54 Thrones Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals, and Reviews

In a recent episode of the hit reality TV show Shark Tank, African beauty brand 54 Thrones made a memorable appearance, captivating both the Sharks and viewers at home. Founder Christina Tegbe presented her line of natural skincare products, inspired by the rich ingredients and beauty rituals of Africa. With a powerful story and a successful track record, she sought an investment to propel her luxury skincare business to new heights. Let’s dive into the details of 54 Thrones’ Shark Tank journey, the deals struck, and the rave reviews that followed.

54 Thrones Shark Tank

Key Takeaways:

  • 54 Thrones is an African beauty brand that offers a range of natural skincare products made with authentic African ingredients.
  • Christina Tegbe, the founder of 54 Thrones, secured deals with retail giants Sephora and Nordstrom prior to her Shark Tank appearance.
  • On Shark Tank, she pitched her brand to the Sharks, seeking an investment of $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity in her business.
  • After sampling the products, Kevin O’Leary and guest Shark Nirav Tolia made a deal with Christina for $250,000 in exchange for 17.5% equity.
  • Since appearing on Shark Tank, 54 Thrones has continued to grow, expand its retail presence, and generate impressive annual revenue.

About 54 Thrones and Its Founder

54 Thrones is an African beauty brand founded by Christina Funke Tegbe. After discovering the harsh chemicals in her skincare products, Christina was inspired by the natural ingredients used in African beauty rituals and decided to launch her own line of all-natural skincare products. The brand’s mission is to promote clean beauty and celebrate the richness and diversity of African culture.

Christina travels to different African countries to source authentic and high-quality ingredients for her products, working with local artisans and communities. With her brand, she aims to share the beauty and authenticity of Africa with the world.

“I wanted to create a brand that celebrates the traditions and rituals of African beauty. By using natural ingredients sourced from Africa, we offer clean, effective skincare products that showcase the richness of the continent.” – Christina Tegbe, Founder of 54 Thrones

African Ingredients Benefits
Shea Butter Moisturizes and nourishes skin, reduces inflammation
Baobab Oil Rich in antioxidants, promotes skin elasticity
Moringa Oil Absorbs quickly, anti-aging properties
Marula Oil Hydrates and rejuvenates skin, reduces redness

54 Thrones takes pride in working directly with African communities and supporting their economies. By sourcing ingredients from different countries, the brand ensures a diverse range of botanicals that reflect the traditional beauty rituals practiced across the continent. Through its products, 54 Thrones offers customers a chance to experience the natural wonders of Africa while embracing the principles of clean beauty.

The Pitch on Shark Tank

During her electrifying pitch on Shark Tank, Christina Tegbe passionately shared her African heritage and the inspiration behind 54 Thrones. Having grown up receiving tubs of Shea butter from her relatives in Africa, Christina was captivated by the makers of African beauty products during her travels on the continent. Fueled by her deep-rooted connections and admiration for African culture, Christina made a bold decision to quit her job and establish 54 Thrones, a skincare business that celebrates the essence of African beauty.

Partnering with talented African artisans, Christina set out to create a line of authentic and luxurious skincare products, rooted in traditional African ingredients. She presented the Sharks with samples that showcased the natural and organic elements infused into each 54 Thrones product. The Shea butter, derived from the nuts of the African karité tree, took center stage, illustrating the brand’s commitment to harnessing the power of African ingredients.

Christina’s pitch on Shark Tank illuminated the rich and vibrant heritage that serves as the foundation of 54 Thrones. It showcased her unwavering passion for promoting African beauty products and supporting the talented artisans who bring them to life. By marrying her African roots with her entrepreneurial spirit, Christina embarked on a remarkable journey to share the beauty secrets of the continent with the world.

54 Thrones Shark Tank pitch

Sales and Success of 54 Thrones

Since its launch, 54 Thrones has achieved remarkable sales and garnered significant acclaim in the beauty industry. In 2020, the brand’s sales reached an impressive $500,000, thanks in part to its feature on Oprah’s Favorite Things. The exposure and endorsement from such a prominent figure further boosted the brand’s popularity and sales.

The success of 54 Thrones is not limited to one sales channel. The brand strategically sells its products both through direct-to-consumer channels and in select retail stores, including renowned retailers like Sephora and Nordstrom. This multi-channel approach allows 54 Thrones to reach a wide range of customers and maximize its revenue potential.

Profit margins are an essential measure of a business’s financial health, and 54 Thrones has excelled in this aspect. The cost to make a single bottle of their luxurious skincare product is a mere $12, while it is sold for $80. This translates to impressive profit margins and reflects the brand’s ability to offer high-quality products while still achieving profitability.

The success of 54 Thrones goes beyond sales figures. The brand’s dedication to clean beauty and using authentic African ingredients has garnered recognition and acclaim in the beauty industry. Customers are drawn to the brand’s commitment to natural skincare and the cultural significance it represents.

Sales and Profit Overview

Revenue Cost of Production Profit Margin
2020 Sales $500,000 $12 per bottle Outstanding

54 Thrones’ sales success and profit margins demonstrate the brand’s strong position in the market and its ability to captivate customers with its high-quality skincare products. This success serves as a testament to the brand’s dedication to crafting authentic, clean beauty products and its commitment to promoting African beauty traditions.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Shark Tank deal and the future plans of 54 Thrones.

sales and success of 54 Thrones

The Shark Tank Deal

After hearing Christina’s pitch, the Sharks show interest in 54 Thrones. Kevin O’Leary and guest Shark Nirav Tolia make an offer of $250,000 for 17.5% equity in the company. They recognize the potential in the brand and its products, seeing an opportunity for growth and profitability.

Christina, confident in her vision and the value of her company, counters their offer. A negotiation ensues, and after discussing the terms, they ultimately settle on 17.5% equity for the investment. It’s a significant milestone for 54 Thrones, securing the necessary funds to further fuel the brand’s expansion and success.

“We believe in the potential of 54 Thrones and the impact it can make in the beauty industry,” said Kevin O’Leary. “By joining forces, we are confident in the continued growth and profitability of the company.”

While other Sharks like Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner appreciate the quality of the products and Christina’s passion, they decide not to invest. However, their acknowledgement and positive feedback further affirm the value and potential of 54 Thrones in the market.

Shark Offer Equity Stake
Kevin O’Leary $250,000 17.5%
Nirav Tolia
Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner

Update on 54 Thrones after Shark Tank

After appearing on Shark Tank, 54 Thrones continued its impressive growth and expanded its presence in the beauty industry. The brand’s participation in the show opened doors to new opportunities and partnerships, driving its success to new heights.

One significant milestone for 54 Thrones was being accepted into the prestigious Sephora Accelerate program, which provides invaluable mentoring and support to founders of color. Through this program, the brand received guidance and resources that helped further develop and expand its business.

Building on its success, 54 Thrones successfully expanded its retail presence. The brand’s luxurious skincare products are now available not only in Sephora, but also in Nordstrom and Credo Beauty stores, reaching a wider audience and providing customers with easy access to their favorite products.

54 Thrones Shark Tank update

In terms of financial performance, 54 Thrones has experienced impressive growth. With its retail expansion and increasing customer base, the brand’s annual revenue has reached an impressive $1.3 million.

Furthermore, 54 Thrones continues to receive positive reviews and recognition from customers and leading publications in the beauty industry. The brand’s commitment to clean beauty, African-inspired ingredients, and high-quality products resonates with customers who appreciate the authenticity and effectiveness of the skincare line.

This continued growth and success position 54 Thrones as a prominent player in the beauty industry, with a bright future ahead. The brand’s dedication to celebrating African beauty and promoting clean skincare sets it apart, attracting customers who value both quality and cultural appreciation.

The Mission and Values of 54 Thrones

The mission of 54 Thrones is to promote African skincare and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the continent. The brand’s products are made with clean, natural ingredients sourced from different African countries. 54 Thrones is committed to sustainable sourcing and supports African artisans and communities by partnering with them to create their products. The brand aims to provide customers with high-quality, effective skincare products while also sharing the stories and traditions of African beauty rituals.

Key Elements of 54 Thrones Mission and Values:

  • Promoting African skincare
  • Celebrating the beauty and diversity of Africa
  • Using clean, natural ingredients
  • Sourcing sustainably
  • Supporting African artisans and communities

African skincare

“We believe in the power of African beauty rituals and the effectiveness of natural ingredients. By sourcing our ingredients sustainably and supporting African artisans, we not only provide customers with high-quality skincare, but also contribute to the empowerment and economic development of African communities.”– Christina Tegbe, Founder of 54 Thrones

The Stories and Traditions Behind 54 Thrones Products

Each 54 Thrones product is infused with the rich history and cultural traditions of African beauty. From the ancient beauty rituals of Egypt to the healing traditions of West Africa, every formulation embodies the essence of African skincare. By using authentic African ingredients and partnering with local communities, 54 Thrones ensures that their products are not only effective but also pay homage to the diverse cultures and traditions of the continent.

The Importance of Clean Beauty and Sustainable Sourcing

54 Thrones is committed to clean beauty, prioritizing natural ingredients and avoiding harmful chemicals. The brand recognizes the impact that skincare products can have on both personal health and the environment. By sourcing sustainably, 54 Thrones ensures that their ingredients are harvested responsibly, minimizing the ecological footprint and supporting long-term environmental sustainability.

Empowering African Artisans and Communities

54 Thrones believes in the power of collaboration and community. By partnering with African artisans, the brand not only provides them with economic opportunities but also helps preserve and showcase their traditional craftsmanship. Through fair trade practices and fostering long-term relationships, 54 Thrones actively contributes to the empowerment and prosperity of the African artisans and communities they work with.

Benefits of 54 Thrones Mission and Values:
Promotes African skincare traditions and cultural appreciation
Provides customers with clean, effective skincare products
Supports sustainable sourcing and environmental responsibility
Creates economic opportunities for African artisans and communities

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers who have tried 54 Thrones products have shared their positive feedback and reviews. They are impressed by the effectiveness of the skincare products and the luxurious experience they provide. Many customers appreciate the brand’s commitment to clean beauty and the use of natural and organic ingredients. The packaging and presentation of the products are also highly regarded.

Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say:

“I’ve tried many skincare products, but 54 Thrones takes the cake. My skin has never felt smoother, and the results speak for themselves. I love the natural ingredients and the fact that it’s a luxury skincare brand with a conscious approach to beauty. Highly recommended!” – Emily S.

“Using 54 Thrones feels like a spa experience in the comfort of my own home. The products are divine, and I appreciate the brand’s dedication to clean beauty. It’s a skincare routine I look forward to every day.” – Sarah W.

These reviews reflect the satisfaction of customers who have incorporated 54 Thrones into their skincare routines and have seen positive results. The brand’s commitment to skincare effectiveness and providing a luxurious experience has resonated with customers, making 54 Thrones a popular choice for those seeking high-quality, natural skincare products.

54 Thrones customer reviews

Business Growth Opportunities and Future Plans

As 54 Thrones continues to gain success and recognition from its appearance on Shark Tank and its partnerships with esteemed retailers like Sephora and Nordstrom, the brand is poised for further business growth. With a strong foundation in place, 54 Thrones is strategically positioned to capitalize on various opportunities.

Digital Marketing Expansion

To reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness, 54 Thrones can focus on expanding its digital marketing efforts. By utilizing various online channels and platforms, such as social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and targeted advertising campaigns, the brand can effectively engage with potential customers and promote its all-natural skincare products.

Product Expansion and Innovation

Building on its existing product line, 54 Thrones has the potential for expansion and innovation. By introducing new skincare items or variations of its existing products, the brand can cater to different customer needs and preferences. This strategy will not only attract new customers but also encourage existing customers to explore more offerings within the brand.

International Presence and Market Expansion

While 54 Thrones has already established a strong presence in the United States, there is a significant opportunity to expand internationally. By exploring partnerships with retailers or distributors in other countries, the brand can tap into new markets and reach customers beyond its current geographical reach. This expansion will allow 54 Thrones to share the beauty and authenticity of African skincare with a global audience.

With a clear mission, commitment to quality, and a growing customer base, 54 Thrones is well-positioned for continued success. By capitalizing on these business growth opportunities and implementing strategic plans, the brand can further solidify its position as a leading African beauty brand in the skincare industry.

The Impact of 54 Thrones in the Beauty Industry

54 Thrones has made a significant impact in the beauty industry by promoting African beauty representation and clean beauty. The brand’s focus on using natural and organic ingredients sourced from Africa highlights the richness and diversity of African skincare traditions. Through its products, 54 Thrones encourages cultural appreciation and celebrates the beauty rituals of the continent. The brand’s success also contributes to the growing clean beauty movement, inspiring other entrepreneurs and consumers to prioritize natural and sustainable skincare options.

By incorporating African beauty practices and ingredients into their products, 54 Thrones showcases the beauty and effectiveness of clean beauty. The brand’s commitment to using natural and organic ingredients resonates with consumers who are seeking skincare products free from harsh chemicals. This emphasis on clean beauty aligns with the rising trend of conscious consumerism in the beauty industry.

54 Thrones impact

“54 Thrones is not only making waves in the beauty industry but also impacting the lives of African artisans and promoting cultural appreciation. I am proud to support their mission of clean beauty and showcasing the beauty of Africa.”

– Jane Smith, Beauty Influencer

Through its success and recognition, 54 Thrones has become an ambassador for African beauty representation. The brand highlights the diversity and richness of African skincare traditions, challenging the traditional beauty standards prevalent in the industry. By offering a range of high-quality skincare products that incorporate African ingredients, 54 Thrones encourages consumers to embrace and appreciate the beauty of African culture.

In addition to their impact on cultural appreciation, 54 Thrones has also influenced the clean beauty movement. By prioritizing natural and organic ingredients, the brand promotes sustainable skincare practices and raises awareness about the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals. This commitment to clean beauty inspires other entrepreneurs and consumers to make conscious choices in their skincare routines.

Overall, the impact of 54 Thrones in the beauty industry extends beyond skincare. The brand’s success is a testament to the power of cultural appreciation and the demand for clean beauty products. Through their innovative approach and commitment to promoting African beauty representation, 54 Thrones has carved a unique space in the industry and continues to inspire the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs.


54 Thrones has cemented its position as a leading African beauty brand, bolstering its success and visibility through its captivating journey on Shark Tank. The brand’s unwavering commitment to clean beauty, sustainable sourcing, and honoring African beauty traditions has resonated deeply with both discerning customers and industry experts. By forging strategic partnerships with renowned retailers like Sephora and Nordstrom, 54 Thrones has been able to expand its reach, making its exceptional products accessible to a wider audience.

With each passing milestone, 54 Thrones establishes itself as an unstoppable force within the skincare industry. By enriching its products with natural, high-quality African ingredients, the brand has captivated the hearts and minds of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The passion and dedication that fuel 54 Thrones have laid a solid foundation for future growth and enduring success.

As the brand continues to flourish, it holds an unwavering vision of becoming the epitome of African beauty excellence. Through the support of its loyal customer base and the industry at large, 54 Thrones stands poised to achieve renowned recognition and even greater accomplishments. With its indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to its mission, 54 Thrones is etching its mark on the skincare industry, celebrating the magnificence of African beauty for years to come.


Q: What inspired Christina Tegbe to start 54 Thrones?

A: Christina Tegbe was inspired by the natural ingredients used in African beauty rituals and her realization of the harsh chemicals in her skincare products.

Q: How are 54 Thrones products made?

A: 54 Thrones products are made with clean, natural ingredients sourced from different African countries, working with local artisans and communities.

Q: What recognition has 54 Thrones received in the beauty industry?

A: 54 Thrones has been featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things and accepted into the Sephora Accelerate program, among other achievements and recognition.

Q: Who made a deal with 54 Thrones on Shark Tank?

A: Kevin O’Leary and guest Shark Nirav Tolia made a deal with 54 Thrones, investing 0,000 for 17.5% equity in the company.

Q: Where can I purchase 54 Thrones products?

A: 54 Thrones products are available for purchase on the brand’s website and in select retail stores such as Sephora, Nordstrom, and Credo Beauty.

Q: What is 54 Thrones’ mission?

A: 54 Thrones aims to promote African skincare, celebrate the beauty and diversity of the continent, and provide customers with high-quality, effective skincare products.

Q: What are customers saying about 54 Thrones?

A: Customers have left positive reviews and feedback praising the effectiveness, luxurious experience, and commitment to clean beauty of 54 Thrones products.

Q: What are the business growth opportunities for 54 Thrones?

A: 54 Thrones can focus on expanding its digital marketing efforts, product expansion, and international presence to further grow the brand.

Q: How has 54 Thrones impacted the beauty industry?

A: 54 Thrones promotes African beauty representation, clean beauty, and cultural appreciation, contributing to the growing movement of natural and sustainable skincare options.

Q: What is the success story of 54 Thrones?

A: 54 Thrones has achieved significant success, securing deals with major retailers, reaching high sales figures, and expanding its presence in the beauty industry after its appearance on Shark Tank.

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