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Ranking the Richest, Largest and Most Profitable Companies 0

Turnover, profits, stock market value: discover the latest ranking of the world’s richest companies. Chinese and American companies trust the first places. In 2017, the combined turnover of the 500 richest companies in the world was 30,000 billion dollars, compared to 27,700 billion dollars in 2016. Data from the

How to Write a Great Fundraising Letter 0

Obtaining a donation from an organization, company or individual can be a delicate task. There are many charities looking for donations and you must be able to convince potential donors that your goal is most worthy of their time and money. Learn how to put together a strategic and

7 Companies That Recently Raised Money Through an IPO 0

The coronavirus almost completely shut down the IPO market in 2020, crashing the stock market with April and May being the slowest public offering run since 2009. The crash also dampened the hopes of IPO hopefuls such as DoorDash, Robinhood, and Airbnb. Although a shaky market typically closes the

Comparison of the Best Crowdfunding Platforms for VSEs – SMEs [2020] 0

If you have an entrepreneurial project and are looking for financing to carry it out, crowdfunding is a solution to consider. The problem, if we can talk about a problem, is that today there are dozens if not hundreds of crowdfunding platforms in united state alone. And to add

7 Excellent Fundraising Ideas for Your Organization 0

Are you an association looking for ideas on how to raise more donations? You are not alone, the majority of associations depend on public generosity. For all these associations, finding good ideas that motivate donors is a matter of survival. These ideas should persuade potential donors (Internet users) to

10 Company Fundraising Ideas Your Startup Needs to Try 0

Do you know there are countless reasons that you or your corporation would need to collect money, whether for a personal cause or a charity group? Raising funds is one of the most critical elements of any company. Detailed awareness of how and where to request funds is essential,

How to Raise Capital for Your New Startup 0

No matter what your business plans are, or the size of your existing team, there is always room for investment money and startup capital to come in. This is especially true for individuals that are finding success through YouTube and social media, while also building out their following and