Public Relations Companies in London: Expert Support

If you’re looking for expert support in the field of public relations, London has a wealth of options to offer. The city is home to some of the top PR companies in the world, with a reputation for innovative strategies, exceptional results, and industry influence. From financial and corporate communications to crisis management and digital comms, these London-based PR agencies provide a wide range of expertise to meet your specific needs.

public relations companies in london

Key Takeaways

  • London is a hub for top PR companies with global recognition.
  • These PR agencies offer expertise in various areas, including financial and corporate communications, crisis management, and digital comms.
  • London-based PR agencies have an impressive client roster and a track record of delivering exceptional results.
  • PRWeek’s list of the top UK PR consultancies includes several London-based agencies such as Brunswick, Edelman, FGS Global, and Teneo.
  • Whether you’re a global corporation or a startup, London’s PR agencies can provide the expert support you need to enhance your brand’s reputation and achieve your communication goals.

Brunswick: A Leading UK PR Agency

Brunswick is a well-established PR agency founded in 1987 in London. With 225 employees covering various specialisms, including financial and corporate communications, public affairs, crisis management, and digital comms, Brunswick has earned its place as a top-ranking agency on PRWeek’s list of UK PR consultancies.

As a London PR consultancy, Brunswick offers comprehensive expertise in strategic communications. They provide specialized services in financial and corporate communications, helping clients navigate complex business landscapes to build and maintain strong reputations. With their deep industry knowledge and extensive network, Brunswick offers valuable insights and tailored strategies to address their clients’ specific challenges and goals.

“Brunswick is known for its innovative strategies, exceptional results, and industry influence.”

With a diverse client portfolio and a track record of success, Brunswick’s expertise extends beyond financial and corporate communications. They also excel in crisis management, helping clients effectively navigate and mitigate reputational risks during challenging times. Additionally, Brunswick has a strong focus on digital comms, leveraging the power of technology and social media to deliver impactful campaigns and connect with target audiences.

Table: Brunswick’s Areas of Expertise

Specialism Services
Financial and Corporate Communications – Strategic advice
– Investor relations
– Stakeholder engagement
Public Affairs – Government relations
– Policy advocacy
Crisis Management – Reputation protection
– Crisis communications
– Issue management
Digital Comms – Social media campaigns
– Online reputation management
– Influencer partnerships

Brunswick’s commitment to excellence, industry-leading expertise, and global recognition make them a trusted partner for companies seeking top-tier PR support in London and beyond.

Edelman: Global Communications Firm

Edelman is a renowned global communications firm with a strong presence in London. With over 6,000 employees across the globe, Edelman’s London office offers a wide range of expertise in brand reputation, research, and digital communications. The agency’s commitment to excellence and innovation has led to numerous accolades and recognition in the industry.

As a global communications firm, Edelman understands the importance of building and maintaining a strong brand reputation. They work closely with their clients to develop strategic communication plans that align with their business goals and objectives. Through extensive research and analysis, Edelman helps brands understand their target audience, identify key messaging opportunities, and develop creative and impactful campaigns.

One of Edelman’s core strengths lies in their expertise in digital communications. In today’s digital age, it is crucial for brands to have a strong online presence and engage with their audiences through various digital channels. Edelman’s team of digital specialists works closely with clients to develop effective digital strategies, create engaging content, and leverage social media platforms to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Table: Awards and Recognition

Award Year
Independent Agency of the Year (Entertainment Track) at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2021
Number 1 B2B marcomms agency 2023

In conclusion, Edelman is a global communications firm that excels in brand reputation, research, and digital communications. Their London office offers a diverse range of services and a team of experts who are dedicated to helping clients achieve their communication goals. With their innovative strategies and commitment to excellence, it’s no wonder that Edelman is recognized as a leader in the industry.

Edelman global communications firm

FGS Global: Strategic Advisor for the Stakeholder Economy

FGS Global is a trusted strategic advisor that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the stakeholder economy. With a deep understanding of reputation management, public affairs, and brand strategy, FGS Global offers a 360ยบ perspective to help businesses navigate the complex and interconnected world of stakeholders.

As businesses face increasing pressure to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, FGS Global provides real-time intelligence and flawless execution to help clients succeed in the stakeholder economy. By prioritizing the diverse needs of stakeholders, FGS Global helps businesses build trust, enhance reputation, and drive sustainable growth.

“FGS Global’s approach goes beyond traditional PR. They understand that success in the stakeholder economy requires a holistic strategy that considers all stakeholders and their varying expectations. Their expertise in reputation management, public affairs, and brand strategy has been invaluable in helping us navigate the complexities of the stakeholder landscape.”

FGS Global’s Services

FGS Global offers a range of services to support businesses in the stakeholder economy:

  • Reputation Management: FGS Global helps businesses build and protect their reputation through strategic communication, stakeholder engagement, and crisis management.
  • Public Affairs: FGS Global navigates the complexities of the political and regulatory landscape to help businesses influence public policy and shape favorable outcomes.
  • Brand Strategy: FGS Global develops compelling brand strategies that align with the values and expectations of stakeholders, driving differentiation and competitive advantage.

With their expertise and deep industry knowledge, FGS Global is well-positioned to guide businesses through the challenges and opportunities of the stakeholder economy.

Services Description
Reputation Management Strategic communication, stakeholder engagement, crisis management
Public Affairs Political and regulatory landscape navigation, public policy influence
Brand Strategy Alignment with stakeholder values, differentiation, competitive advantage

strategic advisor

Their London team is known for their expertise in cultural marketing, public affairs, market research, and mobile and social creative. They have a deep understanding of the ever-evolving communication landscape and strive to deliver innovative solutions that resonate with audiences.

Wide Range of Services

Weber Shandwick’s diverse portfolio of services caters to a wide range of client needs. From strategic cultural marketing campaigns that tap into the pulse of society to effective public affairs strategies that navigate complex political landscapes, they offer comprehensive solutions that drive results.

Moreover, their expertise in market research allows them to uncover invaluable insights and develop data-driven strategies that ensure impactful communication. They combine creativity, research, and industry knowledge to create compelling campaigns that captivate audiences and deliver measurable results.

Recognitions and Awards

Weber Shandwick’s exceptional work has been recognized and awarded across various platforms. Their campaigns have garnered accolades for their creativity, effectiveness, and impact. They have won several prestigious awards, including PR Week Awards and Cannes Lions Festival awards.

With their global reach, multidisciplinary approach, and commitment to excellence, Weber Shandwick continues to be a leading force in the world of communications, driving meaningful connections and delivering outstanding results for their clients.

BCW: Global Communications Agency

BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe) is a global communications agency with a strong presence in London. As part of the WPP network, BCW offers a wide range of services to help businesses navigate the complex world of PR and communications. With a focus on financial services, crisis management, media relations, and more, BCW has established itself as a trusted partner for clients seeking expert advice and impactful strategies.

With a diverse team of professionals, BCW brings a wealth of experience and insights to every project. They understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the fast-paced and ever-changing media landscape, and they are skilled at crafting tailored solutions that deliver results. Whether it’s managing a crisis, enhancing brand reputation, or leveraging media opportunities, BCW has the expertise to help clients succeed.

BCW’s London office is the second-largest within the BCW network, showcasing the agency’s commitment to the UK market. They have earned a reputation for excellence, winning multiple awards for their campaigns and client work. With a client roster that spans across industries, BCW has the knowledge and resources to tackle any communication challenge and drive meaningful outcomes.

BCW: Services Offered

Services Description
Financial Services Specialized expertise and strategic counsel for clients in the financial sector, including banking, investment, and insurance.
Crisis Management Proactive and reactive crisis management strategies to help businesses navigate challenging situations and protect their reputation.
Media Relations Building and maintaining positive relationships with journalists and media outlets to secure valuable media coverage for clients.

BCW’s comprehensive range of services, combined with their global reach and local expertise, positions them as one of the leading PR consultancies in London. Businesses looking for a trusted partner to elevate their communications and achieve their goals can turn to BCW for expert support.

FleishmanHillard: Integrated Communications Agency

FleishmanHillard is an integrated communications agency that excels in delivering comprehensive PR solutions, strategic counsel, and impactful campaigns. With their London PR consultancy, they offer a wide range of services including reputation management, public affairs, social strategy, and brand strategy.

One of FleishmanHillard’s core strengths is their expertise in reputation management. They understand the importance of building and maintaining a positive reputation in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape. They work closely with clients to develop tailored strategies that proactively manage reputational risks and enhance brand perception.

In addition to reputation management, FleishmanHillard also specializes in public affairs. With their deep understanding of political landscapes and regulatory environments, they navigate complex issues and engage with key stakeholders to shape public policy and drive meaningful change.

FleishmanHillard is known for their integrated approach that combines traditional PR tactics with innovative digital strategies. They harness the power of social media and digital platforms to create compelling campaigns that resonate with target audiences and drive results.

Table: FleishmanHillard’s Expertise

Service Description
Reputation Management Developing strategies to protect and enhance brand reputation.
Public Affairs Navigating political landscapes and shaping public policy.
Social Strategy Harnessing the power of social media to drive brand awareness and engagement.
Brand Strategy Developing cohesive brand messaging and positioning.

FleishmanHillard’s integrated approach and expertise in reputation management, public affairs, social strategy, and brand strategy make them a leading choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive and impactful PR partner. Their London PR consultancy is dedicated to helping clients succeed in today’s dynamic and competitive market.

Havas PR: Full-Service PR Agency

Havas PR is a leading full-service PR agency based in London, offering comprehensive solutions for consumer and lifestyle brands. With a deep understanding of the industry, Havas PR provides strategic counsel, creative campaigns, and measurable results. Their team of experts combines traditional PR tactics with innovative approaches to create impactful brand marketing strategies.

Havas PR specializes in social media management, leveraging the power of platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with target audiences and build brand loyalty. By crafting compelling content and implementing targeted social media strategies, Havas PR helps clients generate buzz and increase brand visibility in the digital space.

As a London PR consultancy, Havas PR understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest consumer trends and preferences. Their team of professionals conducts in-depth market research to identify key insights and develop data-driven strategies that resonate with target demographics. Whether it’s launching a new product or revitalizing an existing brand, Havas PR has the expertise and creativity to deliver impactful results.

Services Offered Specializations
  • Media Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Crisis Management
  • Consumer and Lifestyle Brands
  • Brand Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation

“Havas PR consistently delivers creative and impactful campaigns that resonate with our target audience. Their expertise in brand marketing and social media has helped us exceed our goals and build a strong online presence.” – Client Testimonial

Driving Success for Consumer and Lifestyle Brands

At Havas PR, their focus on consumer and lifestyle brands allows them to develop specialized strategies tailored to the unique needs of their clients. By understanding the latest market trends, consumer preferences, and cultural shifts, Havas PR creates campaigns that capture attention and drive engagement.

With a team of seasoned professionals who are passionate about storytelling and creative brand communications, Havas PR takes a holistic approach to PR, integrating traditional and digital channels to deliver maximum impact. Through a combination of media relations, influencer partnerships, and strategic messaging, they help clients establish a strong brand presence and connect with their target audience.

As a full-service PR agency, Havas PR offers a comprehensive range of services to support their clients’ goals. From media relations and event planning to crisis management and content creation, their team has the expertise to navigate any challenge and deliver exceptional results.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies: International PR Consultancy

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is a renowned international PR consultancy with a strong presence in London. With 88 offices across the globe, they offer deep sector knowledge, extensive PR expertise, and a straightforward and effective approach to meet their clients’ communication needs. From reputation management to crisis management and data analytics, Hill+Knowlton Strategies is a trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive PR solutions.

With a global network of PR professionals, Hill+Knowlton Strategies brings a wealth of experience and strategic thinking to every client engagement. They have a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns across various industries and sectors, helping their clients build and protect their reputation, navigate challenging situations, and uncover valuable insights from data.

At Hill+Knowlton Strategies, their approach is rooted in strategy, creativity, and innovation. They believe in understanding their clients’ goals and tailoring their PR strategies to achieve measurable results. Their team of experts combines their deep industry knowledge with the latest communication tools and techniques to create impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences and drive business success.

Table: Hill+Knowlton Strategies Client Portfolio

Industry Services Provided
Finance Reputation management, media relations, crisis communication
Technology Product launches, thought leadership, influencer engagement
Healthcare Public awareness campaigns, advocacy, stakeholder engagement
Consumer goods Brand positioning, consumer research, social media strategy
Energy Sustainability communications, stakeholder relations, corporate messaging

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has a diverse client portfolio spanning industries such as finance, technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and energy. Their expertise in reputation management, crisis communication, media relations, and more allows them to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Their strategic approach, coupled with their global reach and strong industry connections, makes them a trusted partner for businesses seeking international PR consultancy services.

MSL: Global Public Relations Firm

MSL is a global public relations firm with a strong presence in London. As a leading PR agency, MSL specializes in crisis management, corporate reporting, and content strategy. With a global network spanning 40 countries, MSL offers a broad range of PR services to help clients navigate complex communications challenges and achieve their business goals.

When it comes to crisis management, MSL has proven expertise in handling high-pressure situations and protecting the reputation of their clients. Their experienced team of PR professionals works closely with clients to develop proactive crisis communication strategies, effectively manage media relations, and mitigate potential damage to their brand. With MSL’s guidance, organizations can navigate crises with confidence and come out stronger on the other side.

In addition to crisis management, MSL is skilled in corporate reporting. They understand the importance of transparent and impactful communication with stakeholders, shareholders, and the public. MSL helps clients develop comprehensive corporate reports that effectively convey their achievements, goals, and values. Through engaging content and strategic dissemination, MSL ensures that their clients’ corporate reports have a meaningful impact and resonate with their target audience.

Furthermore, MSL excels in content strategy, creating compelling narratives that captivate audiences and drive results. Their team of skilled communicators and storytellers develop engaging content across various channels, including digital platforms, social media, and traditional media outlets. MSL’s content strategies are tailored to their clients’ unique needs and objectives, ensuring that their messages reach the right people at the right time, leaving a lasting impression.

Why Choose MSL?

MSL stands out as a global public relations firm for several reasons. Their extensive network allows them to provide localized support and expertise to clients around the world. With offices in key markets, including London, MSL has a deep understanding of local cultures, media landscapes, and industry trends. This localized approach enables them to tailor their strategies and deliver impactful PR campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

Additionally, MSL’s commitment to innovation sets them apart. They embrace emerging technologies and digital platforms to stay ahead of the curve and reach audiences in new and creative ways. By combining traditional PR techniques with innovative approaches, MSL ensures that their clients’ messages are heard and remembered in today’s fast-paced, digital landscape.

Overall, MSL is a global public relations firm that has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking expert PR support. Their focus on crisis management, corporate reporting, and content strategy, combined with their global reach and commitment to innovation, makes them an excellent choice for any organization looking to enhance their communications efforts and achieve their PR goals.

Services Offered by MSL Highlights
Crisis Management Proactive crisis communication strategies
Corporate Reporting Comprehensive and impactful reports
Content Strategy Engaging narratives across various channels

Teneo: Global CEO Advisory Firm

Teneo is a leading global CEO advisory firm based in London. With a team of over 300 consultants, Teneo specializes in strategic communications, management consultancy, risk advisory, financial advisory, and talent advisory. Their expertise and track record of success have made them a trusted partner to Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies.

At Teneo, strategic communications is at the core of their approach. They help clients navigate complex challenges and opportunities by providing expert advice and creating tailored communication strategies. From mergers and acquisitions to crisis management, Teneo has the experience and knowledge to guide CEOs and executives through every step of the process.

At Teneo, strategic communications is at the core of their approach.

In addition to strategic communications, Teneo offers a range of management consulting services. They help clients develop and implement strategies to drive growth, improve operational efficiency, and enhance stakeholder relationships. Their team of consultants brings deep industry knowledge and a global perspective to help clients solve their most pressing business challenges.

Risk advisory is another key area of expertise for Teneo. They help clients identify and manage risks, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the ever-changing business landscape. From geopolitical risks to reputational risks, Teneo provides comprehensive solutions to help clients mitigate potential threats and seize new opportunities.

Teneo’s commitment to excellence and their comprehensive range of services have established them as a top London PR agency. CEOs and executives trust Teneo to provide strategic advice, thought leadership, and innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges. With their global reach and deep expertise, Teneo is well-positioned to help companies succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

Top PR Agencies in London

London is not only home to the top 12 PR consultancies in the UK, but it also boasts a vibrant PR industry with several other notable agencies making their mark. Among these top PR agencies in London, Hope and Glory, City Press, CCgroup, Ballou, Prescription PR, Gosh PR, Calacus PR, Clark Health Communications, and Pearl Lemon stand out for their exceptional services and outstanding track records.

Hope and Glory is known for its creative and impactful PR campaigns, while City Press excels in delivering strategic communications solutions. CCgroup specializes in technology and telecoms PR, while Ballou is renowned for its expertise in European comms. Prescription PR has a strong presence in the healthcare sector, while Gosh PR offers tailored services for luxury and lifestyle brands.

Calacus PR has carved a niche in the sports and leisure industry, while Clark Health Communications is a leading agency in healthcare PR. Last but not least, Pearl Lemon is recognized for its innovative approach to PR and digital marketing, helping businesses grow their online presence.

Each of these top PR agencies in London brings unique strengths and perspectives to the table, ensuring that clients receive exceptional services and achieve their communication goals. With their expertise and proven success, they continue to shape and define the dynamic PR landscape of London.


What are some of the top PR agencies in London?

Some of the top PR agencies in London include Brunswick, Edelman, FGS Global, Weber Shandwick, Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW), FleishmanHillard, Havas PR, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, MSL, Teneo, Hope and Glory, City Press, CCgroup, Ballou, Prescription PR, Gosh PR, Calacus PR, Clark Health Communications, and Pearl Lemon.

What services do these PR agencies offer?

These PR agencies offer a wide range of services, including financial and corporate communications, public affairs, investor relations, crisis management, digital comms, brand reputation, research, reputation management, brand strategy, cultural marketing, media relations, integrated communications, consumer and lifestyle PR, social media, data analytics, crisis management, corporate reporting, strategic communications, management consultancy, and risk advisory.

What industries do these PR agencies specialize in?

These PR agencies specialize in various industries, including financial services, entertainment, consumer goods, technology, healthcare, and more. They have experience working with Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies.

Do these PR agencies have global recognition?

Yes, many of these PR agencies have a global presence and are recognized for their expertise and successful campaigns internationally.

Can these PR agencies provide strategic advice?

Yes, these PR agencies are known for their strategic counsel and specialized services to help clients achieve their goals and navigate the complex stakeholder economy.

Do these PR agencies have award-winning campaigns?

Yes, several of these PR agencies have won awards for their campaigns and initiatives, with recognitions including Consumer Initiative of the Year, International Campaign of the Year, and Independent Agency of the Year.

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