors, the Sharks, who scrutinized their business model and product. While some of the Sharks expressed concerns about the couple’s other products, one Shark, in particular, saw the potential of AngelLift and made an intriguing offer.

“I’m willing to offer you $500,000 for 15% equity. However, there is one condition – the money must be used solely for funding QVC purchase orders,” proposed Lori Greiner, a renowned entrepreneur and QVC queen.

This offer meant that Lori would provide the funds necessary to fulfill the purchase orders from QVC, a major home shopping network. This strategic move would allow AngelLift to gain exposure and potentially reach a wider audience. Although the initial equity offer was lower than what Aaron and Kelly had requested, the potential partnership with Lori and the opportunity to tap into QVC’s customer base was undoubtedly enticing.

Ultimately, the couple had to evaluate the offer based on the potential for growth and the resources that Lori could provide. The decision they made would shape the future trajectory of AngelLift in the highly competitive beauty market.

Entrepreneur Product Requested Investment Equity Offered Sales Generated Product Price
Aaron Bruce and Kelly AngelLift dermastrips $100,000 25% $75,000 within 5 months $19.95 for a pack of five

Lori Greiner’s Financing Plan

Lori Greiner’s role in the AngelLift deal went beyond a simple investment. She devised a financing plan that would not only secure her investment but also allow AngelLift to gain exposure and grow their business. The key aspect of this financing plan was the partnership with QVC, a credible buyer in the industry.

By working with QVC, Lori could confirm purchase orders, ensuring that AngelLift would receive payment upon product delivery. This provided a level of security for both Lori and AngelLift, minimizing the risk involved in the partnership. Additionally, this financing arrangement allowed AngelLift to gain exposure through QVC’s large customer base without the need for costly infomercials.

Lori’s expertise and connections in the industry were instrumental in establishing this financing plan. Her partnership with QVC not only brought financial stability to AngelLift but also opened doors to a wider market and increased brand recognition.

The Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing, as employed by Lori Greiner in the AngelLift deal, has several advantages for both investors and businesses:

  • Minimized Risk: By partnering with a credible buyer like QVC, the risk of non-payment or delayed payment is significantly reduced, providing investors with more confidence in their investment.
  • Access to Capital: Purchase order financing allows businesses to fulfill large orders without straining their cash flow. The funds received from purchase orders can be used to cover production costs or invest in other growth opportunities.
  • Opportunity for Growth: When businesses secure purchase orders from reputable buyers, it can lead to increased exposure and new sales opportunities, driving further growth and market expansion.

Lori Greiner’s Expertise in Financing

Lori Greiner’s success as a shark on Shark Tank can be attributed not only to her business acumen but also to her expertise in financing. Throughout the show, she has showcased her ability to come up with innovative financing plans that benefit both the entrepreneurs and herself.

Her financing plan for AngelLift is just one example of her strategic thinking and creative approaches to investment. By leveraging her connections and industry knowledge, Lori was able to provide a funding solution that allowed AngelLift to flourish.

Lori Greiner's Financing Plan

Benefits of Lori Greiner’s Financing Plan Purchase Order Financing
Minimized Risk ✔️
Access to Capital ✔️
Opportunity for Growth ✔️

The Aftermath of Shark Tank

Despite the deal between Lori Greiner and AngelLift not closing and the company declining to appear on QVC, AngelLift persevered and successfully built its business. As of August 2023, the company’s annual revenue reached an impressive $5 million, showcasing its continued growth and market presence. In addition, AngelLift expanded its reach by establishing an Amazon store, further increasing its accessibility to customers.

Shark Tank Update

This Shark Tank update proves that a partnership with a Shark and a QVC deal are not necessary for a product to achieve significant success. AngelLift’s refusal to appear on QVC did not hinder its growth, as it continued to thrive in the competitive anti-aging market. This demonstrates the strength and demand for the AngelLift product, solidifying its position as a standout among alternative facelift options.

User Testimonials and Reviews

Users of AngelLift have shared their positive experiences and reviews of the product. Many customers have provided testimonials about the effectiveness of AngelLift in reducing wrinkles and improving the appearance of their skin.

“I’ve been using AngelLift for a few months now, and I am amazed at the results. My smile lines have noticeably diminished, and my skin looks smoother and more youthful. I highly recommend it!” – Emily

Emily’s testimonial is just one example of the numerous satisfied customers who have seen significant improvements with AngelLift. The dermastrips have garnered praise for their ability to provide visible results without the need for invasive procedures.

If you’re considering trying AngelLift for yourself, these testimonials serve as further evidence of the product’s success and the positive impact it can have on your skin. Don’t just take our word for it, but listen to the experiences of those who have already benefited from using AngelLift.

AngelLift Testimonials

Note: Individual results may vary. These testimonials are based on personal experiences and may not reflect the results for everyone.

The Competitive Anti-Aging Market

AngelLift operates in the highly competitive anti-aging market, which is valued at billions of dollars. As individuals strive to maintain a youthful appearance, the demand for effective wrinkle reduction products without surgery continues to rise. In this bustling industry, AngelLift stands out by offering an affordable and natural alternative to surgical procedures.

With an array of options available, consumers are seeking innovative solutions that deliver noticeable results. AngelLift addresses this need by providing a non-invasive method to reduce wrinkles and achieve a more youthful look. By offering an alternative to surgery, AngelLift taps into the market of individuals who desire a more affordable and accessible facelift option.

To better understand the competitive landscape of the anti-aging market, let’s take a closer look at some key players:

Brand Product Key Features
Brand A Wrinkle Cream – Hydrates and plumps the skin
– Reduces the appearance of fine lines
– Contains clinically tested ingredients
Brand B Botox Injections – Temporarily relaxes facial muscles to smooth wrinkles
– Requires regular treatments
– Provides quick results
Brand C Facial Yoga Classes – Uses targeted exercises to tone facial muscles
– Claims to reduce wrinkles and improve facial contours
– Requires consistent practice

Anti-aging market

While each brand offers unique approaches to anti-aging, AngelLift differentiates itself by presenting a convenient and non-surgical solution. By avoiding the need for costly and potentially risky surgeries, individuals can achieve wrinkle reduction and facial improvement at an affordable price point.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Real reviews and testimonials from AngelLift customers further accentuate the product’s effectiveness in the competitive market:

“I’ve been using AngelLift for three months now, and I can’t believe the difference it has made in reducing my wrinkles. It’s like a facelift without the surgery!” – Sarah K.

“After trying various wrinkle creams and expensive treatments, AngelLift’s natural approach was a game-changer. I feel more confident and youthful without the need for invasive procedures.” – Mark T.

These testimonials highlight the positive experiences of AngelLift users, reinforcing its value and reliability in the anti-aging market.

As the demand for non-invasive and affordable solutions continues to grow, AngelLift remains at the forefront of the competitive anti-aging market. By offering an effective alternative to surgery, AngelLift empowers individuals to achieve their desired youthful appearance without breaking the bank or undergoing invasive procedures.

The Future of AngelLift

Despite the setbacks faced after Shark Tank, AngelLift has persevered and continued to grow, generating impressive revenue. The company’s determination and success position them for a bright future in the anti-aging market.

AngelLift has the potential to expand its product offerings and embark on further development, enabling them to meet the evolving demands of their customers. With a strong foothold in the industry, the company can explore new opportunities and continue to innovate.

The future holds great promise for AngelLift as they capitalize on their success and aim for further market growth. Their commitment to providing effective and affordable facelift alternatives positions them as a key player in the industry.

Investments in research and development, as well as expanding their product line, can solidify AngelLift’s position as a leader in the anti-aging market. By staying attuned to customer needs and leveraging their expertise, AngelLift can continue to make significant strides in helping individuals achieve a youthful appearance without invasive procedures.

Market Expansion Strategies

AngelLift’s future growth is dependent on effective market expansion strategies. By venturing into new markets and demographics, AngelLift can reach a wider audience and drive greater sales. Potential strategies for market expansion include:

  • Launching targeted marketing campaigns to reach specific demographics, such as millennials or baby boomers.
  • Partnering with influencers in the beauty and skincare industry to expand brand awareness.
  • Exploring international markets to tap into global demand for anti-aging solutions.
  • Expanding distribution channels to include retail partnerships and brick-and-mortar stores, in addition to online sales.

By implementing these strategies, AngelLift can effectively position themselves for sustained growth and capitalize on the increasing demand for non-surgical facelift alternatives.

Benefits of Market Expansion Challenges of Market Expansion
  • Increased customer base and revenue potential.
  • Opportunity to establish AngelLift as a global brand.
  • Diversification of the company’s product portfolio.
  • Enhanced brand reputation and credibility.
  • Adapting to cultural and regulatory differences in international markets.
  • Managing supply chain logistics for expanded distribution channels.
  • Competing with established brands in new markets.
  • Ensuring consistent product quality and customer satisfaction across diverse markets.

In conclusion, the future of AngelLift looks promising. With a commitment to innovation, market expansion, and meeting customer demands, AngelLift is well-positioned to continue growing and making a significant impact in the anti-aging industry.

Future of AngelLift

AngelLift’s Impact on the Beauty Industry

AngelLift’s success and popularity have made a significant impact on the beauty industry, specifically in the realm of non-invasive beauty treatments and accessible facelift alternatives. With its unique approach to wrinkle reduction and facial improvement, AngelLift has captured the attention of consumers looking for effective solutions without the need for surgery.

The rise in demand for non-invasive beauty treatments reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards more natural and less invasive methods. People are increasingly seeking out non-surgical options that offer visible results without the risks or side effects associated with surgery. AngelLift meets this demand by providing an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional facelift procedures.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and AngelLift represents a progressive approach to maintaining a youthful appearance. As the market continues to embrace non-invasive treatments, AngelLift stands out as a trailblazer in offering accessible facelift alternatives.

With its clinically proven effectiveness and positive customer testimonials, AngelLift has demonstrated its ability to address the needs of consumers seeking natural improvements in their appearance. By providing a safe and affordable solution, AngelLift has not only gained a loyal customer base but has also influenced the beauty industry to prioritize accessibility and convenience in their products.

Impact on beauty industry

Through its non-invasive approach and accessible facelift alternatives, AngelLift has made a lasting impact on the beauty industry. By revolutionizing the way we approach anti-aging treatments, the product exemplifies the future of non-surgical beauty enhancements.


Although AngelLift did not secure a deal with Lori Greiner on Shark Tank, the product has proven to be a success outside of the show. Despite their decision not to appear on QVC, the company has continued to thrive and generate significant annual revenue. This serves as a testament to the potential for success in the anti-aging market and the increasing demand for alternative facelift options.

AngelLift’s journey showcases the power of perseverance and innovation in the beauty industry. By offering an affordable and non-invasive solution for wrinkle reduction, the product has gained popularity among consumers seeking accessible facelift alternatives. This success story adds to the growing list of Shark Tank’s impact on the entrepreneurial world.

As the demand for natural and non-surgical methods of rejuvenation continues to grow, AngelLift stands as a prime example of a successful alternative facelift option. With its proven effectiveness and positive user testimonials, the company has carved a niche in the competitive anti-aging market. As the beauty industry evolves, AngelLift’s impact will likely continue to shape the future of accessible and innovative beauty treatments.


Q: What is AngelLift?

A: AngelLift is a prosthetic “anti-aging lifting strip” that is designed to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles naturally.

Q: How does AngelLift work?

A: The surgical-grade plastic strip is placed between the lips and gums and claims to lift smile lines and wrinkles without the need for injections or surgery.

Q: Does AngelLift have any clinical proof?

A: Yes, AngelLift has been clinically proven to work, with a Canadian study finding that 84% of users experienced facial improvement.

Q: Who appeared on Shark Tank to pitch AngelLift?

A: Aaron Bruce and his wife, Kelly, appeared on Shark Tank seeking a 0,000 investment for 25% equity in their business.

Q: Did AngelLift secure a deal on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, Lori Greiner made an offer of 0,000 for 15% equity, with the condition that the money be used solely for funding QVC purchase orders.

Q: Did the deal with Lori Greiner materialize?

A: No, the deal between Lori Greiner and AngelLift never closed, and the company declined to appear on QVC.

Q: How much annual revenue does AngelLift generate?

A: AngelLift has an estimated annual revenue of around million as of the Shark Tank episode. By August 2023, the company was earning million in annual revenue.

Q: Are there positive testimonials and reviews for AngelLift?

A: Yes, users of AngelLift have provided positive testimonials and reviews for the product, praising its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles and improving the appearance of their skin.

Q: What market does AngelLift operate in?

A: AngelLift operates in the competitive anti-aging market, offering an affordable and effective alternative to surgical facelift procedures.

Q: What is the future of AngelLift?

A: Despite the setbacks on Shark Tank, AngelLift continues to grow and has the potential for further expansion and product development in the anti-aging market.

Q: What impact does AngelLift have on the beauty industry?

A: AngelLift represents the growing trend of non-invasive beauty treatments and the increasing demand for accessible facelift alternatives.

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