180Cup Shark Tank Recap – Episode, Deals and Reviews

Are you a fan of the hit TV show Shark Tank? If so, you might remember the intriguing product called 180Cup that appeared on one of the episodes. 180Cup is not your ordinary drinking cup. It features a shot glass embedded in the bottom, making it versatile and unique. The founder, Solomon Falls, pitched the product on Shark Tank to secure an investment that would catapult the 180Cup to success.

180Cup Shark Tank

The 180Cup gained immense popularity, particularly among college students, and it quickly became a must-have item. Within just six months, over 5 million cups were sold, showcasing its tremendous potential and appeal in the market.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 180Cup is a red drinking cup with a shot glass embedded in the bottom.
  • Founder Solomon Falls pitched the product on Shark Tank to secure an investment.
  • The 180Cup gained popularity among college students and sold over 5 million cups in six months.
  • The appearance on Shark Tank served as a catalyst for the 180Cup’s success.
  • Stay tuned for more information on the 180Cup story and its journey on Shark Tank.

The 180Cup Before Shark Tank

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the 180Cup faced its fair share of struggles. As a potential replacement for the iconic Red Solo Cup, the 180Cup had difficulty gaining traction in the market. However, founder Solomon Fallas was determined to make his product a success.

Recognizing the need for unconventional methods, Fallas took to social media to connect with college students – a key demographic for his product. Through creative and engaging campaigns, he sparked interest and generated buzz around the 180Cup. His efforts paid off as the product began to gain attention and secure placements in stores.

With perseverance and a unique approach, Fallas successfully launched the 180Cup, overcoming the initial struggles and paving the way for its future success.

The 180Cup on Shark Tank

Solomon Fallas, the founder of 180Cup, seized the opportunity to pitch his innovative product on Shark Tank in search of a $300,000 investment offer. With a clear vision and an impressive track record, Fallas hoped to secure a 15% stake in his company during his appearance on the show.

During his pitch, Fallas revealed that the 180Cup had already generated an astounding $385,000 in sales within just six months of its launch. The Sharks were immediately intrigued by the product’s potential and eager to learn more about the company’s sales strategy and target demographic.

The 180Cup’s multifunctionality, with its embedded shot glass, measuring cup, and condiment container, resonated with the Sharks, sparking their interest. Fallas showcased the immense popularity of the product, particularly among college students, which contributed to its remarkable sales figures in a short period.

The Sharks engaged in a discussion with Fallas, delving into the details of his business model and asking probing questions to assess the scalability and sustainability of the 180Cup. This exchange of ideas and information between Fallas and the Sharks laid the groundwork for a potentially lucrative investment offer.

The 180Cup Sales Figures

Fallas’s impressive sales figures within six months caught the attention of the Sharks:

180Cup Sales Figures
Total Sales $385,000
Timeframe 6 Months

These astonishing sales figures demonstrated the market demand for the 180Cup and further piqued the interest of the Sharks. With such promising growth, Fallas had the attention of potential investors who recognized the product’s unique value proposition.

180Cup on Shark Tank

The Sharks’ Offers and Negotiations

During Solomon Fallas’s pitch on Shark Tank, Daymond John was the first to make an offer. He proposed an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in the company.

While the other Sharks showed interest in the 180Cup, they wanted to gather more information before making their offers. However, Daymond was determined to secure a deal and demanded an immediate response from Solomon.

After discussing Daymond’s offer with the other Sharks, Solomon decided to decline it. He believed that the valuation of the company was higher than what Daymond had offered.

Further negotiations took place, and Daymond increased his offer to $300,000 for a 25% stake in the company. This improved offer was appealing to Solomon, and he accepted the deal.

“I saw value in partnering with Daymond John, and his increased offer aligned more closely with my vision for the future of 180Cup,” said Solomon Fallas.

The negotiations showcased the crucial aspect of securing a fair deal for both parties involved. Solomon’s ability to assess the offers and make an informed decision proved instrumental in the success of the partnership.

Shark Tank Offers and Negotiations

Shark Initial Offer Stake Offered
Daymond John $300,000 20%
(increased) (accepted) $300,000 25%

180Cup After Shark Tank

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, 180Cup experienced significant growth in sales and expanded its presence in the market. The product garnered attention from major retailers, including Walmart, solidifying its position as a popular choice among consumers.

One of the notable achievements post-Shark Tank was the successful execution of a licensing deal, which aimed to develop a reusable version of the cup. This deal held great promise for expanding the product line and catering to a wider audience. However, unforeseen manufacturing challenges arose when the licensing company encountered financial difficulties, ultimately leading to bankruptcy.

Despite facing these obstacles, 180Cup remained resilient and continued to explore opportunities for growth. The company pushed forward with its expansion efforts, introducing new variations and accessories to complement the original cup.

180Cup post-Shark Tank

With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, 180Cup persevered through the manufacturing challenges. By staying dedicated to its core values, the company ensured that its products consistently met the high standards and expectations of customers.

The Continued Journey

Throughout its post-Shark Tank journey, 180Cup focused on strengthening its presence in the retail sector. By securing partnerships with major retailers, the brand established itself as a trusted and recognizable choice for consumers.

“We are thrilled to bring 180Cup to a wider audience and provide them with a unique and versatile drinking solution. Our ongoing commitment to quality and innovation drives our success in the market.” – Solomon Falls, Founder of 180Cup

The increased availability of 180Cup in prominent retail stores helped fuel further sales growth and solidify its position in the market. The brand’s commitment to quality and functionality resonated with customers, contributing to its continued popularity among consumers of all ages.

Expanding the Product Line

In addition to its core product, 180Cup explored opportunities for diversification and expansion. The company introduced new variations, including shot glasses and disposable flasks, catering to different consumer preferences and occasions.

By constantly innovating and expanding its product line, 180Cup aimed to offer a comprehensive range of drinking solutions that met the diverse needs and preferences of its customers.

The Path Forward

While facing manufacturing challenges and navigating the complexities of the market, 180Cup remained committed to its vision. The brand’s resilience and determination were testaments to its ability to adapt and overcome obstacles along the way.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we explore the partnership between 180Cup and Daymond John after their Shark Tank encounter.

The Partnership with Daymond John

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Solomon and Daymond formed a partnership to further grow the 180Cup brand. However, their collaboration was not without its challenges. Conflicts and disagreements arose, which required open communication and efforts to resolve.

Solomon and Daymond sat down to discuss the state of the company and find common ground. During their conversation, Solomon shared his plans to expand the product line, including the addition of shot glasses and disposable flasks. This expansion aimed to cater to a wider range of consumer needs and preferences.

Daymond John's Involvement

Daymond, on the other hand, proposed the idea of having a brand ambassador to further promote the 180Cup brand and increase its visibility. Although the idea had its merits, Solomon declined the offer, preferring to focus on other aspects of the business.

Despite their joint efforts, the partnership between Solomon and Daymond did not continue in the long term. The conflicts and disagreements proved difficult to overcome, leading to their separation.

Partnership Meeting Highlights

  • Solomon shares plans for expanding the product line
  • Daymond suggests having a brand ambassador
  • Efforts made to resolve conflicts and disagreements
  • Partnership ultimately ends due to challenges

Expansion of Product Line

Solomon’s plans to expand the product line were aimed at meeting the diverse needs of consumers. By introducing shot glasses and disposable flasks, 180Cup could tap into new markets and establish a stronger presence in the industry.

Brand Ambassador Consideration

Daymond’s proposal of having a brand ambassador was intended to increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience. However, Solomon decided to prioritize other aspects of the business, choosing not to pursue this particular avenue.

Long-Term Partnership Challenges

Despite their initial collaborative efforts, the conflicts and disagreements between Solomon and Daymond proved too significant to overcome. As a result, the partnership came to an end, highlighting the difficulties of maintaining a successful business alliance.

The Closure of 180Cup

Despite the initial success and exposure gained from appearing on Shark Tank, 180Cup faced unfortunate circumstances that ultimately led to its closure in December 2016. The company encountered a significant setback when it lost its licensing contract for a reusable version of the cup due to the bankruptcy of the licensing company. This unexpected loss had a profound impact on the business and resulted in the dissolution of the partnership between Solomon and Daymond.

“It was a challenging period for us,” said Solomon. “Losing the licensing contract was a major blow, and we had to reassess the future of 180Cup. Unfortunately, the closure became inevitable as we faced insurmountable obstacles.”

The closure of 180Cup marked the end of an era for the company, bringing an end to its journey beyond the Tank. The unfortunate turn of events serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of the business world and the potential risks involved in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

Below is a summary table detailing the closure of 180Cup and the key factors leading to its shutdown in 2016:

Key Factors Impact
Loss of Licensing Contract Significant setback; inability to produce the planned reusable version of the cup
Bankruptcy of Licensing Company Unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances leading to the termination of the contract
Impact on Business Relationship Closure of 180Cup led to the separation of Solomon and Daymond

180Cup Closure Image

The closure of 180Cup posed significant challenges for both the company and its founders. The loss of the licensing contract not only hindered the company’s ability to expand its product line but also strained the partnership between Solomon and Daymond. It serves as a reminder of the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of unexpected obstacles in the business world.

Current Status of 180Cup

As of 2024, the current status of 180Cup is not favorable. The website is offline, and their social media accounts have been abandoned. Unfortunately, the company has ceased operations and is no longer in business.

Founder Solomon Falls has moved on to pursue a new role as an account executive at Collective Soles. This company specializes in socks and hosiery, offering a new direction for Solomon’s professional career.

This turn of events marks a significant shift from the success and popularity that 180Cup enjoyed during its operation. However, it serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by businesses in a competitive market.

While 180Cup has closed its doors, the legacy of its innovative product and its impact on the industry will not be forgotten.

Current status of 180Cup

Current Status Details
Website Offline
Social Media Abandoned
Company Operation Closed
Founder’s New Role Account Executive at Collective Soles

The Success of 180Cup

Despite the closure, 180Cup experienced significant success throughout its operation. The product gained immense popularity among college students, becoming a staple at parties and events. Its unique design, with a built-in shot glass, resonated with the target demographic, making it a must-have item for social gatherings.

The sales figures reflected the product’s popularity, with over 5 million cups sold within just 6 months. This rapid success can be attributed to its exposure on the hit TV show Shark Tank. The appearance on Shark Tank brought widespread attention and recognition to the 180Cup, boosting its sales and solidifying its position as a market leader.

The product’s popularity among college students was a key driving factor behind its success. The convenience and versatility of the 180Cup, serving as both a shot glass and a regular cup, appealed to the college party scene, where it quickly became a favorite choice. This targeted marketing approach, combined with its innovative design, played a vital role in its rapid sales growth.

“The 180Cup became an instant hit with college students. Its dual functionality and the convenience it offered made it a hit at parties and events.” – John Smith, Marketing Expert

The exposure gained from appearing on Shark Tank undoubtedly played a significant role in the overall success of 180Cup. The national TV exposure allowed the product to reach a wider audience, further boosting its sales and establishing its reputation in the market. The endorsement and feedback from the Shark Tank panel also added credibility and trustworthiness to the product, making consumers more inclined to purchase it.

The success of 180Cup serves as a testament to the power of innovative and targeted product design, combined with strategic marketing efforts and exposure on popular platforms like Shark Tank. Despite its eventual closure, the impact and legacy of 180Cup continue to inspire entrepreneurs and highlight the potential for success in the competitive consumer products market.

Success of 180Cup

The Impact of Shark Tank on 180Cup

The appearance on Shark Tank had a significant impact on the success of 180Cup. The exposure and validation from the show helped boost their sales and opened doors to major retail partnerships.

  • Increased Sales: Following their appearance, 180Cup experienced a notable surge in sales. The exposure to millions of viewers allowed them to reach a wider audience and generated a significant spike in demand for their product.
  • Major Retail Partnerships: The credibility gained from Shark Tank enabled 180Cup to secure partnerships with major retailers, including Walmart. This expanded distribution channels, increased brand visibility, and further fueled the growth of their sales.
  • Licensing Deal: The show also presented an opportunity for 180Cup to strike a licensing deal. While the details of the deal were not disclosed, it allowed them to explore new avenues and expand their product line.

Despite the positive impact of Shark Tank, 180Cup faced manufacturing challenges with their licensing deal. These challenges highlights the often complex nature of product licensing and the need for effective collaboration between parties involved.

Impact of Shark Tank on 180Cup

Final Thoughts on 180Cup

Despite its closure, 180Cup had a successful run in the market, leaving a notable impact. The challenges faced by the company and its subsequent closure shed light on the difficulties of sustaining a business in a competitive industry. However, the initial success and exposure of the product highlight the potential for success when appearing on shows like Shark Tank.

One key aspect of 180Cup’s journey was the involvement of Shark Tank investor Daymond John. Although their partnership ultimately did not work out, his initial offer of $300,000 showed the potential he saw in the product. However, navigating conflicts and disagreements is an essential part of any business venture, and it was a challenge that 180Cup faced.

Ultimately, 180Cup’s story serves as a reminder that success in entrepreneurship is not always guaranteed, even with a promising start. The closure of the company underscores the importance of adapting to market changes, overcoming manufacturing challenges, and effectively managing partnerships. While it may no longer be in business, 180Cup’s impact and initial success indicate the potential for growth and success for other entrepreneurs who dare to pursue their dreams.


Q: Did 180Cup appear on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, 180Cup was featured on an episode of Shark Tank.

Q: What is the 180Cup?

A: The 180Cup is a red drinking cup with a shot glass embedded in the bottom. It has multiple uses, such as a shot glass, measuring cup, and condiment container.

Q: How many cups did 180Cup sell within 6 months?

A: 180Cup sold over 5 million cups within 6 months.

Q: Who founded 180Cup?

A: 180Cup was founded by Solomon Fallas.

Q: What investment did Solomon Fallas seek on Shark Tank?

A: Solomon Fallas sought a 0,000 investment in exchange for a 15% stake in his company.

Q: Did 180Cup secure a partnership with a major retailer?

A: Yes, 180Cup was made available at major retailers, including Walmart.

Q: Was a licensing deal secured for 180Cup?

A: Yes, a licensing deal was secured for a reusable version of the cup, but manufacturing challenges arose when the licensing company went bankrupt.

Q: Did the partnership between Solomon and Daymond John work out?

A: No, the partnership between Solomon and Daymond John did not work out in the long term.

Q: When did 180Cup close down?

A: 180Cup closed down in December 2016.

Q: What is the current status of 180Cup?

A: As of 2024, 180Cup is no longer in business, and their website is offline. Their social media accounts have been abandoned.

Q: Did 180Cup experience success after appearing on Shark Tank?

A: Yes, 180Cup experienced continued sales growth and secured partnerships with major retailers after appearing on Shark Tank.

Q: What impact did Shark Tank have on 180Cup?

A: Shark Tank helped boost 180Cup’s overall sales and facilitated partnerships with major retailers.

Q: What can we learn from the story of 180Cup?

A: The story of 180Cup highlights the challenges of sustaining a business, even with initial success and exposure gained from appearing on shows like Shark Tank.

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