Partnership Press Release Examples: Showcasing Collaborations

A partnership press release is a powerful tool for businesses to announce significant collaborations, joint ventures, or alliances. The purpose is to share this exciting news with the public, stakeholders, and the media, effectively enhancing brand image and credibility. In this article, we will guide you through the process of writing a partnership press release, provide valuable examples, and offer a collaboration press release template to help you get started.

partnership press release examples

Key Takeaways:

  • Partnership press releases formalize and publicize collaborations between businesses.
  • Finding relevant journalists is crucial for maximizing the impact of your press release. Utilize tools like Prowly’s media database.
  • When writing a partnership press release, include background information on each company, highlight goals and objectives, and use data to support the partnership’s significance.
  • Explore partnership press release examples to gain inspiration and understand effective storytelling techniques.
  • Access customizable partnership press release templates to streamline your writing process.

How to Find Relevant Journalists for Your Partnership Press Release

Finding the right journalists to cover your partnership press release is crucial for maximizing its impact. By targeting journalists who have previously covered similar topics or industries, you can increase the chances of your press release being picked up by relevant media outlets. To assist in this process, you can utilize tools like Prowly’s media database, which provides a comprehensive list of journalists and their areas of expertise.

When using Prowly’s media database, you can search for journalists based on specific keywords or industry categories. This allows you to narrow down your search and focus on those who are most likely to be interested in your partnership announcement. Additionally, you can filter journalists by location, enabling you to target local media outlets and expand the reach of your press release.

By utilizing resources like Prowly’s media database, you can effectively connect with journalists who are interested in your partnership news and increase the visibility of your collaboration.

How to Find Relevant Journalists for Your Partnership Press Release

  1. Utilize tools like Prowly’s media database to identify journalists who have covered similar topics or industries.
  2. Filter journalists by location to target local media and expand the reach of your story.
  3. Focus on journalists who are most likely to be interested in your partnership announcement.

“Finding the right journalists is essential for maximizing the impact of your partnership press release.”

Journalist Publication Industry
John Smith The Times Technology
Sarah Johnson Business Insider Finance
Mark Davis Marketing Gazette Marketing

How to Write a Partnership Press Release

Writing a partnership press release requires careful consideration of the information you want to convey and the impact you want to make. Follow these guidelines to create an effective partnership press release:

1. Provide Background Information

Start by introducing each company involved in the partnership. Highlight their expertise, achievements, and key offerings. This will provide context for the collaboration and establish credibility.

2. Highlight Goals and Objectives

Clearly articulate the goals and objectives of the partnership. Explain how both companies will benefit from the collaboration and what they aim to achieve together. This will help readers understand the purpose and significance of the partnership.

3. Explain Customer Benefits

Outline the benefits that the partnership will bring to customers. Whether it’s improved products or services, enhanced customer support, or access to new markets, emphasize how the collaboration will positively impact the target audience. Use specific examples or data, such as customer testimonials or case studies, to strengthen your claims.

4. Discuss Industry Impact

Explain how the partnership will influence the industry as a whole. Discuss any innovative solutions, advancements, or changes that will result from the collaboration. This will position the partnership as a notable development within the industry and attract the attention of both media and industry professionals.

5. Follow Press Release Format

Structure your partnership press release using a catchy headline, a lead section that summarizes the key points, a detailed body that provides the necessary information, a quote from a representative of each company, and a section with logos and contact information for media inquiries. This format ensures that your press release is concise, well-organized, and easy to read.

By following these partnership press release guidelines, you can effectively communicate the value and significance of your collaboration to the public, stakeholders, and the media.

Partnership Press Release Examples

When it comes to crafting a partnership press release, seeing examples can provide valuable guidance and inspiration. Here are a few partnership press release examples that demonstrate effective strategies for announcing collaborations:

Strategic Partnership Press Release Example

“We are excited to announce our global strategic partnership with Company XYZ. This collaboration will leverage our combined expertise in the industry to deliver innovative solutions that will revolutionize the market. By joining forces, we aim to create a synergy that will benefit our customers and drive growth for both organizations.”

This example showcases how a strategic partnership press release can emphasize the value and benefits of the collaboration, highlighting the potential for innovation and market disruption.

Charity Partnership Press Release Example

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Charity ABC to support their impactful initiatives in addressing key social challenges. By combining our resources and expertise, we aim to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of those in need. Together, we will create opportunities for growth and community development.”

This charity partnership press release example emphasizes the purpose of the partnership and its commitment to social responsibility, showcasing the meaningful initiatives and positive impact it will have on the community.

Partnership Announcement Press Release Example

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Company XYZ, a leading player in the industry. This collaboration will strengthen our position in the market and enable us to provide enhanced solutions and services to our customers. By combining our expertise and resources, we will drive innovation, customer satisfaction, and business growth.”

Highlighting a clear introduction, key details upfront, and CEO quotes, this partnership announcement press release example effectively communicates the benefits of the collaboration and the strategic advantages it brings to both companies.

These partnership press release examples demonstrate the importance of clear communication, compelling messaging, and showcasing the value and benefits of the collaboration. By following these examples, businesses can effectively announce their partnerships and generate excitement and interest in their strategic endeavors.

Partnership Press Release Template

When it comes to writing a partnership press release, having a well-structured template can make the process much easier. Prowly’s press release creator tool offers a variety of partnership press release templates that can be customized to fit your specific collaboration. These templates provide guidance on the essential elements to include in your press release and ensure that you follow the partnership press release format.

By using a template, you can easily organize the information about your partnership, such as background details on each company, the goals and objectives of the collaboration, and the benefits it offers to customers. Additionally, the templates feature sections for industry impact, data and figures, CEO quotes, logos, and media contact information.

Here is an example of a partnership press release template:

Headline: [Enter the catchy headline here]

Lead: [Provide a brief introduction to the partnership]


  • [Include background information on each company]
  • [Highlight the goals and objectives of the collaboration]
  • [Explain the benefits to customers]
  • [Discuss the industry impact]
  • [Use data and figures to support the significance of the partnership]

Quote: [Include a quote from a key stakeholder]

Logos: [Insert logos of the partnering companies]

Media Contact: [Provide media contact information]

strategic partnership press release template

Benefits of Writing a Partnership Press Release

By publishing a partnership press release, businesses can:

  • Inform the public about the collaboration and generate positive publicity
  • Enhance brand visibility and credibility
  • Attract potential customers, investors, or business opportunities
  • Share the goals, objectives, and significance of the partnership
  • Highlight the benefits of the partnership to customers and the industry

Overall, a partnership press release serves as a powerful tool to announce and promote collaborations, allowing businesses to leverage the combined strengths and resources of the partnering entities.

Crafting Effective Press Releases for Different Scenarios

Writing a partnership press release requires careful planning and attention to detail. Whether you’re announcing a strategic alliance, a merger, or a product launch involving a significant collaboration, the goal is to create a compelling press release that captures the attention of journalists and the public. To craft an effective partnership press release, follow these key strategies:

1. Understand the Purpose and Goals

Before writing your partnership press release, clearly define the purpose and goals of your announcement. Consider why the partnership is important, what benefits it brings, and what message you want to convey. This will help you create a focused and impactful press release that resonates with your target audience.

2. Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The headline is the first thing that journalists and readers see, so it needs to be attention-grabbing and informative. Use strong, concise language that conveys the significance of the partnership and sparks curiosity. Consider incorporating keywords relevant to your partnership announcement to improve search engine optimization.

3. Write Compelling Introductions

The introduction of your press release should provide a clear and concise overview of the partnership. Highlight the key details, such as the companies involved, the nature of the collaboration, and the benefits it offers. Use engaging language to captivate the reader’s attention and make them want to continue reading.

4. Highlight the Partnership’s Value Proposition

In the body of your press release, focus on explaining the value proposition of the partnership. Clearly outline the goals, objectives, and expected outcomes. Provide specific examples of how the partnership will benefit customers, stakeholders, and the industry as a whole. Use data and statistics to support your claims and make them more compelling.

5. Include Supporting Details and Statistics

Support your claims and statements with relevant details and statistics. This adds credibility to your press release and helps the reader understand the significance of the partnership. Use authoritative sources or industry reports to back up your claims and make your press release more compelling.

6. Incorporate Quotes and Testimonials

Include quotes from key executives or representatives from both companies involved in the partnership. Quotes add a personal touch to the press release and provide insight into the motivations behind the collaboration. Incorporate testimonials from satisfied customers or industry experts to further reinforce the value of the partnership.

7. Provide Contact Information

Include contact information at the end of your press release, allowing journalists or interested parties to reach out for further inquiries or interviews. Provide the name, title, company, phone number, and email address of the designated contact person. This makes it easier for journalists to get in touch and increases the chances of media coverage.

By following these guidelines, you can craft an effective partnership press release that grabs attention, generates media coverage, and effectively communicates the value of your collaboration.

Examples of Effective Press Releases for General News, Events, and Charities

When it comes to crafting a compelling press release, looking at successful examples can provide valuable insights and inspiration. In this section, we will explore a range of press releases that effectively capture attention and generate media coverage in the areas of general news, events, and charities.

General News:

CVS Health’s press release announcing an increase in minimum wage is a prime example of how a company can strategically communicate its initiatives and benefits to employees. The press release highlights the positive impact of the wage increase on the workforce, showcasing CVS Health as a responsible and caring employer.

Happsy’s press release, on the other hand, stands out for its inclusive language and emphasis on organic products. By using phrases like “restful sleep for all” and “mindfully created,” Happsy captures the attention of readers who value sustainability and wellness. The press release effectively promotes the company’s new organic mattress launch.


Story Land’s press release is a great example of leveraging local media coverage to generate excitement for an amusement park reopening. The press release focuses on the park’s efforts to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for families, highlighting their commitment to providing a fun-filled adventure for visitors of all ages.


In the realm of charities, Standard Process and Fidelis Care have successfully crafted press releases that promote their philanthropic endeavors. Standard Process highlights its partnership with Vitamin Angels to address global malnutrition, emphasizing the positive impact of their collaboration. Fidelis Care’s press release focuses on its support for essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, showcasing the company’s commitment to the community.

General News, Events, and Charities

These examples demonstrate the importance of tailoring press releases to specific audiences and effectively conveying key messages. By studying successful press releases in various contexts, businesses can gain valuable insights and apply them to their own PR strategies.

Successful New Hire and Product Launch Press Release Examples

Introducing new employees and launching innovative products are pivotal moments for any business. Crafting compelling press releases can help generate media coverage and build excitement around these milestones. Here are some successful examples that showcase effective strategies for new hire and product launch press releases.

New Hire Press Release Examples

Tagboard’s new hire press release demonstrates the power of emphasizing the expertise and impact of a new employee. By highlighting their impressive background and accomplishments, Tagboard effectively grabs the attention of both the media and potential customers.

RxDefine’s new hire press release takes a storytelling approach, effectively conveying the value that the new employee brings to the company. By focusing on the employee’s innovative contributions and industry experience, RxDefine generates interest and credibility.

Product Launch Press Release Examples

Heinz’s product launch press release stands out by leveraging the power of storytelling. By creating a narrative around the product’s unique features and the consumer benefits it offers, Heinz creates excitement and anticipation among its target audience.

Crimson Cup’s product launch press release emphasizes the strategic messaging that is crucial for a successful launch. By highlighting the product’s key differentiators and addressing consumer pain points, Crimson Cup effectively positions itself in the market and generates interest.

These examples demonstrate the importance of strategic messaging and storytelling in crafting new hire and product launch press releases. By focusing on the unique value and benefits that new hires and products bring, businesses can effectively create buzz and capture the attention of the media and the public.


What is a partnership press release?

A partnership press release is a public relations document used to announce a significant collaboration between businesses. It helps formalize and publicize alliances, joint ventures, or collaborations, enhancing brand image and credibility.

How can I find relevant journalists for my partnership press release?

Use tools like Prowly’s media database to identify journalists who have covered similar topics or industries. Filter journalists by location to target local media and expand the reach of your story.

What should I include in a partnership press release?

When writing a partnership press release, include background information on each company, highlight goals and objectives, explain the benefits to customers, discuss the industry impact, and use data and figures to support the significance of the partnership. Follow the partnership press release format, including a catchy headline, lead section, body with details, a quote, logos, and media contact information.

Can you provide examples of partnership press releases?

Sure! Some examples include a global strategic partnership announcement, a charity partnership press release, a partnership announcement press release, and a technology partnership press release. These examples emphasize key details, CEO quotes, and the benefits of the partnerships.

Is there a partnership press release template I can use?

Yes! You can use Prowly’s press release creator tool to access a variety of templates for partnership press releases. These templates provide guidance and can be customized to your specific collaboration. Additionally, you can develop your own partnership management press release template for future use.

When should I write a partnership press release?

Write a partnership press release for occasions such as strategic partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, or product launches that involve a significant collaboration. These events demand public attention and provide an opportunity to share the news with a wider audience.

How can I craft an effective partnership press release?

To craft an effective partnership press release, understand the purpose and goals, write attention-grabbing headlines and compelling introductions, highlight the value proposition of the partnership, include supporting details and statistics, incorporate quotes and testimonials, provide contact information, and follow proper press release formatting.

Can you provide examples of successful press releases for different scenarios?

Certainly! Some examples include press releases for a minimum wage increase announcement, an organic mattress launch, an amusement park reopening, crisis communications, charity initiatives, new hire announcements, and product launches. These examples showcase effective storytelling and strategic messaging in gaining media coverage and generating interest.

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